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Luna In My Home - Episode 3


Luna In My Home - Episode 3

©Amah’s Heart.

As I drove into my compound, I did not come down from the car immediately. I waited reminiscing over my life and how this dirty secret that is no more a secret may deter my family.
I relaxed back my head, shut my eyes and begin to think within myself.
How did I even get into such mess, I have not cheated on my wife before. Why did I allow my hot desire for Luna to lure me into bed with her?
How can I undo what I have done? I thought it was going to remain a secret but is obvious that I have been exposed. Bisi has figured me out and now she may never forgive me.
This whole saga may affect me and my family greatly. I wish I have remained on my seat or return back to my hotel room instead of getting acquainted with Luna.
I couldn’t resist the urge to get into something deeper with Luna those two nights.
Our conversation was matured and normal. After telling me her name and few things about her that I can’t fully remember, I told her mine and where I work. I gave her my business card too.
It was hard for me to deny my family, I couldn’t tell her at first that I was married because I’m not the type that wears a wedding ring all the time. Bisi understand that about me and never insisted.
My wife trust me but I betrayed her trust and I hate myself for it.
It was the second night that I told Luna that I was married because the guilt of not telling her earlier was already eating deep at me.
She did not feel indifference with the news, she only smile and continue with her magic touch that got me forget all maturity and self-principles.
After each deed with her, I went deeper into shame and guilt. I couldn’t resist Luna’s beautiful body or her magic touch and the only thing I had to do was to flee back to Lagos.
I came back without even informing her, I came into Lagos earlier than I should.
It was better that way than staying over there and cheating on my wife with a pretty lady who is endowed with hot irresistible body shape and magic hands.
If I had wanted to resist such temptation, I could have but I was not even ready to try. I can’t deny the fact that I wanted her and all I can think off at that moment was Luna and how good looking she was. I deeply regretted everything.
There was a gentle tap on my car door, bringing me back to the present. I quickly opened my eyes, looked and saw Bisi.
My heart skipped when I saw her. I wind down the car glass, turned off the air condition and the car ignition. It was time to face my fear and confess out my sins to her.
I guess she heard the sound of the car when I drove in and was waiting for me to enter the house so that she can continue with her usual torture and when she did not see me immediately she decided to check up.
If it was before, Bisi use to wait up until I arrive home. She will look out for me and call me to know where exactly I was. She was sweet and loving back then but suddenly she doesn’t care if I exist or not.
I became her worst enemy, it was all my fault and I’m ready to confess it all this night to her.
Just like Aram said. Bisi may not forgive me immediately but she will eventually do because time heals all wound.
Even though she is already aware that I cheated on her, I will still do the right thing by confessing to her.
I opened the car door and stepped down and she held the door, surprising me.
I swallowed hard at her first kind gesture.
“Hey darling! I heard when you drove in and waited for you to come inside but you were taking forever to do so.
I looked around to make sure I was the one Bisi was referring to. She called me “Darling” the name she calls me whenever she is happy. What is going on? Because I don’t understand this woman again.
My confession was still on my mind as i took my jacket and backpack from the car before locking it.
Bisi came to help me with my backpack and insisted that she carries it inside for me.
I let her do so. I wanted to ask her if she was alright, if she was still the Bisi I saw this morning before leaving for work? The same Bisi that was all fire for me.
I walked into the house and the food aroma greeted my nose.
I looked over at the dining table and it was all set out. I began to wonder what we were celebrating. It was not my birthday, not Bisi’s or any of the children’s birthday. Is not even our wedding anniversary. So what are we celebrating that is making Bisi all loving and happy this evening.
The kids were in bed but not yet asleep. I spoke with them for some time before walking into the room I share with my wife.
Bisi wrapped her hands around me immediately we entered our room. I was still very speechless not knowing what to do or what to say. I don’t even understand what was going on.
I cleared my throat and said
“Honey…wha…what is going on? I really have something I want to tell you. Please, I’m pleading, don’t be mad at me. I deeply regre…..
I finally summoned the courage to say but I couldn’t complete the sentence that I had memorize before. It got stock half way as I saw her smile change into confusion or maybe shock…
Her hands was still wrapped around me. She did not reply me immediately or asked me to go ahead with whatever I have to say.
After sometimes, she loosened up and said.
“The engineer finally came this morning with his boys to fix both the washing machine and the gas cooker. Everything is now in order…
I looked at her more confused. What is she talking about?
“Honey…. I don’t understand, what are you talking about…what Engineer?
I asked still confused.
Bisi later said.
“…Yomi, you remember that four days ago, I complained to you about the cooker and the washing machine having issue. I even complained to you before then but nothing was done. The cooker was not coming on while there is still gas in the cylinder. The washing machine too refuses to start. I complained twice to you about it and you said you will call somebody to come and fix them. All through that day I waited and nobody came and when you came back from work you never mentioned anything concerning it. I felt you probably forgot again. I was angry with you for not caring enough about me and my needs. Doing the laundry with my hands everyday was difficult. And I had no option rather than buy a smaller gas cooker because I refused to repeat the same complain to you again until you figure it and fix the problem. The engineer came this morning after you left for work, he apologized and said you actually called him and he promises to come but something came up which delayed his coming. He fixed everything that needs fixing in the house. I didn’t know that you called the man, I actually thought you care more about your work and totally forgot about my own needs. I’m sorry darling…I know I have being a pest this past few days. Thank you for always loving me and understanding my difficult side. I love and trust you with my life and you have been working so hard for your family…just to give us the very best. I’m not an ungrateful wife….i really appreciate all your efforts. So what was that you wanted to tell me before?
I gasped out in self-relief. Thank God I did not say anything about Luna to Bisi.
I quickly think of a quick answer to give to her.
“Honey! I thought you were mad at me because I wasn’t given you the needed attention that you wanted. So… I was planning to ask my company for a month leave so that I can be with you. But since everything is sorted, I will rather postponed the leave till maybe towards the end of the year….or what do you think.
It was okay with Bisi. She gave me another warm hug and I just stood there thanking God for saving me. I almost pour out the confession to Bisi. I was really happy that I didn’t.
All this while I thought she found out about my affair. I feel so free that it was a different thing that was bothering her.
I freshened up, had a relaxing bath. My dinner was well prepared and dished out to me by my loving wife with smile on her face.
I ate to my satisfaction. I checked on the children again before retiring to bed. It was good night with my wife and all my worries were forgotten.
She was up around 6am the following morning which was a Saturday to make breakfast for me. A cup of tea and a toast bread was served just the way I like it.
Bisi was back to her normal self and I was enjoying every moment with her.
Since it was a weekend, it was a good time to unwind with my family. I assisted with some of the house chores. Laundry and getting the children ready for our usual outing.
I had a great, loving weekend with my family all through.
I resumed work on Monday and throughout that week was as if Bisi and I were newly married.
I even told Aram that my wife was only angry because she thought I care about my work more than her after she complained to me concerning some home appliances that was faulty and needed fixing but nothing was done for days.
Aram laughed. He said it was good that Bisi does not know about my dirty secret and is better to let the sleeping dog lie and I totally agreed with him.
I will let whatever happened with Luna in Abuja to stay right in Abuja. Bisi will never know and I will not do anything to hurt her intentionally.
If Bisi could be that angry over common things that went wrong in the house, who knows how angry she will react if she finds out about me and Luna.
She will never forgive me, her trust for me will be broken and many things will go wrong.
I will never allow that to happen, I will do anything I can to keep my little dirty secret away from my family.
I love my wife and kids and I will never trade them for anything. Luna was a mistake I’m not ready to repeat ever again.
After three weeks went by, I thought the past was indeed forgotten.
Luna calls once in a while but I don’t pick her calls. She was the mistake I’m not ready to repeat again.
One day, while I was still in the office I received a message from Luna.
As I opened the message, I was so shock at what she sent.
Luna said in her message that she was in Lagos and was lodging in a particular hotel.
She sent the address of her location to my phone, asking me to come and meet her there.
I stared at the message for some time not knowing what to make out of the whole situation.
Is Luna truly in Lagos? Why…to do what? What is she doing in Lagos?
I have unanswered question while walking round my office that day.

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