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Jezebel - Episode 8


Jezebel - Episode 8


” Ben ” I heard my name been called by Lekan as he tapped my arm.

” yes ” I answered waking up from sleep.

My voice was down and I knew they noticed it.

I rubbed my palm on my eye, yawned out loudly as I stretched my hands.

” why do you look so down, was the pepper too much again ” Usman asked as they all stood in front of me.

” it wasn’t ” I said letting out a weak smile.

Lekan placed the back of his palm on my neck to feel my temperature.

” what happened, you’re burning furiously ” he said withdrawing his hand from my neck.

” nothing, it’s just a small fever, I’ll be over it soon ” I replied faking a smile.

” you should have not teased her to prepare that food for you again, that was an expensive joke, now see what has become of you ” Samuel said as he exit the sitting room.

” guys, I’m serious, the food was okay, it was delicious, it was something else that happened ” I said to them.

Just then, Samuel appeared with a bottled water and a sachet of paracetamol in his hand, which he handed to me.

” thanks ” I appreciated him as I took two tablets off the sachet, threw them into my mouth, before I escorted them down my oesophagus with the water.

Samuel collected the remaining water from me and drop it on the table.

” so what happened ” Lekan asked as he sat beside me at the right while Usman sat at the left side and Samuel on the table facing me.

They all looked curious to know what could have made me ill because with the little time we’ve spent together, I’ve never gotten I’ll before.

” I don’t wanna talk about it ” I said to them resting my back on the arm of the chair.

” you better talk now before I slap your soul out of your body ” Lekan threatened playfully.

I trusted them to tell them anything and I knew that they’re not going to chastise me for doing what I did but they’re sure to tease hell out of my soul and I was also ashamed of myself for doing such. It was hard for me to tell it.

” I’ll tell you guys later, I’ve to rest now ” I muttered weakly closing my eye.

” you know that’s how he said he’s going to tell us how he was injured yesterday and how he met that girl but didn’t, it’s better you start talking now because there’s no rest for the wicked ” Usman said
” it’s there’s no peace for the wicked not rest ” I said humorously, opening my eye .

” what’s the difference ” Usman asked.

” peace and rest is the difference ” I said laughing.

” oya what’s the difference between peace and rest ” Usman asked making my plan successful. But Samuel and Lekan weren’t joining the argument which is kinda bad.

My plan was to start an argument which we’re gonna debate about till they forget about their question.

” peace is having peace and rest is resting ” I replied humorously.

” abi I no get am ” I asked facing Lekan in order to bring him into the argument.

” you think say you dey wise abi ” Lekan said laughing.

” then we will argue, argue, then start drifting to different arguments then boom, we forgot about what we asked you and you’ll get away with it, bravo “Lekan added clapping his hand for me.

” he thought that the two of us mumu like this one ni” Samuel chipped in referring to Usman who already fell for my plan.
I couldn’t help it but laugh out loud.

I already knew something was off when they’re not joining the argument.

” fools ” I said still laughing.
The headache I was feeling had subsided and I was much better.
” it was on Wednesday when I was preaching I first saw that girl and trust me pals, I fell for her at once ” I told them about my ordeals with Jezebel, also what transpired between us when they’re gone.

After I was through taking them through all that happened, I expected them to start laughing and start teasing me but oddly , they’re quiet.

” so you meant we could have lost you yesterday because you finally fell in love with someone and it got over your thinking capability ” Lekan said looking somber.

” but how the hell could she slap you, when it was sure that she loved you ” Samuel said as he seemed to look dumbfounded.
” love me ” I asked looking surprised.

” you can’t just prepare breakfast and bring it to someone you don’t like all because you had an ill fated meeting ” Samuel replied.

” but she looked kinda complicated ” Usman said as he also carried on the look of someone trying to solve a puzzle.

” look guys, let just forget about her, we should be grateful to her that she didn’t allow Ben lose his life, some girls are just good at sending the wrong impression and Ben with little or no experience fell victim of it ” Lekan said with a smile.

” but I love her ” I said shocking myself.

Never thought I’ll be able to utter such statement aloud in my entire life.

” even tho we’ve not spend up to a decade together but you know how preserve I am, I’ve never love anyone apart from my mom this way, it’s like I can’t get her out of my head ever since the day I set my eye on her, it feels like she’s the reason I’ve been preserving myself and haven’t love any other girl, I just wanna be with her for the rest of my life ” Lekan embraced me passionately as soon as I finished talking.

” I know how you feel bro, this happened to you because you have no experience about love, you trying to kiss her sent the wrong impression, she must have felt cheap and gotten your intention wrong but you’ve to forget about her if you don’t wanna keep hurting “he said freeing me of his embrace and I felt the urge to start crying.
I wished I had controlled myself from trying to kiss her.

” I don’t think he should give up on her, I think we should assist him in winning her back, it won’t be easy for him to fall in love with any girl again ” Samuel said
” we all know the kinda person he is, we know his personality well to know that we need to help him to get this girl ” Samuel added.

” I think Ben should forget about this girl like Lekan suggested ” Usman said
” why should he ” Samuel asked almost raising his voice
” this girl look way out of Ben’s league ” Usman replied and it sort of resulted into an argument between the three of them.

” if she’s from a rich family, Ben is also from one, she’s beautiful, he’s also freaking handsome and cute, she looks intelligent, he’s also been on 4.87 GP for last session, so what’s your point ” Samuel asked.
” I think Ben need a girl who’s not exposed that much, she seemed to be very exposed and might swallow Ben up with her experience and I’m also sure she’s not single ” Usman said in his defense.

It went on and on as they all dropped their points.

I couldn’t believe that they could argue because of the issue, I thought they’re just going to laugh at me because of my lack of experience and did what I did but they surprised me.

They all took it personal like it was their fault I wasn’t exposed to such things.

I suddenly bursted into laughter and this curbed their argument as they all stared at me.

” you guys are really funny, just watch me on how I’m gonna get her back myself ” I said standing up, took my laptop and went inside the bedroom.

I knew they’re all surprised with what I said and funnily, I was also surprised.

But I uttered it because I suddenly felt like I wasn’t going to lose her like that. I didn’t know where the courage came from.

I switched on my laptop when I got into the room, I was able to finally form the note I wanted to form, I collected Lekan’s note for the lecture I missed, went through it thoroughly before I used what I understand on it to form my own note.

After I was through with this, I took my phone and tried Jezebel’s number, it went through but she didn’t answer the call.

I tried it again and it was the same.

” I’m sorry if I pissed you off with what I did today but I think I always lose my sense of reasoning whenever I set my eye on you like yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s rude to say this but I’m gonna say it anyway.

I love you but I don’t mind settling for friendship with you. I’m sorry for acting the way I did. Ben ” I texted her and got a delivery report that it has been delivered to her and a message that depicted eight naira was deducted from my account balance.

The time was 2:23 and I was going to attend church program by 3.
I head out of the bedroom to the bathroom to take my bath and get ready for church.

Lekan and Usman were already sleeping in the sitting room while Samuel was nowhere to be found .
I head to the bathroom and took my bath.

When I was through with bathing, I dropped my clothes into the waste basket, wearing only my short out of the bathroom.

Lekan and Usman were still sleeping when I exited the bathroom.

” blood of Jesus ” I screamed startlingly as I met her sitting on the bed.

” I’ve been waiting for you since ” she said getting up from the bed

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