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Jezebel - Episode 5


Jezebel - Episode 5


I gasped as I opened my eye, all I could see was white background until I moved my head and find out I had been staring at the roof.
Surprisingly, I was still inside the sitting room.

I was on the three sitter and was covered with Samuel’s blanket.
I sat up from the chair and find the girl on one of the chairs opposite to me.

She was also sleeping, with her back rested on the chair.

The memories of what happened before I blacked out suddenly started returning to me.

I swiftly stretched my hands forward and started tracing through my veins to see if I was injected. And it was positive, on my left hand, I saw the injection bruise on it.

My heart started beating fast as I felt like I was in some sort of danger with whatever it was she injected into my body system.
My gaze suddenly went to the table that was creating a boundary between the two of us and on it was the bottle I had seen her insert the syringe into and draw its content. Beside it was the needle and syringe she had used in injecting me.

The small bottle was like the normal injection bottles but I wasn’t ready to believe anything I was seeing.

I took the bottle and read the name of the injection. It was fentanyl.

I stood up and got my laptop and hotspot.

I switched my laptop on and connected it to the hotspot as I made a swift visit to Google site.

I inserted the word ” Fentanyl ” and clicked on search.

Google reported that it was a pain reliever, one of the highest ranked pain relievers in US and bla bla bla.

” you’re awake ” I suddenly heard someone said. My heart skipped a beat as I swiftly brought down the monitor of the laptop.

” yeah ” I replied placing my hand on my cheek. That was when I felt the plaster she had placed on the bruise I procured on my cheek.

” how are you feeling ” she asked me getting up, coming over to my side.

” I think I’m okay ” I replied not feeling comfortable.

” did you sedate me before ” I asked as she sat beside me.

” yeah, so that you can get some rest and so that I could administer the pain reliever I had with me to you, it’s more effective than all the pain relievers inside your first aid kit ” she replied me as she took the Fentanyl bottle from the table and put it inside her bag.

” alright, but something was wierd earlier before I slept off ” I said with a curiosity reeked tone.

” that’s the effect of Slitacon, I wouldn’t have given it to you but it’s the only sedative inside the kit ” she replied me.

” it causes hallucinations before it finally kick its user into deep sleep ” she added like someone who’s had a lot of experience on drugs.

” I see ” I said realizing why I was seeing wierd things before I slept off. I heaved a sigh of relief after knowing I was safe.

” but how did you know a lot abouabout drugs ” I asked her staring at her.

” I’m studying pharmacy in Unilag, third year and momma is a matron in Luth , so it’s only normal for me to know more about drugs ” she replied smiling.

” yeah, you’re right but how long was I gone ” I asked her so that I could deduce the time my friends are going to be back. I didn’t want them to meet her with me especially if Precious was gonna be with them.

” like one hour and half ” she replied.

” I wasn’t gone for long ” I murmured loudly.

” but what’s your name, seems I heard it wrong earlier ” I said to her remembering what she had called herself before I blackout.
” I’m Jezebel ” she replied shocking me again .

” Jezebel ” I repeated after her with a surprised countenance.

” you looked surprised ” she said smiling.

” you’re not the first so I’ve gotten use to that surprised stare ” she added still smiling.

” it’s a strange name, you’re the first person I’ve met bearing such name ” I replied her not hiding how I really felt about the name.

” which kind of parents will even name their kid such name ” it’s already gotten out of my mouth before I deduced the weight of the words.

” no offense meant ” I swiftly added.

” a white man who claimed to love the character in bible ” she answered, not showing that she’s furious with what I said.

” white man? ” I asked looking surprised.

” yeah, I’m of bi-citizenship, dad’s a citizen of America while mom is a Nigerian ” she replied me.

” wow, that explained where the beauty came from ” I said smiling
” thank you ” she replied also smiling.

” you’re welcome ” I replied still smiling like a fool.

” but don’t you think you need to change the name ” I said to her after I’ve gotten hold of myself.

” it’s kinda weird you know, or your dad had already ordered you not to change it ” I asked her.

” no he didn’t but I like the name, i love that wierd look people give me whenever I tell them my name and my mom ain’t complaining about it because she’s a Muslim ” she explicated not losing the smile that hung tightly to her face which made her look more gorgeous.

” I’m short of words now ” I said giving up on making her see the reason why she needed to change the name.

” but it’s funny that you’re here studying in Nigeria you know ” I said staring at her with a kinda smile I didn’t know I had.

” peeps here always want to travel out of the country to study but here you are even with the privilege you have, studying in Nigeria when you could easily be studying in the State ” I added still smiling.

” well, you’re right ” she replied.

” but I love my momma to be in the State studying ” she added confusing my little brain.

” what has loving your mom has to do with you studying in the State ” I asked her.

” it’s a long story, one I’m not willing to tell today ” she said yawning.

” are you not hungry ” she asked me.

I kinda like her nature, she’s the type that relate well with people, even tho we officially knew each other in less than three hours, she made it seem like we’ve gotten acquainted with each other a long time ago.

Her question was like magic because I started feeling the hunger pain at once.

I wasn’t feeling it when we’re chit chatting but her question located the hunger and enhanced it.

” yeah, I’m hungry ” I replied her.

” I knew it,courtesy of the drug you took, that’s why I tried to fix you something while you’re sleeping ” she said smiling.

” wow, that’s nice of you ” I said to her massaging through her hair. I swiftly brought my hand down when I remembered that we just met and she ain’t Precious.

” let me serve you ” she said standing up.

The door suddenly open shocking me.

It was an awkward moment as Samuel, Lekan, Usman and Precious all stood tranfix to the spot they were, staring at Jezebel and me simultaneously.

What made the situation more awkward was that I had only my jean trouser on, no upper wear, just my flat bear chest which had procured some bruises.

A pin drop silent envelop the sitting room as we all stared at ourselves.
In order to control the situation, I stood up to do the introduction.
” Jezebel, meet my friends, Usman, Lekan, Samuel and precious ” I said pointing at each courier of the name I mentioned.

” hi ” she said waving her hand.

” and this is Jezebel ” I said to the four of them holding Jezebel hand.

” what happened to you ” Precious suddenly scream, running to meet me when she noticed the bruise and plastet on my face and body.

She was checking through my body, touching all the places I had procured wounds on it.

” did you get into fight ” she asked still checking out my body.

” it’s nothing serious, we’ll talk about it tomorrow ” I said wrapping my hand around her shoulder as I took her outside, leaving my friends and Jezebel inside.

She sholved my hand off her shoulder when we got outside.

” what happened to you, I’m worried here ” she asked me staring into my eye.

” just had a small accident but I’m okay, we’re gonna talk about it tomorrow ” I replied her expecting her to go.

” and who’s that girl with you ” she asked giving me a wierd look.

” she brought me home and took care of me ” I replied her.

” what even concerns you about who she is ” I added slightly pushing her head backward.

” because I own you and if she try anything funny, she won’t even find it funny ” she replied with a mean look like she’s serious about it but I knew she’s only joking, we joke alot about stuffs like that.

” na you sabi ” I said leaving her.

As I got back into the sitting room, I saw my friends, sitted gently, all pressing their phones.

Samuel was the first to stand as he saw me enter, he grabbed me by my hand and pulled me into the bedroom while Usman and Lekan followed us.

” wetin happen to you first, soldier beat you ni ” Samuel asked me as he made me sat on one of the bed inside, and the three of them sat on another one, opposite the one I was sitting on.

” it’s a long story, I’ll tell you later ” I replied him.

” who be that slay queen wey con dey with you ” Usman asked.

” she’s one of the cast inside the long story ” i replied him.

” you f--k her ” Lekan asked stupidly.

” you’re mad ” I said angrily getting up.

I returned to the sitting room and find Jezebel sitted on the three sitter, operating her phone.

She stopped operating her phone as she saw me coming towards her and let out a cute smile that melted the anger in my heart at once.

” funny friends you gat and your girlfriend is also beautiful, and caring also ” she said as I sat beside her on the three sitter.

” yes they are and Precious isn’t my girlfriend, she’s just a friend and coursemate ” I replied.
” really ” she asked like she’s surprised or think I was lying.

” yeah, we’re really close that many think that we’re dating but we’re just friends and nothing else ” I explicated gently to her.

Just then, the three fools exited the room and returned to the sitting room.

” how’re you doing dearie ” Samuel asked with diction tone. A tone he always use whenever he’s about flirting with a girl.

” I’m doing fine handsome ” she replied and I kinda felt down on hearing it.

” was she also flirting back ” I asked myself giving Samuel a deadly look and secretly showed him five fingers
The three of them bursted into laughter on seeing me while Jezebel looked confused to what could have caused the laughter
” do you guys care for some porridge ” she asked them when she couldn’t seem to phantom why they’re laughing.

” did he cooked it ” Usman asked pointing at me.

” if he did, we’re not eating ” Lekan chipped in.

” last time he did, we almost defecated our intestines ” the last fool said and Jezebel bursted into laughter.

” it was over feeding that caused the diarrhea not the porridge ” I said in my defense.

” you guys are funny ” Jezebel said still laughing.

” well, I cooked it but I think it should be better because I followed the preparation instructions and tutorial keenly ” she added getting up and head to the kitchen.

” but will it be enough for all of us, I thought you said you fixed it for me only ” I asked Jezebel.

” I slightly cooked much, so it should be enough ” she replied before she exited the sitting room.

” the food should be very delicious just as the girl ” Samuel said sticking his tongue out.

” who heard it when she said she followed instructions to cook it ” Usman said and we all bursted into laughter.

” she followed instructions so as to make it more delicious ” Lekan said smiling.

” you bad oo, I no know say you be bad boy like this, na big fish you they kill ooo” Samuel said with an irritating laughter.

” see as the girl set die ” Samuel added not losing the irritating laughter.

” and later he will be doing holy holy, it’s alright sha ” Usman added with a hiss.

” food is coming ” we heard from the direction of the kitchen.

She had served it all and placed them on tray.

The porridge looked really nice and its aroma was something to write home about.

As she placed it on the table, the three idiots struggled to take the most plenty out of it.

I had to keep my cool and decided not to join in the battle because of Jezebel as I waited for them to satisfy their long throat.

I took the last one inside the dish and left the smallest one inside a soup bowl.

I knew she had taken that for herself..

On taking the first spoon into my mouth, I paused at once as I fought the urge not to cry.

I glance around to see if I was the only one in such dilemma. I wasn’t the only one as the three idiots had also stopped on their first bite.

We all exchanged glance as we paused on chewing the porridge.
It was the most pepperish food I’ve ever eaten.

” how is it ” she asked on noticing our reactions.

” it’s delicious, I love it ” I replied using more strength to push back the tears that has clustered to my iris and let out a fake smile as I continued eating it.

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” this is great ” Samuel said almost with a teary voice as they all continued eating.

I could feel my tongue burning at each drop of the porridge on it, my eye was was watery as I had lost the battle in pushing the tears back.

The food was getting more plenty in my plate the more I took from it. It got to a stage I couldn’t feel my tongue again.

I peeped at the three idiots and saw tears streaming down Lekan’s already red eyeball as they continued eating it.

” are you crying ” Jezebel suddenly asked noticing Lekan’s face.

” it’s the tears of joy dear , I’ve never tasted something as wonderful as this ever in my life before ” Lekan answered as more tears strolled down his face.

Usman stood up after he’s finished eating and hurriedly head to the fridge to get water. I knew we had only two bottled water inside it.

I had plan to buy a pack after lecture that day when returning home but what happened disrupted my plan.

I saw Lekan rushed the remnant in his plate as he joined Usman who had already finished a bottle and was about opening the second one in the fridge .

Samuel didn’t bother to finish his meal as he dash to meet Lekan so that they could share the one he had collected from Usman .

I stared at them with a pitiable eye as I plead with them with my eye not to finish the water.

I was sweating profusely as I forced myself to continue eating the food.

” how’s my cooking ” she asked me dropping the small plate of porridge she had took for herself.
She almost didn’t touch it.

” it’s very good ” I answered with a fake smile.

” you really need to eat more, the drug’s effect is gonna make you famished ” she said as she empty the porridge inside her plate into mine.

The three idiots suddenly bursted into laughter but kept it short as Jezebel looked at their side.

” I think I’m okay ” I said dropping the food.

” he’s not okay oo ”

” he’s shy because of you”

” he eat alot, maybe you should feed him ” the three idiots all took turns to add their salt to my injury before they all went outside.

” are you really shy because of me ” she asked me staring into my eye.

” no, I’m not, I’m a light eater, don’t mind those idiots ” I replied her.

” thank you for today, for the care, cash and all ” I said changing the conversation.

” you’re welcome and I’m also sorry ” she replied.

” haba, you don’t need to be and you’ve even bought redemption with all you did today ” I said to her.

” I should get going now but do you know that you didn’t tell me your name ” she said getting up.

” it’s Benjamin but you can call me Ben ” I replied her also getting up.

” give me your digit ” she said giving me her phone.

I collected it from her and inserted my number into it.

” I’ll give you a call later, maybe in the night wgwj you’ve collected your phone ” she said after she saved the number.

” let me change so that I can see you off ” I said to her as I head into my room and changed the jean trouser I was wearing and wore a T-shirt.

We met the three idiots sitting on a bench outside with their tops in their hands as they used it in fanning themselves.

” are you already going ” Samuel asked as we got to where they’re sitting down.

” yeah ” she replied waving at him.

” so soon ” Lekan asked
” thought you’re spending the evening here and prepare dinner for us” he added smiling and I felt like strangling him to death.

” ugh , maybe the next time I come here again ” Jezebel replied.

” I won’t even be around that next ” Samuel said humorously.

” and thanks guys for enjoying the meal, it was my first cooking that kinda strenuous meal ” she said and the three idiots all exchanged glance with each other before they let out a wierd smile without a reply.

” bye ” Jezebel bid them bye before I escorted her outside where she took a bike.

On getting back inside, the three idiots were not outside again, I knew they’ve returned into our apartment.

My tongue was still on fire and I knew I won’t be able to get water in the neighborhood.

I went to one of my neighbor’s flat and requested water from them and I got it.

On returning to my room, I met Usman holding my laptop and in Samuel’s hand was my flash drive.

In Lekan’s hand was my food which I didn’t finish. And Samuel’s own has been added to it.

” it’s either you walk down here gently and allow Lekan to feed you or we destroy your laptop and hard drive alongside the informations you have on it ” Usman threatened as he raised my laptop up.

” just kill me rather than ask me to continue eating that food ” I said to them as I took my seat on the three sitter.

” and die you shall die ” they all said in unison as they dropped what was in their hands on the table and pounced on me.

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