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Jezebel - Episode 4


Jezebel - Episode 4


In the blink of an eye, I was dragged up like a polythene bag and the tyres were placed beside me.

From afar, I saw someone running towards us with a keg which I presumed contained petrol.

I saw the girl standing beside the bike man that conveyed her to the place staring at me with a stone cold eye. She stood like a mean village primary school headmistress.

As the guy with the petrol almost got to us, some guys took the tyres and were about to place it on my head.

Using all the last bit of strength remaining inside my body, I jerked myself off from the guy that was holding me and dash to meet the girl where she was standing.

” I’m not a kidnapper ” I screamed repeatedly like a mad man as I dashed towards her.

” remember me ” I screamed holding her hand as I got to her.

” this guy get liver oo ” I heard one of my haters said as I felt a hand on my collar as they tried to drag me away from her but I was pulling her hand, not releasing it.

” you came to my church yesterday, I was the one preaching ” I screamed aloud as they’re trying to disassociate me from her.

” wait ” she said in discomfort due to my pulling.

Like she’s a sort of confessor, everywhere suddenly became silent and the guys that were trying to pull me, all left me.

She suddenly slap me with her left hand because I was holding her right one. I didn’t know how my hand left her right hand at that moment.

” if you get to survive the fire, tell Cancer that he’s not laying his hand on me ” she uttered to me with a mean look.

” who’s Cancer ” I asked with surprised countenance as I fought the urge not to cry.

” see him trying to feign innocent, I know he’s the one that asked you to follow me but it’s a pity that he’s only going to get here to meet a barbecue version of you ” she replied as my haters wait there looking at us waiting for her to order me to be burnt.

” I don’t know who Cancer is, you came to my church yesterday while I was preaching ”

” preaching ” she said interrupting.

” yes ” I swifty replied shaking my head.

” I was preaching but you disappeared before the end of the service and we couldn’t take your details as a new member ” I swiftly added as I saw the escape spotlight in front of me.

” yeah, I can remember you now ” she said staring at my face.

” so you’ve been trying to catch up with me because you wanted to get my attention ” she added now losing the mean look.

” yes, that’s the reason I asked the bike I was on earlier to catch up with your bike ” I said now having hope of safety.

” I’ve to confirm what you’re saying ” she said bashing the hope I had gotten from the conversation we had.

” how ” I asked looking surprised.
She didn’t reply me as she moved behind me and dragged my shirt and white singlet up.

She stared at my back as if looking for something there.
After few seconds, she let my shirt down.

” I’m sorry everyone but I think I was mistaken ” she said as the whole mob carried the face that was that of disappointment.

She put her hand into the back pocket of her jean trousers and brought out some cash.

She gave out some of it to one of them as she apologized to them for the confusion.

They’re not happy but the cash they got diverted their attention as they clamor in joy over the cash and left us shouting as to how the money should be shared.

” I’m sorry ” she said to me after she’s done settling the folks.

” it’s okay ” I said spitting out blood from my mouth.

” I got what I deserve for acting stupidly ” I added releasing more blood filled spit from my mouth.

I knew my face is already bruised up as I felt pain all over it as blood trinkle down from it.

Both the jean trouser I was wearing and the shirt I was wearing has procured many cuts and stain from my blood and the earth, making them look like rag.

My eyeglasses was laying on the floor in pieces.

My mind suddenly drifted back to my phone as I swiftly touch my back pocket.

I heaved a sigh of relief as I felt its shape inside it.

I brought it out and find its touch all cracked up.

It’s procured thousand crack on it.
 I press its switch key and its screen was also gone. It was filled with ink.

” will you go to the hospital ” she asked me with a remorseful tone.

” you don’t need to ” I said to her.

” you can go, I’ll find my way back home ” I added as I took off my shirt leaving only my underwear on. My body was all bruised up from the severe beating I received.

” Only if I had listen to my mom’s warning ” I thought to myself.

I left them as I started trekking down the road.

A bike suddenly parked beside me.

” get on ” the girl said to me but I feigned dead ear as I continued with my journey, expecting to see another bike that I’m going to ride home.

” pastor ” she called getting down from the bike as she hastened her movement so as to catch up with me .

” pastor kill you there ” I said to myself not answering her.

” I said I’m sorry and giving it a good thought , I’m not at fault here ” she said as she intercepted my way.

” it’s not your fault, I already accepted it, so please let me be on my way ” I replied.

” please let me just make it up to you by taking you home “she said with a remorseful look.

She look pitiable with her remorseful look and that hit my soft spot.

” okay ” I said after some seconds, pretending to be thinking about it.
She boarded the bike before I did and I had to sit behind her.

The ordeal I went through was enough to get my mood down so I had no hard time sitting behind her like yesterday with Precious.

” I’m getting down here ” I said to the bike man when we got to the last intersection into my street.

There was a mobile engineer there and I wanted to give my phone to him so that he will help me repair it.

” is this your place ” she asked when I got down from the bike, looking surprised as there was no house there except shops.

” no, I want to repair my phone ” I replied her showing her what she had made to happen to my phone.

I went in to meet the engineer to give him my phone.

I looked outside and saw her still waiting beside the bike man.

” oga, I wan repair my phone screen and calibration ” I said to the engineer who was sitting behind a desk with different kind of phone scrabs and a HP laptop with tools on the desk.

” where e dey ” he asked me.

” here it is ” I said handling him the phone.

He pressed the switch key to light it up.

” omo, shey na trailer jam you and the phone ” he asked humorously staring at me.

” no ooo, na train jam us ” I replied him and he smiled.

” pele oo, but your money na seven k ” he replied shutting the screen off.

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” okay ” I said dipping my hand into my back pocket to get my wallet.

” here ” I said giving him the last three thousand naira inside my wallet.

I only have four hundred and fifty naira remaining inside the wallet.

” I’ll bring the remaining four k when I want to come and collect it ” I said to him as I gave him the money.

” come with the balance in the evening and your phone would have been ready ” he said with a grin.

” here ” I heard behind me .

I turned to look at who it was and found out that it was the girl.

” here’s the remaining four thousand naira ” she said as she gave the engineer some cash.

” when did you get here ” I asked staring at her with a surprised countenance.

” you’re welcome ” she said exiting the shop.

” omo, na mami water you dey date oo, see as the girl set die, I fit sell my shop to sample her ” the engineer said humorously as he stared the girl.

” I’ll be back for it in the evening, make sure you’ve gotten it working fine ” I said to him before exiting his shop.

” what’s your name ” he screamed after me.

” Ben ” I replied without turning around.

The girl and the bike man were still waiting outside.

” thank you ” I said grudgingly when I got to where she was standing.

” if you’re appreciative, then let go to your house, I want to make sure you get in safely ” she said staring with a kinda eye that melt my heart .

” why are you doing this ” I asked moving closer to her.

” do I look pitiable to you or because I followed you thought I’m a fool ” I added before she could answer the first one.

I felt like a fool, regretting what I did but the deed is been locked, all regret means nothing.

” just wanna make it up to you, tho you’re kinda at fault but my act could have led to you losing your life ” she said remorsefully.

Without saying anything, I hop the bike and she sat behind me.

” it’s okay like this ” I said when we got to the front of my building.
The bike stopped and we both alight. She dipped her hand into her back pocket but find no money inside it.

She took her bag and searched through it, brought out three thousand naira and gave it to the bike man who turned his bike happily and rode out of sight.

I opened the gate and entered and she followed me.

I’m not the type to allow a girl with me inside when my friends aren’t around. Precious especially, I don’t want to be a victim of temptation and I knew if anything was to happen, she would give in easily because of the feelings she has for me, but allowing this strange girl to follow me inside when I was sure my friends won’t be around was something I couldn’t fathom at that moment.
After few minutes, we’re inside my room.

I felt like killing all my friends when we got inside, everywhere was untidy , cans of soft drink lay carelessly on the rug, their clothes marked outta the attendance on the chairs.

” this goats ” I clamor as I got inside.

” is this your place ” she asked as she got inside.

” yeah, this is where I stay with my friends, and all this are their handwork ” I said as I tried to tidy the place up.

” nice place you got, I thought you’re a student, look like I was wrong ” she said as she joined me in tidying everywhere.

” you didn’t get it wrong, I’m also a student of Unilag, just lucky to have parents who could afford this place ” I replied her.

I borrowed her phone to call Lekan and informed him that I won’t be able to attend the next lecture because something came up.

I knew he will be worried if I’m absent because such has never happened before.

After we’re through with tidying, she took the broom and swept the sitting room.

I couldn’t help but steal glances at her as she did this.

She look extravagant to be doing such. And judging from how she’s been spending, she ain’t from the low class family.

She looked like a princess of a big kingdom. And to crown it all, she looked extra ordinarily beautiful, maybe that’s why I got attached to her in the first place.

Without deceiving myself, I knew I was fallen or had fallen for her.
” do you have first aid kit ” she asked me after she’s through with tidying up the room.

” first aid kit ” I exclaimed stupidly.

” yeah, you’ve to clean your wounds so that it won’t get infected ” she said clearing my foolish curiosity.

” ohh, got one ” I said as I head to the store to get the first aid kit.
It was like she’s been through such experience or had better knowledge about the first aid as she treated me with the contents of the first aid kit.

The first aid kit was gotten for me by mom and she made sure to fill it to brim.

After she’s through with the administration of the drugs, I suddenly felt sleepy.

” what is happening ” I asked her as I felt like I was been sedated.

” you’re gonna have a good rest ” she said laughing wickedly.
I was weak to do anything and I saw as she brought out a syringe from Inside the first aid kit, took a small bottle from her bag, dipped the syringe into it and extracted the content inside the bottle.

My Mind was motioning to me to run away but my body wasn’t heeding to the order as I felt helplessly weak.

” what’s your name ” I asked her as my eye fought to shut itself.

” Jezebel ” she replied with an hysterical laughter before I finally black out.

To be continue…

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