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Jezebel - Episode 2


Jezebel - Episode 2


My mom can be dramatic most times, always trying to know what I’m doing and my welfare but what she’s not done in my almost completed two years in UNILAG is coming to check on me without my awareness.

She would have called me to know my lecture free day in that week and I’m smart enough to know that she’s coming when she make such enquiry. And she came at an odd hour, she doesn’t like getting stuck in the Lagos traffic in the evening so she always make sure whenever she’s journeying into the heart of Lagos, she do so in the morning so that she can get back before evening.

I walked down to my house with my head filled with different kinda thought to what could have caused the impromptu visit but I was more surprised not to find her car inside the compound when I entered and I was sure it wasn’t parked outside.

The house I lived in was a storey building with four apartments.
Each apartments consisting of two bedroom flats.

When I got admission into UNILAG, mom consulted all the agents she could located to help her get a house close to the school because she doesn’t want me staying in an hostel with numerous people she’s not sure of their background.

Mom had selected the house out of the numerous ones proposed to her because of its simplicity and security. It’s got large fence decorated with barbwire and bottle at its peak plus a strong gate. She paid for four and half years at once , making sure to furnish the room to stupor.

My apartment was one of the two apartments at the top, which required me to take the staircase behind the building to get there.
My heartbeat increased the closer I got to my apartment, the fear that had aroused in me had made me lose my erection and I was at flaccid mode.

” good evening mom ” I greeted as I got inside.

She’s sitting on the three sitter inside the room while Usman was sitting on one of the two chairs facing the three sitter she’s sitting on .

The TV was on, and was on one of the local channels and a boring program was on air.

Mom’s legs were on the table which she had drawn closer to her as she terrorize Usman.

I know Usman was very happy with my appearance into the room as he heaved a sigh of relief.
Usman, Lekan and Samuel were my coursemates, we got acquainted with ourselves on our first day of lecture.

It was my first year in the school and my first lecture, I was very anxious that I was only able to sleep for two hours during the night.

I was up by five in the morning, took my bath and left for the lecture by 5:30.

I had to trek to school because there’s no bike around and with the help of the streetlight, it was less scary .

It wasn’t a long distance journey but I hate trekking.

I got to the lecture room exactly by 5:56.

Only one person arrived before me and that was Lekan. The lecture room was open and I find him sitting on one of the numerous seats inside the lecture room pressing his phone.

I walked up to him and exchanged pleasantries with him before I sat on the closest seat beside him.

” what do you know MAC 101 “? I asked him trying to create a conversation.

” don’t really know much about it,but from the little findings I did, it’s just an introduction course to communication ” he replied as he stopped operating his mobile.

” that’s also what I heard about the course but we’re gonna get what it’s about in few minutes now ” I said to him.

” I’m Benjamin Coker ” I added stretching my hand towards him.

” Popoola Olamilekan ” he replied shaking my hand.

We started talking like we’ve known each other for a long time and few minutes later, Usman and Samuel entered and since then, we became best friends tho Lekan was my favorite, he’s kinda unique among the three of them.

The three of them were staying in the school hostel but they sometimes spend the night in my place.

It was after the end of the session that they decided to start staying fully with me and convincing my mom to let them stay with me is another long story for another day which featured the sudden transformation of Lekan and Usman to christian.

After they’ve moved in with me, and I got the alert that mom was coming to visit me, I told them not to stay around that day but they insisted on seeing my mom. Everything went smoothly during her visitation that day and ever since then, any time I inform them that my mom is coming, they always make sure to get up early on the d day and leave home so that she won’t even see their shadow not to talk of seeing them.

Usman was busted because of it was an impromptu visitation and the sweat which clustered to his face under the cool temperature had shown that mom had took him on a tour through hell.

” evening son ” mom replied me.

” so you went to church ” she said when she saw the bible in my hand.

” yes mom, just coming back ” I replied her as I sat down on the empty chair beside Usman.

” then why didn’t you update your status or you didn’t take pic of yourself in church ” she asked me looking at me suspiciously.

The reason I always snap picture and update it in every services I attend in church was to show my mom that I attended the service. She knew the days and and time we have service in my church and she had asked me to always take picture and upload it every time we’re through with the service.
I knew she told me this so that can always ascertain that I attended the service.

” I did mom but was planning on uploading it when I get back ” I replied her.

Usman stood up, his eye focused on his phone which he pretended to be operating as he want to stylishly excuse himself.

” where are you going my son ” mom asked him and he stopped on his track, looking sideway as he squeezed his face in frustration.
I saw the funny way his face was squeezed and wanted to laugh but swiftly curbed myself.

” I want to go and ease myself ma ” Usman replied her.

” sit down first, you’re going to ease yourself when I leave, I don’t plan on staying long ” she replied putting smile on my face and tears on Usman face as he sat down back.

” your friend is really weak in his christian life, why did he not even go to church with the rest of you ” mom asked me and I laughed inwardly.

Usman must have been the one to tell her that the rest of us had gone to church whereas I was the only one who had gone to church. Don’t ask me “what of Samuel “, we all know he didn’t come to church because he love God, he’s there because he love ladies.

” he’s working on a project mom, that’s why ” I swiftly replied her.

” so that project is more than God abi, that he can’t spare just a little out of his time to worship him ” mom said almost in a furious manner as her voice was slightly raised.

” why are you even here mom by this time of the day and without your car ” I asked mom trying to drift her off the topic.

” so I should shut up, I’m already talking too much ” mom said fuming up.

” no mom, he’s going to change and I’ll make sure I talk to him but you’re not the type to go around Lagos by this time, that’s why I was asking you the question ” I swiftly said in order to calm her down.

” hmmm, you’re right but I’ve got to be here to pass this urgent message to you ” she said calming her nerve.

” message ” I said with a perplexed expression.

” but you could have call me or relay it to me through WhatsApp ”
 I replied her looking confused.
” I’ve to pass it to you in person ” she replied me staring into my eye.

” okay mom, what’s this message that needed an eye to eye contact before it can be delivered ” I asked her also staring into her eye..

” I had a strange dream about you yesterday night and this morning I went to daddy G.O to pray over it and during our course of praying, the holy spirit revealed the meaning of the dream to daddy and also issued a warning which he said I must relay to you as soon aa possible ” my mom in a dramatical manner.

” what’s it about ” I asked her.

” you’ve to be careful of girls, especially strangers that are very beautiful ” my mom replied and I almost bursted into laughter.

My mom wasn’t a stranger to me and I know more of the ideas she always use to say what’s in her mind.

In my house, my mom is the head of the house not my dad. It’s not like dad is been controlled by mom or it’s mom that cover the expenditures of the family but dad is a gentleman whose life is very simple. He’s not a church maniac like mom and always skip many sunday’s church services .

Firstly, mom always nag him to go but when nagging seems not to be working, that’s when the holy spirit through mom sent a message to dad that he should honor his day or bad thing is gonna happen to his business.

Then mom capitalized on this message to start nagging on him again till daddy had to adjust a little.

Same as my elder brothers too, she use the holy spirit said this or that to get them to do what she want since they’re not staying with us.

My eldest brother, tho he’s through with tertiary education same as his NYSC, but he attended university of port Harcourt , somewhere mom can’t easily get hold of him except through the use of phone. So in order to get him to do her deed, the holy spirit is always sending him messages and there’s always disastrous consequences if he did not heed to it.

Then there’s my rebellious elder brother, he connived with dad and without letting mom know, he traveled to Canada to study in the university of Waterloo.

He knew mom wasn’t gonna allow him travel abroad to study so they made her unaware of it till he got there.

Mom didn’t get over it for over a month and when she finally got over it, the holy spirit wouldn’t stop traveling abroad to give him message.

I was only the foolish one among the three of us that allowed her to sweet talk me into choosing Unilag, little did I know that she was only doing this so that she could be closer to me.

What’s odd about her using the same holy spirit tactic on me is that she’s never use it on me before. All she need is a slap on my cheek and the holy spirit will minister directly to me live and direct.

She had ones slapped me and I lost my hearing for three days.
All I could hear in my ear is the sound of the holy spirit in high pitch mode doing huuuuuuuuu inside my ear.

But here she is using the tactic on me, could it be that I’ve also gotten the freedom my dad and elder brothers are enjoying.

” so the holy spirit want me to abstain from beautiful girls ” I asked her trying hard to suppress my laughter.

” yes, no, I meant from girls generally ” she stuttered.

” I understand you mom, I’ll make sure I listen the holy spirit ” I said with a smile on my cheek.

” that’s good, hope you don’t need anything ” she asked getting up.

” no mom ” I replied also getting up.

” alright, I’ve to leave now, I didn’t come with my car because I don’t want to get stuck in it inside this Lagos traffic ” she said adjusting the wrapper she’s wearing.

” it’s good like that ” I said moving closer to her.

“Ma shey jeje omo mi, you know you’re the apple of my eye and I love you so much ” she said embracing me.

” the lord will protect you And always lead you through the right ways ” she offered short prayers for me still embracing me.

After she’s through, she brought out her purse from inside her bag and counted ten one thousand naira new notes and handed it to Usman.

” thank you ma ” Usman appreciated, smiling for the first time.

” remember what I told you before, my son, without Christ, you’re nothing ” mom said to Usman.

” okay ma ” Usman replied as he inserted the ten thousand naira into his back pocket.

” let me take my leave boys and extend my greeting to your other friends ” mom said said as she made her way to the door and we escorted her.

I added little or no meaning to mom’s message as I thought it to be her habitual act.

Usman was very happy as he kept smiling, he even volunteer to prepare dinner, something we always had to throw a dice to select who’s gonna prepare. My house is always filled with foodstuffs that’s gonna last me for a month before mom usher in the next month portion but cooking it is our problem that’s why we always cast lot to select the cook.

It was fun watching how Lekan and Samuel battled with him that he should show them love.

They claim it was his fault that they’re not around to receive theres because he’s the one that alerted them that she’s around and they had to took to their heel.
Usman later cut them in on one thousand naira each.

After I was through with dinner which we seemed to have early unlike other days, I went into the room while Usman and Lekan were playing fifa on my play station 5, a gift I received from brother Oscar, in Canada (my elder brother) , while Samuel was watching movie on my laptop.

I took one of my books and started reading it but I couldn’t concentrate on it as the image of the girl that came to the church but disappeared before I was through with the ministration kept on appearing in my head.
It was the first time I was experiencing such feeling.

I closed my book when nothing seems to be registering in my head.

” I only wish to see her and ask why she felt uneasy ” I assured myself in order to counter the other thought that’s trying to creep into my head.

I slept off with this thought and had a dream that I saw her again inside the church, but when I got closer to her, she suddenly developed wings like an angel and flew away.

I woke up and found that it’s already morning.

I took my phone and check the time and it was 7:35.

I was having lecture at eight and I woke up by 7:35.

I smiled at myself as I remembered when I was still a fresher and will get to the lecture room two hours before lecture was suppose to start.

My friends beds were empty meaning they slept inside the sitting room or did what they’re doing all through the night.

I got down from the bed and head to the sitting room and find them all sleeping.

I woke them up before I went to the bathroom and swiftly had my bath.

The apartment was having two bathrooms so Lekan was the first to quickly get into the second one.
I was ready by 7:47 while Lekan was just exiting the bathroom by then.

Usman was nowhere to be found which means he’s already left without bathing because he’s already got a warning from a lecturer Kasali that he mustn’t even get to his class on the dot of eight..

Without bidding anybody bye, I left the house.

On opening the house’s gate and exiting the building, I met a shock waiting for me outside of the gate.

To be continue…

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