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I want a home- Episode 33


I want a home- Episode 33

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


The cool weather and the early morning atmosphere added to the comfort of William Harrison immediately he stepped down from one of his expensive car.

He was suited in white and was on a white shoe likewise, no one could dispute that he’s favorite color was white with the color of his hair. The back seat of the vehicle was closed by one of his men immediately he stepped aside while two of his security guards escort him towards the private outdoor restaurant where he had sighted Valentine and Franklin Kennedy where they were seated.

He began to walk slowly closer to them after he drew in a breath and soon levied up with both men who was having some discussions with a glass of wine on a small rectangular table before them.

“You men are here early than the speculated time, how’d?” William exchanged few greetings with them and sits down at the third available space they were seated.

20 Minutes later.

“Then why don’t we just kill him if he continued to persist” Frank busted out in annoyance and asked.

“Hey !! We can’t just keep killing people anyhow again Frank,we can’t get our hands on dirt anymore”
“Oh common, are you saying we should let him ruined us completely William. Do you know the gravity of what is on ground here?” Valentine interrupted the conversation and adjusted his seating position again.

“Yeah. Did you not know the stake at hand? What exactly is wrong with you William?” Frank added in support of Valentine and they both stared a look at William.

“Listen up men, Doss is a hard man. If you’ve truly gone into his records, you’ll see he has nothing on him whatsoever, the b****** is a clean man and for decades I have never seen a man on earth as just as him”

“William, what you are fu..cking saying isn’t any of our business. What we need to do is just kill him, retrieve the leaked data and clear the rest of the records”

“Valentine.. This is easy as said but its quite impossible because Doss has surrounded himself with heavy security ever since the data was leaked and he has began investigation on it already”

Lord Nathaniel sat properly without having to be tied immediately after Joel walked him inside 12 minutes ago with Margot who was already in the room.

A plate of meat pie was placed on the bed and an empty one beside it which possibly means Margot has eaten hers before they could get back from the restroom Joel had followed lord Nathaniel to.

“I think you should eat now and we’ll continue this in 10 minutes” Joel said and nodded to signify he was referring to lord Nathaniel directly. He took another look at the room again and walked towards the door before the drug lord could say anything else, he opened the door and stepped out leaving both drug lords together without tying their hands or legs.

12 minutes later.

Joel was back inside the room and was sitting at the same position he was seated earlier, he had a laptop placed on his laps and both drug lords were seated on each sides of the bed as they listened and answered Joel’s each questions.

“There will be more assassination from now on regarding this data, William and his counterparts will make sure they find the total trace of this data from Metlife servers and have them totally erased. Those bas..tards are cons and they will ensure that they take extra measures just to eliminate any link between them” Lord Nathaniel finally gave Joel the right answer to his question. He took a brief glance at Margot and turned back to Joel.

Joel looked at him sternly and looked down at the laptop. He turned back to them after a minute and looked at Margot. He drew in a breath and made a face clearly showing he has a lot of questions for her to answer.

Steve dragged his legs closer to himself on the small stool he was sitting on immediately he saw Margaret shifted back to give space for the so-called Nurse that eventually joined them 20 minutes ago under Margaret persistence, he soon adjusted himself properly and tried to fully rest on the wall for convenience.

He drew in a breath and took a look at the nurse when Margaret shifted backwards to give her a space.

The so-called nurse began to return her medical equipment back into the bag she came with one after the other before she interrupted the long silence in the room.

“You need to take her to the hospital for better treatment” the nurse announced with worry, directly speaking to Margaret after a glance at Vivian who was laid on the bed.

“I thought you said she’s okay and there is no internal damage on any working part of her body?” Margaret asked the nurse with a whole face of confusion as the nurse finished packing off all the equipment into her bag.

“Yes Margaret but we need to make sure she’s perfectly fine by going through some required medical test and that can only be done at the hospital” The nurse answered her persuasively.

“Jenny I already told you we can’t go to the hospital with the circumstances at hand”

“What circumstances Margaret, what the hell is going on?” the nurse intercepted.

The chief of police came out from the elevator with three other police men standing behind him. He got saluted by some of the police who came in contact with him when he started walking down the big hall towards the exist of the whole building.

“Sir you have a call again” one of the police men behind him announced and stretched out the phone to him just immediately the door to the vehicle he was about to enter was opened before he opt inside.

He was now seated at the back seat and the phone was placed on his ear almost the time he saw who was calling him.

“I already told you this is just beyond me and there is nothing I can do to disrupt this whole thing with the evidences on ground” The Chief tried to explain shortly after 2 minutes of listening to his caller. He drew in a breath and rested his back fully on the seat.

“I’m sorry Vladimir, I am sorry to hear that and I am more sorry to say there’s nothing I can do about it” He continued speaking again after another minute of silence and stop.

He seemed to be getting frustrated already with the call and think its best to end it already, he frowned.

Mr. Madison opened the door to the interrogation room and stepped inside after 5 minutes of watching from the control room. Two of their security men were seated opposite Weng and Cheng with two laptops placed in front of them.

One of the significant details about the interrogation room was its painting and the wall d├ęcor. The whole settings looked different and the whole sets of lights added more adorable color to the bright light.

“Are you ready to cooperate this time or we go the hard way again?” Mr. Madison asked Cheng and his partner immediately he moved more closer to them.

“We already told you everything we know, what else do you want from us?” Weng was the one who speaks first, even though he was trying to prevent the mucus on his nose from falling, his words came out as mumbles and his frightened tone was clearly shown.

“Before you were able to login into our server, you had access to a tablet device which contains one of our system control software. Isn’t it?” Mr. Madison stopped behind the two security men who were doing the interrogation before he walked inside to interrupt. He made a face and stared particularly at Cheng’s face, clearly showing that he wants a straight answer to his question.

“Yes there was a tablet device but we didn’t have our hands on it, we were able to login into your server through the help of one man Uzza contacted from your company” Cheng answered him straightened.

“one man !! Mr. Madison emphasized and stretched. “which man?” he asked and made a face.
“We haven’t seen him before but we heard Uzza call him Christopher James” Weng supported.

“interesting, this is exactly what I wanna hear” Mr. Madison said in a serious tone and nodded. He took two steps forward almost one of the security man stand up to let him sit instantly.

“He’s an American and he gave us access into your server” Cheng continued.

Its was already an hour later after the nurse left did Steve decided to move closer to the bed like Margaret did.

She heaved a deep breath and folded her arms when she heard Steve movement behind her. Vivian unconscious state baffled her seriously and she had already began to think of taking contrary steps already.

“Your wounds may get infected if you don’t apply necessary treatment now” Margaret finally broke the long silence when Steve walked over the bed to have a proper look at Vivian fearfully.

“she will be conscious anytime from now” Steve announced without answering her after taking a proper look at Vivian again.

To be continued..


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