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I want a home- Episode 32


I want a home- Episode 32

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


Winston adjusted the collar of his shirt properly after dropping the malt-Can he just emptied. He continued walking on a minute later and took a brief look at his wristwatch to check the time, he dumped the empty Can into one of the trash basket placed in the hall way not after he squeezed the malt Can with his right bare hands.

He was dressed in a red shirt and a black trouser with a black shoe. A tiny diamond neck chain was strapped on his neck and his Rolex watch was as bright and good.

He brought out a gun quickly behind him after dumping the squeezed malt and continued to walk down the hall-way he was heading to, he cock the gun sharply in three seconds and returned it back behind him carefully into the same position.

He soon pocketed his hands and brought out a mobile phone but he didn’t stop walking as he began to hear some loud music far ahead the room he was headed to the more he gets nearer.

He unlocked the mobile phone he brought out and scroll down to the phone software applications, his movement slowed down prior to the phone he soon concentrated on when he was now very much close to the room he was going to.

He selected one of the applications he was looking for on the phone and began to mime the music that was playing far ahead the room.

Its was one of Drake song; ‘can’t take a Joke’ and he was enjoying the last verse of the music just as the application he opened was loading before a call disrupted it and Gunny was boldly displayed on the screen of the phone again.

He quickly returned the phone back into his pocket and minimized the application, he heads towards the door hurriedly and pushed the door open, he entered the room in seconds without giving a prior notice.

Four men were inside the unpainted room including his partner, the men had on same black uniform with a black trousers. Each one of them were seated and had a laptop facing them directly and they were extremely busy working on each.

The four laptops were arranged on a long rectangular desk and the men were seated closely beside themselves. Nothing else was placed on the desk except two Android phones and two revolvers Winston partner dropped off the desk when he entered the wide room some minutes ago.

Gunny was the first to look behind him immediately he heard the sound of the door despite the loud music in the room. He had a strong face on unlike Winston who was still happily miming the loud song that was playing.

“Reduce the volume of that song man. I’ve got to make a call now” Gunny instructed one of them immediately he turned back from the door to face the four men.

He too was dressed the same way as Winston but the low cut on his head clearly clarify the difference between them. He was standing very close behind the four men whose fingers were vibrating rapidly on the laptop keyboard before them.

He stretched out his arms and rest it on the edge of the chair one of the men were seated immediately his instruction for the song volume to be reduced was followed. He brought out another phone from his pocket and began to scroll down its contacts almost the same time.

“So have you found them?” Winston asked rhetorically and immediately he moved away from the entrance of the room to the five of them, he stood beside Gunny and took a look at the laptop the four men were working on. He could see the four men were really working hard with what he saw on each laptop screen and he already knew the right answer to his question instantly even before one of them answered him.

“Yes, but it will be up In a minute” one of the four men answered his question immediately Gunny took five steps away from them to make his call but none of them looked backwards to look at him when he entered.

In approximately 60 seconds, the four laptops displayed two separate pictures at a time immediately Winston turned backwards to look at Gunny who was already on a call.

There were few words written right beside each sized picture and the words were all the same on the four laptops.

“Steve Jones and Joel Reagan” Winston whispered out the names displayed on top of the pictures and squinted his face. He soon began to mumble out the few information displayed beside each picture before Gunny walked closer to them and stopped beside him.

Gunny likewise gazed at the four laptops which displayed same pictures he had been expecting before he moved more closer to read what was all written on one of the laptops, including the few words besides each pictures.

“Is this the only information about them?” Winston who was done reading it asked one of the four men who had all stopped pressing any of the laptops.

“Yes. This is the only information they have on the citizenship directory, there is nothing more” the same man who seemed to be the leader of the four men answered Winston question and adjusted his seating position, he pressed the space key- button on the keyboard twice and took a look at the laptop screen himself to clarify his point.

Gunny returned the phone he had just used to make a call back into his pocket immediately he heard the leader of the hired hackers response.

He had likewise finished reading the few information displayed beside each pictures but he also squinted his face and took a longer look at the picture below the first picture.

(This story is written by Ireti Adedipe )

“Joel Reagan” he mumbled out the name on top of the picture and took a second look at it.

“There’s got to be more information about this two men than what you have here Gerald, this men are professional killers like us. We nearly got beaten by them and they took our target away right under our grip” Gunny pointed out and folded his arms immediately to show his seriousness. He adjusted his legs and stood properly just then his fingers rolled and touched the bullet wound behind his shoulder mistakenly.

He let out a slight sound painfully immediately he remembered the bullet wound, he tried to concealed the pain and stretched out his hands instantly in annoyance.

“This is the only information we have about them on the citizenship data records and..” The leader of the hired hackers was saying contrarily before he was interrupted.

“Find out more about this fu…cking men are Gerald. We paid you highly for this and we need you to get us every fuc..king details about them now” Gunny shouted impatiently.

Inspector Kelvin came down slowly from the police vehicles with an earpiece placed inside both ears. He seemed to be on a call early before the fire arms men rushed into the big compound to put off the fire burning fiercely outside and inside the building.

Different police vehicles were all parked in different positions outside the compound and four dead men in security uniforms were properly arranged on the floor by the cops.

Different recognized and un-uniformed dead police men were scattered around the compound with different unidentified dead bodies badly burnt by fire were all on the floors.

“How bad is the situation Inspector?” Another question came for the inspector to answer on the ongoing call immediately he tried to enter the compound again with some officers behind him.

“Extremely bad sir, there are dead bodies everywhere. The cops and some unrecognized men in security uniforms with some bad ego of men”

“How many casualties are on ground inspector?”
“Uncountable sir, we have more than 14 dead policemen in here”

“And Who damn authorized the deployment of the police men?”
“I have no idea sir” Inspector Kelvin answered sharply.

Vladimir took a look at his wristwatch immediately he and his men successfully got to the airport where he saw the private jet that was arranged for him far ahead from the hummer jeep he was seated. Their journey had lasted more than 3 hours and the long seating in one position seriously dawn on him even though its was only for few hours.

He took a look at the screen of the phone in his hands before both vehicles gradually began to slow down on getting near the jet.

In less than 180 seconds, both jeeps were put to an halt and Vladimir himself was ushered down immediately by his men.

The four men in the other jeep surrounded the drug lord and Stone tactically at once with their guns even though there wasn’t any possibility of an attack on them.

They soon get to the entrance of the plane and all of them began to enter one after the other. The door to the plane soon closed and they were all settled in it immediately after one of the men went to confirm the presence of the pilot.

“What about the jeeps sir”
“Don’t worry about it, It will be taken care of by our men close-by” Stone answered one of the men question and turned to lord Vladimir immediately.

“Boss” Stone called for lord Vladimir with a worried face instantly.
“Uhm..What” Vladimir asked and turned to him when he noticed his tone.

“I think we have a little problem beyond what I think”
“What problem?” Lord Vladimir asked him again.

“Our men has been arrested during a drug deal and two of our territories has been bombarded by the cops, I think the situation is already out of control” Stone announced.

Margaret rushed outside the room to get the scissors just as Steve instructed her, she ran quickly out of the room and rushed back with the same pace and with the small scissors in her hands, she quickly stretched it out to Steve who collected the scissors immediately from her as he laid Vivian down.

“What about the water?” Steve asked her sharply and quickly opened the box placed on the desk beside him.

There was blood stains on his hands and his shirt, a broken bottle wound on his face and blood weave badly on him. He quickly disengaged the pieces of the cloth used to cover the bullet wound on Vivian as she let out a loud yell in serious pains.

“I think we should take her down to the hospital now, there is a clinic very close here” Margaret shouted immediately she rushed back to get the water and handed it over to Steve.

She took another look at Vivian and her belly immediately Steve grabbed the scissors but ignored what she was saying.

“I said let’s take her to the hospital, she’s not gonna make it, she’s dying” Margaret shouted so loud, extremely loud with so much fear and grabbed Steve right hand immediately.

“We can’t take her to the hospital from here, she’s not gonna make it before we get there. I have to do this myself and take off the bullet now” Steve shouted back at Margaret and shove off his hands.

Detective Louis and his partner entered the Chief Detective office where they were summoned to immediately there was a response for them to get inside the office when they knocked.

The chief detective stopped what he was doing immediately he saw them entered and sits properly.

“I need both of you to start explaining what is going on?” the chief detectives began without any greetings to them.

Mr. Madison stepped into the lousy stripped club immediately he was checked by the security men at the entrance alongside two of the Metlife security men with him. He was dressed in a fancy club cloth like the men with him but the only difference between them was their looks and styles of hair.

Mr. Madison stopped walking and waited for the two men who soon level up and join him after been checked likewise. “Remember, our target are two Chinese men and can you still recognize them or I need to show you their pictures again?” Mr. Madison asked them but spoke likely on his voice due to the loud music in the club.

He waited till the two of them assured him that they were ready before he nodded and they all separated not after telling them to find a seat and check their phones after two minutes.

Weng dropped off the glass cup he just raised with the three ladies seated with them. He stood up immediately and burst into laughter when he ended the silly empty jokes he was telling the ladies. Cheng was seated at the last available space on the chair and he doesn’t seem interested whatsoever in whatever was going on inside the club or whatever Weng was doing with the ladies beside them as he concentrated totally on the phones with him

The three ladies including two other men except him who were seated with them also burst into laughter immediately Weng stood up. What initially got them all laughing wasn’t the jokes Weng was telling, but the way he demonstrated it even when they all knew he was already drunk unlike Cheng who was silent all the while.

“So how much money did you make from the trip?” A soft tiny feminine voice sounded before Weng could sit back on the long chair .

“Ouch.. I can’t really remember but its was a huge sum of dollars” Weng answered her question with a smile and sit down, he crossed his legs immediately and placed his arm around the shoulders of the two ladies he was seated in-between.

“Wasn’t it Cheng?” he turned to Cheng and asked just like the ladies but there wasn’t any response from Cheng who seemed less interested in any of their jokes.

The ladies burst into another laughter again before one of them suddenly placed her lips on Weng’s lips and kissed him, making all of them burst into another laughter.

“Hey handsome. You love what you see? Why don’t you just move here and check it out better” Mr. Madison heard one of the prostitutes telling him seductively when he stopped trying to check round the whole corners of the club for the two hackers they were there for.

He stood up immediately and moved to the prostitute without any word at first.

He tried to sound seductively too like he was interested in the prostitute before holding her hands.

To be continued…


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