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I want a home- Episode 31


I want a home- Episode 31

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


Winston followed another attack with a kick to khora’s legs after a kick into his chest. He moved forward with the gun in his hand after a successful backflip and landed on both legs.

He quickly followed the third kick twice into Khora’s chest after khora jump up immediately too, he landed a powerful punch on khora’s face to support the kick before Khora lost his ground totally and hit his backside against the vehicle behind him heavily.

Khora quickly tried to stand up again but his body failed him, he tried all he could to support himself with both hands but he couldn’t lift his body at all. He vomited and coughed out blood immediately and fell on his chest just like the rest of his men in pains.

“Gunny, I think we should split now. I’ve located target position” The second Russian man interrupted his partner who was already fast approaching Khora on the dirt floor to finish him off.

“Where the hell are they? We need to get over with this quickly” the Russian partner said and walked back from Khora immediately just then he began to shoot again.

“Where the hell are you?”
“We are behind one of the containers and there is heavy gunshots on us from different angles”

“What side of the containers? There are over 45 containers there Detective” Joel said into the phone.
“We are behind the container at the side perimeter. The one in blue, loaded with the chemicals stuff”

“Okay. I think I can see you now but I need you to change positions”
“We can’t change our position Joel, we’ll definitely get killed if we move any inch from here” Detective Cougar intercepted almost instantly.

“Hey calm down and hear me out detective. You have to try and move away from your position before I can help, I can’t get to you with the flying bullets in that position or I’ll get killed myself”

“Who the hell is shooting who? Who are those fuc..king men?”
“I have no idea boss but I think we should move now and secure her lordship first”

“No Dan. Stay in position and tell the rest of our men to remain in their position. No one should move or shoot again. We should be very careful now. The detectives has stopped shooting already”

“What !! But boss..”
“Dan Just do as I say goddammit if you don’t want to end up dead like those men”

“But boss, Lord Nathaniel men are shooting, we can’t just stay down here with both enemies, we need to ensure lord Margot safety too”

“I said stay in position Dan. No one moves until I say so”

The gun battle was getting fierce as Joel suddenly appeared behind the detectives and began to shoot. He dropped two revolvers for both detectives with a strap of bullets and instruct them to move on while he guard them.

“Who the hell are those fuc..king two men?” Joel asked rhetorically and took cover.

“They are assassins here to kill lord Nathaniel” Detective Cougar answered Joel’s question immediately he picked up one of the gun Joel dropped while Louis picked up the second gun.

Both of them began to load some of the bullet Joel dropped with the gun quickly and was done cocking it in 2 minutes. Lord Nathaniel looked up at Detective Cougar immediately he heard what the detective said.

He widened his face and turned a brief look at Louis who took a glance at him too. He looked left and right and turned back to Cougar.

“Assassins !!” Joel rephrased and bend almost immediately he tried to peep from the edge of the container where they stayed.

“Yes. I was trying to tell you earlier on before we were attacked. They are sent here to kill Nathaniel” Cougar was trying to explain when different gunshots were directed to them rapidly.

“Quick. They are heading this way” Joel instructed as both Detectives moved immediately, Detective Cougar held unto Margot and pointed the gun on her head while Detective Louis handled Lord Nathaniel the same way but different manner.

Lord Nathaniel himself quickly disrupt the secret plan he had ahead immediately he heard the detectives when Louis held unto him. He tightened his fist behind him with the handcuff and released the fist after 30 seconds, he stretched out his fingers with the pin on his palm with confusion as he stand up and began to walk slowly behind Margot while Joel walked behind him towards the end of the long container.

The fierce shooting soon reduced as everyone took cover and stayed in position. Two of lord Nathaniel’s men had ran to help Khora behind the vehicle immediately they sighted the two Russian walk away. One of them held Khora’s shoulder when they got to him and helped him up slowly just like the other.

Khora let out an heavy faint sound and winced in pains. He was breathing profusely due to the bullet in-between his laps as they lift him up.

“How many of our men are left?” he asked just as he breath heavily under the hands of the men like a man who just returned from hell and his chest followed the breathing up and down like he was dying already.

“Boss, we entered into the building without proper strategy and measures. Our men were unprepared and had no idea of the building structures ahead. We entered with a wrong move and”

“I said how many of our men are left Jude, answer the simple question” Khora interrupted but tried to reduce his breathing pace even though couldn’t balance up his stand on the left leg.

“We are the only ones left boss”
“What about Sunny? Have you found him?”
“Not yet boss. The two men we sent to check on him hasn’t returned yet and we have no idea where he is in the building” the second man answered Khora.

“We must protect lord Nathaniel at all cost and we will with our lives” Khora said and winced in pains, he lift his head up for a seconds and tried to move with the men who was trying to get him out for cover.

“But Boss, I think lord Nathaniel is already under the right protection and its best we just stay low for now” the second man who hold Khora whispered and rested himself on the part of the vehicle.

“What do you mean by right protection?” Khora asked him immediately, his face demanding for an explanation.

Gilbert was surprised with the turn of situation when suddenly Steve overpowered him already within minutes and successfully turned his arm behind before he broke two of his five fingers.

Steve had sent two quick punches on Gilbert face after blocking several blows with his elbow and he was able to quickly forced Gilbert hands apart unexpectedly.

Gilbert let out a loud yell and fell on his knees when Steve broke the whole fingers at once as the four men behind Gilbert rushed forward to attack and help Gilbert off Steve grip.

Steve sent a quick kick back into the first man who rushed at him in the chest, the heavy effect of the kick made the first man fell behind the second man immediately and a fight broke out instantly between Steve and the men.

It took more than 6 minutes for Steve to successfully handled the four men but took much more time to finish off Gilbert in due time.

Steve added two more punches on the forth man repeatedly, he followed it with another kick into the man’s chest due to the forth man hugeness and followed quickly with an upper-cut till he fell down likewise in pains just like the three other men already on the floor, including Gilbert himself.

Steve took a look round the big room immediately the last man fell, the four men were now holding different part of their bodies in pains as he moved forward confidently and tried to move back behind the bar to meet Vivian.

The cracking sound he heard almost there-after made him turned to see the greatest shock before he could get there. Gilbert was already on his feet, directly pointing a gun on Vivian’s head.

He gave Vivian a hard slap when she tried to free his hands firmly on her neck and forced her out of the bar completely.

“Go down on your knees or I’ll kill her” Gilbert threatened Steve.

Lord Vladimir was seated with Stone at the back seat of the moving Hummer jeep with only one of the drug lords’ men driving the vehicle.

Another Hummer jeep was moving in front of them and it contains four of his men. Both vehicle was moving at the same speed and at the same pattern despite the rate of the busy road and the instruction was to never allow any vehicle in between the two Hummer jeeps.

Lord Vladimir’s men in the first jeep were armed to the teeth and they were all with different sophisticated guns, some hanged on their necks and some placed the guns on their laps. Each men had a talkon attached to their ears, including the driver of the jeep whose gun was on his laps as he drive accordingly to the instructions of Stone who was giving both drivers the direction to take.

Soon, both vehicle had to slow down immediately they got to the end of the route to obey the traffic light and that was when lord Vladimir continued what he was telling Stone before he was interrupted by his ringing phone.

Stone took another look at the picture in the tablet device in his hands and hand it over to him.

“Boss, Who is this Valentine?” he interrupted lord Vladimir instantly.

“Valentine was also a member of the Five Stars before the organization was stopped secretly, the other two men are William Harrison and Franklin Kennedy, they are also a member and they occupied a very important position in the five Stars” lord Nathaniel answered and collected the tablet Stone stretched out for him to have.

“Its was true Nathaniel and I worked for them during those times, we handled most of their dirty jobs and we helped them assassinate President Jefferson Arthur in 2011 during his visit to North Korea, its was a bad experience for us and the rest of the men we did the job together.

They sent men to silence us all right after the job was done and the president was dead in order to protect their secret and all that we know about them but Nathaniel and I escaped”

Lord Vladimir continued but stopped when Stone phone began to ring too. He nodded as a signal that Stone was allowed to answer the phone before Stone could do likewise.

“Boss, we’ve caught Mark. What do we do with him?” was the first statement Stone heard on the phone.

“Good. Don’t Release his sisters yet but Torture him and make him confess all we need to know, find out who he works for and the likely information we need to have” Stone instructed as their vehicle moved on while lord Nathaniel swallowed In and began to look at all the other vehicles moving on and the whole lots of passers-by.

“Okay boss but I think we have a problem. Kelvin and the rest of our men had been arrested, I thought I could handle the situation without calling you but its seems it beyond my power”


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