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I want a home- Episode 30(Part C)


I want a home- Episode 30(Part C)

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


Several lines of bullets rolled swiftly and fast as Steve made the attempt to take cover behind the bar Vivian had successfully ran to. He was quite lucky and fortunate not to have been shot by the attackers after confirming their identities for lord Nathaniel’s men.

He pants so loud and his breathing had increased as a result of the continuous gunshots that was directed to him alone. He bent down so low beside Vivian and managed to rest his forehead on the side concrete of the bar as different bottles of wine and alcohol placed and sets in the placement breaks into pieces while the liquid poured out massively.

There was no telling neither him or Vivian will make it out alive if the rest of the drug lord men get nearer to the bar. The continuous shootings of the men stopped him from attacking or even try getting up as he began to hear more footsteps and some arguments when the shooting reduced at a point.

“Bouge, bouge, trouve le seigneur de la drogue et laisse cet homme avec moi” ( Move.. Move, find the drug lords and leave this man with me)

“What the hell is going at the side perimeter? Our men are under attack by two Russians”

“Oui. Continuez avec les hommes et trouvez-les” (Yes. Proceed on with the men and find them)

“Hey man !! I need you to speak to me only in pure English and stop doing things your damn method”
“Hey get your hands off him. He only told you to proceed on and find your drug lord while our men look for ours”

“We’ve got some unfinished business to do with this son of a b****. So we go our separate ways”

“Come out and face me Steve Jones. Come out now with the b**** beside you and lets settle our scores. Its me Gilbert” A voice sounded loudly as Steve began to hear footsteps of men running far ahead one of the corners of the building after three minutes.

Even though he didn’t try to peep from the other side of the bar, he could still see all the men and their shadows running away in groups with guns into different rooms in the building through some of the broken pieces of bottles on the ground and top of the bar.

He squinted his eyes for a brief moment as he took a look at their faces, some of the men were Margot men and some of them were Lord Nathaniel’s and the familiar voice he just heard made him recognize an enemy instantly. Gilbert, the son of a rich man he killed mercilessly 9 years ago for Lord Nathaniel.

(Story written by Ireti Adedipe) 

“I’ve searched and searched for 4 years after you killed my father 9 years ago Steve. I saw the clear picture of how you strangled my mother to death and how you stab my only sister heart when she tried to stop you from killing our parent, yeah I’ve seen it, I know you also tried to kill me afterwards 3 years ago when we made contact on a business dealing, you tried to kill me too thinking I wanted to avenge my families death because I had no power but I didn’t, I escaped your plans but right away behind that bar, there you are, taking cover from my bullet and that of my men”

Steve heard the loud masculine voice broadly in an American accent, he closed his eyes immediately his thought was interrupted by the voice and feigned some ignorance when Vivian looked into his eyes, he felt the absence of her left hand resting a bit on his chest and noticed her quick movement from him even though she was too close.

He reopened his eyes and revolve to the position of the broken bottle to have a look at Gilbert face, he saw four men standing behind him and each of them carried a powerful gun. He swallowed in with the same position and didn’t bother looking at Vivian who was looking at him.

He face-headed on and swallowed in again as tried to look at the pieces again, he made a blink immediately Vivian shifted and the total closeness between them was gaped.

“Come out now Steve. I’ve gathered my potency to revenge the deaths of my family and the families of these men you killed” Gilbert shouted again but repeatedly. The next thing Steve heard was the sound of a gunshot which bullet finished off the left-overs of the bottles he was watching them behind.

“Come out now you damn bast..ard” Gilbert shouted louder and began to shoot rapidly.

Detective Louis kicked the door of the vault harder the second time with his right foot, he kicked it repeatedly the third time before the door finally gave way.

He stepped backward a bit and made a face when he perceived the odor of the room. Both Detectives and the two drug lords in their captives were standing at the vault entrance and they likewise made a bad face when they perceived the bad odor.

Detective Louis moved forward again when he was able to assimilate the smell and brought out his phone before Detective Cougar could ask him to.

He positioned the gun firmly on his right hand and drag down his phone notification to put on the flashlight as they began to hear the heavy sound of gunshots getting closer.

“Move on man, what are you still looking at? We gat to move now” Detective Cougar shouted at him after a brief glance backwards. He was holding two small separate pistols and Margot was next to him before lord Nathaniel at the back of Detective Louis.

He tried to check out what was stopping his partner from entering already by trying to have a front view before his phone began to ring distractedly again.

He ignored the call at the first two ring when he was able to take three steps forward and followed behind, he entered the tiny smelling room before he picked out the phone and answered it.

“What part of the building did you take? You have incoming men coming your way” he heard the quick voice and tried to respond but the call connection stopped, he repeated the same words for quite 10 seconds and heard nothing. He took a look at the phone screen and tried to say something just instantly the metal door at the entrance was shot thrice.

Sunny quickly carried the rod again after Joel released his arm and pushed him hard against the wall. He had just received the beating of his lifetime than he expected and his face had totally turned red and gush of blood.

He moved and staggered backwards from Joel like a mad man and tried to relax a bit on the wall, he was breathing profusely and blood already gushing out from his mouth and face.

He dragged the tip of the rod along him as he rested on the wall to breathe, his bushy beard was all soak of blood and he couldn’t even walk properly due to his left injured leg. Its was absolutely as if Joel used a weapon on him and the fight between them was just about 10 minutes without him having just a hit on Joel.

He opened his mouth wide as he rested his head on the wall and the blood on his beard dropped down tick tuck like a drop of water, he stretched out his left hand like he was telling Joel to stop attacking and raised the rod slightly like he had given up already.

He squeezed his face and breathe more painfully due to his wounded leg, he nodded twice, he closed and reopened his eyes and his mouth slightly opened like he was breathing with it.

Joel rushed closer to him and sent more punches on his chest, he dragged Sunny’s head right and left and smashed it harder on the wall sunny rested on just like he did previously.

He smashed it on the wall three times and sent another kick on his wounded leg just then the rod Sunny held, fell and he landed on the patched floor with a thud.

Sunny yelled out again painfully, he gnashed almost immediately Joel stepped on his head and pinned him the more on the ground brutally without mercy.

Steve finally walked forward and stepped right in front of Gilbert and the four men but Vivian maintained and stayed right behind the cover.

“No.. No.. Steve, tell the slut with you to come out too” Gilbert shouted in annoyance and raised his gun again, he stared at Steve face with a strong look and the men behind him were all pointing their guns.

“She has nothing to do with this Gilbert, It’s true I killed your family for Lord Nathaniel some years ago and here I am, its me you want not anyone else” Steve tried to argue as he move closer to the angry looking men.

“No. I want her to get out too so I can see her before I change my mind” Gilbert countered as Steve raised his hands gently.

“What exactly do you want Gilbert? Don’t let us make this too complicated” Steve tried to explain and stretched out his hands to show a calm gesture.

“A fight Steve… I want a fight between us” Gilbert shouted twice and raised his gun to show he still wants Vivian to get out of cover.

He moved closer to Steve and fired the same position he fired earlier, “Come out now Woman” he shouted again and moved more closer to Steve who intercepted him immediately.

“She’s a woman Gilbert, is she the one you want to fight or me?” Steve turned to him directly and ask
“She’s got a gun with her damn it. You goddamn do as I say Steve or I…” Gilbert was shouting profusely when Steve sent a punch into his nostrils before he could conclude his words, he made his fist swiftly and made a blink almost the same time just immediately the men behind Gilbert made some movement which Gilbert stopped himself.

“You want a fight huh” Steve said like a ploy and made his stand almost immediately a fight began.

Gilbert sent two quick punches on Steve face straight-end, he followed it with an heavy kick on Steve chest before he rolled his right leg and kick Steve totally off on the ground.

Steve landed on the floor with his back unexpectedly and jump up immediately, he shake his head and moved backwards a bit instantly.. “Wow that was fast !!” he said thoughtfully he hadn’t seen it coming.

“Whoa !! I had patiently waited all this years for this when I found you two weeks ago Steve, common man. Let’s do this again” Gilbert exclaimed and said confidently. He clapped his hands twice and move sideways, he positioned himself properly and made his fist.

“Common man, fight on” he added and nodded, he tightened his fist and rushed to attack Steve instantly.

He swiped his first two punches Steve dodge easily with the kick he followed after which Steve blocked with his elbow, he followed quickly with two more punches which Steve also dodge by bending lower.

Gilbert last two punches went directly above his head and swiped back, even though Gilbert first five attack was too fast, Steve successfully dodge it despite the rush. He bent lower after Gilbert last two punch swiped above his head and he was able to send an heavy punch into Gilbert belly instantly.

He followed it with a punch on Gilbert jaw and sent another quick one on his chest just immediately Gilbert also sent a punch on his face.

The two of them staggered back a bit for 10 seconds and they continued again, Gilbert rolled backwards and sideways with a kick on Steve chest, he jump immediately to land quick punches on Steve but he dodge it quickly, he followed with two punches from both hands which Steve was able to dodge one but the other punch landed directly on his cheek and teeth.

Steve rolled backwards when he followed the attack quickly with another kick on his chest after a blow on his belly. He spat out blood and fell on the ground the second time but jump up again with the same manner earlier and touched his cheek, he took a look at Gilbert who was smiling with the four men behind him like he was ahead the fight already.

He took a brief look behind to check the mini-bar where Vivian was hiding and began to mumble out so numbers.

Sunny yelled out a scream painfully again as Joel dragged him up with his thorn shirt, his face had become unrecognizable and the color of his hair had changed.

He didn’t bother to resist fighting Joel anymore due to his injured leg and right arm but Joel seemed to be enjoying beating him up brutally with no mercy.

“Please.. Please don’t kill me” He tried to mumble out of his lips when Joel pushed him up again against the wall and pinned his forehead on it but Joel didn’t bother trying to hear him out or listen to his mumbling immediately he picked up his phone again.

“Joel we are under attack, where are you guys? We need your help, we can’t handle them alone” came the response he heard from detective Louis.

“Is the drug lords still alive?” Joel asked calmly and deliberately ignored the detective question.
“Yes. But we can’t hold up alone, we need your help. Nathan just made an attempt we stopped right now” Joel heard the detective and the sound of the heavy gunshots that followed after the Detective made him dropped Sunny on the floor again.

“Right on my way. And where the hell is Steve?” Joel asked immediately and picked up the rod Sunny held earlier, he raised it up after returning the phone back into his pocket when there was no response from detective Louis and the call had ended already.

Sunny let out a far more louder yell when he saw Joel raised the rod and before he could try as much as possible to roll, the rod Joel raised pierced his right shoulder and penetrated through it completely.

Joel made sure he euthanize the arm completely without minding the loud yell Sunny made, he sent a kick on his left leg afterwards and spat on him.

“I told you already you are as good as dead Sunny, this is a confirmation that you are on the wrong path and there is no mercy for you” Joel added and turned back immediately, he rushed towards the door and kick off one of the burning door frame at the entrance that leads to the room.

Detective Cougar began to shoot back as fast as he could protect himself from getting hit, he knew he and Louis can’t hold much longer especially now that the two opposite sides that leads out of the building they were heading to had been blocked by the enemies.

He soon began to hear Afghanistan languages and French at the same time and at the point that they are now with an empty gun worsened the situation.

“Where the f..uck are they?” he heard the first English word and knew at once more of the men had began to gather round already with the fast moving footsteps.

“They are behind one of those containers and they’ve handcuffed the drug lords, its seems as if Lord Nathaniel is drugged” he began to hear their voices from his position and neither him or his partner had any bullets strapped on them than to protect both drug lord and take cover from gunshots.

“What do you meant by he’s drugged?”
“We saw him when they took cover behind those containers”

The men were telling Khora when suddenly another gunshots began behind them and before Khora could see who was attacking them, five of his men fell dead almost at once as the two strange Russian men appeared from one angle.

To be continued.


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