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I want a home- Episode 30(Part B)


I want a home- Episode 30(Part B)

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


Steve turned backwards on the last staircase to check how far Vivian had gone already immediately he tried to peep from the edges of the wall.

He was unable to concentrate and the fact that he had to ensure Vivian’s safety first was a top priority and he felt it was probably better to turn back likewise and follow behind her as she rushed hurriedly.

He could see her running down the staircase hallway and the several gunshots that followed his direction thereafter had to make him stop peeping instantly and also decided to hurry behind Vivian.

“Move,, move.. Lord Nathaniel is kept in one of the rooms, find it and get him out” Khora announced and began to shoot at the same direction the whole men faced.


“Sunny” Joel repeated again with the gun still pointed at him.

The two of them stared a look at themselves for quite some seconds in silence. They were now standing directly opposite themselves and Sunny was already helpless when the gun with him had fell, he tried to make his fist and took a look at the position of his gun behind Joel.

“You made a mistake coming here Sunny, this is gonna be the greatest regret of your life ever man” Joel emphasize and move closer to him.

He took out his phone without looking at it screen and swiped his left fingers on it, he placed the phone on his ear thereafter and waited for about 9 seconds before speaking.

“Have you secured them?” he asked immediately.

“Yes, we are heading out already” The response came from Detective Cougar.

“Good. Make sure you secure and keep them safe” Joel said and end the call, he returned the phone back into his pocket instantly and made a chuckle when he heard what Sunny said.

“Why don’t you face me like a man Joel, drop the gun if you have the gut and fight me like a man, lets settle this once and for all”

“Oh !! Really !!” Joel said and made another chuckle. He took a reassuring look at Sunny and smiled, he threw off the gun confidently away without a second thought and made his fist.

“Good. Let’s do this” Sunny urged confidently and raised his fist likewise, he took four steps forward immediately and rushed forward to attack Joel.

By the time Steve and Vivian ran to another corridor that lead out to a different hall, they had to quickly take cover immediately when gunshots were directed at them by lord Nathaniel’s men.

Steve dragged Vivian’s hands back almost instantly and pulled her behind him hurriedly as she pants, he cock the gun immediately and decided to engage in the gun battle instead of running backwards again. He peeped almost instantly again and shoot twice, the first two bullets he shot pierced two of the seven men in the hall immediately and they fell dead.

He took cover back immediately and raised his gun, he waited more than 30 seconds as Lord Nathaniel’s men began to shoot sporadically before he fired once again, he had an head shot and took cover back.

“Steve they are coming this way” Vivian shouted and pointed at the opposite direction of the staircase where they ran from in panic.

“Holy s***” Steve cursed under his breath and fired one of the men dead while the rest had to move back immediately to dodge his bullet even though some of them shoot back as he shoot sideways.

He calculated how fast he or Vivian could get to the bar without getting hit as he shoot, and from his calculations, he had to ensure they don’t get hit anyways, especially Vivian whose fingers were moving shakily on the gun he gave her as she weaver in fear.

“Vivian, i need you to run that way now and hide behind that bar” he shouted so loud when he began to hear more men trooped in from the two direction.

“Don’t worry, I’ll cover you” He shouted again to assure Vivian when he sighted her looks.

“But I need you to move at the count of three, 1..2..3..now” Steve counted as she ran.

“please don’t kill me, I have no idea what is going on… I have no idea what is going on” one of the new officers raised his hands in fear and shouted so loud on his voice when the two Russian men finished up the whole officers and some of the men that ran through them in few seconds ago.

He had to repeat himself so loud thrice as one of the Russians moved towards him immediately without a dagger or weapon.

“Which of the rooms is Lord Nathaniel kept in this building?” the Russian man asked him imperatively and the pace at which the Russian walks increased the fear in the officer who pissed his pant immediately, what scared him more was how they finished up all of them within few minutes.

“I said which of the rooms is he kept?” the Russian man shouted repeatedly and grabbed the officers collar, he raised him up completely off his feet there was no immediate response to demonstrate his full seriousness.

“I don’t have an idea of what is going on, I came along some officers and we just get in here 10 minutes ago. please spare my life, I’ve got a wife and kids at home please” the officer begged as he bargain for breath due to the hold on his neck.

“Winston we’ve got to move now, we can’t keep wasting our precious time any more. We’ve wasted enough already and I think we should just find the target now and finish up the job” the second Russian man standing behind cautioned the first Russian and turned backwards immediately he heard some sounds behind him.

“We need to find out what is going on first Gunny” the first Russian man was saying when officer James ran into them stupidly and unknowingly.

“Stop right there” he was ordered by one of them.

Sunny retried the same techniques twice but yet could not have a clean hit against Joel no matter how hard he tried, he targeted Joel’s head almost immediately he tried to sent a kick unto his chest but none of his moves was working. He tried to change his techniques at first when all his attempts wasn’t working as the fist fighting continued between him and Joel but it seems none of his attacks was ending well.

He swiped his right foot forward to kick Joel again like the up tenth time but was dodged easily, he tried to punch Joel in the jar at the same time and tried to hit him harder but its was blocked easily too by Joel.

Within minutes, he began to feel frustrated already and the more he tried to press on the more its was easy for Joel to block all of his attacks. He had also began to breathe heavily with the way he followed Joel’s body movement around the dark room and its got more frustrating when he couldn’t have a single hit at all.

“Fight me like a man Joel, you are such a b****** son of a b****” he totally moved backwards and shouted in anger.

Joel made a chuckle and smiled immediately he heard what Sunny said, he looked left and right and nodded at Sunny with self pity. “Your movement are slow Sunny. Your fighting skills are too low compared to mine and you do not stand a chance slightly against me” Joel tried to explain but Sunny couldn’t buy it and attacked immediately again when Joel tried to move around.

He came rushing forward to attack with his fist but Joel dodged and grabbed the fist, he tried to whistled out but Joel’s firmness on it made him decided to use the other hand which Joel grabbed easily likewise.

Before he could knew it, Joel got serious with the fight and nodded his forehead with Sunny immediately, he released both fist instantly as Sunny stagger behind unexpectedly. Joel threw a kick to his face and dodged the kick he came rushing with, he kicked him on the knee of the other leg and pushed him away, he bent immediately to dodge another blow and threw two punches into Sunny’s belly.

Sunny stagger again and moved forward swiftly instantly, he threw a blow which Joel dodge and then punched him twice at the top of his chest before kicking him in the groin. Sunny let out a yell and fell om his knees grabbing his manhood.

He let out another yell and fell on his knees when Joel moved closer to him.

To be Continued.

I hope you haven’t forgotten about those two hackers, (Cheng and Weng) alongside some other characters which some of them are only mentioned once. For instance, (Mark, Mr. Madison, Valentine and Frank) I know you could have forgotten these characters due to late updates which are due to the fact that I don’t have a laptop but I do hope you do when I make references back to them.


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