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I want a home- Episode 30(Part A)


I want a home- Episode 30(Part A)

Written by

Ireti Adedipe


A BMW car was spotted afar by one of the officer on duty immediately he returned from the restroom just like the rest of the officers guarding the gate spotted the same car, he adjusted his waist belt properly and quickly composed himself.

“What is going on with you? Why Don’t you just visit the hospital if you keep going to the toilet here and then?” one of the officer closing the gate they just opened for Joel’s car to enter asked the officer as they await the BMW car coming ahead.

“I think I’ll go to the hospital after our shift, its probably due to the food I ate yesterday” The officer had answered by the time the BMW almost reached the gate and slowed down, the four officers concentrated on the car and one of them quickly signaled it to stop.

The BMW halted but the engine wasn’t killed, the front driver side window of the car was wined down immediately and two of the officers walked forward to the two men seated in it for questioning.

“Nous suivons le vĂ©hicule qui vient d’entrer” One of them said in French right before the officers could say anything immediately the car was made to slowed down.

“Gentlemen please Speak in English” The officer who had just finished buckling up his belt countered them instantly.

“Officers, I’m sorry but he can’t speak English. I think he just said We are following up the vehicle that just entered in here” the second man seated at the passenger side explained to the two officers who had moved near to them.

“Which vehicle are you referring to?”
“The same vehicle you just allowed inside, the vehicle that entered now” the same man answered the officer question.

“Who are you men and were you authorized here?” the officer who had walked behind the first officer questioned, he formed lines of confusion on his face and he immediately feel suspicious of the men in the car as he walked behind the boot.

“This men looked familiar to me Donald, this men are Russians” one of the two officer standing closely at the gate whispered silently to the officer standing beside him. He looked at the men closely from the gate to proof his doubt and decided to move closer to them.

He bend lower a bit to have a better look at the two men seated in the car and stared particularly at the one that just spoke French. He squinted his face and took another look at them.

“Gentlemen I think you’ve missed your way” he announced just the same time the same man interrupted him in Russian language.

“He said we are getting impatient officers and I think you should not delay us now” the same man at the passenger seat interpreted the Russian language and shouted to stop the officers from saying anything else.

“You haven’t answered my questions gentlemen”
The first officer added.

Joel dropped down from the vehicle he just halted and lock the doors immediately, he took his time to look all around the compound as he drove inside for few minutes until his eyes caught something unusually strange.

He looked round himself and decided to move forward when he sighted two new police vehicles in the compound.

“Then we’ll have to confirm if you are authorized to enter into this building. I’m sorry but you cannot step a inch forward if your identity is not clarified” the first officer argued with the unknown men and tried to step backwards when a bullet entered his forehead instantly.

In a swift, the three left officer who was taken aback with shock tried to make some movement but its was late, they didn’t see it coming


Sunny pushed the bomb trigger immediately he rushed back to Khora and the officer who stayed few meters away from the door where he had attached the bomb.

The two attached bomb on the door explode instantly and destroyed the whole door completely before he threw in one more Grenade in the hallway to support the roar fire even though the two of them had to quickly take cover too immediately due to the fierce explosion.

Sunny rushed forward quickly along Khora and they began to shoot without waiting any seconds while officer James quietly and hurriedly made his way and ran out.

Like a twinkle little star, they all looked at themselves for 10 seconds, and By the time they all ran outside to check what was going on instantly after the vibration, they had to take cover immediately from Sunny’s bullet.

( Story written by Ireti Adedipe )

A bullet almost hit Joel who was the first to rush out from the room but he quickly took cover instantly and the bullet missed him luckily. Both Detectives rushed almost behind him and took cover likewise but Steve couldn’t rushed out like they did when Sunny and Khora gained their ground, he had to dodge instantly behind the opened door quickly while Vivian rushed behind him and held unto his left hands. The whole movement of the detectives and Joel was so swift and fast as they shoot back.

Sunny and Khora continued shooting, the fierce explosion had started fire all through the hall and different part of the building already burning fiercely but in a swift, Joel was able stand out quicker and began to shoot back before the detectives supported him.

In 120 seconds, Joel successfully was able to rush out of cover before Detective Cougar likewise, they were able to step closely away from their position to the disadvantage of Sunny and Khora who quickly had to take cover too from the entrance of the long hall when Steve joined the shooting.

“We are outnumbered, I think we should back-down now and split” Khora shouted on top of his voice to Sunny due to the loudness of the sophisticated guns both parties were using even though he was closely beside him.

He and Sunny had to remain in their cover immediately detective Louis joined the shooting again and it was preferable that they split to avoid been shot.

“s***” Sunny cursed under his breath as he took cover from a bullet that almost hit him immediately but luckily missed, he realised Khora was right and its best that they leave their position instantly.

“Okay. Let’s split, i need you to try go back and send the signal to our men. Just head that opposite way and do all you can to assist me here and make sure our men gets here in a minute” Sunny shouted and immediately ran away from the entrance while Khora took a different direction.

“Go. Secure the drug lords” Joel shouted aloud to instruct the detectives from his position, he stood up instantly and ran ahead immediately he saw their unknown attackers ran off the entrance, he ran quickly to pursue before Steve could hurriedly rush out with Vivian into one of the rooms while the two detectives quickly hurried out too.

Vivian froze behind Steve immediately she sighted the fierce fire burning at the hall way when she stepped out of the room with Steve.

“Shh.. Vivian.. Vivian I need you to calm down, its okay, its okay alright. Calm down” Steve had to turn to her and say repeatedly, he tried as much as possible to touch her hands and held on her cheek as she panicked. He held on to her cheek firmly and dropped his two hands on her shoulders after.

“Calm down… Calm down” Steve repeated severally again to help her regain herself from the shock of the extreme fire and heavy gunshots that had taken them shockingly.

He had to eventually stop telling her to calm down until he see she was gradually getting calmed and the rate of her heavy breathing decreased.

He looked at her in the eye and dropped his hands off her shoulder, he took out a gun and handed it to her as she stared into his eyes.

“I’m getting you safely out of here first so stay closely behind me” Steve nodded and assured her after making a brief look at the fire and at the entrance Joel had ran to.

The four cops at the entrance gate laid on the dirt floor lifelessly as the two Russian men drove into the compound, one of the cops head was smashed on a sharp metal rod few distance away from the gate and its edges clearly separated his skul.

Over 13 police officers were dead already within 7 minutes after the Russian men proceed into the Main building, the most surprising thing about them was the fact that all the officers running ahead to stop them were all killed with either a broken leg, a broken hands or a broken neck and neither of them was killed with a gun except the first three officer they shoot at the entrance gate.

“How much more do i have to kill today goddammit? We are only here to kill one man i supposed”

one of the Russians said and immediately took cover. He held the second police officer he had just broken his fingers as shield from the bullet coming from the rest of the officers who were shooting, he held unto the body tightly and rushed forward, he began to shoot again.

Joel ran after Sunny like a mad bull from the hall without minding the fierce fire, the bullets from their gunshots added more damages to each part of the building as both of them took cover in another sides of the hall Sunny had ran to.

Joel pursued Sunny the more and was able to meet up with the pace, the few distance and Joel swift shooting accuracy helped him catch up too quick with Sunny in no time and he was able to grab his waist, he made sure he held unto Sunny without minding some of the obstacles he tried to pushed down the way as he pursued.

The part of the building he had catch up with Sunny too quick wasn’t painted, its was quite different drom the hall and quite dark, its was only few inches away from the hall and its was too quick of Joel to have catch up with him.

Sunny made a groin painfully immediately he and Joel fell on the ground, he couldn’t turn instantly when Joel’s first punch sent his face totally on the patch floor. He tried to move his body but he couldn’t, he also tried to turn again but Joel had completely leaned on him and he had to adjust before he could move any part of his body except his legs.

Joel sent different punches on his face severally before he was able to free his hands and both of them had to roll over and stand up.

“Who the hell are you?” Joel asked rhetorically and was too quick to point a gun at Sunny swiftly whose eyes were temporary blur due to the punches before he saw who was standing in front of him.

“Sunny” Joel called out his name

Lord Nathaniel raised his head up and tried to lift himself on the chair he sat on, he tried as much as possible to listen to some sounds as he pop out his eyes. He looked at the handcuff on his wrist and the chain he was tied with on the desk and took a brief look at his legs.

He nodded his head in self pity and made a quick eye blink just then the door to the interrogation room opened and Detective Cougar entered in a rush.

He held a gun and a key on his left hand, he hurried towards the drug lord and began to unlock the keys on the chain attached with the desk.

“Get up right now” the detective shouted at the drug lord and pushed the metal desk in front of him away, he didn’t have to wait any seconds more immediately lord Nathaniel obeyed the order and both of them began to move out of the room.

They both got out of the room and the hall way in seconds before they met Detective Louis and Margot on the way, the interrogation room Margot was kept was just about some inches away to that of lord Nathaniel and was about four rooms in between the supposed interrogation room.

Lord Nathaniel made a sharp look at Margot who was looking at him, both of them were handcuffed and were led by the detectives.

“How many are they?” Detective Cougar asked immediately he waited for Louis to led Margot totally away from the door as if detective Louis knew the answer to his question. He didn’t bother waiting for an answer from Louis or look at him. He turned immediately to lord Nathaniel and told him to move.

Steve and Vivian began to follow the stair case as more gunshots followed from the position they were approaching, he looked left and right, the sound of the heavy gunshots got nearer than expected and he began to hear heavy moving footsteps fast approaching their way, he had to turned back quickly when he noticed something strange and told Vivian to run back hurriedly.

To be continued..


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