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story : Forgotten Episode -48



Forgotten Episode -48

© Authoress Manny

                  Nick's POV

I woke the next morning with Britney in my arms and it felt magical
The events of last night played in my head making a huge smile creep into my lips, I kissed her good morning on her head, she stirred a little and held me a little tighter making me smile more
I cuddle her for a while, even though I knew she was waking and faking sleep cause I guess she was shy which was really adorable
Good morning baby I whispered in her ears making her gasp a little and making her cheek heat up but she still didn't respond and it made me chuckle
Am leaving now I said again making her open her eyes instantly
Where are you going she asked in a sad voice
No where, I wanna stay with you all day except if there is an activity I said making her smile but she immediately hid her face with my chest , guess she's shy again
Hmmm Britney am I your first lover I asked nervously but she didn't answer making me kinda jealous
Yes you are she said making my heart beam with joy
You are my first and I really want you to be my last she said again and I pressed a kiss on her head
Am your first and last, and you might not have been my first but you definitely gonna be my last baby I said she smiled and her cheek turned red instantly. Just then a knock came on the door , am definitely sure it for breakfast
Don't go she pleaded
Then they will keep disturbing with the knock, just then the knock came again
I kissed her cheek and went to the door, I tested the knob and met a angry Emilia, this is the time I wished Britney was the one who opened the door
What were you doing in there that you kept me waiting  she asked
Sorry??? I said nervously
Come for breakfast she said and turned to leave
Erm Emilia please can you send a maid up here? I asked scared cause she looks scaring while glaring
Okay, how is my sis?? She asked and I smiled
Are you for real?? She asked really happy and I nod, she surprised me by giving me a long peck on the cheek
Now I know and believe that you are a man she said making me frown playfully she laughed and walked down
I went back inside and didn't meet her on the bed, just then I heard the shower running making me smile
I laid on her bed for the first time, I kept smiling cause I was damn lucky, I stood up and went to the bathroom door
Baby? I called
What would you eat
Am not hungry she replied
Am not taking that as an answer
Fine I want a glass of milk with eggs and bacon she said
Okay I replied just then a knock came in and I was so sure it was the maid
I went to the door and opened revealing Ian, Jason, Byran, Kai and mason standing there while smirking
Good morning?? I said more like asked
Morning to you too bro, you finally made us proud Kai said making me confused
How do you mean??
You and AB durr Byran said making me roll my eyes
Aren't you all supposed to like be having breakfast now?? I asked
Kill joy the all said and walked away
I chucked watching there retreating backs
Sir?? The maid called drawing my attention to her
Miss Emilia said you called
Oh yes, I need to glasses of milk with egg and bacon, note it for two people that doesn't eat much
Okay sir she said and left
I walked back in and met Britney already drying her hair even though she hasn't removed the towel around her chest
I will take my bath now and a maid will bring in our breakfast okay I said to her and she nod, I walked into the bathroom, washed my mouth and took my bath
After about 20 min I came out and met Britney wearing one of my black hoodie with a bum short looking as stunning as ever
I picked my cloths and lotions then walked into then bathroom and got ready
I came out putting on black shorts and blue hoodie
I was about drying my hair but she did it for me and it felt damn special

Our food arrived and we finished eating just then Jason barged into the room with a smirk, I guess he was expecting us to be making out or doing shit but his face dropped when he met us just laying down with Britney's head on my lap and my head resting on the pillow....... He locked the door and looked at us
Are you both even dating?? He asked
What's up with the question?? Britney asked
Never mind, get ready we are having a pool partying in an hour he stated
Not interested Britney said making Jason glare at her
Convince her he says directly to me and I nod

Baby?? I called
Don't try she said without taking her eyes off her phone
This is my first request I said pouting
If I accept I will have to wear something explosive from Emilia new designs and she will take my pictures and use it without paying me and Jason would draw my look and put it in is gallery she said all in one breath making me chuckle
Just this once and I promise not to force you against your will I said calmly and her eyes soften
Fine you win she said childishly and I laughed
What's funny?? She asked
Nothing I replied, I don't know how or when we started kissing but mehn her lips were intoxicating, shit I loved it a lot, I kissed her back with the same passion but I won't let it go wild

                 Britney's POV

I felt real like everything I wanted was here, that part of me that was missing now as been placed back I'm it place, I didn't even know when I started kissing him, he hesitated for a while before missing me back with the same passion and it felt real


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