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Daughter Of Jezebel Episode -6



Daughter Of Jezebel Episode -6

@Munay Berry

Chichi appeared right in front of the guys that raped Mabel.
She was boiling with anger

Just then the guys noticed chichi presence
She wasn't looking scared she just stood still staring eyeball to eyeball with baddo.

"Hey! Little girl what are you doing here??
Ain't you scared for your life one of the guys said obviously pissed ready to pounce on her

The annoying part of it was that she wasn't saying anything all she did was smirk which got baddo and his boys really irritated.

 tonight am gonna end your miserable lives for you, so in yournext life you won't think of hurting a fly.. Chichi said nonchalantly..

"How dare you!  Bitch was what baddo said right before she choked him to death without making any move

"Now  that your leader is down do you still wanna fight me??  She scoffs

Say hello to Lucifer for me tell him "the queen of the underworld sent you.

She killed them with one swift move

"Fools she spat

"Mabel!  Mabel!  Rise up for it is time to seek revenge from those that have inflicted pains on you "

Arise princess and take them down "ha haha"

Mabel screamed so loud before standing up from where she was laid

welcome back Mabel
Now come with me "

"With pleasure. Mabel grinned evilly before disappearing into thin air
Same as chichi

"VTO  your doom is here

at school

Vera livia and tessy were in an abandoned class masturbating
Yeah!  They are bisexuals

They were still enjoying the sweet feeling from their unholy act when someone bust in..


Mabel and chichi became invisible just outside the girls hostel
Together they walked in with an smile plastered on their face

Charlotte saw them but couldn't believe what she saw out of shock she screamed making Mabel sense her presence.

Chichi grabbed her by the neck ready to kill her

" please I beg you don't kill me " Charlotte pleaded

Unfortunately for her chichi twisted her neck which end up killing innocent Charlotte.

"Come sister we have work to do but first we gonna wipe the whole school off its students  and trap their souls for eternity
.. Chichi said nonchalantly..

Our next target is frank tonight we gonna have him killed " chichi chip in once they got inside their lodge

" but why frank?  Sister.. Mabel asked

"That's because he and sam were the two guys that raped me to death and buried my body inside the bush without letting my people know about my death

"My mum committed suicide when she heard that I was declared missing four years ago.. Chichi said angrily

"Hmm so how do we go about it?  Mabel asked

"We gonna kill them slowly from the inside
What I mean is we gonna get the two of them to have sex with us after which we gonna release the deadliest snake into their system
That's gonna eat up all their organs slowly chichi said not feeling any form of sympathy for them

" what about vera tessy and Olivia what do we do to them? 

Mabel darling you now have magical powers so you free to deal with them as you wish
Am not gonna interfere
That's your fight chichi added

"I won't miss it for the world " Mabel said while she unbutton her uniform. In no time she and chichi were engaged in a hot kiss and fingering sections

I don't need to tell you what happened next

Mabel walked majestically to class looking hotter than before

Well no noticed her absence but sure did noticed her new skin color

wow is that Mabel for real?
she is looking so so cute like a goddess
i wish I was a guy swear am gonna date her
 please can I be your friend

Were the murmurs that was being heard but she care less

In no time her target came into the class (sam)

He wanted to say something when he sighted Mabel,, he was dumb struck
How can some one be this beautiful and how come he had not notice her before?

He made a mental note to have her

On the other hand Mabel was happy her plans to get him is working.

"I pity you sam"

your love for pussy is gonna send you to your grave..

Mabel already manipulated the principal
She's gonna do all her bidding

But first VTO shouldn't be expelled yet

"What The heck?  Mrs love yelled  upon seeing what vera tessy and Olivia were doing

The girls got scared they know its the end of the road for them

"Please ma don't tell on us please its the devil's work the three of them tried to plead with her

"Shut up You daughters of Jezebel

What the hell is going on???

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