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Daughter Of Jezebel Episode -5



Daughter Of Jezebel Episode -5

@Munay Berry

Mabel couldn't fight back anymore, she felt her life force leaving her body.. Waiting patiently for death to come take her as the is unbearable..

The boys ran away thinking she is dead but no something strange happened.

Little sparks of light surrounded her and  vanished with her body to God knows where.

Vera, tessy and Olivia were busy celebrating their victory of victimizing a student..

"Guys guys hold up I think our next prey should be that new strange girl tessy said looking at nothing in particular.

"Chichi or what's her name sef, we need to teach her a lesson for humiliating us Olivia said lighting up her cigarette.

"So babes what should we do  her? , vera asked

"Something she not gonna forget in a life time tessy added with a  smirk

All this while the VTO we're talking chichi was listening to their conversation with her mirror, she only laughed at their foolishness,
"If only they know am not human but a ghost whose on a mission to bring someone to book (you will get to know who that person is soon)

Chichi was the spark that took Mabel body, she took her a sacre place... She had decided to give her part of her powers since its the only way to revive her.

Secondly some vital part of her memory will be lost.
Am gonna use to my own advantage.

I need to get her back into the school

Have cast a spell on the whole school they won't notice her absence.

"Hang in their Mabel" I need to take care of something with that I left

School library

Charlotte is  a sassy but beautiful girl that ain't scared of anyone.. She is Mabel bunk mate

Somehow the spell chichi casted on the school had no effect on her

She is having the feeling like something bad is about to happen

She bent slightly and did a short prayer before leaving the library with her books

Mabel where are you?  I hope you save!

Teachers quarters

"Yeah baby give it to me harder
"Fuck!  What are you doing to me damsel frank groans as he felt himself cuming.

With one swift code he collapse on the principal

Yes frank and the new principal had been fuck buddies for a while now

"That was awesome baby boy Mrs Margaret said drawing an invisible line on his chest

Am glad you love it he said breathlessly

"Oya let's go on another round madam principal said.

"Ehn?  You say wetin?  After 12 rounds madam you won kill person ni he asked surprised.

Haba now just once please she replied trying to wake his beast

"Abegi madam you be dog ni? I take God beg You if you no carry your cassava legs commot for my room I go disgrace you. Frank said feeling pissed at her bitchy attitude

Common baby boy stop this drama now I know you want more she said trying to come close but frank pushed her away feeling irritated already

"Madam I say I no do again na by force?
See this woman won kill me before my time he scoffs

So frank it has come to this right?
I promise you gonna pay for what you did today with that she picked her stuffs and left his room with anger

"Abeg pak n go madam your pussy wey be like calabar dog own
Ashawo woman

He hissed for collapsing on the only plastic chair he had in his room

So Mabel isn't dead so what do you think is gonna happen??


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