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Daughter Of Jezebel Episode -4



Daughter Of Jezebel Episode -4

@Munay Berry

I... Will go with you guys Mabel finally concluded..
"That's the spirit girl,  now here is what you need to do.. Once its 10pm tonight I want to be at far end of the school fence, the place with the big crack, just wait for us there and make sure no one sees you while you going there.. Olivia said holding her ears.
"Am sure we clear right?  Vera said calmly..
Mabel only nodded..
 I wish she knows what's install for her she won't dare listen to them..

teachers quarters

Sam was busy cleaning every where pending the arrival of Kate. He kept practicing how he was gonna fuck her and all the new styles he was gonna give her

Kate on the other hand left her hostel and came to the teachers quarters as Mr sam had requested. She got to his door and knocked slightly elevated..
"Yeah come in the door is not locked" sam said from inside.
Good afternoon sir  Kate greeted immediately she got in.
Wow you look pretty baby girl he complimented while Kate was blushing hard.

'Come and seat right here pretty I have something to say to you he said seductively.

Kate sat down with him while looking down on her fingers..
"Hey come on don't be shy I don't bite princess he whispered in her eyes making her shivers.

"Kate do you know I love you?
Like seriously I always admire your beauty so much,
Just give me a chance to prove to you how much I love you.
Infact once You through with your secondary education am gonna get married to you
Our honeymoon is gonna be in Dubai... He added

Kate was so happy that she has found true love in the arms of her English teacher not know that she is being woo just to get into her pants.

So what do you say baby he winked

"Yes I accept " am gonna be your girl she said dryly.

Sam grinned wickedly..
His plans to get into her pants worked
. slowly he put his next plan in action... He said kissing her tenderly at first she didnt reciprocate
But later the kiss got intense that they were both into each other.....
You know what happened next

Later on Olivia was trying to catch up with here friends when she called by their math teacher..

"Olivia where are You to when classes are going on mrs love asked

Madam love am tryna catch up with my friends she replied nonchalantly.

"Oh I see" and how come have never seen you in my classes Mrs love added.

That's because I don't like your subject and also I don't like the teacher herself she snuggled

are you mad!  How dare you!  Mrs love yelled

. enough of the barking  madam googles..
Now if you don't know I have somewhere important than your subject to be.
With that Olivia left Mrs love with her mouth wide open.,,
"What kind of girl is this"

At the back of an abandoned class room Vera,  tessy and Olivia could be seen smoking their lives out..
"Babes guess who I bumped into on my way here..Olivia said puffing out smoke from her nose..
"Who baby" tessy asked

That stupid math teacher nah,, the foolish woman come they ask me mumu question oh like why me I no they enter her class,, she I give her wicked answer ✅  you need to see her face after I tell say I no like her subject.. Olivia said in pigin English.

"Correct bae I trust your judgment Vera said giving her a thumbs up.

"Girls what do you think we should do to that Mabel of a girl...tessy added.

Let's just stick to our actual plan of luring her outta the school premises then let baddo and his boys tape her to their satisfaction,,, Olivia said smiling mischievously.
"Who are we? 
We are the school click?!  They chorus

Beautiful faces with the heart of the devil tessy added

The VTO did their secret handshakes before walking back to their hostel..

At night
It was exactly 10pm .. Mabel managed to sneak outta hostel without being caught and when straight to the fence at the far end of school to wait for Olivia, Vera and tessy...

A little while later VTO and mabel had successfully left school premises unnoticed
They kept walking till they got to a dark corner when they are sure Mabel didn't pay attention to them,, they signal the boys to come out.

"Vera what are we doing here I thought you said we going to a Hotel then why are we stop.... She wasn't able to complete her sentence when some hefty guys came outta nowhere and walked towards them .

"What's going here?  Mabel asked no one in particular as the VTO we're no longer in sight leaving Mabel scared.
"Please don't come any closer she muttered feeling extremely scared.

"Omo the girl pretty sha" the one named baddo said.

"Bros this fish clean  well o me ah go scatter her pussy with my machine gun today.. Another one added.

Mabel try to run but unfortunately for her she couldn't outrun them.
She was tied down naked as her clothes have been ripped off..

"Please I beg you in the name of God don't tape me please have never done it before  Mabel cried profusely  begging and begging but all her pleas fell into deaf ears..

The seven of them had their ways with her till she couldn't scream anymore.

Everything went blank...


Mabel is dead oh

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I love you all

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