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Daughter Of Jezebel-Episosde3


Daughter Of Jezebel-Episosde3

©Munay berry

Tessy lost her cool and wanted to hit chi chi but the unexpected happened.. Her hand got stucked she couldn't gain control of it she ended up giving Olivia the slap instead....
Hey!  What did you do that for!  Olivia shouted visibly angry at tessy while chichi stood her ground..... Swears I didn't mean to hit you I just lost total control of my hands and I think this new girl did it tessy replied already feeling scared...... You bitch what did you do to our friend vera charged towards the new girl but she also got her own dose.. She was glued to the floor un able to move an inch..
"That's my way of warning people,, stay of my path if you still want to leave this school in peace" chichi said before walking out with Martha who was also shocked to the bone..

The girls later regain their senses and ran out of the class

later that day

Martha was seen begging chichi to let her have a taste of magical powers so she can stand up for herself to stop anyone from bullying her but chichi had bluntly refused...

"Chichi please now just let have little powers I promise I won't misuse it and am not gonna tell anyone  Martha pleaded..
"Whether You tell anyone or not the choice is yours, if you try to tell any one am gonna cut your tongue and secondly know one will believe your story chichi said less concerned..
As the VTO,  they won't tell anybody because I already threatened them so the choice is. Yours,, I can't give you any powers for mortals are not to be trusted, they tend to betray you at any given opportunity chichi added before cat walking to her hostel..

school compound

Mr sam was walking to class when he saw 8 set of girls walking sluggishly towards his direction.. He saw it as an opportunity to pick the prettiest to get laid, just then a plan popped up... "Hey all of you what are you doing there?
Come here this instance he commanded..
Run faster mehn,,..
Oya hmmm form a straight line all of you ""
Where on earth are you girls coming from he asked feigning annoyed..

"We went for music practice Sir the one that looked older replied.... Ehn oya all of you turn around and drop your bag slowly on the floor..

They all did as instructed... Sam almost had an erection right there at the sight of their big ass.. After un dressing them with his eyes he decided to let them go..

"Hmmm, its okay now run to your various classes now.. Kate wait behind I want to discuss something with you  he said licking his lips seductively..

"Kate Kate how are you?
Am fine thank you sir she replied..
Do you know you are a hard working and beautiful girl?  He complimented trying to wooe innocent Kate..
"Smiles thanks sir she blushed.

Can you come to my quarters later?  I want to plant something in you that make other girls jealous  and also help you
(Mr planter weldon
*hmm okay sir am gonna come she smiled sweetly..
One more thing make sure you don't discuss this with any body not even your best friend because you girls like gossips so much  he warned..
"No sir I won't "
Good you can now go.. He winked..

Okay thanks she walked away..
As soon as she was outta sight. Mr sam started talking and demonstrating how he was gonna fuck her  hard chaii

the next day..
Mabel was one of the best students in school
She loves reading most of her free time
One of the reasons the VTO named her book worm..

She was standing under a mango tree reading a nice when  the clicks walk up to her (vera tessy and Olivia)

"Miss know all what are you doing?  Olivia asked chewing gum like a lunatic..
"Reading as you can see".. Mabel replied still focused in her book

'Well the thing is we didn't come here to Billie today but rather we want you to come with us on our next outing outside the school vera sad nonchalantly..
"Not interested" Mabel said.

Chillax princess its not a dirty outing its a ushering job at a senetor's son party.. We are just going there to work that's all and besides I know you need the money to buy texts books for the up coming exams Olivia added
Vera and tessy smiled devilishly to themselves.
Mabel thought for a while before speaking up obviously interested



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