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Daughter Of Jezebel-Episosde2


Daughter Of Jezebel-Synopsis

©Munay berry

I was,...
What now Sam asked mockingly...... Mtcheew forget it is non of business frank fire feeling annoyed....... Eh ya sorry oh Sam said amidst laughter....
"Abeg commot for road make I pass" frank said pushing Sam outta The way..

Girls hostel..

Mabel a quiet decent and intelligent girl was outside her hostel room reading when the VTO
Approach her..... Miss book worm wel done o" Olivia who is their lady teased..
..... What do you girls want from me now Mabel asked....... Nothing baby girl we we're just want to cover our tracks tonight if we sneak outta school,, there is a big party in town that we want to attend so we want you to cover for us, failure to do so you are dead mneat vera said gently....... "Gush why me huh?  The last time I checked am not the only girl in this hostel Mabel said not feeling scared of them....
"Oh so the peacock actually talked back" Olivia said proudly..... Just then Mabel was given a resounding slap by tessy  "that's for talking back at us failure to do what we asked of you  your punishment is a death note  vera added
Mabel couldn't say anything she just stood there crying  while the three witches walked away....

Ss2 class

All the students were in class, some were seated while some we're gusting at a edge...
Mrs ifeoma their further maths teacher came in with a new principal to introduce to them..
"Attention!  please! Kindly have your seat.... Good so as you all know the principal was rushed to the hospital some days again when some strange things we're happening to him.. His whole was itchy.. Days back he sent a resignation letter stating that he can no longer work in this school he doesn't want to die young... Am here today to introduce to you his replacement here.. Please put your hands together for your new principal Mrs margret Mrs ifeoma stated..... "Thank You so much am honored to be here today and I hope we get to know each other soon" she said while the whole class cheers
Just then school clicks walked majestically to their seats not even bothered if there was a teacher in class.. "Hey the three of you come back here Mrs ify  yelled.. "Are you talking to us? Olivia asked nonchalantly... Mrs Margaret amused by their attitude asked if they are really students of the school.. "Yes ma they are notorious big girls in the school Mrs ify replied....
"Good now the three of you to my office now...
madam principal or whatever you call your self it seems you have'nt heard about us vera said less concerned walking back to her seat.. Loud screams could be heard from the students.... The principal was dumbfounded instead she just walk out of the class....immediately their and madam principal left... VTO stood up and walked to the front of the class gaining everyone attention except one person who seem less concerned about the happenings around her... "Everybody out of the class now" tessy yelled
Feeling scared all of them ran out to avoid their except chichi the new girl and her friend Martha.... "Always proving stubborn' madam are you deaf I said leave the class now! Bang the locker in front of her.... Martha was already shaking with fear "chichi please let's go I don't want trouble Martha said sweating profusely...... "Never we are not going anywhere  chichi said making the three witches more angry.....

Tessy lost her cool and attempted to hit chichi but something happened.....

Guess what happened!!!!!!


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