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Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 4


Cynthia The Hottest Babe - Episode 4

Cynthia; Please don’t touch me please
Labour; Calm down, am not going to hurt you, just be calm you will also enjoy it
Cynthia; No please am not going to enjoy anything please
Labour; Shhhh

The Labour Prefect walked close to her while the other girls where holding Cynthia very tight suddenly the door to the hall got opened, all of them looked at the door to know who the person is and behold it was sir Emeka.
He looked at them and saw that tears is running down Cynthia face

Sir Emeka; And someone should tell me what’s going on here?
(no one said anything)
Sir Emeka; I said someone should tell me what’s going on here before I lose my temper on you girls

Girl1; Is Ermm, Ermm sir, is ermm
Sir Emeka; And what is ermm ermm and you Labour Prefect, tell me what you girls are doing here
Labour; So sorry sir
Sir Emeka; Sorry for yourselves, now where is her cloths? (he said pointing at Cynthia)
Girl2; It has been torn apart
Sir Emeka; then one of you will have to give her hers before i lose my temper.
One of the girls quickly removed her uniform and gave it to Cynthia and Sir Emeka chased them out while Cynthia wore the Inform with tears in her eyes.
Sir Emeka; Is ok, you have to go back to hostel and take your bath (he said and walked out from the hall)

Labour and her group of girls got back to hostel and the girl that gave Cynthia her uniform brought out another uniform and wore it
Girl1; We must teach that man a very big lesson of his life that he will never forget
Girl2; Yes, he really disgraced us infront of that girl
Girl3; We must not let this go just like that
Girl1; Babe you are not saying anything (referring to Labour)
Labour; You girls should come closer I have a plan, they came closer and she whispered something to them and they all agreed on it.

5 Days Later
Ambrose went home to get something at home when he met people surrounding his home, he was very curious why people will be at his door step so he rushed inside while the people paved way for him and he met his parents lying down on the floor dead together with his only Brother.
Ambrose shouted ontop of his voice and fainted, the people there started pouring water on him.

Few minutes later
he woke up and started crying, the people around started consoling him and he learnt that his Family was poisoned by unknown person.
During the evening time, everyone went home except his 2 Uncles.
Uncle Mike; Stop crying, you aren’t a kid, you should learn to endure
Ambrose; What am I to endure? Is it the wiping out all the people I care for?
Uncle Uc; Is ok, don’t worry all will be well.
Ambrose didt say any other thing
Uncle Mike; The burial arrangements for 3 of them has already taken place and the date for the burial will be in a week time
Uncle Uc; And you also need to be around within this period for us to do the arrangements with you
Ambrose; Ok
they stood up and left.

Sir Emeka was in his office when a soft knock landed on his door, he asked the person to come in and a young female student came inside.
Sir Emeka looked up and was caught with the person beauty cause she’s one of the most beautiful girls in the school and even teachers are also tripping for her, Sir Emeka was surprised to see her in his office since his not teaching her class.
Sir Emeka; Wow and to what do I owe this visit?
Ivy; Nothing, or is it bad to visit one of the most brilliant Teacher of this school?
Sir Emeka; No is not bad at all, buh just surprised that the goddess of Beauty Visited me today.

Ivy; Stop flattering me
Sir Emeka; Am not, you are indeed beautiful
Ivy; Sir, will be free this evening
Sir Emeka; Yes, any problem?
Ivy; Is just a small problem, am having in Chemistry and am sure you will help me out
Sir Emeka. Yes no problem, that means you will come to my Lodge
Ivy; Thank You very much sir
Sir Emeka; You are welcome
Ivy; I will be going now bye
Sir Emeka; Ok take care
she left the office while Sir Emeka became very happy
Sir Emeka; New Fish onboard, no dulling movement at all ‘he said to himself and started laughing’

During Evening time, Sir Emeka was seriously waiting on Ivy to come, when he heard a knock on the door he walked over and opened the door thinking is Ivy but he was wrong it was his friend Sir Gab
Sir Gab; How far nah
Sir Emeka; Nna eeh
Sir Gab; Wetin happen?
Sir Emeka; Nothing, just that I almost slept off when you knocked
Sir Gab; Eyaa sorry, lemme go now so that you can sleep
Sir Emeka; Thanks very much, till tomorrow, Goodnight
Sir Gab; Night well
Sir Emeka closed the door, few minutes later another knock landed on the door, Sir Emeka opened it and saw Ivy standing infront of his door putting on a tight short gown that reviews her laps.

Sir Emeka was lost in thought
Ivy; Hello, can I come in?
Sir Emeka; Oh yes, you can
Ivy; Thank You,
she walked inside and sat down on a chair.


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