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Daughter Of Jezebel Final



Daughter Of Jezebel Final

@Munay Berry

Vera tessy and Olivia were taken to  the principal's office 

In no time the news was every where in school

The students crowded the school assembly ground awaiting the judgment of this girls.

 This was the right time for mabel to put her plans into action.

While  everyone we're outta their dorm she appeared right in front of mr sam's room.

She changed into something sexy and tempting too

Sam on the other hand just came outta the shower when he heard a soft knock.

He wondered who that could be.

"Give me a minute!!  Who's there he asked.

"Its Mabel sir she replied cutely.

On hearing her voice he rush to the door and kept on smiling like a fool.

It was more like a dream come through

Who would believe he was gonna fuck this goddess today.

"Erm.. Good day sir Mabel greeted seductively

"What's up princess, what a pleasant surprise. I mean I wasn't expecting to see you in my quarters he grinned.

"Well I just felt like coming, after all I heard from other students that you ghat the biggest cucumber and I don't mind giving it some work out" she said touching his bare chest. Sending sweet pleasure down to his
Little master.

"Wow princess you guessed right"

Moments later they we're both kissing and tearing of their clothes aggressively.

Sam was hard than ever, if only he knew what awaits him

"I wanna be in charge sugar" Mabel winked.

She was stalk naked with her pink nipple staring at sam.

He grabbed hold it hurrily like a kid deprived of breast milk.

He was sucking her so hard earning a moan from Mabel

She was obliviously enjoying it.

"You like it yeah??, sam said filled with lust.

"Yeah baby suck ma pussycat clean "Mabel commanded spreading her legs apart.

Sam needed no invitation to suck those cute pussy lips of hers.

We sucking her pretty well that was moaning her lungs out.

Too bad she has to kill him

"Fuck my ass "Mabel said.

"With pleasure Mia" sam replied grabbing her butts.

"Oh yeah me harder "
"Say my name baby "

" Dont worry am gonna say your name when I send you to your maker." Mabel grinned wickedly

"Wait what do you mean?  Sam stopped thrusting in and out of her as her words got him scared.

"You so good in bed, your dick is something to go gaga about but too bad

I have to end your miserable life today.

He got scared and wanted to stand up but couldn't, as something painfull left mabel 's pussy and entered into his body system

He started jerking.

Mabel began to laugh as she picked up her clothes and wore them back.

"Don't stress baby you gonna die a slow but painful death, and also say hello to the devil for me.

Tell him  mabel sent her greetings.

She disappeared into thin hair,

While sam was struggling to breathe as the poison was choking him.

~ ~ ~ ~

The VTO were later expelled and was sent of the school premises.

They couldn't go back home to face their parents

They were still roming around the street when a get away car knocked Olivia down.

She died on the spot

It was then it dawn on them on how messed their life was.

Vera  went back to her grandma's village and gave her life to Christ,,

Life in the village was very rough

One must struggle to eat there

As no one wants to get married to a loose girl like her..

She eventually got pregnant for a bricklayer who always beat the living daylight outta of her at any given opportunity.

tessy where abouts was unknown

She Was disowned by her parents

Even tho she came from a well to do family,,

They couldn't help but feel ashamed of their only daughter

She later resorted to pocket picking at the park.

Later on she was caught redhanded by some thugs.

Beaten to sturpor

Disgraced publicly before handing her to the police.

Back in school

Frank, sam and seven other students were reported dead, killed by an unknown force.

Several cases similar to theirs was also reported

As students began to die like chicken,

Its time to kill miss love but the light of God was upon on her

After several attempts on her life she decided to invite her family pastor over.


Chichi was casted to the underworld.

Never to re surface again

Mabel was delivered and also sent away from the school.

Harmony high was shot down for good by the government

Mabel outta guilt hanged herself to death.

Years later tessy was released now she and her gang we're the story told to young stars

In order for them to know the kinda life and friend they choose to keep.

This very story spread like wide fire,.

Throughout the whole city.

While some weeped after listening  to vera's testimony in church.

When she was delivered of her bouncing baby girl.

It was indeed a story to learn from.

              THE END

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