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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Fourteen (Part 2)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Fourteen (Part 2)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

“Leave this place immediately because this fight is greater than you
think!” Dave warned, entered his car and zoomed off.
Seeing Dave, Osisioma’s mind flashed to the memory of how the
handsome tried to woo her, and the entire charade around those advances. She
simply snorted and remained silent but didn’t even look at him as she
stomached that accumulated anger.
Out of fear, Amarachi followed immediately, driving on high speed to
avoid losing her sight of his car.
Amarachi explained every detail of her mission to Osisioma so that she’d
understand that Uremma was in trouble. It wasn’t easy for Osisioma to forgive
her rival unconditionally but out of sympathy and seeing what the girl was
passing through, she developed a soft spot and agreed to join in the fight to
rescue her.
Amarachi felt that she’d offended Dave by keeping him in the dark for
long. She knew that Dave was angry with her but still had to save her from the
dicey situation she’d have plunged herself and Oma into. For this, her love for
him deepened.
Amy went straight to Dave’s hotel in Awka after checking at his house
without any luck. When she entered the beautiful hotel, she was wowed seeing
the structures. That visit was her first time of visiting the hotel since Dave had
been inviting her to come.
Amarachi is the kind of girl that dreads the rich due to her experience
with her uncle, Onyedika. Even though everybody thought she was raped, she
wasn’t because she fought her way through. In those days, Amy maintained
she was molested so that her Uncle would suffer, but unfortunately, nothing
happened because he was a man of influence and wealth.
Getting to the reception, she saw the receptionist smiling with a beautiful
face. Her inviting smile caught Amy’s attention.
“Your smile can turn a mere visitor to a customer,” Amy complimented
with cheerfulness.
“Oh, thanks, pretty woman,” she said and looked at Amarachi
thoughtfully as if she’d met her somewhere.
Amarachi noticed the look. She checked her wears to be sure that nothing
was wrong with them.
“Why the familiar looks?” Amarachi asked looking surprised.
“Don’t mind me but when you go up, you’d understand,” the receptionist
hinted with smiles and admiration, “This is our little secret but something is
going on upstairs,” she added whisperingly and winked at her.
The statement sounded like a clue and gossip, making Amarachi so eager
to understand what she was talking about. She knew that it could be that Dave
was at it again with his professional womanising skills but what got her
confused was that she never met the receptionist before and the girl wouldn’t
have known if she came to see Dave or just someone that came to book an
accommodation. Why giving her hints about what was happening upstairs?
She really wanted to learn what the young girl knew. She felt she just
met another tongue-itchy girl.
“Can you explain further,” Amy asked curiously.
Amy was surprised that the gossip mood of the girl suddenly turned to a
professional sales rep and promoter. “You’re welcome to the Davis Hotel, and
we have the menu and...”
“Sorry, I want to see Mr. Dave,” she cut in so that the receptionist would
waste her energy with the marketing skills.
“Oh, you came to see the boss?” she asked and looked at her observantly
and smiled, “well, ma’am, the CEO isn’t available for now and ...” As she was
still talking, a call came to the intercom. “Excuse me, ma’am, I have to take this.
Please, have a seat,” she said and took the call while Amy remained standing and waiting. After listening without a reply to the caller, she smiled, hung up,
and said: “Apologies, ma. The boss is in room 202. Sorry, I was simply
following instructions,”
“I understand,” Amarachi said and turned to leave, then looked back to
the beautiful girl with a cute gap in her teeth, “what’s your name again?” she
asked with cute chuckles.
“I’m Olamide,” she said with an inviting smile.
“You’re beautiful, Miss Ola,” Amy complimented, “you’re Yoruba, I guess,”
“Yes, I am, ma’am. From Ogun State precisely,” she replied with her tribal
curtsy. “Ma’am, you can use the elevator, right there,” she clued and pointed
towards the direction of it.
“Thanks, dear,” she appreciated and began to move majestically towards
the elevator, “Room what again?”
“202, ma,” Ola replied admiring such a beautifully endowed girl.
Amarachi went straight to the direction and about to use the lift. She was
surprised to hear the beep and the door opened. She saw Dave coming out of
the elevator.
“I thought you asked me to come up?” Amy asked looking directly at his
eyes in search of his current mood. She felt bad for what she’d done in keeping
him uninformed about Uremma’s issue; for that, she was enshrouded in guilt.
“I thought we could use the bar,” Dave said and started walking west of
his position but Amy remained still and didn’t follow.
When he turned and saw that he’d maintained some distances from her,
he asked: “Aren’t you coming?”
Amarachi heaved a sigh and remained there.
Dave then came closer and held her by the shoulder. Looking over Amy’s
shoulder he saw the receptionist taking a sly look but the young girl swerved
her gaze immediately and pretended to be seeing a program on the TV.
Why don’t you want me to come to room 202?” she asked feeling as if
Dave had something fishy going on. She then realised that the receptionist
could be right after all.
“Oh, I thought you wouldn’t want to visit me there because it’s too private
and you may not feel too secure,” Dave said and turned towards the elevator
and jabbed the button.
The lift beeped and they both entered but Amy remained calm and
quieted as they were elevated to their destination.
As the elevator took them to the selected flat, none talked to each other.
Amy was fervently praying not to meet any girl because of the heartbreak
she’d been avoiding. She was eager to know the truth but afraid of what she’d
Getting to their destination, the beep of the elevator bid them welcome as
they left to room 202, walking along the hallway.
Amarachi was flabbergasted when she saw lots of sculptured portrait of
her image scattered on the wall. She never knew that Dave went as far as
using her pictures to decorate the walls. She couldn’t remember taking any
snapshots of the pictures but seemed the artist knew his or her onions to have
done such wonderful painting to look as perfect as a real 3D image.
She was just moping with her mouth agape as they walked through the
A monotonous echo took over the flat while calmness got it covered. The
flowery hallway adorned with beautiful painting and portraits of Amarachi
gave the flat a wonderful finishing.
Amarachi was overtaken by amazement. It was then she realised what
Olamide was trying to say and why she looked at her as if she knew her in the
past. The receptionist gave her a hint about the portraits but couldn’t make her
understand it to the end of the gossip.
Dave opened the room and they entered the exotic en-suite room; fully
air-conditioned and well decorated to an international standard.
Amy kept imagining the amount of cash that must have been spent to
build the hotel. The TV was still on BBN, so Dave wanted to change the
channel but Amarachi took the remote control and threw it on the bed, and
then pushed Dave to fall on it, bouncing many times as if he just fell on a
“I could develop a liking for the BBN show if it would make you happy,”
Amy said, finally breaking her long silence and speechlessness.
“And I could do otherwise just to make you happy too,” Dave said and
grabbed her by the waist. “I have told you to stop keeping me in the dark in
things you do because I could only be of help and...”
“I’m sorry, please,” she replied and shut his mouth with an unexpected
kiss that lasted for a while between them.
Dave never knew how good a kisser Amy was until that moment they
were alone in the hotel. Fondling and caresses accompanied the kiss as his
hands began to take a tour around her edges.
When Dave’s sense of reasoning began to leave his upper head to the
lower head, Amy stopped him and got the situation under her control.
“Oh, I’m sorry for that,” Dave apologised but still licking his lips and
parting it with his tongue. “I didn’t mean to go far,” he added with a pinch of
that feeling of being busted.
“I started it. I’m sorry,” Amy said with deep feeling of shyness and
“Nice kiss,” Dave muttered and adjusted his trousers.
Amy took a deep breath and then lay on her back and focused on the
mirror on the roof that reflected the full image of the two lovers in the bed,
“this place is so nice and wonderful,”
“You can say that again,” Dave replied rested his curly hair on her chest.
“Hey, I hope we won’t be carried away again,” Amy warned ahead of time
to invite a caution between them.
Taking a deep breath as if the statement was a hit below the belt, he
smiled and said: “Remember the two words that I hate and remember to put
them together for me next time we lose control,”
Amarachi grinned and stroked his curly hair gently, and then poked his
long nose, and nibbled his ear. “I remember all that but you won’t get the
combination from me except in separate ways; either STOP or DON’T,”
Dave smiled and kept resting his head on her chest, feeling the heavy
pulsation of her heart as if she was afraid or in the mood of something.
Amarachi kept thinking of the beautiful paintings and her portraits
stationed sporadically all over the flat. She couldn’t stop thinking of how
obsessed Dave would have been with her to have gone to the extent of using
her pictures all over the place.
“Can I ask you?” She said and brushed his goatee gently while he
remained laying on her chest.
“Go on,” he said and stroked her hair with care, “even though I’m always
afraid of your intelligent questions,” he added with chuckles.
She smiled and slapped his chin gently. “You’re so naughty and you know
it, right?”
Dave giggled to that as his eyes kept fixed to hers as if they were
exchanging a battle of lewd looks.
“Oya, tell me. I don’t know,” he said cunningly, even though he knew that
he was even naughtier than she envisaged.
“Why and when did you get all these paintings done even without my
knowledge?” she asked and planted a kiss on his red lips, “I’ve never been this
seduced with such romance and gesture,” she confessed.
Dave was speechless because everything worked as he planned. Coming
down to meet Amy was a strategy because he knew that Amarachi is the
curious kind of girl and would always want to know why he chose the bar as a
meeting location.
Amy thought she was smart but Dave proved he was smarter.
“Well, it may interest you to know that this floor is my exhibition floor or
you call it a showroom,” Dave said, giving her the second shock.
“It means that you have a sculptor that gets the work finished into these
beautiful sculptures while you exhibit them here, right?”
“No, I have no one doing that,” he said, getting her so amazed and
“Wait! Did you know that you’re a genius?” Amarachi expressed looking
so overtaken by surprise. How did you paint all these? I never knew you have
such talent, not even to have one portrait at home in Onitsha as a clue to me?”
“I’d been drawing since I was a kid, and that talent had never left me;
instead it improves over time,” Dave said and pulled her up from the bed,
“Come, let me show you,”
Amarachi was just dumbfounded as she followed while he dragged her
along through the door to the hallway. Getting to the exhibitive hallway, she
started admiring the powerful finishing of the job that got her thinking that
she may not have known the real Dave well.
“I’ll simply say that you keep amazing me every day,” Amy confessed as
she began to feel the texture of each painting, “this is superb and mind￾blowing,”
Dave took her to room 203 and showed her more of her pictures drawn;
both in books and in drawing boards. He got her mind blown to see the picture
of her when she was weeping inside her truck the day she dropped out of
school. Even the pictures of where she was frying Akara and working with Oji
Isi ebu mgbo and Obinna at the motor park were all there in beautiful
Amarachi was so seduced that she didn’t know when she dragged him to
a corner and began to undress to have him but Dave held her back and said: “I
may have been a bad guy in the past, and may still be the bad guy presently,
but once the rabid lion meets the kind of owner that gets him tamed, he
becomes just a home pet like an ordinary domesticated cat,
Amarachi was overtaken by a passion to the extent that she couldn’t just
help it or restrain that urge. She was ready to be his slave if Dave ever
mentioned it. She’d never felt so loved and cherished as she did that moment.
She left like turning herself into a juice in his mouth for Dave to gulp her
down in a wink.
“Can I have the ring?” She asked impatiently and checked his breast
pocket but it wasn’t there. “My love, I think I’m done being afraid,” she said
pouring her heart out with emotional tears in her eyes, “I’ve been in doubt all
these while; the reason why I was reluctant and shocked when I saw the ring
as it fell on the floor. But now, I think I’m ready for you, and I...”
Dave kept the speech short with a deep kiss while fondling ensued.
As the passionate moment went on, they had a knock on the door and
stopped abruptly, though reluctantly. They were almost crossing the forbidden
line when this happened.
Dave stood and waited a while to give libido a break before opening the
door. When he felt normal, he opened the door. Opening the door, they were
both shocked to see Akunna whom they all thought was dead some months
They were surprised that she looked so hungered unlike Dave that came
back looking healthy and well-fed.
Amarachi was so afraid because she thought she just saw a ghost. Dave,
being a man, rushed and held her before she collapsed in his arms; with tears
all over her, also getting her tattered dress wetted.
Akunna couldn’t talk but with her last breath she whispered.
Dave pulled her mouth closer to his ear to hear what she was saying
because she was too weak to talk.
“If not for the ju...ju...juggernaut,” she managed to say indistinctly with the
heavy throbbing of her heart, “I...I... I’d have been dead long along,”
She passed out immediately while Dave suddenly tried as much as he
could to revive her. Amy was shocked and shivering as the moment lasted.

To be continue on Monday


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