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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Thirteen (Part 2)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Thirteen (Part 2)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

After school hour of the day, Amarachi finally revealed to Osisioma that
she stays in the same estate with her. Osisioma was so happy about this and
her happiness knew no bounds.
They went home together because they had lots to talk about; especially
how Amarachi became the famous girl from grass to grace.
Getting to the spacious compound, Osisioma followed Amarachi to her
apartment. She was wowed seeing such a beautiful and unique bricked house.
It was an awesome sight to behold but she never uttered a word but remained
in that speechlessness and observatory mood as she wondered what could
have made Amy blossom financially out of the blue.
“Feel at home and be comfortable,” Amarachi said and went into the
bedroom but Osisioma who was supposed to remain in the sitting room as
instructed followed her.
“I’d like to take a look around this beautiful apartment, jare (Please),”
Osisioma said and held her by the shoulders, “God who sees in secret knows
how to exalt the lowly. Now the blessed calls you blessed,”
“I love that last part, bae,” Amy said gratefully, “Thank you,”
“But wait; was it Akara business that did all these?” Osisioma asked as her
eyes rolled into her head.
“Keep guessing, amebo (gossip girl)” Amy said smilingly and unlocked the
“I know you can’t be the bad girl I’m being forced to imagine,” Osisioma
asked with smiles but eager to feed her curiosity with conviction, “But what
could be the reason?” She was still observing Amy’s mood to be sure that she
wasn’t daunted by the question.
“Hey, you know what I can do,” Amarachi defended, “Instead of
depending on a man by sleeping with him, I’d rather remain poor until I die, “That’s my girl,” Osisioma said as they entered into the all-pink beautiful
room, “wow; this is paradise, babe,”
Amy was just smiling as she undressed, then slipped her legs into the
fleecy bedroom slippers and started heading to the bathroom for a shower. “It
was Dave,” she clued and entered the bathroom but the door remained opened,
creating a see-through for Osisioma so that the discussion would continue.
“Dave? Which Dave?” Osisioma asked thoughtfully, “I hope it’s not the
one I’m thinking about; that player...hey no...no,”
“Stop insinuating and concluding,” Amarachi said as she switched on the
shower and began to bath, “Dave met me and changed totally from bad to...”
she just didn’t complete the statement to avoid argument.
Osisioma was a bit furious because she strongly believed that Amy whom
she believed wasn’t gullible had finally fallen into the trap of the ne’er-do￾well; according to her opinion.
Amarachi allowed her to mingle with her thoughts until she completed
her showering, then she’d meet her for more talks. When she was done
showering, she met Osisioma still sitting thoughtfully and looking absently at
“But Amy girl,” Osisioma called bewilderedly, “I never knew that you
could ever fall so cheap for wealth or...”
“Shhhhh,” Amarachi shushed and went closer to her as she continued
towelling, “this guy called Dave is still with a dubious record and I won’t deny
it but since I came into his life, I’d suppressed that...”
“So he’s finally slept with you, Amy,” Osisioma said and shook her head in
Amarachi didn’t refute the insinuation but kept smiling at her ignorance
of the real situation.
“Only the wearer of the shoes knows where it pinches but...” she said and
swallowed the rest of detailed explanation.
Amarachi isn’t the woman of many words except when she’s being
inquisitive, so for the moment, she remained cocooned in her ‘silence is
golden’ nature.
She put on her top and shorts, and then entered the kitchen to fix lunch
while Osisioma followed with mixed feelings lurking with her.
Looking at Amy’s shapely body and curves, Osisioma kept feeling so sad
that the guy she turned down some years back when he came for her was the
one enjoying the beautiful girl that deserved a better man in her life.
Amy didn’t want to reply or defend that accusative statement but when
she turned and saw that Osisioma was already shedding tears, she was moved
by pity and went to her.
“I know you’re like a twin sister to me,” She said and held Osisioma to
give her an ample solace, “I haven’t slept with any man for the first time; not
even Ikenna, my former guy,”
Osisioma was shocked at hearing that. She looked intently at Amarachi
and winced. She was so doubtful but she knew Amy wasn’t the girl that allows
puerile jokes in serious matters.
“But wait, hope it’s not what I’m thinking,” Osisioma said with smiles on
her face, “Are you still a virg...”
“Hey, don’t complete that statement, please,” Amarachi broke in shyly and
veiled her face with her palm, “I was too busy with my books that I hardly
have the chance for men,”
“Hmmm, and now the person you a chance for is...” Osisioma stopped it
there to avoid over dwelling on it, “But the matter of serious concern is how
Uremma would take it. You already know that the all-mouth girl could devour
you into shreds or get you dismembered if she hears about this romance. Even
that so-called Dave won’t stop her. Have you forgotten what happened to this
gossip girl ee..eh... what’s her name ....erhhh..”
“Chi-Chi,” Amy reminded her.
“Thank you!” Yes, Chi-Chi...Chinenye, Onye mmacha (the bragger),”
Osisioma voiced and laughed scornfully as if the said Chichi was there with
them, “she got it hot with Uremma, even though she wanted to show the
power of a woman and get back at Dave but that Capone couldn’t help it but
allowed the girl go. Later, he still apologised to Uremma. Are sure you can
separate these two?”
Amy didn’t know what to reply but finally said: “I didn’t come for
“Then what did you come for?” Osisioma asked confrontationally, “They
have the same kind of lifestyle but you are too different from them. They are
bad and you’re good. Think about it before he preys on your financial
Amarachi took a deep breath and smiled. She wanted to go ahead talking
about Uremma’s current situation but she wasn’t sure if the girl was still
remorseful as she was the last time they met or had succumbed to her dad’s
“The truth is that I don’t know what to say about that case but my fingers
remain crossed,” Amara muttered and smiled feeling unsure of her stands in
the entire issue; either as Dave’s girl, his second fiddle aside Uremma or just
someone who was just being confused with wealth. Even though she wasn’t
too sure of her fate, she was still sure of Dave’s feelings for her.
“Just be careful, please,” Osisioma advised.
“I will dear. Thank you. You’re always wonderful, and a sister I never
Osisioma felt so proud at this time and grinned.
After looking admirably at Amy’s unblemished face, she said: “What are
friends for?”
“If not for inconveniences,” Amy replied with chuckles; borrowing a leaf
from Dave and Chike.
“Ha-ah. So funny but seriously true,” Osisioma said.
Amarachi concluded the cooking as the ladies’ chin-wagging lasted,
dished out the sumptuous meal, and they had a luxurious breakfast.
Days passed but Uremma wasn’t found or seen yet. Amarachi was
tempted to let Osisioma know but her natural secretive nature wouldn’t allow
her to talk to either Dave or Osisioma. She wasn’t planning to be too reserved
or miserly with words but wanted to be careful so that spilling the beans
wouldn’t hamper her investigation and quest for a solution to the distressed
girl’s situation.
The truth is that Amy was always developing cold feet to ask Dave about
his relationship with Uremma because how far she’d gone in love with him
wouldn’t allow her to imagine how she’d just slump or collapse if Dave ever
mentioned that he was still in love with Uremma. Some secrets should remain
On that fateful evening, the sun was reddish and setting gradually
towards the west, Amarachi was at home sleeping and having a good rest;
therefore feeling so relaxed like a newly hatched chick in the nest.
Dave was really eager to meet with her since he’d informed a few of his
good friends to come and witness his marriage proposal to Amarachi at Love
Garden by Okpuno Road. He tried as much as possible to avoid Ndi Obodo frat
guys just to ensure he got a peaceful engagement party. Even though
Amarachi couldn’t dissuade him from the group that almost got his life
snuffed out, he was being careful to avoid losing the same girl that he’d fallen
deeply in love with.
Having her siesta dressed in that hot lingerie and tossing on the bed
restlessly as she kept thinking about Uremma, Amarachi cosied up to her
pillow and having disturbed sleep.
Dave called her on the phone severally but being that Amy’s phone was
in a silent mode she didn’t notice the incoming calls. She didn’t need a
disturbance because she had a long day in school.
Dave was already abreast of the fact that Amarachi wasn’t the kind of girl
that is addicted to social media, so he knew that she must have dropped her
phone somewhere and busy with something.
Coming to Amarachi’s apartment after many unreturned calls to her
phone, Dave knocked twice and waited but Amarachi was still sleeping and
couldn’t get up immediately.
Amy thought it was one of her friends who could have come for some
private class, so she remained stuck to her bed and didn’t want to get up. Still
wallowing between being asleep and awake, she suddenly remembered that
her phone should have beeped but didn’t. Reflexively, she sprang up from the
bed and grabbed the phone. It was surprising that she missed ten calls and two
messages. Quickly without delay, she glimpsed and saw that three among the
five calls were from David while two were from Osisioma, others from an
unsaved contact; the same cell number that sent two messages to her. Even
though she was concerned about the strange number, she was more interested
in the call she missed from Dave because she knew that the unknown contact
could be among the numerous guys that call or send messages to her
She simply sighed and dialled Dave’s number quickly.
“Hi, dear,” Dave sounded gently from the other side of the telephone, “I
knocked at your door but it seems you were...”
“Please, baby, come back,” Amy said and started rushing to the toilet to
urinate, “I’m sorry, Okay,"
Dave was so surprised that Amy vividly addressed him with a pet name.
He didn’t hesitate to reverse his car to the compound since he was already
driving out.
Amy was surprised that Dave was already at her door when she was still
about to take a shower.
Dave used the doorbell and waited. He made sure that the perfume he
wore still smelt good as if he was just coming from the perfumery. Taking a
look at his newly purchased Prada sneakers matched with the cute top and
denim, he smiled knowing full well that he was cute enough. His smooth
body-build was really evident, with the coffee-coloured figure-hugging top
revealing his tick abs and broad chest. He was simply well dressed.
As Dave waited, he kept observing himself at intervals to be sure that he
was cute enough to catch Amy’s eyes when she finally opens the door.
Amy couldn’t keep him waiting, so she used the unsullied white towel
and covered herself, and then came to the door to open the door for her guy.
When she opened the door, she was so surprised to see new wears on
Dave and how cute he looked. She felt like jumping on him but a smile was
okay for the moment, so she just touched his cheek gently and said: “Hmm,
some people really shopped for designers’ choices,”
Dave simply smiled and shook his head because he knew that Amy just
said her best in those scanty words but that didn’t mean he didn’t impress her
enough. He was even happy that she complimented him at all because the Amy
he knew would just smile and say nothing, but in that smile, lots are
He was lost in gaze as he admired the flawless skin and cute curves and
edges. Lots were left to his imagination as he saw how inviting she looked with
the towel veiling just sensitive parts oh her. He was impressed.
Amy knew that Dave was already having amorous thoughts, so she
quickly left his presence and went back to the bathroom while Dave kept
standing and looking absently at her as she left. After some thoughtful moments, he smiled and entered. He jammed the door behind him and made
himself comfortable on the couch. He took the DSTV remote control and began
to browse the channels for Big Brother Naija’s live show, even though it was
the channel that Amy hates to set her eyes on.
As he was busy enjoying the show, Amarachi appeared on her simple
shirt and blue jeans.
Everything fits Amy. Even though she just had a light makeup, she was
still dashing and outstanding.
Dave quickly changed to sports channel but Amarachi laughed at him
and said: “One day, you’d go for that BBN so that I’d know if I’d be forced to
have the interest to see where you’d be busy enjoying with your woman on the
reality show,”
Dave knew she caught him in the act as he was seeing BBN show, he then
smiled. He imagined two of them being husband and wife. It was a moment
that he couldn’t just take his mind off it because he was almost obsessed with
the wild imagination.
“You look so ...so...so...”
“Stop, biko,” she said to avoid being flattered into shyness, “must you
always talk?” she added and rolled her eyes but she was already happy that her
guy admired her.
“I hate two words,” Dave said smilingly and beckoned her to come and sit
next to him, “I hate the word ‘DON’T’ and I hate the word ‘STOP’, but if you
put the two hated words together then I’ll love them,”
Amy tried to understand what he meant by thinking through the words.
She then thought the conclusion aloud: “DON’T STOP,”
She burst into laughter and pushed him down from the seat, “you’re so
crazy eh. Don’t stop for what? You must stop ooo,”
“Anything at all,” he said still rolling on the tiles, “Anyhow you put the
words but don’t separate them, please,"
As Dave was about to stand from the floor, he didn’t know when the gold
engagement ring he hid as a surprise fell off his pocket and dropped before
Amarachi, clanking on the tile. He felt so embarrassed because he wanted to
make it a secret and a surprise. He quickly took it and hid it but it was already
an open secret. He neither knew what to do nor say; whether to kneel and
propose or take her to the Love Garden as he planned.
His friends were already eagerly waiting for their arrival without
knowing that Dave was in an embarrassing moment.
Silence flared between them. Amy who was even meant to be excited was
shocked and didn’t even know what to say or do. She was speechless, confused,
and bereft of words as numbness got her swallowed up.


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