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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Seventeen (Part 1)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Seventeen (Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Amarachi and Uremma began to work together to pull down Ozo
Odenjinji, leaving Dave out of it because his presence could jeopardise the
togetherness of the ladies since the past love he shared with Uremma and the
current romance he still shared with Amy would affect their emotions, as such,
could make them lose focus on the mission. After all, what a man can do, a
woman can do better.
That weekend when Akunna was on the bed with her eyes in REM (Rapid
eye movement) period showing that she was gradually waking up, Ujunwa
who was so committed to making sure that Akunna was properly taken care of
suddenly rushed to the doctor to announce the improvement. It was with
utmost surprise that when they came back to the ward, Akunna’s eyes were
opened but she was too weak to move or talk.
Without delay, the doctor summoned the other two doctors and two
nurses and they all gathered to attend to Akunna. The gathering of medical
practitioners gave Ujunwa much hope.
They all swung into action and made sure the girl who just left her coma
state recuperated without difficulty.
It was surprising that Dave’s trip that was meant to last for two days
lasted for about one week; with his cell phone remaining out of coverage. It
was strange but the girls were all assured that Dave always knows how to keep
himself alive or deal with any situation; no matter how difficult.
Ujunwa was happy as the doctors got busy with their medical procedures.
She wished that either Dave or Amarachi was around when Akunna wakes but it was simply not the scenario, making her heart race faster because she didn’t
know what to do, even though she wasn’t among the physicians. She was even
asked to leave the ward so that the Doctors would perform their duties.
After a few hours, as Ujunwa sat at the hallway waiting for the medical
practitioners to be through, she slept off. It was like a dream when she was
awoken by a single touch from one of the doctors, so she leaped and cleaned
her eyes quickly as if she didn’t want anyone to notice the redness and
sleepiness of her eyes.
“Doctor, how is she?” she asked and stood up looking weak and confused.
“Congrats,” The Doctor said and left.
Without delay, Ujunwa rushed to the private ward and saw Akunna lying
weak but stable. Her eyes were open but she was still too weak to talk. The
doctors certainly did a good job to the extent that she could even smile when
she saw Ujunwa.
“I hope you’re good now,” Ujunwa asked and observed her, even though
she was afraid to touch her because she was oblivious of the way to go about
it, believing that she could make mistakes if she dares.
Akunna moved her head with a nod to let Ujunwa understand that her
senses were intact.
Ujunwa was so happy at this point but couldn’t say anything other than
being thankful to God. She was glad and proud to be the first to break the
news to Dave and Amarachi but she didn’t want to disturb the serenity
required of the ward where Akunna lay, so she made no call in her presence.
As the news of Akunna’s revival filtered into Amarachi’s ears, she got
Uremma informed since they were staying together at the moment to avoid the
heavy hands of Ozo Odenjinji on the girl.
Meanwhile, Professor Nwoko already knew about Ozo Odenjinji and his
domineering personality, including his nefarious activities in the polity, so he
helped Uremma with an update on her schooling and lectures even without
her coming to the university block. Thanks to the power of the information
technology that got Uremma reading and writing her quizzes, assignments
and term papers online.
The girls still wondered why Professor Nwoko was being helpful, but for
the meantime, had to remain glued to the course of finding a way to bring
down the powerful Ozo at all cost.
With the news of Akunna’s wake from a coma, Amy and Uremma
suddenly rushed to Onitsha to see her and probably know the details of what
happened in the land of the unknown where she came back from; just like
someone that just returned from an abyss.

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Getting to the house, Harry a.k.a Oji isi ebu mgbo, received them and took
them into the house.
Amarachi was still surprised that Dave wasn’t back yet and there was no
way she could get him on the phone. It was just difficult for her to be this
lonely without him. At first, she was confident, believing and trusting in Dave’s
survival instincts but being up to a week without his return, she was unnerved
and greatly perturbed.
“Is Dave back?” Amarachi whispered to Harry “No, he isn’t yet,” he responded feeling so relaxed as if there was no big
deal about his absence, “but he’d surely be back, I know,” He said to Amy.
“Uremma you’re welcome, dear,” he added and exchanged a warm hug with
“Seems you know some things I know not,” Amy said and clawed Harry’s
head as usual, “Isi aki (palm kernel’s head). I will surely find out what you
know, but let me see Akunna first,” she said gleefully.
“Dave’s number isn’t available so I wouldn’t know anything,” Harry said
defensively as they went to the clinic section, “so if you like, dear chocolate
factory, go and dig into my soul. You’d find nothing,"
Amarachi wanted to chase after him but couldn’t run on her high-heeled
shoes. “Be thankful to God that I’m not on flat shoes,” she said and smiled.
“I love the spirit here,” Uremma said, still feeling uneasy for visiting the
same compound she was used to. “I can’t forget the way we laughed at you the
day you came to drop some goods with your truck. This life is funny,”
Amarachi remembered that there were a group of girls that laughed at
her the first day she delivered goods to the house for Mr. Okoyeocha. She was
so surprised that Uremma was among the girls.
“I must say that I’m surprised,” Amy said and smiled, and then held her by
the hand as they went to the clinic.
“I have some many reasons to keep saying that I’m sorry, but...”
“Kill it,” Amy said abruptly and stroked her golden long wig, “you look
cute always,"
“All thanks to you for lending me the hair,” she said and they started
laughing thinking that Harry heard what she said about putting on Amy’s wig
but he didn’t.
Harry looked serious and thinking as they walked down to the clinic,
even though the contagious laugher got his chin moving smilingly.
It was surprising to Uremma and Amarachi how they suddenly became
best friends, just like sisters, and not the arch enemies they used to be a couple
of months back. Let’s say that hardship gets one humble while the meek
always remains the winner.
Getting to the ward, Akunna was seen being fed by Ego Oyibo, not
because she couldn’t use her hands but Ego Oyibo felt for her so much that she
started treating her like her biological daughter. Ego Oyibo is the kind of
woman that is easily seduced by sympathy, and that reflects on her character
“Hmm, who’s being fed, bikonu?” Uremma said and rushed to Akunna
and embraced her while Amarachi watched, with her hand still resting on the
entrance door.
Amy was elated and happy as she watched the scene, feeling so happy
that Akunna later came back to life and didn’t die as the dream made it seem.
“How you, dear?” Akunna said indistinctly but audible enough. She was
still convalescing; hence, the need to take speeches slowly to avoid the stress of
the mind and body.
Amarachi walked towards them, collected the food from Ego Oyibo,
“Mom, I can help out from here. You’ve tried a lot already,” she tapped Akunna
on the cheek and said, “small baby, omomo, open your mouth and eat, oya,”
Akunna smiled and felt so happy. She opened her mouth, so Amy began to
feed her. The more she looked directly into Amy’s eyes, the more she regretted
her past betrayal against her. Her tears couldn’t be stifled because she just
imagined the scenario when she drugged her and gave her the strange tattoo.
Amarachi needed no words to know the message of the tears, so she
stopped feeding her and waited for her to dry her tears, but she was surprised
that the emotion overtook her and she became teary too.
Uremma wasn’t left out in this because she got the imagery of the entire
plans with Akunna rumbling in her mind’s eye. So she left the bedside and
went to the couch, sat quietly and hunched over her lap and began to cry.
Ego Oyibo was confused, not knowing who to console among the three
girls. She quickly went to the drawer, brought out a tissue and shared amongst
them. “I think these can help, my children,” she said and gave her tissues. She
forced herself to remain strong because she’d have joined but that would make
the tearful mood more ignited.
The ladies collected the tissues but Uremma didn’t. She was heartbroken
as she remained arched and weeping. After a while, as she couldn’t control
herself, she raised her eyes to the roof as the tears travelled from her cheek to
her lips and said: “I wish I could just take back my words and actions in the
past, right my wrongs and keep my record straight,”
Grave silence deafened at this point as Ego Oyibo watched them
speechlessly and unable to utter a word. Confusion loomed in her mind. She
wanted to talk but her words were lost in solitude and crippled by silence.
“Few words that are spoken in anger or actions taken imprudently can
destroy a long-lasting relationship,” Akunna muttered with tears of sorrow, “even though we may be sorry and take back our words, but can an action be
taken back. The scars would remain even when forgiveness is evident,”
Ego wasn’t privy to the wrong done to Amarachi in the past but she’d
been hinted, so she wasn’t really in the dark but still not thoroughly furnished
with the details.
“If I knew my daughter well,” Ego said, creating attentiveness among
them, “Amarachi isn’t a girl that keeps grudges,” she opined and went to Amy’s
side as she got stuck to the bedside still carrying the food flask with her, and
the spoon still resting casually between her fingers, “Amarachi forgives
unconditionally. She’s a girl of peace, and will never allow her friends turn to
enemies. She’s a girl with heart of gold,” Ego added and patted Amy on the
back, with her eyes fixed to her daughter's teary eyes, “she’s pained when her
friends suffer. She wouldn’t mind suffering just for her friends to be happy. No
wonder she left her truck and Akara business just to help her friends in
Amarachi’s tears possessed her eyes and made them blurry but she still
went to her mom and shushed her because the tribute was elating, emotional,
and nostalgic.
“Ego Oyibo, Nnem,” Amy called with tenderness, “I thank you for the
speech, I’m flattered too but I don’t like being praised so that it wouldn’t affect
me. Uremma and Akunna are sisters to me and nothing would ever make me
remember their sordid past. We’re moving forward now, with a common goal
that has united us,”
Amy’s speech was a solace to her friends, making their tears to dry up.
Their faces metamorphosed into angelic smiles and friendly chuckles. They
were so proud of her to an extent that Uremma went to her and embraced her.


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