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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Sixteen (Part 1)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Sixteen (Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Amarachi felt that she’d be missing classes, so she went back to school
and left Akunna in the hands of the Doctors, nurses and family members so
that recuperating girl wouldn’t lack anything.
Dave travelled for a business trip that was to last for about two days, so he
wasn’t even around to fulfil his dream of getting that ring into Amarachi’s
finger, though he still wanted to make it public before his friends and cohorts.
It was a strange morning for everyone to see Uremma show up in school
after many weeks of missing classes. People gathered around her but she didn’t
talk to anyone. She was just moody and depressed. The fashionista didn’t even
have any makeup on her because it seemed she’d passed through a lot in the
hands of her dad.
Amarachi was tipped off with the information by Osisioma’s informant
that Uremma was back to school.
Osisioma was still having grudges against her rival but still kept it in
check because of her promise to Amy to be of help. At least she knew that it is
not good to hurt an animal that she wouldn’t be able to eat. Even if a man can’t
help a friend, at least he shouldn’t hurt them. Those were guiding principles
that made Osisioma still not go on with the rival game of the riches she’d spent
much time playing with Uremma.
That morning was a joyous moment for Amy even though she was afraid
to approach her with the notion that she may not be the same Uremma that
she was.
It was even surprising to everyone that Uremma didn’t come to school in
her car but took a cab. Some bodyguards were seen around the school, so it
wasn’t even easy for people to come closer to Uremma.
Amarachi was disturbed but had to create a diversion so that those hefty
men that got the students unsettled would disappear or give her the chance to
talk to Uremma.
Amarachi contacted Chibunna (the most intelligent guy in the economics
department) to help out with the deal. Chibunna already got the message and
line of action, even though he knew the price of such risk.
The two macho men were busy hovering around like birds, with their
eyes fixed at Uremma’s position in the Mass communication department
where she was. Their eyes were fixed at the distress girl’s direction like the eye
of the eagle on a prey.
Not minding his slender stature, Chibunna went straight on one of the
guys and poured some sand on him. The macho guy was surprised at this
because he couldn’t explain why the young man did that. He suddenly rushed
at Chibunna but he was almost slithery to be caught.
The other macho guy’s attention was caught by this, so he joined his
counterpart to either settle or beat up Chibunna. As this went on, attention of
the either students were aroused. The school anti-cult and security suddenly
gathered too and many students encircled the scene to defend their fellow
student; whether he was at fault or not.
Amarachi suddenly rushed to Uremma’s class and tried to pull her up but
the girl was so afraid and shivering as if she’d been broken.
Babe, you need to follow me immediately because no one is monitoring,”
Amy said as she fidgeted, trying to make her reason with her. As Amarachi
dragged her, she kept her gaze at the fight scene to ensure that the bodyguards
were still being distracted.
“They must know,” she said meekly and looked through the window and
saw that many students were gathering, “what’s happening?” she asked
looking so disturbed.
“It’s my friend fighting with your bodyguards just to create a diversion for
you to escape,” Amy said hastily, “come now so that this boy’s effort in helping
out wouldn’t be in vain. I’m sure he’d be hurt in the process, but we’re doing
this for your freedom. Come with me now!” she yelled, to get the reality of the
situation into her senses.
As if she’d be hypnotised but suddenly got her senses back, Uremma
quickly sprang up from the seat and followed Amarachi, even her handbag
dropped but she left it and bolted with her.
As they were running, they saw one of the guards who seemed to have
noticed that the entire fight was staged. He started rushing towards them.
The escaping girls pulled off their shoes and continued running until they
got to the end of the hallway of the academic block where they couldn’t escape
or jump from the window being that they were women and couldn’t take such
As they fretted with the conviction that they’d been caught, the two girls
were surprised that Professor Nwoko suddenly opened the entrance door to his
office and beckoned them in.
They rushed into his office and he closed the door quickly behind him.
Come quickly, and follow the exit door into the bush!” Prof said and
rushed to the exit door, unlocked it and the girls disappeared immediately
from there like a mirage.
Professor Nwoko quickly went back to his seat and continued looking into
his lecture note even though he wasn’t reading or studying but pretending.
All of a sudden the door of his office was forcefully opened and he looked
up with his owlish glasses hanging on his nose. He peered at the young men
that badgered his reading serenity and got up out of anger to face them.
“Sorry, sir, it was a mistake,” the macho guys apologised and left, leaving
the professor’s office door wide open.
“The door, please,” Prof Nwoko angrily snarled, making one of them to
come back and shut the door.
“Sorry for interruption,” he apologised and left like a shot.
The professor smiled and nodded, and then went back to his seat,
hunched over his books and continued studying for his next class.
When the bodyguards went back to meet Chibunna and query him in
connection with the escape, the guy was gone; though with slight bruises on
him as a result of the fight.
Amarachi took Uremma to her house for safety to ensure that she
wouldn’t be hurt. Even though she was afraid of being followed but no one did because her actions in stealing Uremma from the auspices of the bodyguards
were expertly and swift; hence, unnoticed.
Getting to the compound, Amy quickly pulled over, rushed to Uremma,
and held her by the arm. She dragged her into the apartment for safety. They
were both barefooted since they left their shoes behind while on the escape
route and in need to run faster away from the monsters.
Uremma sat down and was busy observing the beautiful apartment. She
was battling with plethora of thoughts inside her because she couldn’t fathom
how Amarachi the poor girl turned to be the celebrity and famous rich girl.
First of all, Amy offered her a glass of water and then dished out a
sumptuous meal to bid her welcome into her hospitable home.
Uremma still couldn’t find the words to appreciate her for the rescue or
even ask questions about why she was helping her even after all she did for
“Come to the dining table,” Amarachi invited but Uremma kept looking so
dazed and surprised, “Baby,” she called this time, making her feel so loved and
moved to tears, “I think you need to stop staring at me and come for lunch.
You look famished and weak,”
Uremma happily got up as if a sudden liveliness crept into her. She
quickly went to the dining table still barefooted the way they both came in.
Amy got new pink Gucci slippers for Uremma but she pushed it aside. “I
think I’m okay like this. I love the sweet feelings I get from being barefooted on
this classy apartment, “your house is so cute, and I feel some connection to you
as if we’ve been friends even before we gained admission into the university Amy’s mind flashed to the trance she woke up from in the clinic. She was
still looking at Uremma but couldn’t ask her about the purported mark on her
head since she’d seen it already on Akunna’s head. Even though she was eager
to check Uremma’s mark or ask her some questions concerning that, she was
still afraid of how she’d feel if she has it too.
‘Would that make three of us sisters? But Ego Oyibo made it known to me
that I had just one sister, but she died’ Amy thought as she looked absently at
Many thoughts rumbled in her head but she had to just face them, one
after the other.
“The food, please,” Amarachi reminded her, calling her attention to the
sumptuous meal waiting for them.
Uremma smiled and settled for the meal. She was still perplexed but
surprised that Amy was being the best friend she never had, not minding what
she did to her in the past.
They started enjoying the meal. In obedience to eating etiquette, they all
ate without discussion, just some periodic furtive gazes at each other with lots
of questions written all over their faces, and the lips full of speeches. They had
to rush the mean just to have time to talk about what had been happening in
their lives for so long.
After munching the food ravenously, Uremma was so happy that she
finally had a good meal.
The girls were still glued to their seats waiting for who would be the first
to break the long silence.


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