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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Fourteen (Part 1)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Fourteen (Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

After a while of the hush of the moment, Dave wanted to talk but he
couldn’t find the words, except for the silent movement of the lips without
uttering a single word. As he kept his eyes fixed on Amarachi’s tearful eyes, his
phone kept buzzing but he couldn’t attend to it or even check to know if his
friends that were calling were still waiting or gone their separate ways.
As Amarachi waited in an untold numbness for Dave to talk, she became
restive and couldn’t even push him to words. She was just tapping absently on
her phone until she suddenly unlocked the phone and realised that she had a
strange call from some strange number. As she scrolled down her call log, she
realised that it was the same unsaved number that sent her some messages that
she never checked out that called. At this time, she was forced to know who
the messages and calls came from. When she perused through it, she was
surprised that it came from Uremma.
At this point, she became optimistic and eager to read.
Dave noticed that there was something about the phone that got Amy’s
interest captured, so he tried to peep but couldn’t see anything.
After going through the messages, Amarachi stood up immediately and
dashed into her room, picked her car keys and said to Dave: “Honey, let the
engagement wait, let me save a friend,”
Dave was surprised that Amarachi left him like a shot right there in his
sitting position. He tried to stop her but he couldn’t.
He hastily rushed out to meet her but she was already hitting the streets.
He bolted to his car to follow her but remembered that his car keys dropped
when the engagement ring fell off. In that tensed state of the mind, he rushed
back into the sitting room, picked the keys and dashed straight to his car
without even remembering to close the door.
Screeching through the streets, he sped as fast as he could but discovered
that he just lost the girl. As he drove searchingly and scouted the streets, he kept calling her phone but she never took the call because she forgot to change
the phone to a ringing mode but left it in silence mode. Aside from that, Amy
was avoiding Dave’s company that very moment as she rushed to save a friend.
Dave was so worried and kept calling but his efforts weren’t fruition. He
searched arduously on the roads and streets until he became tired. Even his
friends that kept calling him got no pick-up or call back from him except for
voicemail replies.
As Amarachi was close to the location that Uremma provided for her, a
sense of smartness located her, making her realise that she could be rushing
into a trap in that impulsive state. It was then that she began to slow down. She
read the last message again that says: “help now! I’m by the Kwata Bridge
alone but don’t come with Dave because he knows everything about my
Reading the message the second time threw her into confusion. She
wasn’t sure if she should involve Dave, the police, or go alone and face
whatever the situation demanded. That dilemma made her pause to think it
over. She pulled over but left the engine still steaming.
After a while, she remembered that she could go with another car since
her e-Vogue could have been public enough for her presence or whereabouts
to be easily noticed. She reversed and started going back to Udoka Housing
Estate to meet Osisioma. This time, she’d no choice other than tell her
everything about Uremma; to know if she could get her attention and
involvement in it.
As she drove, she still felt that involving no man may not be the best. She
thought of who to involve but since she wasn’t the kind of girl that mingle
much with men due to their incessant demand for intimacy, she continued
with her laid down plan.
Getting to Osisioma’s compound, she parked and went straight into her
apartment. When she got to the door, she knocked hard and impatiently as she
fidgeted until Osisioma opened the door.
“We need to go now!” Amy said hurriedly and dragged her out from the
sitting room. “I’ll explain later but I need you to escort me to a rescue mission!”
“I think you need to calm down,” Osisioma said to ease the tension but
Amy remained so disturbed and restless as she panted while waiting
impatiently, “talk to me, please,” Osisioma urged her.
“It’s about Uremma,” Amarachi voiced, “she’s in trouble and...”
On hearing the name, Osisioma hissed and began to go back into the
house but Amarachi pulled her back that she staggered and almost stumbled.
This got Osisioma filled with fury. She pushed Amy away forcefully that her
dog, Maxi even thought that it was a fight and rushed at Amy but Osisioma
stopped him.
“Anything concerning that girl is none of my business and I’m surprised
that you’re worried about that...”
“Uremma isn’t the same girl you used to know,” Amy yelled and knelt to
beg, just to have her attention.
Osisioma couldn’t withstand seeing Amarachi kneeling before her, so she
rushed to her and pulled her up.
“Babe, what’s going on as if you’ve been enchanted?” she asked and
dragged her to a corner.
Amarachi didn’t know how to start talking because it would take much
time to narrate it all. She was just flapping her hands and waving in the air
with impatience.
“Do you trust me?” she asked and held Osisioma closely, resting her hands
on Oma’s shoulder, “have you doubted me before?”
Osisioma then realised that Amy could be right because most of her
decisions in the past were always justified and prudent.
“Fine, let me change,” She said and started rushing into her room while
her dog followed.
“Please, come with the keys to your Range Rover Sport!” she droned to her
hearing, “I have my reasons!”
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Osisioma wanted to question that request but since she’d accepted to lend
her support, she didn’t ask questions but got prepared. She hastily wore her
jumpsuit and followed her, wearing just flat slippers.
“I hope I’m okay like this,” Osisioma asked as they rushed to the SUV.
“You’re even overdressed,” Amarachi said as she caught the car keys
Osisioma threw to her in the air.
“You drive,” Osisioma said and waited impatiently for Amy to unlock the
Amarachi unlocked and they went into the exotic car and she drove out
of the compound like a shot.
“I’m sorry that I’d kept you in the dark for a while now,” Amy apologised
to Osisioma who kept listening to even get the details of their adventure.
“Uremma denounced the fraternity and had been evicted from her house, even
her dad has disowned her because...”
“Hey, this is a trap ooo!” Osisioma hinted, “let’s go back, please,” she
jammed her palms as she said that to let Amy know how serious she was but
Amy kept driving, “Uremma that I know can do anything to remain a Slay
Queen. How did she get you this gullible that you believed her?”
“As I said, there is no time to start explaining but you need to believe me
when I said that she’s changed,” Amy reiterated but she wasn’t sure and wasn’t
bold with her words as she thought through the fact that Osisioma could be
“You didn’t even sound convincing,” Osisioma pointed out, “how then will
you expect me to believe you. What has these lovers been doing with your
head lately?”
“My instinct never failed me, and I’ve started having sleepless nights
because of that girl’s problems,” Amy said and continued heading to Kwata
Osisioma simply shrugged out of disbelief but had to wait to see how the
story would end, since the person she was trying to talk out of the supposed
trap had her mind locked on her mission.
Being that the distance wasn’t much, it didn’t take them much time to get
to the location. But there was no sign of Uremma there. They remained parked
at a corner but no one could see through the tinted glasses. The movement
around the place was normal and there was no one to know that they were
monitoring the entire environment. They remained incognito and maintained
absolute muteness.
Osisioma was still confused because nothing that Amarachi said made
sense to her especially having stayed about an hour without seeing anyone at
the location. As she was still considering telling Amarachi that they should go
back, they saw about four black Landcruiser SUVs without a vehicle plate
number. Osisioma became afraid forthwith but Amy calmed her down as they
After a few minutes, some policemen were seen patrolling around,
making three of the SUVs to leave except one that stayed back. The patrol van
of the Nigerian Police blocked the last vehicle and asked the driver to wind
down the window.
Amarachi knew that something wasn’t right but expected the police to act
but they were surprised when the police ended up saluting the man at the rear
Even though Amy didn’t hear what was going on, she suspected it was a
politician that was in the car.
In a jiffy, as the two curious girls kept observing, the politician brought
out a full wrap of money and gave to the policemen. Gunshots were fired in
jubilation as he drove away.
“I think this is Ozo Odenjinji,” Amy whispered but got her gaze on the car
as it navigated into the expressway, “let’s follow them,” she hinted and entered
the road too, though she maintained some distances to ensure they were
furtive enough not to be noticed.
Osisioma at this point began to entertain so much fear. She was worked
up and feeling uneasy about the entire situation and decision to follow the
government official vehicle.
“Are you sure of what we’re getting ourselves into?” Oma asked
“Let me just give you a hint,” Amy said as she followed the car heading
towards the government house, “Uremma confided in me that’s why I’m in the
know. As I’m talking to you, she’d lost her dad’s favours because she
denounced the sisterhood,”
“You’ve said this before and I didn’t believe you,” Osisioma averred, “why
reiterating it?”
Osisioma’s statement miffed Amarachi, making her a bit angry but she
still kept her emotions in check and continued driving. After all, Oma was still
in the dark, oblivious of the reality of the situation, and information starved.
Osisioma knew that Amy was already pissed; hence, the muteness, so she
touched her back gently to make her feel better, and then, remained calm.
“Ozo Odenjinji has been forcing Uremma to take the mantle of the
leadership of the Slay Queens since Akunna had been sacrificed...”
“Wait!” Osisioma said observantly, “This rumour about Akunna that I
heard. Was it true?”
“Yes, it was, and she was still the one that blackmailed me and gave me
the strange tattoo,” Amy shocked her the more.
Even though Amarachi promised Akunna that she wouldn’t divulge the
information of her involvement with the Slay Queens to Osisioma, it was of no
use since she was already dead and gone. In addition to that, the situation at
hand required that Akunna must be mentioned if her explanation would make
a meaning to Oma.
Being that her fears were confirmed by Amy, Osisioma shouted aloud but
restrained herself immediately because they were on a mission. She remained teary knowing that Akunna who championed the search to rescue Amy was
the one that even engineered it all.
“But why haven’t you told me this since?” Osisioma asked meditatively, “I
could swear on her behalf that she was innocent...chai!”
The Landcruiser entered the government quarters and Amy followed but
still maintaining the distance.
When the girls got to the checkpoint that usually poses problems for
visitors, Amarachi met the same security group that was mass-seduced by her
appearance the first time she came to see Uremma. Just her flash of alluring
smile was sufficient for a gate-pass. She even got a mock salute as ‘jara’ and
Looking straight ahead, Amy saw that SUV pulled over by the gate of the
same house that she thought that Uremma had given up to the mortgagers. In
trying to make meaning out of it, Amy realised that it could be Ozo Odenjinji
that sent those mortgagers to threaten his daughter with eviction, maybe it’d
make her reconsider her decisions.
Amy parked some yards away but kept the engine steaming as they
observed from their position.
After a few minutes, the rear door opened and Uremma alighted looking
famished and exhausted. She was putting on an immaculate white gown; the
dress-code of the Slay Queens.
As the distressed girl was going back into her house crying, the door of
the SUV jammed and the car zoomed off at a high speed.
Amy didn’t go immediately but remained in the car and observing. After a
while, as she was about to drive towards the gate to meet Uremma, she was
surprised that Dave suddenly blocked her car, came down and knocked at the
Amarachi was stormed by this as if she was ambushed. Winding down,
she noticed that Dave was armed. She became shocked by that as if there was a


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