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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Sixteen (Part 2)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Sixteen (Part 2)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

“Uremma,” Amy said after some minute’s silent rehearsal within her, “I
certainly want to...”
“You’re next on his list but he doesn’t know you in person but he knows a
lot already,” Uremma broken in, “the message you got, inviting you to the
bridge wasn’t from me,”
Amarachi was shocked at hearing that. Her face shrunk into deep
thoughts as she kept imagining what could have happened to her if she acted
impulsively without Osisioma’s help as she did. Out of great fear for the
dreadful thoughts, she shrugged and kept snapping her finger with
“No wonder the message warned me against Dave,” Amy said, and then
turned to Uremma and held her and said, “I don’t know how to say this but...”
“Don’t worry, I have nothing with Dave anymore,” Uremma cut in,
making Amy surprised that she knew, “I’ve tried as much as I could to keep
him in the past because my friendship with him was characterised by
carelessness, immorality and dubiousness...”
“But I should have told...” Amy broke in but Uremma held firm to what
she was saying.
“You don’t need to,” Uremma said and caressed her with care, “you’re like
a sister to me and I think that you and Dave are best together because I was
just a kind of bedmate and playmate with him but since you met him, he’d
been a different guy,”
Amarachi was just perplexed and wowed because she felt the soberness
and prudence in Uremma’s tone as she was poised to ensure that the two new
love birds kept flocking together.
Aren’t you jealous at all?” Amy asked; looking a kind of confused, I
“I needn’t deny it. I was deeply jealous and ready to hurt you a couple of
weeks back,” Uremma interjected cleverly as her eyes remained affixed to
Amy’s gentle gaze, “I got a golden gun from daddy and was ready to visit his
house at GRA after getting the rumour from a little bird that you and your
mom are residing there. It was Dave’s bodyguards that stopped me, and being
that I respect the guy, I calmed myself down but I still didn’t give up my
homicidal mission. Then Harry, Dave’s younger brother accosted me and
talked senses into me. If not for Harry I must have been dead too because I
planned on a mass homicide and suicide,”
Amarachi suddenly withdrew her hand from her touch and placed them
on her head. She was sunk deep in thoughts as she reminisced on the vividness
of the dream she had about Uremma killing them all with the stainless gun as
well as committing suicide that ended her life.
At this point, Amy was fully assured that her dreams were revelatory;
especially thinking about Akunna’s death in her dream and the revelation
about the black mark.
Reflexively, she grabbed Uremma with force to search through her hair to
locate the mark.
Uremma struggled thinking it was a fight but was surprised when
Amarachi freed her with fear, and then fell on the floor with grave shock.
Uremma was so disturbed by that, so she rushed at Amy and held her up,
and then made her sit. “What’s the matter, please?” she asked and started
pulling off Amy’s top thinking that she was fainting but Amy stopped her.
“I had a terrible dream that you killed me, killed Dave and then put a
bullet through your head, and what you said now confirmed it was a
revelation,” Amarachi said as she pulsated with a heavy breath, “I also dreamt
of Akunna telling me to check the back of your head to see a mark that is
hidden in your hair. I just checked and it was there too,”
Uremma became startled at this point because she never knew she had
any black spot or a mark on her head. She dug into her hair to locate the mark
but unfortunately it was impossible for her to see her head.
“What are you insinuating, Amy?” she asked looking tensed, “what about
the mark. Is it of any significance?” she asked curiously and continued digging
into her hair in search, but unfortunately, she couldn’t see it except another
“She said I have it too,” Amarachi finally revealed, getting Uremma
shocked. “But I haven’t checked mine but have checked Akunna’s head and it’s
“Now, let me be your eyes,” Uremma said and quickly checked around to
see if she could see the mark on Amarachi but she didn’t. “I’m confused, but
you just confirmed your dreams come through, but you don’t have it,” she still
checked severally in detailed way but saw nothing.
“I don’t know anything anymore,” Amarachi replied feeling dejected and
Not seeing the mark became a puzzle to Uremma, and more confusing to
Amarachi because she believed it should be there.
“What then was the message of the dream supposed to communicate?”
Amarachi asked rhetorically but meditatively Amy was so weak at this point because she almost thought that either
Akunna or Uremma was supposed to be her lost sister by it ended up being
that none was.
“So what about the mark?” Uremma asked, looking confused as she
craved for answers to get the ambiguity of the moment cleared but Amy had
no clue of what to reply because the dream simply revealed a mark but not the
connection. The puzzled continued.
“I used to think you were my lost or dead sister,” Amarachi answered in
low spirit and melancholy. “But apparently, I was just having wishful
“Oh, I now get it,” Uremma said and pulled her closer into an embrace as
they remained sitting on the floor while Amy’s head rested on her lap, “but was
this why you’ve been helping me out all these while?”
Amy shook her head in negation but still felt that some dots aren’t
connecting as she envisaged, making the mystery indecipherable. “I...I...” she
said but couldn’t just talk.
“I don’t know if the question sounded offensive,” Uremma said
apologetically, “but...”
“It wasn’t,” Amy answered and got up, “can you now tell me your
resolution about your ordeal with your dad or even the reason why he’s after
me too?”
Uremma wasn’t privy to any of the needed information, just that she
overheard her dad and her men communicating about the importance of
Amy’s destiny to him even though they haven’t met her before.
“I have no answer to these,” Uremma replied and went to the couch while
Amy still got stuck in her standing position with her hands akimbo. “My dad
simply said that you have the blood of your mom inside you and you’re so
important to him even more than I was to him. Since I stopped being useful by
denouncing the frat, your importance became inevitable; hence, the need to
capture you by either hook or by crook,”
“I think it’s time for us to revolt against Ozo Odenjinji,” Amy said and
braced herself for the worst, in case the fight erupts, “this is a revolution and
nothing can make me stop until I take a deep pound of flesh from him and his
group. I must revenge the death of Mkpulumma. Nothing would ever stop me,”
Looking audaciously into Uremma’s eyes, she asked: “are you with me in this?”
Uremma got up from the couch, went to her and touched her by the
shoulder; signifying solidarity and unity of purpose. “Sure, I am with you,” she
responded with a nod, “but I’m yet to know who Mkpulumma is,” she queried
demanding some answers.
“Mkpulumma was my mom,” she replied with tears in her eyes, “and it
was your dad that killed her,”
Uremma became shocked and fell on the dining chair.

To be continue on Saturday


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