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Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Thirteen (Part 1)


Amarachi The Beautiful Poor Child - Chapter Thirteen (Part 1)

Theme: And Her Journey to Destiny-Discovery

By Erasmus Ugochukwu Okafor

Copyright ©:
No unauthorized reproduction, reprinting, 
plagiarising, commercialization, or rewording of 
this fictional work is allowed.

Ego Oyibo was confused at this time. For sure, she knew that Amarachi
wasn’t her child but she wished she was. It was compulsory for her to go back
to her real family after two decades of her life in misery on exile. Even though
she married a rich hubby then, she was stripped of the wealth and everything
before being exiled. Aside from her two grownup guys who were successful in
their different areas of endeavours, she had a girl child too, making them three
children. She was so eager to meet with Efetobo her daughter being her only
and last child whom she fondly calls Efe. Amidst all these unquenchable
craving, leaving Amy was an uphill task she couldn’t find easy to embark on
because it was like being buried alive. She was even more attached to
Amarachi than to her biological children because the maternal love she’d have
given them was transferred to Amy (the girl that grew right before her eye)
Amarachi found it painful knowing that she had no Dad, Mom, or
siblings. Even if her father was a vagabond, at least she could make him a good
man or even tolerate him the way he was. But this time, she had no one to call
a family.
Notwithstanding that she tried so much to be identified with Ego Oyibo as
her family; she couldn’t just feel like one of them because they were of Urhobo
ethnicity and not Ibos. She felt that leaving Onitsha to Urhobo with Ego Oyibo
would make her be like a butterfly thinking of itself to be a bird. She’d
established her life in Onitsha; even her love life with Dave who already was
at the finishing point of the Duplex he promised her as a gift. She even had her
education to complete, and her Akara-dika-akwa business, she couldn’t stop
that too due to her passion for it. She couldn't leave; instead, she’d prefer
visiting Ego Oyibo periodically in Delta state than leaving to Delta with her; to
live with them.
Erhimeyoma and Ogbeneruno left to Delta state after two days of their
arrival, leaving Akpenvwe Oghene, their mom to sort herself out and meet
them later. At least Ego was free to choose between going back to her kinsmen or not to go since the same injustice that got her banished had been abolished,
making her a freeborn once again.
After seeing the kind of fate that kept befalling on Amy from one ill-fate
to the other, Amarachi decided to live her life free of worries.
Amy and Dave went back to school together to go on with life.
Amarachi got a house rented for her in Udoka housing estate based on
her demand so that she’d be in the same estate with Osisioma who played a
key role in her life when she was in sufferings and pains.
Osisioma, as usual, had been talking with Amarachi on the phone but
never knew that Amy was already back to school, let alone staying in the same
neighbourhood with her.
On that dewy Monday, the clemency of the weather smiled on people of
Awka as if Amarachi was having a school welcome song from nature. She
decided to make her resumption in school a huge surprise for everyone.
A few months’ back, she left with an old truck but came back with an e￾Vogue.
As Amy drove to school, she got to the school gate and remembered the
day when she cried out her eyes before dropping out fully from school. She
parked the car at the exact location where her truck occupied, took her phone
and dialled Osisioma’s phone line. It took a while before Osisioma took the call
because she was busy with her makeover as she prepared for school that very
“Wow, baby!” Osisioma wailed out of untold happiness, “How have you
been? Aren’t you back?”
“I’m currently at the same location where you begged me to reconsider
my decision about dropping out of school at...”
“Oh jeez! By the school gate?” Osisioma shouted with great hilarity, “are
you heading to the department now? Can I see you today?”
She threw a superfluity of questions to Amarachi but that wasn’t what
Amy expected that very time.
“You’re killing some time already because I’m waiting for you to come
and still beg me to return to school,” Amy said gleefully as the chilly AC of her
tinted four-wheeled machine kept giving her a cold massage, “be fast, please. I
know you must be busy with lots of painting by now,”
“You’ll see me very soon..oo! Amy is bae,” she hollered in Nigerian slang
and hung up.
Osisioma rushed her preparation and entered the road with her exotic
motorbike and left horridly with a loud screech. She sped on the road to
ensure she met Amy at the same location before she leaves. If she knew Amy
well, she is a girl that is timely with whatever she does; hence her favourite
slogan (Tempus Figit Non Regamus) ‘Any time wasted can never be regained’.
As Amy was there waiting, Osisioma pulled over in her classy all-black
Electric Motorbike Shadow-R3-Strong-Power fast-speed; popularly known as
‘power bike’. She was well dressed in her all-black figure-hugging glossy cat￾suit. Her knee-level high-heeled black boots got her looking charming,
matched with the sweet human hair partially hidden in that cute Vega Crux
Flip-up helmet. The tail end of her hair was resting casually on her shoulder.
Her appearance got her enough audience at the school gate that caused
serious heavy traffic just for her sake.
Amy was wowed seeing her girl look so ravishing and sporty. She never
knew the daughter of the rich industrialist; Ichie Agujiegbe was seriously
upgrading in fashion and commanding more attention.
Flipping up the lens of the helmet, Osisioma looked searchingly around
but didn’t see Amy. She was a bit frowned and didn’t want to have more
admirers looking at her, so she wanted to speed off because she didn’t even
know that it was Amy that was parked by the side with the exotic car.
Osisioma thought it was one of the numerous rich guys that had their eyes on
her that was at the gate to ask for her cell phone number.
Amy kept using the horns to get her attention but she thought it was
another wooer who wanted to have access to a pretty rich girl.
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Osisioma steamed the engine harder and louder, about to zoom off when
Amarachi rolled down the tinted glass.
It was a shock to Osisioma to see such a lovely lady with the face of
Amarachi, though more polished and cuter. She wasn’t sure if she was seeing
clearly, so she removed the helmet and placed it on the bike, and then went
closer with majestic steps to be sure she was the one.
“Hey, can you now beg me to come back to school?” Amy shocked her
further with her sweet voice, making Osisioma shout like she never did.
Osisioma wobbled on her high-heeled boots just to pull Amy out of the
car for the friendliest embrace. She was super happy and so surprised.
Getting to the driver’s side, she opened the door quickly and pulled Amy out of
the car and into a warm hug.
Uncontrollable tears of admiration, love, and happiness filled her eyes.
She couldn’t utter a word but tears took possession of the moment.
Amarachi’s emotions heightened and tears ensued. She knew that a
couple of months back, she left as a poor girl, and there she was, back as a rich
girl. It was just uncontrollable joyful tears that they couldn’t stop even if they
People gathered due to the heavy traffic the two voluptuous ladies caused
but no one was bothered about it or complained except for emotional feelings
that took them over as they watched the moment of bliss between the two girls.
Even the lecturers couldn’t complain about the blockade but all started
clapping for them while more others joined.
Amarachi was one popular girl in school; not because of being a
fashionista or a socialite but because of her academic achievements. She’d
always believed in the principle of ‘work in silence and let your achievements
be your noise’. Most of her stories were heard around as a rumour even when
she was arrested by the fake police. So anything about her would always make
a headline in the school’s broadcasting service (a radio station exclusive for
updating the students on events and gossips)Notwithstanding her dazzlingly beautiful dressing, Osisioma knelt on the
road, raised her eyes to heaven and said: “God, I know I’m nothing but a
common girl and a notorious sinner but you’ve finally answered my prayers. I
tried to help financially but my friend didn’t accept, so you made me realise
that prayer is the key; that is the weapon I used, and finally, she is back in
style. May you remain praised, both now and forever?”
It was surprising how the entire crowd chorused “Amen” and started
clapping for Amarachi.
The drama lasted to the point that the Unizik Broadcasting Service (UBS)
gathered with cameras and phones to take the coverage of the union that
turned to a noteworthy event.
Amarachi suddenly became a celebrity. People who never knew about her
jostled in the crowd to see her but the crowd were much.
The more time the girls spent in that ecstatic moment, the more people
that gathered.

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Amarachi was so shy at this point that she had to rush into the car out of
shame and embarrassment.
As she drove away, many of the onlookers gathered around her car,
making her leaving a bit difficult until the school security came and created a
driving space by dispersing the crowd for her to pass.
Osisioma who was a show-off par excellence created more attention and
caused public admiration by using her Motorbike to run circularly, screeching
with the tyres and steaming the engine to produce that deafening sound that
attracted applause. After the show, she zoomed off behind Amarachi like an
escort; for them to continue the rest of the welcome show at the faculty of the
social sciences.
Words and news had moved ahead of the girls to the faculty making the
students get ready with the newest dance steps. People were happy and
celebrating as if a new princess is crowned in the school. All were happy except the Slay queens who were filled with mixed feelings of defeat and
The entire day was spent on celebrating the Genius that returned back to
Amid the celebratory mood, Amy wasn’t too happy because she felt so
concerned about Uremma that was nowhere to be found. Even when the
celebration dwindled, she went to her department to know if she’d meet her
but her efforts hit the rocks. Asking around, she realised that Uremma didn’t
resume with others. She was even nowhere to be found around the school let
alone coming for classes.
Amarachi seemed to be the only person that knew about Uremma’s
current life-threatening situation because there was no one to really explain
what happened that made her absent in school. Her friends expected her to be
the newly made Queen mother but no one could get a glimpse of her. All these
aroused much suspicion in Amy’s mind because the circumstance surrounding
Uremma’s situation was so dicey that she couldn’t help but think that Ozo
Odenjinji could have hurt the girl, confined her or forced her to remain in the
frat that she already denounced.
Uremma, even though she was so boastful, she was economical with the
way she reveals information about her family; thereby, making it difficult for
her family’s house to be easily located by students.
As Amarachi kept contemplating on how to locate Uremma’s parents, she
was still being secretive about it because Osisioma never knew that she (Amy)
could still go back to the same girl that subjected her life to serious jeopardy
and malady.
The thoughts in her head became riotous but she still had to find a way to
help Uremma; if possible. It was just strange that Amarachi suddenly became
so worried about Uremma’s situation due to her sympathetic and humane


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