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Aduke-Episode 8


Aduke-Episode 8

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Everything In life have a beautiful ending.If It’s not beautiful, then believe me it’s not the end, It’s just the beginning Of something more beautiful.
I couldn’t be sure of what I’m thinking, is it pads from her last menstrual period? Or is it a current flow pads? Or is it the pregnancy way?
Those were the questions that kept bubbling up my mind, and I couldn’t provide an answer to any cos I was so confused.
I decided to count the pads to put my thinking straight. I counted Five pads, so any reduction in the pads will mean something… something more than just fishy.
After I left her place, I head straight home to breathe out my thoughts.
She told me that she’s pregnant and I bought it, I never for once care to investigate if she’s truly pregnant, or even if the pregnancy is mine. I just went foolishly ahead like the goats in Animal farm.
I told my friends about what I saw and they were both like ‘really? ‘
” Aweedy if… If I should get you right you mean jummy is menstruating?” apple boy asked in a confused tone.
” I never said she’s menstruating, I said I saw a menstrual pad in her trolley…”
“apparently she is! ” last Don cut in.
” I can’t believe you can’t comprehend few lines of English, I didn’t say she’s menstruating, I only saw pads” I said in a disgust manner.
” oh seriously? are you that daft? Seeing pad in her trolley can only mean one thing, and which is? ” last Don said as he face apple boy for the completion.
” she’s not pregnant!!! ” apple boy completed.
” you’ve just been scammed bro ” last Don added.
“holy shit!!! ” I muttered.
“wait… You said you release inside her right? ” apple boy asked and I nodded in response showing him that I did.
“Well this is quite a shock, we were literally caught with our pants down.. ”
“That’s literally not what literally means ” I cut in.
” perhaps you are an impotent ” last Don added.
“Really? you can’t be too sure, maybe you should give me your girlfriend to confirm ” I said with a firm reaction.
” you got to be out of your mind, so about the pad stuff, what do you do? ” last Don asked calmly.
“what I did was that I counted the remaining pads which was five, and any reduction in the pads will mean something ” I replied.
“of coz, it will mean that you are an impotent ” apple boy said and we all laughed to it.
“there’s this question I want to ask, do pregnant women menstruate? ” I asked and they both look at me with a wired face.
” sorry bro, do we look like a pregnancy consultant? or what do you even takes us for? ” Last Don asked with his hands in the air.
“health center service attendant? ” apple boy added. I knew they are playing me so I pushed them out of their teasing world.
“hey I’m being serious here, I need an answer ” I muttered.
” okay okay, I wouldn’t say pregnant women menstruate, literally they don’t, but some do, not really like menstruating, but their’s, is due to some health issues or something more complicating…”
“like generic complications ” apple boy cut in last Don speech.
“exactly ” last Don concluded. I took a deep breath as lie down on the bed.
All play and no work never make Jack a dull boy, neither does it make him a smart boy. The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
High grades doesn’t just fly from above, you gonna work your butt to get it. Yea I know school is fun except for exams, but without exams does it have a purpose?
I might not be the serious type, but I know one thing, carry over is real. and there’s only one way to avoid it, hard reading.
Test were knocking at my door step and I can’t say if I’m really prepared for it. One thing about me, when I read well for test, I hardly do have problems reading for exams, cos it will just be like a revision to me.
So literally, I do work my butt harder during the test period rather than the exam period.
I’m not the library going type, but I was given an assignment that requires my presence at the library, it was more of a research work.
I went to the library with a mission and while solving the mission I met with some folks.
I was searching for the book to lay out my research methodology from when I felt a hard grab on my shoulder. I turned back only to see Moses standing beside me with some two other guys as an accompany.
” hey idiot, it’s quite a while ” I greeted as I brought out a smile.
” how are you doing foolish? ” he returned just as I expected.
“yea… guess you are too foolish to notice that I’m doing great ” I replied back with a smile.
” interesting, I guessed you too is too blind to see that you are in a big mess ” he said as he look back at his two friends.
” maybe I’m too blind to see, I guessed you are too daft to realize that you are in the school library. You wanna kick my ass in the library, I’ll file your rustication letter. ” I said then I walk away from them.
” you won’t be so lucky next time ” he said after me, but I subbed him.
I sat down to process some reading since my mission is yet to be accomplished.
” is that planing studio? ” that came from the lady sitting next to me.
“hell yeah… How do you know It’s planning studio?” I asked. She smiled a little lightly before replying me back.
” I studied your course ” she replied calmly.
“you studied my course? I don’t get you ” I asked confusedly.
” okay here it is, I’m a master student. I’m here doing my master in planning, so all these are things I was taught during my undergraduate days” she replied and that got me wowed.
” Oh really, I can really make use of your brain here, I’m on this killing assignment and it been giving me though time perhaps you can be of a little help here ” I said.
“let me see ” she said as she collected the work from me. She helped me with it and she completed my mission. I was so happy that I gave her high five, She’s really a genius.
We read for a while then we exit the library together. We were walking together so I decided to trow up a conversation.
” I don’t even ask for your name, I guessed my priority on the assignment makes me to forget… By the way I’m Ayomide, and my loved name is Oko Adesewa ” I said.
” well anyway my name is Adejoke, but you can call me joke in short ” she said with a smile.
” nice name Ms Adejoke, I would love to be your friend. So can you tell me more about yourself, you know just to walk our way down till we see a bus ” I said. She shrugged her shoulders a little as she clears her throat.
“I don’t know the charm you use on me but I think I like you, I don’t give guys this close audience but you got me really talking, so ask me whatever you wish to know ” she said. I love what she said and we got talking. Our talk was really into each other and we became friends more quickly than I thought. We exchanged contacts and I promised to give her a call.
I got home quite hungry so I quickly cook some noodles to fight away the Hunger. Just as I finished cooking, baba dudu entered.
” oh No, this isn’t good ” I muttered just as I saw him. Without even saying a word, he went ahead and search for fork.
“hey wetin you wan do with fork ” I asked knowing fully well that he want to join me in eating the noodles.
“wetin dem dey use fork do? Digging burial ground? Alaye shift make I sit, no be only you sabi chop indomie ” he replied.
“baba dudu don’t you have any sense of humor? I cook only two noodles and you still wan follow me chop am” I said.
“na grammar be that one wey you dey talk, I never chop since morning, I now see food Make I no chop Abi, I go chop this one ooo” he said then he drag the noodles closer to himself.
“whatever” I muttered then I head out to buy ‘kulikuli ‘ since baba dudu won’t let me eat the noodles in peace, I’ll rather choose to drink gari than to compete with baba dudu on two noddles.
On my way to buy kulikuli, Rita called.
Rita : hello
Me : hello dear
Rita : where are you ?
Me : I’m at home. How are you?
Rita : I’m not fine my roommate is crying
Me : crying? Why is Cindy crying?
Rita : your friend apple boy broke up with her
Me : oh…i… I didn’t know
Rita : I thought you guys are close
Me : yes we are I just don’t know that he have broken up with her.
Rita : I don’t think you guys are close cos they have been fighting for over a week now.
Me : oh… He didn’t tell me anything. So what do you want me to do now.
Rita : just help me to tell him that he’s a douche, an idiot, A fool….
Me : hey hey take it easy.
Rita : take what easy? She loved your friend with all her heart and your friend ended up sleeping around like a dog and he’s not even ashame of it. Tell him that he’s a bastard.
Me : hey that’s enough, I won’t let you insult my friend just like that.
Rita : ooooh, so you are now defending your friend now Abi. What makes me think that you are different from him
Me : I guess you should drop this.
Rita : I’m not dropping anything. If your friend can do such a horrible thing to my friend, so will you.
Me : hey do we have a quarrel or something before ?
Rita : you guys are birds of the same feathers
Me : I’m not my friend.
Rita : I never said you are, you might be worst.
Me : thank you, I’m ending the call.
Rita : how dare you drop the call when I’m still talking to you.
Me : you are trying my anger, but you won’t succeed. Let me tell you something, the fact that you are the one that called doesn’t mean I can’t drop the call from here. So get that into your head, you see this number, never call it again cos I can never be with a lady that can’t control her anger.
I ended the call then head back home. out of annoyance, I forgot the kulikuli I wanted to buy due to what happened, and beside an hungry man is very prone to anger.
When I got home, I decided to clear off my mind on the social media. After chatting randomly for a while on facebook, I decided to use the whatsapp.
I met Aduke online and I’ve quite miss her company, so I messaged her first.
Me : hello friend
Aduke : oko grace
Me : who is oko grace?
Aduke: you na
Me : it’s oko Adesewa not oko grace.
Aduke : oko grace how are you.
Me : wait who is this grace?
Aduke : Hanhan you’ve forgotten her so quickly
Me : just tell me who she is
Aduke : the grace in your story, Sexcapade with the neighbors daughters. The one that broke your head and you loss your memory.
Me : oh…
Aduke : yes… Seriously I like that grace ooo
Me : why won’t you like her since you guys share one thing in common. And that’s wickedness
Aduke: see if I’m the grace I will hit your head even more harder.
Me: that goes without saying.
Aduke : what?
Me : meaning I shouldn’t underestimate your wickedness.
Aduke : whatever.
Me: no problem. Tiny voice
Aduke: Don’t call me tiny voice again.
Me : tiny voice
Aduke : I will vex ooo
Me:really? Can you really get mad at me?
Aduke: I can and I will.
Me : good luck with that.
Aduke : I will still vex now.
Me : who’s holding you.
Aduke : lol oko grace. That reminds me that your story Adesewa, all those things happened to you

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Me : Not all.
Aduke : so you have a baby named Ewatomi?
Me: No but that’s what we wish to call our daughter.
Aduke :so Adesewa didn’t give birth before dying.
Me : let me just say this, the story is of two part my own aspect ends when Adesewa died, the baby Ewatomi and the life after wasn’t mine anymore. It’s someone’s .
Aduke : so Adesewa died truly.
Me : yes.
Aduke : I’m sorry about that. So have you move on.
Me : I can’t really say I’ve move on
Aduke : then what’s holding you back, you are too young to live a life you are living.
Me : actually I have 3 girls that I don’t understand how I feel towards them. I’ve been thinking of giving one of them the love I gave to my late love.
Aduke : that sounds nice.
Me : Yea…
Aduke : I just want you to be happy.
Me : I know… Nice chatting with you today, bye bye.
Aduke : you are logging out.
Me : yes.
Aduke : Oko grace, help me to greet grace.
Me: big head, it’s oko Adesewa not oko grace. Bye bye.
I heard my stomach singing hungry men song, So I helped my situation with a cornflakes.
It’s been 3 days since I last visited jummy, I couldn’t and that’s because I’m preparing for some test.
Adejoke has been very useful to me in terms of learning and I’m getting to like her. She’s older than I am and I never for once ask about her personal life.
I collected her phone one day and then storm through her videos. I saw some porns in her mobile, I wanted to ignore it, but I later find myself watching the porns. They are not normal p--n, all the porns in her phone are lesbians sex. Not even a single one contains a guy.
Then I began wondering, I never see any guy with her or even just for a visit. But some of her female friends do get jealous of each other and also of me.
Then the question came, is she a lesbian?
Friday night, I was with my friends drinking some alcohol at a nearby bar.
I was on my second bottle of Barron wine while my two friends have wasted almost a create of beer down on the floor. Literally we are getting to the spot.
“Aweedy why this table come be like this na, control babes come for us na, I know say you get more than enough babes for hand ” apple boy said in a drunken manner.
Apart from the writing gift, I also have a cursed gift. Having too much of female friends is a curse, it’s not my fault, I’m just lovely.
Controlling girls was never a problem, I picked up my phone and call two girls, since I don’t need anyone and non of them are ready for threesome. I decided to call only two girls for the both of them.
While we await their arrival we began gisting ourselves not just to waste the alcohol.
” Aweedy that reminds me, your wife Rita called me. She con dey follow me talk one kind rubbish, me I Don curse her ooo ” last Don said as he empty the bottle of beer in front of him.
” I apologize for that, she also angered me and that’s because this hippopotamus of Burundi played her friend Cindy ” I said as I point towards apple boy.
“Ogbeni shut up jor, you dey talk as if I Don dey serious with one girl before. She want make I take her matter serious, make I take her as my only babe. Who does that ” apple boy defended.
” gbe enu e soun, for your eye now you don talk, for your eye now na only you sabi talk abi. Do mouth like damage sewing machine they follow us talk nonsense. Because of what you did now, Aweedy wan lose that girl. If you wan play multiple game dey use your brain. See the way you hurt Cindy na, the thing no good na. Me and Aweedy suppose gather hand beat you ni. ” last Don said. But apple boy quickly welcome him with a smile.
” Aweedy no vex Abeg, you guys know me before na, I can’t stay with one p---y… ”
” talk for there again and see if I no go break bottle for your head. P---y na food? Stop hurting ladies. There are ways you can play the game and non of them will get hurt to the extent of hurting themselves physically. Rita told me that Cindy wan chop rat poison na. Imagine wetin dis fornicator do for the poor girl na. ” last Don cut in.
” let drop it, they have broke up. And that’s their fate. So let drink to another p---y ” I said as I lift up the cup of wine I’m holding for a toast. We cheers to eat and our drinking continues.
My controlled girls came and I introduced them to my friends.
I left them to ease myself at a corner when I heard my name from behind. I turned back to see Moses and one huge guy. I might be drunk but I still know what I’m doing.
” I told you we will meet again ” he said in a boastful way. There was an already rapped weed in my pocket so I brought it out and light it up for a smoke.
” sorry did you just say something ?” I asked in an annoying way.
” maybe I should stop talking and deal with you instead. ” he replied boastfully.
” that will be foolish of you ” I muttered as I puff out a smoke to his face.
“foolishness is you collecting my girlfriend ” he said then he signalled to his friend and they but made to attack me.
I was never a fighter, but I’m very difficult to mess with. Some guys has been watching us since, and when they saw that it about getting to a fight, they stood up and interfere.
This caught the awareness of last Don and Apple Boy. Immediately they saw me, they both rush to the scene.
” Aweedy wetin dey happen, who be this guy’s ” last Don asked just as he got to me.
” na this two guys wan beat me ooo on top woman ” I replied.
“dem dey craze Abi woman finish for Adekunle? Make dem try anything funny for here na. Aweedy no talk just let them do anything funny. I swear this place no go contain us ” apple boy fired.
” make the two of you hear wella, this guy wey dey here Aweedy, he Don follow elders chop. The person wey go chop him face for this school, I never see am. You beat Aweedy your own don finish niyen ooo, cos they will burst you, hunt you down, and they will destroy your career. Aweedy let get out of here ” last Don said and we both exit the bar with the ladies.
When you are doing something right, you won’t have to fight for yourself, people will.
I realized that the greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
Moses thought maybe I’m a piece of cake for him to devour, he never truly know the nature of power. The most silent person might be the most dangerous creature.
Test came and gone and I owe Adejoke a big thanks.
I got a text from Adejoke one day, the text was an invitation to a birthday party. The venue and time was written there so I didn’t bother to call her since I got all the details.
9:30 pm on the D-day, I dressed myself with an honour. Since I don’t know how the party will be, I dressed like a gentleman.
The opening time is 9:00 pm, but as a ‘good Nigerian’ I went there at 9:30 and not 10:30 normal African time.
It was a lady birthday and everywhere was filled with ladies. Something was wired about the party, since I arrived, I’ve never see a dude, everyone I’m seeing are ladies.
I picked my phone and contacted Adejoke since I’m yet to see her.
Me : hello
Adejoke : hello Ay how are you.
Me : I’m fine. Where are you?
Adejoke : I’m not at home I’m attending a party.
Me : I know.
Adejoke : you know? Then why are you asking me where I am?
Me: cos I’m in the party.
Adejoke : what? You are where?
Me : the party, you sent me an invitation text. Have you forgotten.
Adejoke :oh no! That was a mistake.
Me : for real? That explains why I’m seeing only ladies.
Adejoke : yes it’s a lady party. No guys are invited.
Me :ok, I guessed I should just shift my ass back to my house.
Adejoke : wait for me, where are you.
Me : not far from the door post.
Adejoke : OK, I’m coming right away don’t leave.
I stood at the door post admiring different creatures rolling by, even though they didn’t give me attention, I kept to myself.
I saw Adejoke approaching from a distance and she look quite gorgeous in her dress.
” hello Ay” she greeted as she got to me.
” you are looking very beautiful in your dress ” I said in the coolest way.
” Thank you, yea you shouldn’t be seen here ” She said as she drag me away with her.
” oko Adesewa ” came a feminine voice from behind me. I turned back to see a lady dressed like Mrs Imo state.
” what are you doing here ?” she threw back with a question.
“Emmm… Chilling. Sorry do I know you? ” I asked with perplexity.
“Em… Ay meet Rose, the celebrant. Rose meet Ay my friend ” Adejoke introduced.
I shake hands with Rose and she replied with a blushing smile.
” Adejoke I don’t know you know Oko Adesewa. He’s my favorite writer. He write stories that do turn me on. I mean he’s good at it. F-----g good ” Rose said to Adejoke.
” oh ooo… He write? He never tell me ” Adejoke said in surprise.
” yes oko Adesewa what are you doing here ” Rose asked and I’m about to answer her when Adejoke cut in.
” it’s my fault that he’s here, I mistakenly sent an invitation text to him and… here is he ” Adejoke said.
“oh… Although it’s a ladies party but it’s an honour to have you here. ” Rose said with a smile.
“if I should get you right, you mean he can stay? ” Adejoke asked with a surprise.
” yes he can ” she replied calmly.
” what if… You know…”
” he can handle it, with what he write…it will be nothing to him ” Rose cut and that finalized the issue.
I sat myself down as the party kick off. there were ladies sitting both at my left and right, but there’s this particular one sitting by my right that kept looking at me in a disgusting way and she kept hissing every seconds.
She later graduated from hissing to mumbling, which I certainly don’t like, so I gave her a treat.
“you got problem with your mouth, I can help to keep it shut ” I said without looking at her.
“literally this is a kick in the tooth ” she replied.
” That’s literally not what literally means ” I replied still not looking at her.
” I think you are a dork, how many of your mate do you see here ” she asked.
” non, but I think you are an imbecile, must you always run your mouth like a damage stabilizer ” I threw back.
She opened her mouth in surprise, I didn’t wait for her to close it before I excuse myself from her sight.
I looked for another seat as I comfort myself with some reasonable ladies.
I was surprised when I’m being called to the high seat, you could imagine the wow and the honour I received. Rose introduced me well to the crowd especially the crush aspect, that got me thinking.
The party proceed forward and after the cutting of the cake, something happened.
They switched off the brightest light in the room, leaving few dim light at the centre. then the female MC mentioned something that sounds like let go naughty!.
“let go naughty? ” I asked myself but I got no response.
” wait… Wait… Let go naughty? Mothers of Toronto, I’m in a lesbians den!!! ” I muttered.

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