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Aduke-Episode 7


Aduke-Episode 7

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.
I bought the abortion pill from the chemist shop be then I head straight to my place. Through out the way, I was thinking of how to dissolve the pill into a drinkable substance for jummy to consume.
I know that my legs are walking, but my thoughts are too far away.
I made a hit with someone and I almost knock the person down. The pill I’m holding dropped from my hand and the person helped pick it up.
I was brought back to life as I made to apologize to the person, but he was just smiling.
” oko Adesewa how are you ” he said as he stretch forward his hand.
“I’m good, it seems you know me ” I replied after shaking hands with him.
” of cos I do, my name is opeyemi, people call me chorus. I used to read your story. We’ve talked on phone before, I bet if you can still remember ” he said as he put on a smile.
I cracked my brain for seconds then I remembered.
” of cos I do, you ain’t too bad to recognize, I mean your voice ” I said while trying to force out a smile.
” I think this belong to you ” he said then he gave me the abortion pill.
I collected it from him then I stare back at him. I didn’t know whether to say thank you or keep quite.
” maybe you should rethink your decision before giving her” he said then he went his way.
That moment I felt like trowing the pill away, but I still held on to it, it seems to be the only option left for me to choose.
I got home and I met Ruth sitting in front of my door. I was surprise to see her so I quickly hide the abortion pill in my pocket.
“Cinderella, you could have call me before coming to my house ” I said just as I saw her.
” my house is just a stone thrown from yours, and besides my charming prince is worth waiting for ” she said then she kiss my lips.
That was the first and I wasn’t expecting it. I smelt something familiar in mouth, due to experience I got to know what it is.
“Ruth… Did you smoke? ” I asked wearing a confuse look.
“No I didn’t, I collected some weed from the smokers outside your house. I ate some and I still have some with me ” she said as she show me the weed in her hand.
“shit!!! Why will you eat weed ” I muttered slowly to her.
” cuz I need the courage!!! The courage to tell you that I love you, the courage to tell you that you’ve stole my heart, the courage to look into your eyes and kiss you without the fear of you turning me down, the courage to express my feelings to you without the fear of feeling ashame, the courage to tell you these three words, I love you ” she said.
That particular moment I forgot about jummy and her pregnancy. I stood there looking at Ruth beautiful eyes, she deserves a better person to show her true happiness of love.
” I understand how you feel, I want to feel the same way for you but things ain’t working the way I want. You might end up getting hurt and I don’t want that for you…. ”
” I can’t be more hurt than I am right now, cos I broke up with my boyfriend yesterday and you are pushing me away, how do you expect me to feel ” she cut in with tears running down her eyes.
I couldn’t stand it, so I quickly hug her, her tears was about calling mine, so I hugged her to restrain back myself.
” I love you Ruth, I know I do. I… I… Just don’t want to see you get hurt. ” I said as I hug her tightly.
She didn’t reply, she just kept shedding tears…
Tears are words that need to be written. But only few can understand it.
I love Ruth, I love Marvelous and I love Rita, What’s happening to me?
Love could be so difficult…
I decided to share my problem with my friends perhaps they could advise me on what to do. I told last Don and Apple Boy my heart ache a day we are all together.
” Aweedy wetin dey do you? You ain’t new to this package na, you have once control 9 girls at the same time before. How com you can’t handle just 3 girls ” Last Don said.
” Aweedy you dey fall my hand, you don dey sleep ooo, you dey dull yourself. Just 3 girls they give you problem. I remember when you f--k, yetunde, Vanessa, tolani, Adunni, Blessings, chioma, labake, Ifeoma and faith back in those days and nothing sup ” apple boy said in a rapid way but I cut him off.
” I never love any of them, but these three girls are special. I feel something for them ” I said slowly.
“you dey craze! thunder fire love ” last Don cursed.
” aye love ko ni da ” apple boy added.
” Aweedy, you know what, go and smoke some weed, listen to burna songs. Your brain will come back to normal. Insted of you to talk about how to deal with jummy you are disturbing your mind about just 3 girls ” last Don said as he hiss away angrily.
” Speaking about jummy, I bought an abortion pill from Egbon yesterday. But I don’t know how I’m going to give her to use ” I said as I Look at the two of them.
They both burst into laughter before replying me.
” Now you are acting like a man, that one is simple, you will just pretend as if you love her, you will show her some love then she will fall for it ” last Don said.
“you can even f--k her again, she will be happy. It will makes the work easier. Don’t you know ” apple boy added.
“emmm… I’m not buying the idea of f-----g her again, my d--k can never rise before that fat girl, but showing her love in a pretence is something I can try ” I said and they both nodded to the idea.
” call her now and tell her some sweet words ” last Don said as he give me my phone to call jummy.
” I don’t have her number ” I replied swiftly.
” don’t worry, I have her number ” apply boy said as he pass his phone to me. Last Don and I look at him, wondering how he got jummy number but we later leave the question for another day questioning.
I collected the number then I run a call through to Jummy.
Me : hello
Jummy : hello love
Me : huh love? How do you it’s me.
Jummy : I have your number na.
Me : OK, how are you today.
Jummy : I’m fine and you
Me : I’m okay.
Jummy : I’m surprise to see your call.
Me : what do you mean
Jummy : you know what I mean, we are not in good terms,
Me : I know, I decided to change that shit today.
Jummy: oh really?
Me : yes, I believe we are destined to be together, I see no reason running away from destiny.
Jummy : Wao!
Me : Yea, only a coward run away from battle.
Jummy : hmmmm
Me: it’s high time I stop running away from you. We could make a perfect lover.
Jummy : of cuz, our relationship will be loud all over the campus.
Me: no, I wouldn’t want it that way. Let just make it low and cool.
Jummy : whatever you say, I’m just happy to have you Ayomi.
Me : No problem, see you later.
Jummy : OK, love you dear.
Me : love you too.
My friends are waiting for me to end up the call before putting up their funny drama.
” Aweedy!!! woman no get brain I swear, see how you take code her ” apple boy said as he give me a playful punch.
“the babe get money self, na her papa car she dey drive around. You go just dey use her as ATM. You no understand, you go just dey give her billing ” last Don said but apple boy quickly cut.
“don’t you know that’s why I collect her number ni, if na me wey give her belle, I swear!!! that her accord car, na me go dey drive am for this school ” apple boy said.
” you wan f--k Aweedy wife? Thunder fire your p---k there, the girl no fit gree for you self cos your agbere too much ” last Don said and we all burst into laughter.
Evening arrived and I decided to go for a night reading inside the school.
When I got to my lecture studio, everywhere was full and noisy so I decided to use the other LT since I can’t access the studio.
I sat alone on one of the long chair reading geomorphology. The LT I’m reading at happens to belong to the department of political science. The major population of students present with me are political scientist.
One thing about me, I hate politics. I was alone before, then people began joining me. There’s this guy beside me saying shit about politics since he arrived and it been pissing me off.
He never care if someone is reading beside him, he just kept trowing political talks to his fellow course mate, and they were enjoying it, But I wasn’t.
I tried to hold myself for a while cos I’m like an intruder borrowing their lecture room to read. When I couldn’t hold it anymore I decided to voice out knowing fully well that I’m surrounded by political scientist .
“hey! Aproko of Toronto land, can’t you reduce your voice, someone is trying to read here ” I muttered with a serious face.
It caught their attention as they both stare at me.
” Shuuuuu! Okay, rejected budget of ikorodu local government, you have no voice here. If you can’t cope, I guess you use the door ” he replied and his friends echoed up in support of him.
” Oh really? seems you are multi-talented, Now listen up, your mate are at yaba left singing B for Bapple. Basically speaking you are supposed to be in a cage, cos your behavior is of no different to a castrated baboon deported from Addis Ababa.So bros pack well ” I said and there was a noise again.
Doing this period I felt a tap on my shoulder, A female hand with some bangles packed my books and then drag me away from their mist.
” hey where are you dragging me to ” I asked cos I’m yet to catch the lady face.
“somewhere cool to read ” she replied without turning back. Well I followed her like a little child being drag by his elder sister to school.
She took me to the law LT’s and that’s where I got to see her face. She’s the lady I freed along side with marvelous the day they got their ass in some angry festival Thugs.
” I’ve been searching for you all this while, just to say thank you to you one more time, but today is my lucky day. My name is folakemi, but you can call me Kemi. Anyone you want ” she said as she put on a beautiful smile.
” folakemi is beautiful I prefer folakemi. My name is Ayo… ”
” I know your name is Ayo ” she cut in. I shrugged my shoulder as I help myself with a seat.
” very well then, it’s nice seeing you again ” I said as I stretch my hand forward.
“the pleasure has always been mine ” she said as she receive the handshake.
We gets talking for a while and I get to know her more. She’s a law student in 300 level and she’s pretty good at talking.
I read for two more hours and before I know it, 10 pm arrived.
“ain’t you going home ” she asked.
” of cuz I am ” I replied.
” you will see me off to my house ooo, cos you are the one that makes me read to this time and the school small gate will have been shut by now, Only the big gate will still be open and walking from big gate to my house is too dangerous for a pretty girl like me you know…. ”
“I’ve heard you, I will see you off. which area do you you stay ” I cut in.
” Adefarati ” she replied with a happy grin.
“that’s not a problem, I have a friend staying at Adefarati, if I can’t get a bike to take me home tonight, I will spend the night at his place ” I said.
She didn’t look happy when I said that but she forced out a smile.
We pack our books and head out of the school, we talked more on the way and our talk was really into each other.
We got to her place before we knew it and I wave her goodbye. She didn’t seems to like it but that didn’t concern me.
I left her place to search for bike. Unfortunately I didn’t see a bike, so I decided to spend the night with my friend apple boy since he’s living around Adefarati.
I got to his place but I found a female slippers at his door step. I decided to give him a call before knocking.
Me: hello
Apple boy : Aweedy how far.
Me: I dey alright. Where you dey?
Apple boy : I dey house na.
Me : Ehen.. With who.
Apple boy : na me and one babe ooo. Na all night f-----g we wan do tonight.
Me : Chai!!! Aye MI!!!
Apple boy : wetin do you?
Me : nothing good night.
I ended the call then I tried calling my bike man but I couldn’t get through to him. After trying his number severally I decided give up.
I went back to the junction to find a bike but I met folakemi on my way.
” hey what are you still doing around ” she asked.
“emmm… What are you still doing outside by this time?” I threw back.
” I want to get pour water but the shop has closed, so answer my question? ” she asked.
“emmm… I couldn’t get a bike, I went to my friend place, he’s not around and… Can I spend the night at your place please…”
” I thought you won’t ask ” she cut in with a smile. She collected my books and walk twistily ahead of me.
My eyes caught a glimpse of her ass but I quickly take them off away.
We got into her room, she doesn’t have a chair so I sat on her bed.
“are you hungry ?” she asked and I nodded firmly cos I’m d--n hungry.
She quickly make an Eba for me,Believe me, the Eba was d--n solid, rocky in nature . I appreciated her as I devour the Eba, I couldn’t finish it cos it’s a death sentence, so I ate the little I can.
I lied down on the bed to rest cos the Eba took part of my strength.
Folakemi began undressing herself, I thought maybe she want to have a shower, so I turned my face to the wall.
She went out of the room with a bucket of water, and due to the fact that I’m tired, I slept off.
Around the middle of the night, I’ve forgotten that I’m not in my room, so I was rolling about when my hand felt a succulent substance. I wondered what it could be as I press it more harder to know the nature of what I’m holding.
Everywhere was dark so I couldn’t see the thing I’m holding. During this time, I heard a slight moan then I felt a grab on my hand.
I almost flinch when I felt the grab on my hand, I wondered what it could be as the hand began moving my hand downward.
My hand was positioned on a slickly liquid substance, that was when I realized what I’m touching.
“sweet Jesus!!! This is p---y!!! ” i screamed as I erupt out of my sleeping mood to the real life.
I quickly search for my phone in the dark then I on the flash light.
I saw folakemi sleeping beside me with a short night gown and also pantless. Her eyes are open, cos she’s staring at me. I scratched my head for words to say cos I never met to touch her breast. I wondered how she got wet so easily.
” I’m really sorry, I didn’t know… I mean…i never know I’m touching you… I’m as in… ”
“it’s fine” she cut in.
“I’m sorry I will sleep on the floor you can… ” I never finish the sentence when she attack me with a kiss.
She moved her hand downward and hold my d--k like a car gear. She found my d--k hard like a cow horn, she probably think my d--k want a p---y, not knowing that every guy d--k erect when they wake up from a night sleep.
I was trying to fight her off, but she came attacking me more strongly. It was as if she is possessed by a demon cos her strength overtook mine. She rarely give me breathing space as she kept dipping out her tongue into my mouth.
” is this a rape or a crazy lust ” I thought as I keep fighting her off.
She was on me, while I was under her breathing heavily like a defected goat.
My d--k was hard by nature and with the way she’s caressing my d--k, it got no chance of getting soft.
( guys if you haven’t be rapped by a lady before, you are missing some funs)
She pulled down my trouser a bit for my d--k to come out, and before I could drag it up… I’m in.
She sat on my d--k and I felt the warmness of her p---y. She won, there’s no reasoning fighting a lost battle, so I just allow her to do the riding.
I got lost with pleasure, so I f--k her in return. While she was riding me, her breast kept bouncing and hitting each other, I couldn’t take my eyes off it so I grabbed them with a retarding force.
I fumbled her breast at first, then I turned it to a rough squeezing as the pleasure advance.
She increase her jumping rate on my d--k when I touch her breast, and that gave me the clue of her sexual “weak point ”
She bend her body a little as she insert her right breast into my mouth. I guessed she want some sucking, so I gave her what she want.
I s----d her breast with cruelness, taking my time on each of her nipples. She enjoyed it as she creampie slowly on my d--k.
“do you still want to f--k or you are tired ” I asked after she squirt out her first release.
” I still want to f--k but I’m tired ” she muttered slowly.
I took charge of the situation by turning her around. I spread her leg widely apart then I t----t in deeply into her honey pot.
She entwined her leg around me as I balance the f-----g equation on her p---y.
I f----d her in a pleasurable way and she enjoyed every bit of it.
I pulled out after 30 minutes and release on her bed, she love the sex and she want more, but the night was too short to go for an infinity sex, so I stopped her.
In order to write the book you want to write, in the end you have to become the person you need to become to write that book.
The only way to get the pregnancy out of jummy is by deceiving her with love.
I changed totally to jummy as I began to show her more care and compassion. She fell for it as every bit of my word drives her crazy like an untamed horse.
So many times, I was close to putting the abortion pill in her drinks, but I lack the courage to do it.
Whenever I want to put the abortion pill into a drink for her to take, My hand will be trembling and I will end up not putting it in.
This go on for a week, it got to some point, I forgot about giving her the abortion pill.
Little by little, the hatred I have for her began reducing. She seems to be a happy person that want a happy life, she just don’t know the right path to take.
I was at her place one Saturday afternoon on a visit. She was cooking in the kitchen while I was in her room watching a movie on my phone.
She rushed Out from the kitchen to give me a phone call.
” who is that? ” I asked silently before collecting her phone.
” it’s my mom” she replied as she hand me the phone. I quickly compose myself as I clear out my throat.
Me: good afternoon Ma
Mummy jummy : good afternoon my son. How are you
Me : I’m fine Ma.
Mummy jummy : God bless you my son.
Me : Amen Ma.
Mummy jummy : my daughter told me alot about you.
Me : yes Ma
Mummy jummy : and I’m looking forward to seeing you.
Me: yes Ma.
Mummy jummy : she said you guys have been dating for a long time.
Me : yes Ma.
Mummy jummy : I was happy when she said you’ve proposed to her
Me : hun? (Aye MI) yes Ma.
Mummy jummy : you are blessed my son, just let me know when you are ready so that I can let her father know.
Me : (Mo daran) OK Ma.
Mummy jummy: take care of yourself my dear.
Me : thank you, and you too Ma.
I returned the phone back to her then I head out of the room to clear out my head.
It is harder to crack prejudice than an atom. I couldn’t believe she told her mom the nonsense that I’ve propose to her. I felt like just cutting the whole thing, but I calm down my nerves as I return back to the room.
He who takes offense when no offense is intended is a fool, and he who takes offense when offense is intended is a greater fool. So I decided to remain calm but my head is running crazily mad.
She was in the kitchen when I entered, And due to what her mom said, I decide it best I take my leave, who knows maybe the next call will be from her Dad.
I bend to pick my phone on her bed when my eye caught a glimpse of something in her trolley.
I took a closer look at it to be sure I’m seeing the right thing. I got perplexed as I rethink the situation.
” Is this a menstrual pad or pampers, what’s a pregnant lady doing with a menstrual pad, does a pregnant person menstruate? ” I thought wildly.

To be continued….
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