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Aduke-Episode 6


Aduke-Episode 6

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Facing the reality is like facing a penalty shoot with two opposite sides of happiness and also of sadness. If the ball goes in, there will be joy, and there will be sadness. And If the ball doesn’t, there will still be both joy and sadness. It depends on which side we are. Sometimes Reality could be confusing…
It’s been said that love finds you when you’re ready…bad timing, I’m not ready.
I couldn’t believe both my ears and eyes, my eyes is seeing a pig, and a pig is telling me that we are getting married. Imagine?
” jummy maybe you should rethink this, I don’t want you, I never want anything to do with you ” I said calmly.
” why don’t you want me?” she asked with tears. ” I’m a human like any other person out there , I have a heart , I have feelings, just because I’m fat and plumb does that mean I’m not entitle to fall in love, does it say I can’t have feelings, do you think I wish to be like this, God created me this way, who am I to blame. You can call me whatever name you want, pig, hippo, anything ! I don’t care, all I know is that I love you and that’s real. ” she said as she wipe her face with a handkerchief.
I can’t stand seeing a lady crying, I got moved by her tears but I didn’t show it out. I just turned and head for the door.
I think of where to go, after a while, I decided to visit my friend Apple boy at Adefarati ( a street in Akungba).
I got to his place and I met him sleeping like a bull. I woke him up with some hard lashes on his butt.
“Aweedy how far na, when did you enter ?” he asked as he gave a big yawning.
“Abeg don’t swallow me ” I said as I push him away lightly.
“Aweedy what’s up, your face looks tired wetin happen “he asked.
” jummy is making life miserable for me ” I muttered.
“Jummy..jummy… Jummy. who is jummy? ” he asked with a thinking face.
“the fat girl that…you know… Pregnant… ”
“oh-oh-oh-oh that pig? ” he cut in.
“she’s not a pig, her name is jummy!!! ” I screamed back at him.
” Aweedy dey shout at me, wait wetin happen, when did you suddenly like her… ”
” I never said I like her, I’m just feeling somehow sorry for her, she said some things to me today that makes me feel sorry for her, she might be foolish but she’s also a human, it’s God that created her, so why should we call her a pig. We all need to reconsider how we judge people around us, I might not like her personalty, but she’s still a human ” I cut in.
Apple Boy reasoned with me as he shrugged his shoulders.
” well you are right, if we call her pig, then we call God pig, I’ll stop calling her pig from today on ” he said then he lie down on the bed to sleep .
” Yea… Do you have any movie on phone, I need something to distract my thinking ” I asked.
” I have one movie here, not an action movie. The title is the greatest show man. I guess you will like it ” he said as he transfer the movie to me through xender.
I left his place around 5 pm in the evening to my place. I read for two hours, then I began getting bored, I remembered I have a movie to watch, so I decided to use it to lighten up my brain. All works and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
I found the movie quite interesting so I decided to watch it to the end before going back to read.
There was a song that got my attention in the movie. The song is titled “This is me” The song makes me feel guilty, so I decided to search for the lyrics on goggle.
“I am not a stranger to the dark
Hide away, they say
‘Cause we don’t want your broken parts
I’ve learned to be ashamed of all my scars
Run away, they say
No one’ll love you as you are
But I won’t let them break me down to dust
I know that there’s a place for us
For we are glorious
When the sharpest words wanna cut me down
I’m gonna send a flood, gonna drown them out
I am brave, I am bruised
I am who I’m meant to be, this is me
Look out ’cause here I come
And I’m marching on to the beat I drum
I’m not scared to be seen
I make no apologies, this is me!”
The lyrics piece my skin as if it’s been sang my jummy and then directly to my face. The movie changed my mentality, so I stopped judging people.
The following day happens to be Monday, busy as ever. Jummy, Ruth, Rita and marvelous got my heart heavy. But I still decided to be happy.
Sometimes…happiness is a choice that requires effort at times. You just don’t choose to be happy, we work towards getting happy.
Since the situation got me thinking, I decided to use my experience to battle it.
I was in the lecture studio one afternoon thinking about life in General, I was lost, trying to trace back my mind back to the right path I came from, sometimes I got lost in my thoughts. I never knew people are watching me, I thought I was alone in my Disney World not until a friend tap my shoulder. His name is Doyin. He’s also my departmental friend, We are not too close, but he’s very close to Tino.
“Aweedy what are you thinking ?” he asked. The images in my head faded as I came back to the real world.
” nothing jare, I’m just imagining things. That’s all ” I replied, then I saw last Don approaching us.
” Aweedy, doyin. How far na ” he said as he shake hand with us.
“last Don, if you see the way this guy they think. I don reach his side for more than 15 minutes, he don’t even know. He be psycho? ” doyin asked while Last Don burst into laughter.
” doyin let me tell you something, Some people could look at a mud puddle and see an ocean with ships. that kind of person is this guy. He got a brilliant mind, but everything that have advantage also have disadvantage, I won’t want to talk about that, where tino dey make we all gather go do ‘Agbere ‘ ( act of toasting, wooing and collecting girls numbers) ” he said as he pick his phone to contact Tino. He called him and tino showed from nowhere.
“Here comes Mr Tino and here goes we are to agbere land ” last Don said in a funny way.
The four of us went out to catch some fun, even though I’m not really into the ‘fun catching ‘.
They collected couples of girls number each but I was just with them like a body guard, I’m just following them around without collecting numbers from any of the girls.
After a while, I got tired then I decided to go home. I stopped to buy fried fish on the road cos I didn’t cook anything at home.
I met my school son at home lamenting like a harassed fowl.
” Egbon, see I never chop anything since morning, as I dey so, I’m hungry. And beside today na big time bad day for me. Just annoying ” he mumbled.
“If you are still breathing maybe it is not such a bad day after all… here, use this fish to drink Gari, then you can tell me all about it when you are done ” I said as I hand him the fish I’m holding.
” thank you Egbon, your school daughter asked of you today. She want to come here for a visit, I tell her say make she come on Saturday so that she can just cook soup for us ” he said as he head for the bucket of Gari.
“whatever ” I replied.
I open my whatsapp App to reply to some messages, I met Aduke online, i was still planing to chat her up when a video call from her came in. I opened my window then I picked the call.
Aduke : hello
Me : hi… You are looking good
Aduke : thank you. How are you
Me: I’m fine and you
Aduke : I’m okay.
Me : do you know you have a tiny voice
Aduke : me?
Me : yes like the voice of a toddler
Aduke : haaaanhan
Me : you just make it more tiny
Aduke : stop it, my voice is not tiny.
Me : it is
Aduke : it’s not
Me : it is
Aduke : I will beat you ooo
Me : through the phone or what
Aduke : I will keep your cane till the day I see you.
Me : Hmmm. I hope so.
Aduke : wetin do your face, they look edgy.
Me : you talk as if you’ve seen my face before.
Aduke : Sebi I’m looking at it now.
Me : Yea, for the first time.
Aduke : Ehen… I’ve seen your pictures na
Me : those are pictures not the real me talking.
Aduke : Ehen… Iwo Lo mo, na you sabi.
Me : Yea… Gist me.
Aduke : did you just say I should gist you.
Me: yes what about it?
Aduke : you that are always shutting me off whenever I mention the word gist.
Me : Ehen…
Aduke : yes na
Me : any gist?
Aduke : Hmmmm, let me think… Ehen that reminds me, why do you always use your name in all your stories.
Me: cos it’s me. I’m the one in the story.
Aduke: you mean you are the Ayo in the story
Me :yes… If you are not the hero of your own story, then you’re missing the whole point of your humanity.
Aduke : oh
Me : I want to bath now, chat you later.
Aduke : dirty boy
Me : what? Whatever
No sooner had I step into the shower that my phone rang.
I checked the caller and it’s marvelous.

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Me : hello marvelous
Marvelous : hi boo
Me: how are you
Marvelous : I’m not fine.
Me : what’s wrong? What happened?
Marvelous : you are hurting me.
Me : sweet shit!!!
Marvelous : I don’t know how I’m feeling, I’m feeling like a cheep girl forcing herself on a guy.
Me: oh
Marvelous : yes. You don’t act the way you do and expect a lady not to fall in love with you, I don’t know about your past, but if you keep this character you gonna have ladies problem.
Me: I already had.
Marvelous : I’m not just any lady to you. Since we became friends, I’ve noticed the way you look at me. I see love in your eyes, but I thought you are scared of telling me, so I put up the drama right in front of you and Moses, but after that nothing happened. What’s wrong ay? Don’t you want what I want from you.
Me : it’s not like that…
Marvelous : so it’s like how? Or do you have someone else besides the Adesewa I heard about.
Me : No…
Marvelous : so what’s your problem?
Me: it’s just…
Marvelous : I need to see you, can you come to my place.
Me : I should be able to.
Marvelous : I will be waiting for you.
Me: what should I get for you while coming.
Marvelous : I want the head of the vice counselor in a plate.
Me : you are funny.
Marvelous : I don’t want anything, I only want you.
Me : I will be with you soon.
I quickly cook a noodle to hold my stomach from singing hungry rhymes to me, just in case of necessity.
Marvelous house is around ibaka market, and the day happens to be the market day, so I decided to buy pepper and some other ingredients she can use to cook soup.
When I got to her house, I met 3 female slippers on her door step, I knocked on her door and she opened immediately.
When she saw me, She jumped at my arms . I wasn’t expecting that, I can’t deny the fact that I like her.
I entered inside and I saw two of her friends sitting on her bed.
” ayomi, meet my friends dami and Nike” she said as she introduced them to me.
” our boyfriend, thanks for taking care of our friend, she tells alot about you to us, your care, your love, everything ” Dami said with a nice smile.
” I can even see that you are taking care of her, I can’t believe you buy soup ingredients for her. I’m jealous oo, this is the kind boo I want ooo. ” Nike said in a funny way.
I was floored down with shyness, I can’t even raise my head up. It’s like the three of them select themselves because they are exceptionally beautiful.
” it’s like our boo is feeling shy, let excuse him. The next time we see, we will remove that shyness from you ” Dami said then she exit the room with Nike.
Now it remain only me and marvelous in the room. I gave her what I brought then she head for the kitchen to prepare the soup. I offered to help but she declined.
” I hope you know you are not going home today ” she alerted from the kitchen.
” I’m not always comfortable sleeping with a lady ” I replied swiftly.
” you are not really good at lying, I can tell when you are lying and when you ain’t. So I’m not buying that shit. Just tell me you don’t want to sleep here… I can’t force you ” she said in a rather angry and sad voice.
“I’m sleeping over ” I replied. I can sense her happiness from where I am.
” maybe you should come into the kitchen to watch me ” she said. I stood up and head for the kitchen. I rest on the wall watching her astonishing ass, while she do the cooking. She turned all of a sudden while I was still looking down at her ass. I quickly turn my head, but I wasn’t fast enough so she caught me.
She look down below just to be sure I’m not staring at something else but her ass.
” What happened to being romantic, You just stand there like an electricity pole since morning, I was expecting you to cuddle me from behind and then…you know, kiss me.That’s what lovers do, Will I have to teach you all things or you are Just pretending to me ” she said.
I searched for an answer to give her, but I found non, so I mumbled.
” I…i… You know..I’ve never been… ”
” just shut up and do it, I won’t fight you off ” she cut in.
I waited for some seconds then I move towards her. I cuddled her slowly from behind and she slowly balance her head on my cheek.
” these are what I want from you, I read your story Adesewa, even though I never tell you. I could feel your pain in the story. You know why I’m sticking with you, I believe whosoever you fall in love with right now, you won’t want to let that person go. And I want to be that person, my heart is too shattered, too broken to continue. I’ve had alot of heart break in the past, I don’t want to continue having this heart break. But what you had is more than a heart break. Losing someone you love to death is… a heart depression, like a heart tornado or hurricane, even if we rebuild the city, the impact will always still be there. When you open your heart back to love, I want to be that lady. ” she said.
How do I appreciate a lady that said this to me, I thought for a while without saying a word. I kept asking myself the question, can I really fall in love again.
I didn’t know when I move my head down to kiss her. The kiss was light, but it was sweet.
“thank you ” I said then I move away from her to the room.
I fetched for a paper and pen, then I compose a poem
“She Needs To Be Loved
She cries every night
tears streaming down her face;
She needs to be loved again
she’s forgotten the taste.
The taste of the sweet kiss
that once made her smile;
She needs to be held again
if only for a little while.
She needs someone to talk to
when she needs a friend;
She has a broken heart
that she feels cannot mend.
She needs to be loved
forget the tears;
She needs someone who’ll be there
forever throughout the years.
All she thinks about
are the times you had together;
You both said
you would be forever.
She needs someone there for her
she knows she can trust;
This isn’t just a want
this is a must.
With all the signs of “true love”
she has been shown
She still cries at night
’cause she’s still alone.
She needs to be loved again
someone’s baby girl;
Someone who will tell her
she is his world.”
I put it in the middle of some of her books, maybe someday when I’m gone or when I’m not, she will get to read it.
She finished cooking around 7 pm in the evening, she make Amala to the soup and we ate together happily.
We gisted for an hour before I suggested which should stroll out to buy some suya.
I hold her tightly by her hand as we walk happily together to the suya post.
” why is suya sold at night? ” she asked. I looked at her thinking of an answer but non came .
” before you and I were born, this thing called suya has been in existence and it’s been sold at night because it’s a night business. Don’t ask questions too big for an answer ” I said then I give her a playful punch.
After buying the suya, we were heading back home when we came in contact with Moses. I wouldn’t say he’s looking cool.
” who do we have here, your boyfriend ” I said as I point towards Moses direction for marvelous to see.
” he’s never my boyfriend ” she retorted.
” marvelous can I talk to you for a minute please ” he said, ignoring my existence. Anyway I never care.
” If you can’t tell me right here, maybe you should forget it ” she said as she made to move away from him.
” marvelous!!! It’s very important. Listen to me! It’s important ” he screamed.
” maybe I should just excuse you guys insted ” I said as I made to move backward but marvelous drag me back.
“No!!! You are going nowhere, if he can’t say it here, then he should forget it!!! ” marvelous said with an action .
” very well then ” Moses said as he look at me with an angry face. ” this guy you claim you love so much is a scammer, so you think a guy will be handsome like this without having a girlfriend, not even girlfriend but girlfriends. He’s lying to you, a fat lady in 200level is even carrying his baby. He have multiple girlfriends all around the campus I can’t mention. You claim you love this guy, if truly he love you, why didn’t he tell you the truth about the lady she impregnated. He’s here ask him, he can’t deny it ” Moses said with a hand demonstration that point exactly at me.
I looked at marvelous, her smile is gone, I await her to ask me the deadly question which I cannot deny, but the matter later choose a different route.
” Moses are you done or you still have something else to say ” she asked.
“marvelous didn’t you hear all I said, this guy is a lier… ”
” that’s enough, I won’t stand here and watch you insult my boyfriend. excuse me ” she said then she drag me away with her.
I was silent all the way back home, I couldn’t even say a word to her, I was engulfed with guilt…
I couldn’t start a conversation with her, what I could only do was to stare at the floor.
” are you thinking about what he said, forget it, they are just a trash ” she said as she move closer to kiss me.
” let eat ” she said then she put a suya meat in my mouth. I chew slowly as I watch her innocent mind. How do I tell her the truth? That kept running through my mind.
My night with her was solo…she stared at me through out the night but I never touch her. The guilt in me couldn’t make me touch her. I was scared…that’s the truth, Scared of saying the truth.
The following morning after I left marvelous place, I head straight to jummy house, I would rather fight fire with fire.
She was preparing breakfast when I got there, she smiled at me but I was too angry to return the smile.
” good morning my love ” she greeted in a baby voice.
” the guy standing right before you is not your love ” I retorted.
” stop it, I don’t like it. You are not even caring ” she mumbled.
” caring? What a shit!!! I never like you, I hate fat girls, you are not my type, I can never love you! Never!! ” I fired angrily.
” why? Have you forgotten I have your child in me ” she said.
“That’s nonsense!!! so you now went around broadcasting it all over the campus that you are pregnant for me? even the house dog knows. So ridiculous ” I fired angrily.
” see I’m pregnant and I’m proud of it. I can even slay with it, so far it have a father ” she said as she roll her eyes stylishly.
” Aye MI, edakun egbami ” I muttered as I grab my head.
” see, there’s a Yoruba proverb that says ‘Obirin ti o ba ti loyun fun eni, obirin na ti koro ni ale eni’ ( when a woman is pregnant for a man, that woman is no longer that man side chick or girlfriend) ” She said.
” so what’s that suppose to mean ?” I asked in an angry tone.
” meaning, I’m your wife to be, so far I have your child in my womb ” she fired back.
” oh really? Let me tell you something, You see that thing in your womb, if you didn’t get rid of it. I’ll do it myself ” I said then I head angrily out of her room.
Out of anger, I went straight to a chemist shop. I know a chemist man that is very close to me as a brother so I head to his shop.
” Ay how far ” he said just as I entered his shop.
“Egbon I’m not fine ” I replied.
“what is it? ” he asked silently, and without hesitation I voiced it out.
” I need an abortion pill”

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