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Aduke-Episode 5


Aduke-Episode 5

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

A writer must teach himself that the basest of all things is to be afraid.
I was scared to my feet, I couldn’t be so sure, but the thought came flowing.
” oga daudu should we go to the police station and report this to them ” I asked with a terrified voice.
” climb bike make we go ” he said as her fire the engine.
” go where? home or where ? I’m not leaving here till she’s found and… ”
” I wan carry you to where dem fit carry her to ” baba daudu cut in.
“OK ok ” I said then I mount the bike quickly.
He took me to an indigene house where we met with an old man, oga daudu spoke with the old man then he later direct us to another building.
When we got to the new building, we entered, oga daudu took the lead while I follow behind.
” when we reach those people just lie down and beg dem ” oga daudu said, and I replied by nodding my head.
We got to the backyard and we saw two female students tie down to a tree, marvelous was there crying bitterly with the other female student.
Four young guys stood in the dark, some hold a cane and the others hold a wipe.
When marvelous saw me, she began crying more loudly begging me to free her.
Immediately I saw those four guys, I lie down on the floor and began begging them. I couldn’t see their face cos it dark but I kept begging them.
They never answer me, all of a sudden I heard my name from behind.
“Aweedy wetin you dey do here ?”
I turned my head backward then I saw a familiar face. I’m not really close to that person, but we do greet each other occasionally when we meet in the street and also, we do argue together when watching a match at a football house. So that’s how we got to know each other.
” please those two girls are my friends, they didn’t know anything about the ritual in this town. Please help me free them. I use God to beg you ” I said then I made to lie down again.
“left to me, I will release them. It’s not that we want to sacrifice them or something, But those guys there won’t release them unless you drop something for them. ” he said.
“like how much?” I asked.
“the two of them 5-5k. That’s 10k if you want to bail them out ” that came from one of the four guys.
“bros 10k too much, make I give you 6k Abeg ” I said pleadingly. After begging them for a while, they agreed then I transfer the money to them.
They untie the two of them and they also return their bags and phones to them.
“oga daudu, Abeg help me carry the two of them to their place, you can come back and pick me later ” I said to oga daudu.
The two of them were grateful, they just kept thanking me, But I don’t want them to thank me, our prime purpose in life is to assist one another.
When your fear touches someones pain, it becomes pity, when your love touches someones pain,it becomes compassion.
On a beautiful Saturday morning, My school son and I were washing clothes outside, While baba dudu is picking beans inside.
“Egbon I wan tell you something oo” Samson said. I looked at him with a response of go on.
” Please I need you to help me beg Elizabeth my girlfriend…”
“who is begging who? ” I cut in quickly with a question.
“Egbon wait first, it happened yesterday night, one idiot who happens to be my ex just send a love message to me yesterday night. Elizabeth saw it and since then she’s not been talking to me, I begged her but she’s still mad at me, I’ve been calling her line since she’s not picking. Egbon I’m confused, help me beg her. Abeg ” he said pleadingly.
“from what you just said, you deserve beating, serious beating. I thought as much, na since morning you Don dey listen to Tatiana songs, I knew something is wrong. But you f--k up, if you guys love each other as you claimed, then she should be able to understand. You don’t need to beg her, you only need to explain to her, and if she love you, she will understand. But since you foolishly choose to be begging her, she will want to make you suffer . just stop calling her and see what will happen” I said then I returned back to my washing.
“guess who will have here ” Samson said in a singing way. I looked up to see Ruth standing some feet away from me.
” anything to help you with ?” she asked.
“actually… Nothing, we are cool, nothing for you to do” I said then baba dudu screamed from inside.
“Ay!!! Na thunder go fire you ooo. Nothing Abi wetin you just talk? . You Don employ chef wey go cook this beans Abi? Or na your head go cook this beans? , you better tell her to come and cook food for us ”
Ruth smiled as she set her beautiful eyes on me
“So what do you guys want to cook…”
” we want to cook soup, come and cook soup for us ” baba dudu cut in as he elope from the room.
” don’t mind him, we can cook what we will eat ” I said trying to discard baba dudu soup proposal.
“see Ay ooo. Na concoction rice we don dey eat all this day, you see person wey wan cook us soup you dey do like betrothed chicken. You better give her money so that she can prepare us good soup Abi wetin I talk Samson ” he said.
“yes na, sister Ruth come and cook soup for us. ” Samson added in support.
“it’s like the two of you are not serious, she resemble caterer or food matron, I no even get una time this morning ” I said then I continue my washing.
“Ay give me money, I will help you to prepare soup ” she said. It’s not that I don’t want to eat soup, but I can’t possibly ask her to be cooking soup for me, but when she asked me to the bring money, I jumped at it.
Ruth prepared two different soup for us that day with semo vital which we use to back it up.
From the very day I narrated the story of Adesewa to Ruth, her behavior to me changed beyond my understanding.

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She began showing more care than before, I thought she was trying to make me happy, but her relationship was at stake.
Before Ruth met me, she had a life. she have a boyfriend she cherished so much with love. But when I came in the picture, she changed to her boyfriend.
Her boyfriend began getting jealous whenever she mention my name in his present or he saw me with her. I understand how he feels because I’m also a guy, so I sat Ruth down one evening to talk sense into her head.
” Cinderella what’s wrong between you and your boyfriend. He doesn’t seems happy whenever I’m around you. What’s happening, tell me ” I asked.
” nothing jare he’s just a jealous person ” she replied trying to wave me away.
” I’m not a fool, all this are happening because of me, you’ve changed to him and I can see that. And that’s because of me. I won’t let you lose your boyfriend because of me, I can’t be the reason for your break up. I think I will just distance myself away from you. I will reduce the closeness. That will do ” I said.
All of a sudden her eyes swell up with tears.
” hey what are you doing? Why the tears ?” I asked consecutively.
” ay please don’t leave me, please don’t do this to me. I can’t survive a day if you change to me, please I’m begging you ” she said with tears running down her eyes.
That was when I realized my closeness to her have turn to something else, but I dissuaded myself not to believe the interpretation.
“why are you crying, I’m only trying to save your relationship from breaking.” I muttered slowly.
“he doesn’t love me, I was the one doing the loving and I’m tired of forcing myself on a guy that doesn’t love me!!! ” she said then she ran out of the room.
I couldn’t run after her, I just sat down there alone with my thought.
There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull, How do you hang on to someone who won’t stay? And how do you get rid of someone who won’t go?
There are things in life that are very painful. One is when your love loves you and doesn’t tell you…Second when ur love doesn’t love u and tells you.
It was a tough decision for Ruth, I wouldn’t want her to have a feeling for me.
Love was something I understand quite well, I know the symptoms of love, I was once it prisoner so I always see it coming.
I wished to help Ruth, but she never want my help, she only want me to love her in return… And that’s not happening…it’s never happening.
While coping with Academic work, I got another angel that’s willing to sacrifice everything just to be with me. Her name is Rita, after what happened between the two of us, Rita only desire to be with me and no one else, she put down her pride to show me how madly she love me.
Rita is a darling, but she fell in love with the wrong guy. She knew little about Adesewa but she desire the love I gave to Adesewa, something I call true love.
I was at the school cafeteria trying to get a lunch when I caught sight of marvelous, ever since I saved marvelous ass from some junkers. She requested me to be her best friend which I couldn’t say no to.
We call each other often and she’ll end the call by saying love you boo. And when she send text messages to me, they always end with a love signature.
I checked my pocket to be sure I’m holding my ATM card before calling her attention to me.
When she saw me, she smiled then she walk happily towards me, I can’t deny the fact that I love her smile, they reminded me of Adesewa smile, she smile like her, maybe not like her but their smile are similar.
” what’s up boo, what are we eating ” she asked just as she helped herself with a seat.
” I just order for fufu, what do you want to eat? ” I muttered with a smile.
” Emmm… I’ll take fufu too, since my boo is also taking fufu ” she said as she put on a childish smile.
I like marvelous naturally, apart from the fact that she’s beautiful, she has really been a good friend to me and I get to like her the way she is.
” how’s your boyfriend, is he still mad at me ” I asked.
“oko Adesewa, I’ve told you countless of time that Moses is not my boyfriend. He’s just aspiring and I’m not giving him admission ” she said as she roll her eyes away like a toad.
I was about changing the topic when I caught sight of Moses. Marvelous was sitting opposite to me so she couldn’t see him.
He saw the back view of marvelous then he approached our table.
I would have back off from talking, but the angry face he put on makes me to voice out.
“marvelous did you just say you don’t love Moses ” I asked loudly so he can hear.
” hell yes. I told you he can never win me. All he want is sex and I hate that kind of person ” she replied. Moses stopped on his track when he heard what marvelous said. I was enjoying the show so I add more sauce to it.
” so you mean you hate him so much ?” I asked with my eyes wide open like a goat.
” Yea, I can even say it to his face… ”
“Lobatan of Mexico!!! ” I exclaimed as I laugh drastically at Moses who was behind marvelous.
” so tell me, if you don’t love Moses, who is that lucky guy. I want to give him headache where ever he is, just tell me that person or give me a name, I will deliver it to him whenever I see Moses” I said knowing fully well that he’s behind marvelous listening to our conversation.
Marvelous took up a blushing shy face before replying me.
” that lucky person is the person sitting in front of me” she muttered.
“who? ” I asked as I face back to see if there’s someone behind me, I even caught Moses looking far behind me to see if she meant someone else.
“who are you searching for, the person is you Ayomide ” she said as she point her finger towards me.
” Mo daran! ” I exclaimed. And for the second time, marvelous throw a suprise response to both Moses and I. I wasn’t expecting her to mention my name and Moses wasn’t expecting it to be me.
“Nice joke, now let stop it and let get serious ” I said as I try to force out a smile.
” I’m d--n serious Ayo, I don’t know how to say this but I love you. I just found myself in love with you ” she said slowly.
I looked up at Moses, his eyes were burning like an alpha.
” emmm… Marvelous, maybe you should stop this. I don’t think if it’s the best of time to say this… ”
“Whether it’s the best of times or the worst of times, it’s the only time I’ve got…the only we’ve got.” she cut in.
” emmm… Moses is behind you and he’s listening…”
” like I care? I don’t f-----g care” she cut in again.
” I’m serious, he’s behind you ” I said as I point my finger right to him. Marvelous turned her head backward to confirm what I said.
” very well then, now I’m saying this to your hearing. Moses, you can never have me as your girlfriend, I have my reasons and you know them all. You see that guy, that’s the guy I love. And he love me even more, You can ask ask him, ay ain’t we? ” she asked looking at me for a response.
I thought of the dilemma I got myself into which I couldn’t get a choice to choose.
“Emm… Emmm… Emmm… We are… We are… We are cool ” I halted.
“hey you will regret this ” he said then he walk towards the exit.
“Marvelous what was that? ” I asked just as he dissappear from our view.
“it’s nothing, let eat ” she said as she unwrap the fufu in front of her.
Feeling is not optional but a fact of life. How can I stop them from having feelings for me, that was something I found so hard to solve.
Lonely hours is the best time of life, because its the only time I share my deepest secrets with the most trusted person in the world…Myself.
I sat alone in my room one day, the thought of Rita, the thought of Ruth and the thought of marvelous came colliding my mind.
I found the feeling confusing cos I felt something for each of them, but I failed to ask myself the ultimate question.
“how far can I go, can it last ”
The king goes as far as he may, not as far as he could. I guessed I forgot that.
A call came in which woke me up from my thoughts. I checked the caller and it’s Aduke.
Me : hello friend
Aduke :friend? So I’m now your friend.
Me : don’t be nut, what are you before, foe?
Aduke : whatever you call it.
Me : how are you Aduke.
Aduke : I’m fine, what’s up. It’s been a while you come online.
Me : nothing is wrong.
Aduke : it’s been a while you post stories too.
Me : I don’t have time that’s why.
Aduke : you don’t have time or you have stopped writing.
Me : is that really possible?
Aduke : just pulling your legs. So what inspired you to write stories. What give you inspiration, what motivates you. Tell me.
Me : my mind is the key factor, I trained it to journey very far beyond normal human thinking.
Aduke : so what kept you going when you have writer blocks, is it your fans or the comments on your stories.
Me : lol am I in an interview?
Aduke : I just want to know the secret behind your brilliant mind. What motivates you?
Me : Speaking about motivation, my readers are part of it, and also my commenters. You know… Sometimes some people will just read my story and scroll away, they won’t like or comment.
Aduke : ghost readers, people like me.
Me : imagine… Well some people will just comment next as if I’m doing copy and paste. They fails to understand the stress I pass through while thinking and typing down the story.
Aduke : Hmmm…
Me : but those that do comment something worth reading do motivates me, even when I feel like not writing, I will just go through the comments section and read some comments, then I will be forced to write because I believe they love what I’m doing.
Aduke : Hmmm… Can we video call on whatsapp.
Me : you think I have time for that.
Aduke : I’m lovely. You will have time for me.
Me : we’ll see about that.
Aduke : OK…any gist
Me : No bye bye.
Just as I ended the call, a call from last Don Came in.
Me : Roberto
Last Don : Philippe how far.
Me : I gentle oo.
Last Don : give me babe na, I know say babe plenty for your hand.
Me : Hmmmm.
Last Don : Abeg na
Me : OK, I will introduce you to one girl.
Last Don : hope she fine sha.
Me : trust me she set wella.
Last Don : that reminds me, your wife nko?
Me : which of your wives?
Last Don : ode!, how many wife you get
Me : Adesewa
Last Don : oponu, Se na dead person I dey talk ni.
Me: then who?
Last Don : that Poland pig na
Me : fornicators of Mozambique!!!
Last Don : she no be pig ni.
Me : she kuku be pig, but that Poland pig got me laughing.
Last Don : when was the last time you hear from her.
Me : I don’t know of her existence.
Last Don : she wan cast you ooo
Me : as how.
Last Don : na every person including animal she dey tell say na you give am belle.
Me : seriously
Last Don : you no say you fine, she dey use you boast around like hulk.
Me : na her problem be that jare.
Last Don : no be only her problem ooo, she wan spoil your reputation. You need to comot that pregnancy from her belle.
Me : Wetin you con suggest.
Last Don : go meet her for house, talk sense into her head.
Me : maybe that will work.
Last Don : it must work cos she wan finish your career for Adekunle.
Me : na her papa career she go finish, not mine.
Last Don : naso, I just say make I check on you bro.
Me : thank you, take care.
Some times we just have to face the reality. Just as Last Don suggested, I went to jummy house at iwaro on Sunday afternoon. After knocking for more than six times, she opened the open.
She was shocked to see me, I read her and I observed that she’s happy to see me.
” can I come in ” I asked after I realized her happy silence.
She gave way for me then I entered. Believe me, she’s looking as piggery as ever.
I study her face for a while, she have a little beauty, just that she doesn’t know how to take care of herself.
Since I was welcomed warmly by her, I decided to remain calm.
“I’m so happy that you are here, what do you want to take ” she asked.
” I’m fine, I’m okay ” I muttered. I saw her smiling and at the same time holding her stomach.
” how do you plan getting rid of that thing in your belly ” I asked pointedly.
” you mean our baby ” she said with a widen face.
” whose babies? I told you I don’t want that thing ” I muttered.
” I’ve told my mom and dad about it and they are happy to hear it. They will love to meet with your parents and plan for our marriage ” she said.
“what? You can’t be serious…”
“I’m d--n serious, we are getting married” she cut in with a higher voice.
“Lobatan of Mexico, Ewo aye mi lo de. Wait a minute, What makes you think that I will want to marry you? ” I asked.
She walks around the room with pride before giving me an answer.
“well you are good looking and handsome, also we have something that unite us together and that’s the baby in my womb. And beside, maybe you don’t know. Ever since we had sex, I’ve been dreaming of you, I’ve been thinking of you every now and there. I thought for a while, what could this mean and the answer came…it love. You released love into my body. I’m in love with you my honey pie, you are… ”
“Aye la-la oooo” I screamed.

To be continued…

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