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Aduke-Episode 17


Aduke-Episode 17

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

What is love!! if it’s not with you…
What good is Love if it’s not your love
(Rio 2)
Illusional is when you know the reality, but still choose not to believe it.
“Ay wake up, this is all a dream, open your eyes everything will be back to normal ” I soliloquised as I open my intentionally closed eyes.
“Godamn it!!! ” I muttered as I hit hard on the door.
“Abeg don’t break my mama door ooo, Abi wetin dey do you self ” apple boy shouted from inside.
I didn’t reply him, I just kept mute cos he’s always good at ruining things for me.
He came outside to meet me after some minutes since he didn’t hear me say a word.
“Aweedy wetin happen, where is your babe? ” he questioned just as he came out. But still yet I didn’t reply him.
” wetin do you wey you bone face like India actor, you better go inside go finish the Pepsi wey you dey drink ” he let out and I decided to answer him.
” I’m sorry for not replying you, even though I didn’t come here, even though you didn’t a word, what will be will still be ” I said.
“Alaye don’t speak in parables to me jor, yan me wetin happen, where did mercy go? ” he questioned.
” she’s probably on her way home now ” I answered.
“alone? Sebi una come together ni, why is she going back home alone ” he questioned.
” Yea… But she’s going home to pack her loads…yea and probably heading to Abuja today or tomorrow ” I replied.
“Shuuu!!! Is it about what I said ?” he exclaimed.
” Not really… It’s about the kissing video, I think her fiance saw the video and that’s where things tore apart. ” I mumbled.
” I hope say you don f--k her sha? ” He asked annoyingly.
” common shut your mouth ” I muttered out.
” you see what I’m saying? Can you see, So you never f--k her. Something wey me apple boy go see on top a chair, even if you climb ladder you no go see am cus you be small pikin. When I said make una dey f--k una self you think say I don’t know what I’m saying. And that one wetin be her name self, mercy Abi Aduke, whatever it is. She con do head like Obasanjo scrotom dey give me one mumu attitude, look at yourself Aweedy you are getting weak You are just … ”
“that’s enough ” I cut in ” I’ll be on my way ” I said then I move away.
On getting home I met mercy packing her loads, I tried talking to her since talking to her is all I got.
“Mercy just calm yourself down, there are better way to settle this ” I said assuredly .
” oh seriously? ” she flinched back ” what better way ? The relationship that I’ve been building up for the past five years is getting ruined and you stood right there telling me of a better way. There’s no better way than this ” she said.
” I can’t believe it! so leaving me is the best thing to do ” I retorted.
” what did you expect, I got to save my relationship. I have to meet my fiancĂ©. I love him and I’m not ready to lose him for anything ” she spatted.
” I… I… I thought you said you love me ” I mumbled slowly.
” yes I do, but I love him more. You are just a small boy living under his parent roof. He’s a real man, self dependent and I can really count on him. Like I said I love you but I love him more ” she said then she head outside with her luggages.
I couldn’t go after her, I just have to let her go. I was hurt cos I believed I was in love. I kept remembering her words and I couldn’t help but to cry.
I wept for hours, I got emotional baggage that makes me feel sick.
I couldn’t tell my parents what happened, so I just have to lie to them, but it clearly visible that I’m emotionally down.
Through out the night I couldn’t focus my thinking, I felt like being robbed of an expensive treasure.
To love someone is not a big deal,any layman could do it,but to get back the love or to be loved by the person you loved, is not always as easy as we thought, You got to be lucky and need God’s grace.
I couldn’t stand up from bed the following day,I was more emotional hurt, More like a heart trauma.
I couldn’t tell my dad, he’ll call me a p---y, and telling my mom won’t be advisable.
I was crying and I wondered why I am, I shouldn’t be but I am, and that’s because I was in love with her.
I was indoor all day, I couldn’t go out and when the evening arrived, I decided to take a walk just to clear my mind.
While walking down the road I saw a gathering of some guys smoking weed. I decided to join them even though I didn’t know them but I believe smoking weed will help me.
After smoking for some while, I brought out my phone and began typing a poem.
” If this is love…(Broken)
I got sticks of untouched weeds
Enough to make me forget who am I
I got friends addicted to hard drugs
A capsule can make me forget who I was
I got motherfucker’s and bitches
A night with one can make me forget who I can be
If this is love…
I got some well molded Arizona kush
Enough to put me on a mad-ass trip
I got raps of high grade in my armoury
In case I needed a back up
If this feeling is love, I got some Mali kush
Mixed with Bordello, a rare bastard.
If this is love…
I’ll smoke up my loud
While listening to Naira Marley, then I’ll dance to the beat of kiss Daniel “f--k you”
I’ll join the squad of colorado
And I’ll je-je-li take my own 3 puffs as I listen to burna boy songs underneath
If this is love, I’ll order for a black mamba!!!”
sometimes the best thing to clear off worries is to take drugs in groups or maybe smoke in groups. For that moment all worries will be gone.
I couldn’t help myself from thinking about Aduke, so I smoke myself to sleep whenever her thoughts surface up my mind.
Even after what she said to me, I still kept calling her, but she won’t pick.
It feels like she’s enjoying herself with her fiance and I’m just an idiot forcing myself on her.
One boring afternoon, I was lying down in the living room watching cartoons when I received a call from nkechi.
Nkechi : hello oko Adesewa
Me : hi what’s up nkechi. It’s been a while
Nkechi : yes ooo oko nkechi.
Me : it’s oko Adesewa not oko nkechi
Nkechi : it’s oko nkechi cos na me go marry you last last.
Me : seriously? We’ll see about that.
Nkechi : I’ve missed you.
Me : Ehyaaa
Nkechi : I want to see you
Me : Ehyaaa
Nkechi :Are you in school?
Me: Ehya I’m not in school.
Nkechi : where are you?
Me : I’m at home on semester break
Nkechi : oooh God! I would have come to see you in school assuming you are in school.
Me : oh sorry about that.
Nkechi : or can you come ?
Me : to bayelsa?
Nkechi : yes my parents are on vacation to Italy
Me : oh that’s Rome, why don’t you go with them?
Nkechi : I got no visa
Me : oh sorry about that
Nkechi : I’m the only one in the whole house, I’m bored and lonely.
Me : so what did you want me to do?
Nkechi : I want you to come
Me : OK I’ll give it a thought, I’ll let you know if I can.
Nkechi : please na. If you don’t have transport money I’ll send it to you just come I need you.
Me: just give me time to think it over, you are just telling me and I can’t just decide
Nkechi : OK I’ll call you later in the evening to know your thought
Me : OK take care
Nkechi : Yea bye bye I love you.
I ended the call then I continued watching the cartoon.
I didn’t give a thought about nkechi offer cos I was prettily enjoying the cartoon.
Towards the end of the cartoon, apple boy arrived without a notice.
” hey motherfucker you didn’t Inform me that you are coming ” I said as we both exchange pleasantries.
“Yea I want it to be a surprise visit, so na cartoon you dey watch like primary school pikin? ” apple boy said as he help himself with a seat.
” no matter how I tell you, you can’t understand cos there are lots more in cartoons and animations that you can never understand ” I said and he waved me away with his hand.
“I’ll rather watch Ajazare than this cartoon of a thing . What’s up na where your babe? ” He asked as he survey his eyes around.
“if you mean mercy, she has left… She left that day ” I replied slowly.
” oga ooo, I think say na play-play ooo. So wetin con dey sup now? ” he asked.
” sincerely I don’t know. Nothing is supping, I’m just here alone trying to be okay ” I muttered.
” what did you mean by trying to be okay? ” he questioned back.
I was at the edge of replying him when I received a notification. I unlocked my phone and I saw a message from first bank. I opened it and it was a credit alert of twenty thousand naira. I wasn’t expecting any money so I checked the sender name and it was nkechi. That was when I remembered her offer.
” apple boy you no go believe what just happened ” I said with a smiling face.
” wetin happen? ” he asked.
” I don’t even know how to start am. There’s this girl sha, her name is nkechi she is a sister to the bride that I make up for in bayelsa, somehow sha she said she likes me and now she want me to come to bayelsa to meet her ” I said.
“Omo bayelsa far ooo, wetin you con tell her? ” he asked.
“Nothing, I said I’ll think about it, now he transferred 20k to me, what do you think? ” I asked.
” go pack your load sharp sharp, bayelsa things niyen. Bobo you are going to bayelsa. This girl mean business oo. She want your d--k badly so what are you waiting for? Go f--k some igbo p---y jor ” he said as he trow me a playful punch.
I was still laughing at what he said when her call entered.
Nkechi : hello
Me : hi what’s up
Nkechi : I’m not fine
Me : why?
Nkechi : I can only be fine when I see you
Me : oh
Nkechi : do you get the alert
Me : yes I do, I’m even wondering what it for…
Nkechi : that’s for your transport fare
Me : transport fare? But that’s too much for a transport fare
Nkechi: I don’t care, I just want you to come.
Me : OK…how did you get my account number
Nkechi : from my mom na
Me : oh.. Ok
Nkechi : OK… so what are you saying?
Me : I’ll come
Nkechi : seriously you don’t know how happy I am to hear that.
Me: it won’t be fare if I didn’t come
Nkechi : so when are you coming, tomorrow right?
Me : tomorrow? No it’s too soon.
Nkechi : common please na.
Me : I can’t come tomorrow, I haven’t make any preparation.
Nkechi : please na, what preparation are you making self, are you a lady ni.
Me : No I’m not a lady, but I have parents that I’m under. Before leaving for such a journey I got to inform them a day or two before, I can’t just take off tomorrow.
Nkechi : OK I understand…
Me : don’t worry you will see me soon.
Nkechi : OK take care honey
Me : Yea bye
Nkechi :I love you.
I’m sure she will be expecting me to say I love you too but I hang up the call instead. Love isn’t what she thinks, love isn’t money and if I’m going to bayelsa to meet her, it’s not because of love, it will be because of lust.
Immediately I ended the call apple boy started looking at me as if I won a visa lottery.
“Aweedy I always dey jealous your life, I dey admire am. See free p---y for you ooo. As in p---y dey await you for bayelsa. You dey burst my brain I swear ” he let out joyfully. I smiled as I look at him, only if he understands all that glitters is not gold. Appearance can be deceiving.
“going to bayelsa isn’t the problem what will I tell my Pa and Ma ?” I asked in confusion.
“if it’s about what you will tell your papa and mama, that one na small thing cos me too I dey travel go Lagos tomorrow I wan go meet Sade. You go just tell your parents say we get one emergency field trip. Lobatan ” he said as he chuckles loudly
” ijapa ti iroko, oko yanibo, arije ninu iyan, ologbon arekereke! I know say scope full that your head. Anyway let see how things goes” I said and we shifted the conversation to another thing.
I told my parents the lie and they bought it, I made arrangements to leave the next day since the journey serves as a help to me. Staying at home alone will means thinking about mercy so having someone to talk to will distract my mind from her thoughts.
The following day, I made ready my stuffs then I head to the car park to board a bus.
I was the second passenger to get there and I felt somehow cos I hate waiting at the car park for the other passengers to come.
While still waiting, a lady in her early 20s arrived and that makes us three.
She greeted me and then make her seat next to me. She brought out her phone and began watching a movie on it. She didn’t attach an ear phone so the movie was audible enough to disturb my inner peace.
“What’s the title of the movie you are watching ” I asked without even a second thought
” A good day to die hard ” she replied.
” really? Where in sweet heaven are you when the movie came out, why are you just watching it? ” I retorted loudly.
” pardon? What’s wrong with the movie? ” she asked.
” Everything! Starting from the title to the year being released. We are in 2019 for crying out loud, you are suppose to be watching 2019 movies like s---t, End Game, X-men Dark phoenix, Men in black, Spider Man far away from Ho… ”
“it’s okay why are you picking on me” she cut in slowly.
“I’m not picking on you, I’m just saying you should watch another movie, don’t let today be a good day to die hard. No one want to die today ” I let out and she burst into laughter.
“you are funny now I understand you. My name is Annabel what’s yours ” she introduced.
“Annabel, what a sweet name you got. Have you watch this movie ‘Annabel comes home ‘ kind of an horror movie that can give a pretty lady like you night mares ” I said why I put on my charming smile. She made a blushing smile as she focus all her attention on me.
” no I haven’t, what is it about? ” she asked.
” evil… Annabel is evil, but there is an idiot that got balls and hit a ware wolf with a guitar. When I said he got balls I didn’t mean that he’s brave, that’s just his name ‘Bob got balls’ He played the love role. I would play the same for you now if I got a guitar, sadly I don’t have” I muttered slowly. She blushed the more as she placed her palm on my cheek
“Awwwn you don’t need a guitar to win a lady over just your look and the way you talk can make her go crazy for you. before I forgot, what’s your name? ” she asked.
” oko Adesewa ” I replied swiftly. She flinched back as she wear on a wired look.
“even though I didn’t really understand Yoruba clearly , but I understand the meaning of your name quite perfectly. Are you married? ” she asked.
“oh my bad, my name is Ayomide, I’m just used to being called oko Adesewa that’s why it slipped my tongue ” I replied.
“you love avoiding questions, I asked if you are married? ” she threw back. I showed her my fingers before replying her.
” Do you see any ring or rings. No I’m not. Oko Adesewa is a given name you can’t understand unless you wish to stick along, then you will ” I said then I saw her bringing her hand forward for a shake.
“Actually Ayomide it’s a pleasure meeting you and speaking about sticking along you have no idea how I’m enjoying this company, so I would love to know you more than anyone could, so tell me something about yourself ” she said with an astonishing smile.
” my bad, can you remind me of my name please, cos looking at your beautiful eyes made me forget all about myself…”
“oh common stop flattering me ” she cut in.
” if I’m flattering you then I would have say your breath gives me a happy pleasure, can I touch those beautiful hands of yours ” I said then she stretched her hand forward. I caress her hand slowly as I gaze directly at her eyes.
“succulent just like the skin of a baby, your body fragrant ‘ taste inviting ‘ Can I place my arm across your shoulder? ” I asked and she shrugged her shoulders in response.
” you must be a womaniser, I can’t believe I’m falling for your sweet little words ” she said.
” I’m not a womaniser, you gave me the clue ” I mumbled.
“Clue? How? ” she retorted. I smiled as I kiss her finger.
” you said it yourself, you said I don’t need a guitar to win a lady over, but I can with my look and what I say. I just said it right, and that’s why it worked, that’s why my arm is around your shoulder and I can even feel your left breast” I said.
She gasp as she pulled herself away.
“Jess you are naughty! ” she exclaimed.
“No I’m not that’s what I do, I’m a writer, I can set up mood and I can also set it off. so do you have any movie that we can watch in this journey ” I said. She smiled at me as she placed her head on my shoulder, it seems it won’t be boring journey after all.
Our bus set off and before we got to bayelsa, Annabel and I are already talking naughty, we exchanged contact and I promised to give her a call.
I didn’t inform nkechi before coming, I planned to make it a surprise for her since seeing me will come as a full surprise to her.
I still remember the way to her father house so I head there directly.
I knocked on the gate and the gateman came out to attend to me.
” oga gate man longest time how you dey ” I greeted.
” I dey fine fine. Na your face be this, you don fat ooo” he said.
” na God ooo. Nkechi dey house? ” I asked.
” no one dey house ooo. Nkechi don travel to her papa village, na this morning she comot, but she dey come back tomorrow sha ” he said and that sounds like a jokes to me but he was serious.
” oh… OK thank you, I’ll call her ” I said as I move away from the gate man.
I dail nkechi number and she picked.
Me: hello
Nkechi : how are you my love.
Me : just okay. Where are you?
Nkechi : I’m at home
Me: I don’t think you are cos the gate man said the opposite
Nkechi : OMG! Are you in bayelsa?
Me : yes I wanted to make it a surprise, I think it goes bad.
Nkechi : I’m sorry love, I didn’t know that you will be coming. I’m not at home, I traveled to my home town this morning to deliver some stuffs to my grandparents I didn’t know that you will be coming.
Me : it fine. I’ll just hang around till you are back
Nkechi :oh no. Tell the gateman to give you the key so that you can enter the house.
Me :No that won’t be necessary, I’ll lounge in an hotel.
Nkechi :No na…
Me : we will see tomorrow bye.
I ended the call then switch off my phone, cos I know she will want to call back.
I searched for an hotel then I lounge in one even though it quite expensive but I got no choice.
I was in the hotel room playing candy crush on my phone when I got bored so I decided to take a stroll out.
While scrolling, I remembered Annabel so I run a call through to her.
Me: hello
Annabel : hi ay what’s up.
Me : I’m good. You’ve gotten home?
Annabel : yes na and you?
Me : kind of… But I’m in an hotel.
Annabel : hotel? Why?
Me :hmmmm I didn’t see the person I’m here to see.
Annabel : oh so what are you going to do?
Me : that is not to problem, I’ll see the person tomorrow.
Annabel : OK so what’s up?
Me : nothing, I’m just bored
Annabel : oh sorry, same here. I’m missing you already.
Me : seriously or will you… As in can you come to the hotel that I am?
Annabel : Hmmmm… Of cos I can.
Me : OK I’ll check the name and the address then I’ll text it to you.
Annabel : alright dear, I’ll be expecting it.
Me : Yea and I will be expecting you.
I texted the address to her then I return back to my room to await her arrival.
After about 30 minutes she called to tell me that she’s outside, so I went out to take her in.
She wore a very skinny gown that brings out her body shapes and I can figure it out that she isn’t wearing bra cos I can see the pointed dot of her nipples through her gown.
There’s a bar in the hotel so I took her there to have some drinks with some barbecue chicken.
We were talking and gisting and after a while I suggest we go inside which she obliged with so much joy.
On getting inside, I lied on the bed to rest my body when I heard a whisper from Annabel
“are you drunk? ” she said in a little voice.
“drunk ?” I retorted ” common I can’t be drunk on 12% acholic drinks are you? ” I asked
” not really, you know just slightly drunk, are you tired? ” she asked.
“hell No. Energetic and locomotive ” I said then I smile to myself. I moved forward rapidly then meet her mouth with my lips. I gave her a hard kiss and she replied expertly.
” Jess you are awesome ” she muttered in between the kiss. I broke off then I stare at her.
” you think I was joking when I said energetic and locomotive? common I mean this ” I said then I grab her breast forcefully which pushed her on the bed.
“how do I access this gown ” I asked. Well there’s nothing bad in asking cos I’ve been thinking of how to get rid of her gown and when I asked, she solve the mystery.
She pulled up her gown and oh mother of Toronto’s… She’s pantless.
Staring at me is a perfectly ripe grape fruit with a lemon sauce. There seems to be an absence of burning bush as her p---y sang reggae to my d--k.
Her body was so f-----g inviting and I see no reason why I won’t explore through her Sexcapade expenditure.
” do you like what you see? ” she asked.
” f-----g yes… This is a beautiful RPG, can I lunch it ” I said ecstatically and she spread her arm widely.
I flew at her like a batman in hunt of a rebel. I made my lips down to her nipples as I suck tirelessly on her breast.
While sucking her breast, my fingers were professionally working in and out of her wet p---y.
I maintain this balance for about 10 minutes before changing statics from DMF to AMF ( defensive midfielder to attacking midfielder)
I moved my lips downward with a kiss till I reach her p---y region. I stopped at the police check point to tender my particulars which included 50 naira note for easy passage. Meaning I worked my lips on her p---y tip to make her more h---y before heading to the main p---y hole.
I gave her a maneuvering tongue twisting on her p---y which makes her to release more than twice.
I pause the progress then I hurriedly naked myself to join the naked zone since she’s already naked.
“please nail me ” she said in the middle of her arousing pleasure.
“ladies first ” I said as I position her on top my d--k.
“bounce that ass baby ” I muttered as she began going up and down on my d--k.
” f--k that d--k baby ” I said and that makes her increase her pace of f-----g. I hold tight on her bouncing boobs to ensure an equilibrium of tranquility.
“My turn ” I said as I turned her over to the missionary style.
I spread her leg wide apart then I t----t in deeply into her p---y. She gasp as she felt the hit on the nectar.
” f--k me hard, please don’t stop, f--k me hard, f--k me, shhhhh, f--k that p---y baby , f--k it ” she mumbled as I continue f-----g her.
I f----d her this way tirelessly for more than 45 minutes before I realized that I’m sweating profusely under a working AC.
Her moderately big ass felt ignored and abandoned so I came to it aid. I switch her over to the doggy style and here again we continue the pleasurable in and out.
I can feel my c-m coming but I’ll control it back by reducing my f-----g speed and after it has return back to the sperm duct, I’ll continue the firing of the p---y.
I followed this trip for half an hour more before letting the c-m out joyfully on her ass.
But that was just my first release, I can still go like that for another three long wave. That was just wave one.
We both f--k ourselves till we got tired of f-----g and then we slept like an exhausted cow.
Annabel return back the following day while I help myself back to nkechi’s house.
She was so happy to see me and I was to see her too.
She welcomed me in and then entertain me like a prince.
I spent three days with nkechi before returning back to my papa house. And the three days was full of Sexcapade and alot of fascinating adventure.
It’s been a week since mercy left my side and she still refuse to pick up my calls.
At a gloaming Saturday evening, I was outside my dad house enjoying the sunset when I caught a view of mercy from afar. I couldn’t believe my eyes as I race happily to meet her.
Her face looks swollen and their are some bruises on her skin. She doesn’t look well, I’d say she have grew leaner.
” Aduke what happened to you ” I asked slowly.
She opened her mouth to talk but tears came running down instead.
“Aduke talk to me, what happened? ” I questioned again. After a while, she was able to put some words together.
” he…he raped me ” she said.

To be continued….

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