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Aduke-Episode 16


Aduke-Episode 16

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.


My name is Ayo and this book I’m writing is mainly about me, every episode so far has been my past and experience in life.
This story Aduke is interwoven to one of my story Adesewa, which got me the name OKo Adesewa.
After the death of Adesewa, I came to Adekunle Ajasin university with the aim and hope of living a better life and majorly to move on.
I find it hard to fall in love again, almost all the ladies I met are in for lust and not love.
I was once a bad boy, I’m still but not as before. I got encountered with some ladies that choose to love me even though I’m not really into them. I also jam some “Agbako’s ” that want to make my body kak√≤ but it doesn’t.
I got framed up with an imaginary pregnancy from a lady whoose name is jummy.
I got friends and girlfriends which has been part of the journey so have. I have last Don and Apple Boy as my best pals while my girlfriends includes marvelous, Ruth, Rita just to mention few. I got fuckers too someone like Adejoke my senior colleague.
Life hasn’t been fair with me, but sometimes you got to write your own story by yourself.
I met two ladies with the name Aduke, one is a facebook friend and the other is someone I got pinned down with.
There has never been a clear path in the journey of life, even the riches got alot of problems.
My path is full of dangers, sadness, bitterness, pain, tears, love, agony, depression but I kept living it with all the happiness that I got.

Previous on Aduke…

I took mercy to the visitor room and I was about exiting the room when she hold my right hand.
” your parent are really lovely. ” she said.
” yea… That’s how I found them ” I replied with a smile.
” so sit down and tell me about Adesewa” she said as she pull me down on the bed.
” yea… All I can say right now is that… she’s as beautiful as you are and she got the type of smile that you have, she do stare at me just the way you are doing right now, and I will have kiss her right now If … ”
” then do it ” she cut in.
I stared right into her eye ball and she did thesame. Our head began moving and I can almost feel the touch of her lips when I suddenly heard my mom clearing her throat.
“huh huh… Food is ready lovers ” she said and that cut us out of our action.
Episode 16
If you miss an opportunity don’t fill ur eyes with tears.It may hide yet another opportunity lying in front of you.
I miss the shot, we were close to kissing each other and then boom!. Intermission! My mom interrupted.
We ate together as a family, but the rules of table manner was ignored. My mom never stop talking, my dad never stop supporting and mercy kept flowering the conversation with every spoon of a swallowed grain.
The following day, I was in the bathroom bathing when I heard my mom silently talking to mercy.
Her voice was low but I can psychologically put down the sounds coming out from her mouth down to a meaningful statement.
I know my mom well, what happened between mercy and I yesterday was something she wouldn’t let to slide off without giving out a say.
I strained my ears and I was able to hear her more clearly.
“My daughter let me tell you something, a boy is a magical creature, you can lock him out of your workshop, but you can not lock him out of your heart. You can get him out of your study, but you can not get him out of your mind. Well you said there’s nothing between you guys but what I saw yesterday was more than something. Tell me do you love my son.? ” my mom asked and I happily await for mercy response.
“actually it’s complicated… I have someone I’m dating but lately… I don’t know what’s happening to me. It’s like I’m betraying my fiance, I’m now sharing his love with someone else. I… I just like Ay…. But tell me about Adesewa she seems to be a ‘forever’ in your son heart., ” Mercy said.
” you wanna know about Adesewa, he should have tell you. If I should start her story we are not going to leave here. Adesewa was a miracle, she came into my son life and she change him completely. sadly that she didn’t live long enough to see the seed that she has planted. She will always be part of him no matter what… Well that’s all I can say about her for now. So do you love my son? ” she asked.
” let see how things turn out ” mercy replied and the next thing I heard was a scream from my mom.
“Ay do you want to turn to fish in that bathroom! ” that was when I realized that I’ve been bathing for more than 20 minutes… Yea I guess I’m turning into fish.
My parents went to their working place and it remained only mercy and I at home. Staying at home will be boring so I choose to take her out and besides I got alot of places to take her to.
“Mercy do you mind if we go catch some fun in town ” I said and gasped loudly.
” I thought you will never say it. Yes we shall ” she replied happily.
” I didn’t remember saying shall we ” I retorted and she came like.
“common big head let go”
” hmm… OK fortunately mom didn’t go out with her car, let me go get her car key ” I said as I moved towards the dinning table.
“Yes we are playing boo and bae ” she let out unexpectedly which made me apply a frictional break
” sorry did just say something? ” I questioned on the spot.
” yes. I said we are playing boo and bae ” she responded.
” And what in the sweet hell is boo and bae? ” I asked in a rather confusing way.
” Urrrghhh… as in it’s like a game, I’ll be the bae while you’ll be the boo. A lovers game ” she replied.
” lovers game? But we ain’t lovers. Let play brother and sister ” I said with a big grin.
” And what in the sweet heaven is brother and sister? ” she retorted sharply.
” I’ll be the brother while you will be the… ”
” just shut up, you are so annoying!! ” she cut in with an angry face.
” OK fine we are playing boo and bae ” I said hoping that will cool her down, but it doesn’t.
” whatever I’m not going anywhere again ” she fired up.
” oh common I’m just joking…”
“and I’m not joking!!! ” she cut in.
I studied her mood for a while then I observed some certain changes which requires some questioning.
” why are you angry? ” I asked slowly.
” I never said that I’m angry, you are just so… I don’t even know what to qualify you with. Anyway just go and pick the key and let go out ” she said then I head for the key.
I took her to some lovely spot in town, she loved it and she began smiling again.
One thing that attracted me to mercy wasn’t just her beauty but her smile that reminded me of someone’s smile.
We had a little shopping and we bought same Polo’s and top as if we are planning or preparing for a pre-wedding photo shoot.
We looked more like newly married couples cos our closeness was more like Romeo and Juliet.
I took her to the cinema later in the evening cos in all the sweetest place in the world, the cinema is part of my favorite cos watching movies not only set me in mood, it helps me to know more about what I need to know more. In short I love movies… Alot.
I’m not really a fan of an India movie but since mercy love watching Bollywood, I got to put my Hollywood on a hold.
We were watching an India movie titled “Always kabhi kabhi ”
You’ll never understand a book unless you open it, I won’t have know the meaning of of kabhi kabhi if I didn’t watch the movie, and it means sometimes. “Always sometimes ”
It a high school movie of a Romeo and Juliet act, love was involved so I got closely engaged.
I caught mercy staring at me while I was watching the movie, I felt uncomfortable so I choose to ask why.
” Am I doing something wired or I got flies on my face? ” I asked with sarcasm.
“Neither of the two, I’m just thinking about you and how you got obsessed by an India movie ” she let out slowly as she move her hand on my chest.
” I’m not obsessed with it… I just love the movie and it’s making me wanna-wanna say things I don’t want to say ” I said with a shuggle.
Mercy looked at me for another minute before she let out of another cat.
” you wanna talk about yesterday? ” she asked.
“oh Jess! I’m in the middle of an interesting movi… Wait what is it about ‘yesterday’? ” I asked with a perplexed look.
“you know… Before your mom came in, you know… Before she interrupted. You were about doing something ” she let out slowly.
“I’ll suggest you use we were ” I retorted.
” OK fine, we both are. So you don’t wanna talk about it? ” she asked.
“Hmmm…. Not really ” I mumbled.
” not really doesn’t mean you don’t want to talk, sometimes it means you don’t know how to talk it, Always sometimes ” she said.
I took a pause with my look then I face her.
” do you know that you just use the title of this movie in your speech ” I said as I look at her.
” I never noticed ” she spatted.
” I’m glad I let you know ” I said swiftly.
” Ay I know you got things on your mind, be man enough to say it out ” she said and that got me imaginary off my feet.
” okay let me tell you something, it might not be Always but sometimes…
I never thought I’d fall in love with you.
I thought someday, of course, I’d fall in love…yea I was, I had and…
But what it felt like, I just never knew,
I’d no idea what I was thinking of.
And then, somewhere between my need and pleasure,
Walking neither overjoyed nor sad,
I looked into my heart and saw a treasure
Worth more than anything I’d ever had.
Ah! This is love! I thought. And then I wanted
To give my life to see your happiness.
Suddenly, from nowhere, I was haunted,
Needy, joyful, tearful, glad, obsessed.
My love for you has brought me out of me.
The beauty in your heart has set me free.
So I thought, I know how it feels to be in love, I was, I had maybe I am, but always kabhi kabhi I felt I’m having this feeling again with you.
Not so odd, but it’s Always kabhi kabhi. ” I said without looking at her.
” Ay can I make a request? ” she asked calmly.
” of cos, I’m listening ” I replied facing her with a smile.
” can I kiss you? ” she threw out and I almost miss the entry of the pop corn I’m eating to my nose. I looked around hoping no one heard her but everyone seems engrossed with the movie.
” did you…did you just say something? ” I asked with an awkward look.
” Yea I did, but now I’m doing what I said ” she said then she move her head closer to kiss me, I saw it coming so I welcomed it with my lips.
And our lips crash together like that of the Titans. The kissing was so ‘ unbelievably awesome ‘.
For a moment, I forgot that we are in the cinema. I didn’t feel like stopping and she wasn’t neither.
I was lost in the kiss, so was she. It kept getting hotter then I heard a masculine voice saying something that attracts the attention of people around us.


“it seems like we got another Romeo and Juliet here just as we have in the movie ” He let out loudly which got the attention of people that got reached with his voice and unexpectedly they all started clapping their hands.
When we disengaged the kiss, we got hundreds of different eyes staring at us, which includes phones with flash light which I’m pretty sure that it’s either they are taking pictures of us or some are getting us on video.
“Ay people are looking at us, what should we do? ” mercy ask in a mumbling.
” Welcome to Nigeria where kissing publicly attract public attention. just smile back at them ” I replied.
We returned back home late in the evening and I’ll say our day was eventful.
My parents are already waiting for us even though they know that I’m not that a wayward child, but I used to be.
Pounded yam was already waiting for us as dinner and I blamed my mom for not calling me to assist her with the pounding.
” don’t mind me jare, I’ve been used to doing my stuffs alone and besides I don’t want to disturb the lover birds ” My mom said then she gave me a quick wink.
After dinner I watched NTA news with my dad before we all hit our separate bed.
Around 10:30 pm, I head a knock on my door and before I said come in, mercy opened the door and she came inside with me and then lock the door behind her.
“what’s wrong? couldn’t get a sleep ?” I asked just as she emerged in.
“No maybe you’ve forgotten that I’m a cat, I didn’t come all the way from my dad house to be sleeping here in the visitor room. Abeg shift for me to sleep jor ” she said as she mount on the bed.
I couldn’t say a word, I just kept staring at her.
” ain’t you going to cuddle me? ” she questioned in a command tone and I obliged without hesitation.
She was on a night wear, braless, cos my hand was above her breast and her ass was facing Mr konji, quite tempting.
She made a loud yawning which indicates that she’s feeling sleepy.
“Ay please sing me a lullaby or poem ” she pleaded in a very kiddish way which made me remember the poems I used recite when I was little even though I’ve now added to it but the rhymes never change.
I moved my lips close to her ears then I sing a poem of stars to her slowly in the sweetest way.
“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Twinkle, twinkle, little star, How I wonder what you are! Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky!
When the blazing sun is gone, When he nothing shines upon, Then you show your little light, Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.
Then the traveller in the dark, Thanks you for your tiny spark, He could not see which way to go, If you did not twinkle so.
In the dark blue sky you keep, And often through my curtains peep, For you never shut your eye, Till the sun is in the sky.
As your bright and tiny spark, Lights the traveller in the dark, Though I know not what you are, Twinkle, twinkle, little star.”
She doze off before I finish the poem. I wasn’t that comfortable with the way I’m sleeping cos I was sleeping sidelong cuddling her, I tried to free my hand but she got it prisioned, so I have no choice than to sleep like that.
When dawn arrived, I found myself alone on the bed, mercy was nowhere around me and I know that I wasn’t dreaming yesterday night.
I stood up sluggishly from bed to greet my Pa and Ma when I heard mercy voice in the kitchen.
I walked towards the kitchen like a spoilt brat in search of food.
“hey fella! you are up ” mercy said.
“Yea as you can see, I am ” I replied.
“you might be sleep walking…”
“what in sweet hell is that? ” I cut in
“sleeping and walking ” she replied.
“whatever, I’m off to doing the man’s job” I retorted as I made to leave.
“And what’s so special about the man’s job. Literally we ladies can do more than you guys, we’ve got everything ” She said ecstatically.
” Of course literally and literally only cos basically we guys got everything, tell me what’s so special about you ladies that we guys didn’t have ?” I questioned with my brows raised in curiosity.
” we ladies got things you guys are dying for…”
” and what’s that if I may ask ” I cut in.
“we got holes, you guys don’t ” she replied.
” we have holes too ” I mumbled.
“what? ” she retorted.
” yes we got holes, we have mouth hole, ear hole, nose hole, we got ass hole…”
“ Oh common don’t be an ass hole ” she said as she hit me the hand towel she was holding. We laughed then I turned back to do some house choirs.
After breakfast mom and dad set out for works, so it’s remain only me and mercy at home.
And once again mercy and I kept staring at each other and hungry for words to say but somehow we didn’t, I guess we are both waiting for who to ignite the engine. And I’m not in any way ready to be the ground opener.
” Ay… Is there anything you want to say to me, this should be the perfect time for such ” she said.
I scratched my head pretending to be thinking of words to say, whereas I got my head filled with words.
“Emmm… Not really ” I mumbled.
“Not really? Let talk about us ” she retorted.
“about.. us? you mean us us… Emmm us now or us then? …emmm what’s the word us ?” I questioned sillily.
” stop pretending !!! nobody is buying that shit from you. I mean us, something is happening between us and you know it, we ain’t kids anymore, we kissed openly yesterday at the cinema and you think that’s just a myth or something irrelevant? ” she threw out.
” I’m sorry I wouldn’t say that, that reminds me, have you log in on your social media today? ” I asked.
“No, what’s up with the social media? ” she questioned.
” something quite…not okay… I think we might have gone viral on some social platforms. My twitter and instagram was flooded with video and images of us kissing…. Yea the cinema thing ” I said while pointing my hand at North.
” Oh No!!! That’s so f-----g inappropriate, you are joking right? ” she threw back.
” no I’m not, I saw it maybe you should check yours too, well it depends on who you are following or your followers it might not be in yours ” I answered.
She quickly storm through her phone for some minutes then later gave a sign of relief.
” the viral didn’t reach here, nothing of such in my hand out…. Thank God cos I’ll have be in great trouble if my fiance see such a stuff ” she let out with a deep breath of relief.
“oh your fiance… I… I never think it to that extent, My bad I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten that you have a… You know… A man, I mean a lover or a husband…as in you understand me right ” I mumbled.
” No I don’t understand any of those, but I do understand one thing, and that one thing is that you are jealous ” she let out .
“Mee? Jealous? No! I’m not Jealous, I’m not ” I flinched.
” of cos you are, it shows in your voice…it goes without saying ” she said.
I looked at her for a moment then I shrugged my shoulders in agreement.
“ok ok fine, may be I am but… I shouldn’t be, I don’t know why I’m getting jealous, yea it’s kind of silly you know ” I muttered slowly.
She moved closer and then sat in front of me with her eyes directly fixed on mine.
” No it’s not silly, it just a feeling, that’s why I said we should talk about us ” she said while she placed hand on my shoulder in a consoling way.
“us? There’s no us cos there can’t be us. You have a man already and how can there still be us, we just have to forget about what happened yesterday at the cinema” I let out sadly.
” so you didn’t love me? ” she asked slowly.
“I… I… Don’t know how to answer that. See I’m only protecting your relationship, I mean your courtship, having something for me or I having something for you is jeopardizing it and I wouldn’t want that to happen, yes I do love you, but if I really love you, I should stay away from you… I mean stay away from falling in love with you ” I said and I guess I hit it wrong cos she really went into a bad mood.
” maybe you are right… But what happened yesterday at the cinema between us, did you regret it ?” she asked sadly .
“it’s… Unforgettable ” I muttered slowly.
And once again, I saw the passion in her eyes, we stared at each other for a while and then slowly our lips met and we began to kiss. We stopped after some seconds and began to look at each other.
” we shouldn’t be doing that…you know ” I mumbled after we’ve disengaged.
” yes we shouldn’t… But why are we? ” she asked with her eyes fixed directly on mine.
“I don’t know, it’s just… Godamn it!!! we are both in love !” I exclaimed.
” heaven yes! and it’s pushing us to do things out of our control ” she let out.
” hell yeah… Let go catch some fun in town ” I said then she jumped at it.
After having some random shots in town, I decided we go visit my friend Apple boy. I called him and he gave us the good to come.
On our arrival, he welcomed us with chilled soft drinks even though I’ll prefer a chilled vodka but I got to manage the bottle Pepsi being offered to me.
We got talking and he goes like a chimpanzee swinging from one conversation tree to the other.
“Aweedy wetin dey sup na, I don miss you die ” apple boy said.
” I miss you too jare my nigga, how far na, you dey hear from last Don ” I asked.
“the idiot still call me yesterday self, Aweedy you know say you don dey craze small small, mercy come visit you for AK city and you no fit tell me, I con dey see where the two of una dey kiss for instagram, Aweedy you don cast ooo, I suppose stone you self ” apple boy said as he made attempt to trow me the living room pillow.
“no vex abeg, it just slipped my mind so what’s good? ” I asked
” happiness. I guess you two are now dating. Aweedy!! Ekun!!! I know say you go still date mercy you con dey pretend like tadpole… ”
“actually we ain’t dating ” mercy cut in ” we are friends just that we share things in common ” she said.
“Ngbo Aweedy, you guys are not da… ”
” yes we are not just as she said ” I cut in.
“you see tribal mark for my face abi, if you guys ain’t dating so what are those viral videos of you two kissing in a cinema, even some of my friends uploaded it on their whatsapp status, tell me what’s happening bro, I no be mugu ” apple boy threw out.
Mercy and I both look at each other and after a while I decided to lay it down.
“OK… We ain’t dating just that we love each other, that’s the secret ” I muttered.
“Hmmm love… Inside life love na scam oooo, una better f--k each other and forget about love ” apple boy let out and that ruined everything.
“Abeg your pardon? ” mercy flamed up.
“I say make una dey f--k una self Abi Aweedy you dey reason with me ” apple boy said as he face me for a support which he didn’t receive.
” hey!! what did you take me for? A slot or prostitute ? Now I understand ” she said them she storm out of the room with anger.
” Aweedy wetin do your bae na? se wetin I talk bad ni? I said make una dey f--k…”
“that’s enough” I cut in “you shouldn’t have say that, I’ll take it from here let me go talk to her outside ” I said then I exit the room.
On getting outside I met Mercy receiving a phone call and with the way she’s responding to the caller, it quite obvious that she’s really pissed.
I waited for her to end up the call before approaching her.
I cleared my throat as I prepare a speech.
” Mercy I wanted to apologize for what my… ”
” if you are here to talk about what he said back there I’m not ready to listen to you, I got bigger problem on my mind ” she cut in.
” bigger problem? What do you mean?” I questioned.
” I’m traveling to Abuja tomorrow ” she let out with a worried face mixed with anger.
“Abuja? To do what? ” I asked.
” to see my fiance !” she spatted.
“oh… Your fiance but Why ” I questioned.
“are you asking me why I wanna go see my fiance…”
“hell yeah! ” I cut in. ” at least you came here to see me and you didn’t tell me about going to Abuja before”
” now I have a change of mind, I got to go ” she said.
“but for what reason na ” I asked in frustration.
“for every reason!!! That stupid video on social media got to my fiance !!!” she yelled out.
“oh… Stupid video? You talk as if what we had in the cinema is of a regret to you ” I threw back.
“hell yeah! You want to hear it, I’ll tell you. What happened in the cinema… I regretted it! ” she said then she walk away from my view.
“I didn’t see that coming ” I soliloquised.

To be continued…

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