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Aduke-Episode 15


Aduke-Episode 15

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Nothing is as sweet as father and son relationship. Being called the moma pride makes you feminine, being called the daddy boy makes you a brat. But when you roll quite well with any or both of them, that makes them your best buddy. But African parents ain’t like that, only few trained their children to be their friends.
I acted as if I didn’t know my dad, and he rolled in with the game. I couldn’t wait to have a chat with him so I texted him to call me as soon as he can.
Rita has been wanting to see me for quite a while now, but due to the time of some of my papers I couldn’t get to see her as she desire.
I decided to take a bike to her place just to see how she’s faring.
I was about knocking on her door when my dad call came in.
Me : hello dad.
Dad : how are you son.
Me: I’m not fine, where on earth do you see that hippo
Dad : you mean jummy?
Me: Godamn yes!
Dad : ain’t you the one that gave me her number
Me : unbelievable, I gave you her number?
Dad: of cos, along with some stubborn she goat number
Me: shit, that must be a mistake.
Dad : really? She is the only one that was easy for me to woo, the rest are just so stubborn.
Me: you should have know that something good don’t come easily.
Dad : what do you mean?
Me : I mean seeing that girl with you is totally out of it?
Dad : in what way?
Me : have you met with her
Dad : you mean?
Me : I mean, you know na.
Dad: oh not at all, I just saw her today.
Me : good don’t f--k her ooo, and if you wan f--k her, use like 5 original kiss condom.
Dad : Kilode!!! She get leprosy for p---y?
Me : it would have been better if it’s leprosy.
Dad : you mean she got something more like Trichomoniasis?
Me : what the… What does that mean.
Dad : 3rd stage of Virgina problem.
Me : oh shit, that’s not it .
Dad : then talk to me son.
Me : she’s a lier. If you just touch her like this. Na pregnancy.
Dad : shuuu
Me : if you let her in she might destroy your home. our home so it’s better you know the kind of package you play with her. She’s dangerous.
Dad : I understand you son.
Me :you always have.
Dad: so moma ain’t hearing.
Me: she never does. Not from me.
Dad : that’s my son. Do you need cash.
Me: No I’m okay for now. Take care of yourself dad.
I ended the call then I knocked on Rita door. I got no response so I knocked on the door again.i was about turning my back to leave when I heard some whispering voice from the room.
” so she’s inside, why is she not opening ” I soliloquised.
I bend my back then I peep through the key hole. I saw her sitting on her bed and beside her is another person whom I couldn’t picture out and I’m very sure is a guy because I saw his leg.
I knocked on the door again, this time harder but I got no response, so I decided to give her a call.
Me: hello
Rita : hello Ay.
Me : oh now it Ay. Anyway how are you?
Rita : I’m fine .
Me : OK… Where are you, I’m outside your room.
Rita : oh sorry I’m in school reading.
Me : oh really?
Rita : yes.
Me: OK where are you in school maybe I should come and meet you.
Rita : no You don’t have to worry
Me :well I insist.
Rita : just forget it you can’t come.
She ended up the call then she switch off her cell phone.
Now it’s clear to me where she’s going. She never hang up on me before and now that she did, definitely something is attached to it.
Time is precious, but I have to waste my precious time waiting outside her door for her.
I love playing games I know fully well that I’m on the winning side.
I waited outside for more than 3 hours and I started imagining the kind of sex they could be having… Jess I felt so jealous. I hate sharing what I have, especially woman. I don’t like sharing my woman with anyone.
I secure a hiding spot then I began surveillance. I wouldn’t want them to see me when they erupt from the room, so I stayed hidden.
After waiting for almost 4 hours, they finally came out. I watched as they both walk hand in hand out of the room.
They kissed almost 3 times publicly before they went out of my view.
I’ve gotten what I needed but I need more confirmation so I sneaked inside her room when she see her new lover off.
I got inside her room and I met the bed in great disorder. I sniffed the air and I can perceive recent sex.
I checked beside her bed and I saw 3 used condoms with sperm inside it.
” sweet hell, he f----d my Rita so hard ” I muttered to myself.
I felt so hurt and jealous about everything I saw, I couldn’t react to the situation so I put myself at calm.
I helped arrange back her bed and room, I even dispose the 3 used condom into her waste bin.
I sprayed her room with an air freshener cos all the crempies are smelling so annoyingly .
After arranging the room back to my taste, I sat on the bed then I began playing candy crush on my phone, even though I never like the game.
Anger is part of human, but knowing how to control the anger makes a better human. While I was playing the game, I’m not really into the game, my mind were just roaming about with various thought.
I began to think, do I really need to judge her? I literally is not loyal to her. At least I cheated on her with some girls not even one or two. But I hate sharing my woman with other.
She entered and she saw me on her bed. She was so shocked that she almost have an attack.
” when did you get here? ” she threw out.
” some minutes ago, how are you ?” I asked with a smile but she didn’t reply me.
I can imagine her thoughts so I kept smiling to myself.
She looked beside the bed and I’m sure that she’s looking for the used condoms. So I quickly set her free from her bondage.
” oh if you are looking for the condoms it’s in the waste bin. It sucks alot ” I said pointing my hand at the direction of the waste bin.
The expression on her face wasn’t good, pretty more sober.
” let be honest… He does f--k more than I do? ” I asked and all I could get was a big burst of tears.
“Ay I’m sorry ” she said in a sober way.
I moved closer to her then I wipe the tears off her eyes.
“you can’t be sorry for something done intentionally ” I said and she gave her cry’s more boost.
“Ay please forgive me, I’m so sorry, I didn’t know what got over me. Ay I’m sorry please ” she said in a very pitiful way.
” I’m not angry. Please stop crying. Let me tell you something, this world is too big and short to live a life of sorry and tears. No guy deserve your tears, not even me. If you find happiness in him, then go for it, even though I’m feeling so jealous right now, but I still have to let you go. Yea… I loved you, I can’t deny that but you choose differently, you choose to share your heart. . You didn’t break my heart, you only broke my trust. And I can find it back to you. Maybe we ain’t met for each other… You are not just the Adesewa I hope to find, cos only her can love no one else but me. Sorry it have to end this way, it’s a path you choose not me. Now I will have to go and learn how to forget you, but you will always be my friend. Maybe one day I’ll write of you ” I said then I head for the door.
One of my weakness is seeing someone in tears, even when I see babies crying I do feel hurt, I rather take my eye off or leave the scene.
Tears only brings back one memory to me… It’s hard to see your lover dying in tears and later died with tears and there’s nothing you could do, than just to watch her die. Only someone that wore this shoe can understand the pain. It’s a lifetime pain.
Nothing get me more moody than that, that’s why I can’t stand seeing tears, the images will just flash back, and Rita was trying to bring the images, so I had to leave her.
I needed someone to cheer me up, so I head to baba dudu place. Unfortunately he wasn’t at home so I decided to call one of my funny friends.
I couldn’t search for too long on my contacts list so I just click on someone in my call log favorite and it happens to be Aduke
Aduke : hiiii oko grace you remember me today.
Me : yea. How are you?
Aduke : are you good, what’s wrong with your voice?
Me : nothing…maybe it’s the network.
Aduke : you think so?
Me : yea
Aduke : I don’t think so, the network is clear it’s your voice or do you have catarrh?
Me : No.. Yes. I got cold.
Aduke : Ehya sorry, have you use drugs ?
Me :not yet but I will.
Aduke : so any gist?
Me : I was hoping you will have.
Aduke : Hmmm let me think.
Me :ok.
Aduke : OK let me tell you something that happened today.
Me : I said it. Ladies always have a gist.
Aduke : what do you mean?
Me : trying to turn me to a gossip partner.
Aduke : you are not serious, Sebi you are a writer you suppose to have gist na
Me : so being a writer makes me a garrulous?
Aduke : huh?
Me : does it make me a talkertive?
Aduke : Hahan I did not say that. Well maybe.
Me : so what’s the gist?
Aduke : I can’t even remember
Me : oh really?
Aduke : like seriously.
Me :ok… I’ll call you some other time.
Aduke : wait are you hanging up?
Me : yes I am.
Aduke : just like that.
Me : what … Do I need to take permission from Queen Elizabeth of Toronto before I press the red button.
Aduke : No, why not take permission from Alaafin of oyo before ending a call with a lady. Silly boy.
Me : really. Don’t worry I’ll get back on you.
Aduke : there’s nothing you can do.
Me : Awe Lo
Aduke did quite a job in changing my mood, and I never regretted calling her.
She’s like a total stranger to me, I only know few things about her and yet we do communicate as if we are childhood friends.
People will never let go of something they love, but sometimes that thing is never coming back.
Rita find it hard to let me go, but I did that so easy without a second thought.
Once in a guy thought, he will just wish that he’s single, maybe ladies do have that kind of thought but I’m very sure about guys.
Sometimes having more than one girlfriend is a problem and for people like me that are cursed by nature with numerous girls is…’ hurricane ‘
Even if a guy have 30 girlfriends, he will still feel hurt when one of them break up with him, that’s what makes every woman special and unique. There’s something she’s doing that the other isn’t doing, and there’s something the other is doing that she’s not doing. Everyone is with that unique talent. guys with multiple girlfriends can relate.
Through out the examination period, I was Adejoke sugar boy.
Luckily for me, some of our exams are being marked by the master students and she happens to be one of them. So I know for sure that my Avers results will going to be great. Anyway I read for it, but her help also matters.
Two days to the end of my paper, I decided to go say hi to mercy since I won’t be staying for too long in school after the end of the examination.
Some minutes after I got to her place, the rain began falling and it’s clearly visible that it won’t stop in time.
” you know… I can make use of a hot tea right now, only if I’m at my place ” I said stylishly. all I want is a hot tea, but I couldn’t ask her directly cos…maybe I’m sometimes shy with her.
” yeah, you know I can make use of a cuddle right now, only if my boo is here ” she said and that got me demoralized. The future of my hot tea seems not to be clear.
” do you know how wonderful it will be if you can just make hot tea right now. Mother Nature will bless you ” I said.
” common big head I need a cuddle from behind, don’t you even understand my secret language ?” she asked and I quickly give her a response
” how can I understand your secret language when you don’t understand my own Spanish language. I need hot tea! ” I let out openly.
“oh, OK I’ll make the tea and you’ll give me a cuddle, deal? ” she asked and I nodded.
She went into the kitchen then return later with a cup of hot tea which I collected from her with alot of joy.
” what’s up with you and this cuddle of a thing. I’m not a fat guy. I’m not sure I can generate more heat than I have ” I said while I sip in the tea.
” yea I’m a cat, I love being cuddle all the time, as in I love being with someone all the time like a teddy bear, you know being caress like a cat all the time… You know what I’m trying to say right… ”
“yea I do ” I cut.
” I love doing it with girls before but people begin to think that I’m a lesbian so I switched to guys but I regretted it cos most of the guys began to think differently, They were thinking maybe I’m into them and they will begin to use it as an advantage to ask me out and… ”
“so why do you think that I’m different from the other guys ? ” I cut in with a question.
” I don’t know, I haven’t think of it. You seems harmless and I can trust you to some extent. And beside I can’t help it, it’s too cold and I need a cuddle.” she said then she put on a baby face.
” OK come over ” I said then I drop the mug of tea I’m holding. She was so happy that I can clearly read it in her face.
I was silent while I cuddle her, I couldn’t think of nothing but my beautiful Adesewa, she’s also a polar bear.
So far so good, my examination came to an end and I was busy discussing with my friends on how we gonna spend the mid break.
” I was thinking maybe we should to Lagos and catch some fun, there are some hot girls in Lagos that will drain our dicks ” last Don said in his lusty way. Apple boy and I look at him with some crazy look then we give him some response.
“who and who d--k are they draining? ” I asked and apple boy quickly take over.
” help me ask him ooo, chimpanzee ”
” see his neck like Adamawa flamingo. Woman no dey tire you ” I added.
” no naa, okay do you guys have any suggestions? ” last Don asked.
” I suggest we just go home and spend some time with our parents. ” apple boy said but it was as if last Don was waiting for him to fall into his trap.
“Aweedy na because of Sade this idiot they talk this rubbish oo, since Sade don dey Akure, this idiot will want to go home cos of Sade and the gods of my ancestors will not let you see her f--k” last Don fired back.
” you don’t even need to include the gods of your ancestors, I’m pretty sure that this lad can’t even see Sade bra ” I said and apple boy goes like.
“ha! Me apple boy, se you dey challenge me ni? Aweedy it is me oo Apple boy ”
” no, you for be pawpaw boy. You wan know Sade pass me ni? See I’m telling you the fact, Sade no be that kind babe wey you go fit f--k and comot. ” I retorted.
” Aweedy I want you to just challenge me as I challenged you doing Adesewa time, just challenge me Abeg ” apple boy said boastfully.
” Suberu you know how many days Aweedy spend for military guide room. Alaye no compare yourself with Aweedy jor. ” last Don responded.
” well, don’t let underestimate him. Let leave our dear friend apple boy to go and suffer in the hand of my darling Sade. He might also have a story to write one day too, just like I did ” I said.
“so what’s our conclusion now? Where are we spending the break ” last Don asked.
” I guess we should all go home, let give apple boy a chance with his crazy adventure” I said and last Don nodded in support.
” the two of you be doing like the 2 wise men there. I’ll return with Sade by my side ” apple boy muttered and that got last Don and I laughing like a tickled child.
” Aweedy can you listen to this Zimbabwe nematode?” last Don threw out.
” Seriously i heard him ooo, I heard the Nasarawa goat saying two wise men, as in your church no dey do Sunday school ?” I asked and we all laughed together.
Two days after the examination, I packed my things and left for home.
Marvelous is traveling home to Lagos while Ruth is going to Ibadan, so non of my lovers are in the same state with me so it gonna be a very lonely time for me.
A week after I got home, I received a call from mercy.
Mercy : hello oko Adesewa
Me : yes Aduke.
Mercy : I swear my body always do gis gis whenever you call me Aduke.
Me :really?
Mercy :yes, you are the only one that call me that name.
Me : not only me, your grandma also did.
Mercy : yea and she’s far away now.
Me : how are you doing
Mercy : not good, everywhere is dry, no more students in school.
Me : oh…
Mercy : yes and I still have like two weeks before returning back to school.
Me : it gonna be a very boring weeks for you.
Mercy : Ay I miss you. I missed being cuddle by your arms and I miss the funny aspect of you.
Me: Wao. You know that you shouldn’t miss me too much. You have your husband to miss.
Mercy : you are funny, he’s not yet my husband but I miss him more.
Me : that’s really a good thing to hear.
Mercy : I’m thinking of where to go for the remaining weeks left, I can’t stay in akungba.
Me : so where will you go?
Mercy : I haven’t decide
Me : or will you come to akure?
Mercy : your place?
Me : yes with me. Not my place but my father house.
Mercy : and your parents?
Me : of cos they will welcome you with open arms.
Mercy : like seriously
Me : hell yeah.
Mercy : Wao that’s the greatest news ever, I thought of that too I’m not just sure the kind of parent that you have. You know Nigeria parents na.
Me : yeah I do, but my parents are my friends. We have good relationship.
Mercy : Wao, I’ll come tomorrow. I can’t wait anymore.
Me : it will be great, you will be the second girl I’m bringing in.
Mercy : Ehn who is the first?
Me : Not is, it was. And I’m oko Adesewa.
Mercy : oh I get it, you have alot to tell me about this your Adesewa.
Me : till we see then.
Mercy : yea, I can’t wait to explore Akure with you and to also enjoy unlimited cuddle.
Me : like a snake or cat?
Mercy : both. Awon mejeji ni o like lati ma lo mo eyan.
Me : anyway see you soon.
Mercy :see you tomorrow oko Adesewa.
I told papa and mama about mercy, anyway they never have a problem with me entertaining guest.
Tomorrow arrived like a moving tortoise maybe for me but I’m sure it will be like a snail to mercy.
The day happens to be Saturday so both papa and mama ayo are at home.
I borrowed my dad car then I drive to the park to pick mercy up.
She was very happy to see me and I can’t the deny the fact that I’m happy to see her too.
I drove her home to meet my parents and they welcome her warmly.
I didn’t know what came over mercy as she began acting as if we have something going on infront of my parents. Immediately I introduced her to my mom, she began calling her iya oko mi, and Papa ayo, no way! he called him dad.
Women are always friendly so she relate easily with my mom.
My mom and dad were sitting together on an arm chair while mercy sat opposite to them.
” You are such a beautiful young lady my daughter, ay told us alot about you but I guess he’s still hiding some stuff. cos what I’m seeing infront of me is a good wife material abi what do you say my husband? ” my mom said while she face my dad for support.
” Absolutely, I’ve always love his taste, so you are telling me that you two are just friends or you are hiding something from us? ” my dad asked with his eyes almost out of it sockets.
” don’t mind oko Adesewa oo, two of us are really good friend and we understand ourselves better ” mercy replied.
“OK so what’s that your name again? ” my dad asked.
” my name is Mercy sir ” she answered.
“Mercy? ” my dad asked with a puzzled reaction. ” I thought he said… ”
“Aduke ” my mom cut in.
” oh. My name is also Aduke, but he’s the only one that call me that ” she replied.
” oh now everything is clear to us” my Mom said.
” he said you are a medicine student ” my dad threw again.
“yes sir at UI ” mercy added. .
” OK I think that makes us a family of science, we are also in medical Line , It’s only him that choose to go for planning but he’s still in medical line cos he can operate some hospital equipment. So Aduke enjoy your stay here with us ” my dad said and that finalized everything.
I took mercy to the visitor room and I was about exiting the room when she hold my right hand.
” your parent are really lovely. ” she said.
” yea… That’s how I found them ” I replied with a smile.
” so sit down and tell me about Adesewa ” she said as she pull me down on the bed.
” yea… All I can say right now is that… she’s as beautiful as you are and she got the type of smile that you have, she do stare at me just the way you are doing now, and I will have kiss her right now If it.. ”
” then do it ” she cut in.
I stared right into her eye ball and she did thesame. Our head began moving and I can almost feel the touch of her lips when I suddenly heard my mom clearing her throat.
“huh huh… Food is ready lovers ” she said and that cut us out of our action.
What the f--k!!

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