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Aduke-Episode 14


Aduke-Episode 14

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

Sometimes being brave might mean being foolish, running away from battle doesn’t made a coward. He who run live to fight another day of It’s just a matter of Prudence.
Immediately I shut the door, I quickly wake up my friends which were sleeping like a mated koala.
” wahala dey ooo, eruku dey outside ooo” I said to them but they thought that I was joking.
” make dem come inside na, Sebi na their papa rent house give me. Aweedy leave me I wan sleep “apple boy said then he turn to sleep again but I attacked him with serious beating on his naked back.
” see I no dey joke ooo, na that Thompson guy carry them come. Them dey outside now, dey wan com burst us for here ” I said with a very serious face.
“talk true” last Don said as he rise on his feet.
” I swear, they even carry cutlass ” I replied.
” Omo dis gbedu hard die, They mean business oo” last Don muttered in a worried way.
“how many are they? ” apple boy asked.
” I can’t say, but probably 8 to 9″ I responded.
“Chai! na die be this oo. We need to think of what to do, this my door is not too strong. Dem go soon break am enter com pieces us ” apple boy said in fear.
” Aweedy wetin you dey think? ” last Don asked.
” Omo iya mi na japaa ooo. Make we break this guy ceiling, enter am go land for his landlady room. Or make we remove this guy window make we fly fence go outside. ” I said in a whisper.
“Aweedy Sebi you get some niggas, call them na ” apple said.
” it will take a while for them to reach us, and we don’t have all the time we… ”
“I know exactly who to call ” last Don cut in. ” I know one close brother at the military check point wey dey ikare. I will call the bros he will come here with military convoy ” he said then he pick up his phone to call.
After calling the person for several times, he later picked up and last Don narrated the situation to him. He promised to come over asking us to hold still.
Some seconds after he dropped the call we heard a hard hit on the door.
“oh no! they want to break in” I muttered slowly in fear.
” wahala don happen ooo, this my door no strong ” apple boy let out in much fear.
“why will your door be strong, when you no go rent better house ” last Don said .
” you don mad, na you wey rent better house Abi. You go just dey talk anyhow ” apple boy retorted.
“Aweedy dis guy no get sense oo, he dey call this mud house better house. I’m sure this door wont last another minute before it fall” last Don let out in anger.
“na today I know say you no get sense, I swear na polytechnic you suppose dey, see his eyes like alligator eyes…”
” I swear the two of you na idiot ” I cut in. ” we got a problem at hand and you guys are picking at each other, insted of you guys to think of how we will hold this door from falling you are there talking rubbish ” I said.
” yea, you are right… But try and contact Sade I hope she’s fine. I will hold the door with last Don while you make the call” apple boy said then he head for the door with last Don.
I dialed Sade number and she pick on the first ring.
Me : hello Sade where are you.
Sade : I dey with mercy and Shukurah, those girls are really funny, I just finish eating wheat self and…
Me: OK, are you sure you are okay?
Sade : yes na wetin dey sup?
Me : emmm… Whatever it might be, I don’t want you to come near where I am for now.
Sade : ay what’s happening, you ain’t sounding good.
Me: yea… Thompson and his guys are here and the situation is not good so please stay very far away.
Sade : kode ni dafun Bobo yen.
She ended the call all of a sudden, and when I tried to call her back, my phone ran out of battery.
The door seems not to be in our favor as the outside forces continue to hit hard on the door.
I helped my friends in holding back the door, but after about 5 minutes, I heard some female voice and I was able to recognize Sade voice among the voices.
My heart began racing rapidly when I heard her voice
“shit!!! I told this girl not to come, I need to go out ” I said then apple boy look at me in surprise.
“No you can’t go out, it dangerous and…”
“I don’t care! ” I cut in ” Sade is out there and I can’t let anyone of those guys butcher her” I said then I open the door angrily.
On getting outside, I saw Sade, mercy and Shukurah. The three of them were holding a broken bottle and their eyes were burning like someone that just finished DSS training. Thompson was trying to calm mercy down but the anger in her face was too high to be calmed by Thompson or anyone.
I wondered what those girls knows about the bottles they are holding except for Sade, I don’t trust her.
I think Thompson has ordered his guys to stand down cos non of them seems to touch me.
I ran to meet Sade then I stand behind her, she seems to be more brave than I am now.
Mercy and Thompson seems to be having a great argument which was running with anger and Sade was adding sauce to it.
It was during the period that the military van arrived, four soldiers came out of the van armed with rifle.
They didn’t listen to any of our explanation, they just pack all of us in and then take us away.
The issue was later resolved and we were being sent free in the evening but Thompson and his guys weren’t, their own case was assume to be a criminal case so they weren’t release with us.
A time will come when forgiveness is all that matters.
All of us were all at Shukurah room and I was staring at Mercy without knowing what to say to her. But having Sade around came as a grace to me. Sade isn’t the shy type, she can speak anytime, anywhere and anyhow.
She stood up as she made the first speech.
” Ay remember I told you I’ll make things right, I went to meet mercy and I apologize to her, everything was my fault, you never wanted to deal with her even when I asked you to, you said no. Your fault was you not trusting her, so if you ask for my opinion, I would say you should apologize to her ” Sade said then she look at me to take the move.
I cleared my throat then I approach mercy as if I want to propose to her.
“Emm… My bad, I’m not really good at what I’m about to do. But I do know how to say that I’m sorry. I might not be saying it right but I’m sorry. Please forgive me and let be friends again ” I said in the best way that I can.
” common big head, I was never mad at you I’m even happy for the whole thing, now it’s as good as over between me and that bastard. Now I can now focus on my real boyfriend without worries ” she said and everyone look puzzled except for Shukurah.
” what do you mean by real boyfriend? ” Sade questioned.
” I mean the guy I’m going to marry. He proposed to me last year. Thompson is just a troublesome guy, I never love him ” mercy responded.
I looked at my friends last Don and Apple Boy and I suggest they are thinking the same thing that I’m thinking, we are just waiting for who to ignite the fire.
” ladies na devil ooo” last Don finally let out.
” hell yeah starting from mother Eve ” apple boy added. Last Don look at me and I can see that he’s still hungry for more words.
” imagine so you get real and fake boyfriend? I don’t even know if I’m the real boyfriend to my real girlfriend self maybe I’m …”
“probably you are the 5th maga ” Shukurah cut in.
” how many maga do you have?” I threw directly at Shukurah.
” six if my counting is right ” she responded.
” Ha!!! Lobatan of Mexico, And baba dudu go talk say he don see wife like that, na nose he carry go market no be eye ” I soliloquised but it was loud for everyone to hear.
” sorry who is baba dudu? “Shukurah asked.
“oh baba dudu, you can’t know him. He’s just my friend from another school ” I lied and she bought it.
We talked randomly for a while and everyone left for their respective places after some prolonged jokes and gist.
Sade returned back the following day to akure, I felt like she should stay a little bit more but she have to go. The one week stay she had with me was awesome and it worth remembering. I need to focus more on reading, but I’m not sure if I can really focus on reading if she’s still around with me so I had to let her go.
Exam was knocking and my preparation seems quite poor, I had some difficulties with some certain courses, I found them boring and reading it became a problem to me.
I was having this little reading problem when Adejoke showed up in the picture again. I can really make use of her help so we got engaged during the exam period.
She was helping me understand what I don’t, and I was helping her understand how a d--k taste like.
She wanted me to love her as her man, but all I could read in her eye is lust. She’s always h---y whenever I’m with her and I wondered how her own interpretation of love is always sex. I tried to avoid having sex with her but it’s quiet difficult to resist a lesbian, they don’t give up easily especially when they are in mood.
I might just be reading and she will be masturbating right in front of me with a d---o. She kept doing all the crazy things and I kept ignoring her, even though it’s hard because Adejoke is a very sexy girl.
Sometimes I do have the crazy thoughts of bleeping her but I do have to fight the thought away. It’s not easy to be turned to a web cam in front of a sexy girl.
My other girlfriends do visit me often, even though they’ve began to suspect my move. The only person that trusted me fully was marvelous then followed by Ruth. Rita was the first to act suspicious but since she didn’t see any girl on me, she decided to stay calm with the assumption that it’s the exam that got me occupied.
Adejoke started acting like a devil, she kept demanding for sex as if it a pizza ,and turning her down seems not to work anymore. Adejoke happens to be very brilliant and there’s always a way she do explain things to me that I found it difficult to forget so I need her to help me out with my upcoming exams.

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Ever since I’ve been going to her place, I’ve never tasted her food. Sometimes when the reading is interesting, we all forget about food.
I went to her place with an empty stomach one evening, and I begged her to cook for me which she did with pleasure.
She prepared rice and stew but she use scent leaf (efirin) to make the stew. The stew was delicious and I ate to my satisfaction.
Few minutes after I’m done with the eating, I began seeing my leg moving whereas it static. My heart began beating rapidly as if I’m in a race, my head began swelling as if a ghost is passing and my mind began going widely which happens to be the most cautious part of my body, that was when I knew something is wrong. I know quite well the effects of weed and I believe that I’m too wise to know when a weed is being added to a food cos the food will always taste or smell different. The food Adejoke gave me doesn’t taste like weed is being added so I found it difficult to question her, but after a while, the weed gave me the mora to ask her the shit.
“Adejoke do you add something to the food you gave me? ” i asked.
“sure just a little bit of weed ” she replied.
“what? Why did you? How didn’t I even know that there’s a weed in the food? ” I questioned myself but Adejoke came with a response.
” Nah, I don’t think you can ever suspect cos I boiled the weed then I use the water to prepare the stew. And with the help of the scent leaf, it helps cover up the weed aroma. ”
” very smart, but why ?” I questioned swiftly.
” you will know why very soon” she said then she pounce on me.
“oh… If you think this gonna work, believe me it won’t. I’m not going to… ”
“shut up ” she cut in. ” you talk too much, let see how strong you can resist me ” she said then she began undressing herself.
I swear weed na bastard, it was only the bra that ignite my manhood. Just a glimpse of the bra Make my d--k go dey hard like a rock.
” you want it, I’ll give you ” I muttered then I let the weed take full control of my body.
I couldn’t wait for her to undress herself before I attacked her boob’s.
I pulled down her bra to gain access to her breast, to hell with unhooking, I clearly don’t have time to loose her bra but I can quickly make use of the shortcut.
I grabbed the two sets of succulent grape fruit then I suck professionally like a new born baby, I wonder who taught them how to suck their moma breast .
My d--k seems to be growing wings every seconds but it’s not my way to just attack the p---y with my d--k so I always take my time appreciating other sensitive part of the body.
After sucking her breast to some high limit, I advanced downward to her honey pot then I gave her some expert sucking.
As a lesbian she must have experience alot of sucking but being d--k down with a real d--k is something I knew will make her scream like Ariana Grande .
I gave her some p---y head and she was just moaning slowly as if I’m not doing anything, I realized sucking must have mean little to her due to the fact that it’s their way of having sex, so I vote for the heavy weight ebonite rod which I knew will make her release within a minute.
Adejoke have a moderately big ass, and I know how much a doggy will mean to her so I turned her over for the unbeatable doggy style.
I penetrated half deeply from behind, due to her butt which stands against having a full penetration.
I slid in my d--k into her p---y and her p---y wall entwine my heavy weight rod.
I balanced myself very well then pew… I fired the hole. It feels so good that I kept on racing like a locomotive train. The weed act as a catalyst to my combo and the soundtrack from her could make a 12 year old boy have an erection.
I banged her timelessy for hours and her p---y kept producing cream like an honeycomb. She was enjoying every bit of the moment and I was not even close to cumming. I guess that’s what weed does.
I decided to change position after some hours of non stop push in and push out. I switched to my favorite f-----g style which is the missionary style. There are alot of evil I can do with that position so I set my stake on it.
I spread her leg wide apart then I drove in my d--k into her p---y with a super hero strength.
This time around, I hit the nectar. My d--k went straight deep into her p---y and all she could was to scream like Marshmallo, and I was giving the sauce like DJ Khaled.
The penetration seems too deep for her as she began to prevent my d--k from digging down by using her hand as an obstacle for me. Well that still don’t stop me from impacting captivating pleasure on her p---y.
Once in a while I’ll feel my c-m coming then within a second it will be gone, and that’s how original weed works. It will make you feel dizzy when you are about to release then the c-m will go back in.
The battle seems fair or I’ll rather say equitable cos we are both in the same tariff and I hate being compete with especially when it comes to sex, how will I be losing to a woman on bed when I’m not Rayo valecano, I’ll rather be a Barcelona and carry the Spanish cup.
She seems to be getting stronger by the seconds and I feels like I’m getting weaker so I chose to cheat.
I got off from her then wore my shirt. I head outside to a ‘paraga’ joint. Iya silifa is the name of the woman selling all the different types of herbs drink and I know her quite well.
Around 10 pm, I head to her shop to reinforce myself.
“iya silifa, Abeg give me 100 naira Jedi, two kakaraka and one megato. Let see who will blow the off whistle ” I said then I sat myself down.
I returned back in fully loaded… And it was a yayahoohoo secenero.
The exams commence, and I was enjoying every bit of my paper cos I read for it.
I stayed away from sex, cos I cannot be serious and be unserious at the same time so I choose one.
One beautiful evening i was in my room reading when a call from mercy came in.
Me : hello Aduke
Mercy : oko Adesewa Bawoni?
Me : I’m fine and you ?
Mercy : I’m okay. It’s been a while.
Me : yea… It seems so. Where are you.
Mercy : I’m at home and I’m bored.
Me : oh…
Mercy : yea, where do you stay?
Me : around Apex.
Mercy : should I come and say hi to you. Just to know your place.
Me : just to know my place or you are bored?
Mercy :hmmm you got me, but it’s both.
Me : Hmmm what of Shukurah?
Mercy : she’s been quite busy with reading, she’s not don’t even have my time.
Me : OK come over. When you get to Apex Junction just call me.
Mercy : yea, give me some minutes I’ll be there.
I ended the call then I began tidying my room, guys can relate very well.
Her call came in after some minutes and I went to pick her up from the junction.
I entertained her with a soft drinks and we began gisting, we talked for a while then we got tired of talking so I made a suggestion.
” why don’t we go grab some bottle ” I suggested and she smiled.
” what makes you think I like drinking beer? ” she asked.
” me neither, I prefer good wine or an expensive liquor, so let go chill a little ” I muttered then we head outside.
We went to one expensive club then order for a bottle of Belarie (short). Inspiration came back and we began gisting again.
I like mercy but she’s already taken so I have to put her in friends zone.
Few minutes after the commencement of the drinking, we both got tipsy and we began saying some naughty shit.
During this period, a call from my dad came in and I drunkenly pick it up.
Dad : hello son.
Me: I’m good dad.
Dad : how’s studies?
Me : we thank God, exam is going smoothly.
Dad : That’s good. where are you? It seems a little bit lousy there.
Me : yea… I’m in a club.
Dad : a club? With who?
Me : with a friend.
Dad : a friend? Male or female?
Me : emmm…
Dad : don’t lie to me.
Me : OK a girl. But she’s just a friend.
Dad : Hmmm… Weldone. Na school I send you ooo.
Me : the last time you check, was my CGPA low? You should know that I’m old enough to know what is right for myself. You do say that alot.
Dad : yea anyway send me some numbers.
Me : some numbers?
Dad : you understand what I mean.
Me : papa I hope you know that you don dey old ooo.
Dad : So? I Don enter menopause?
Me : lol you are a man na, you can’t enter menopause.
Dad: that’s what I’m saying, so are you sending or not?
Me : no problem, I will send some to you .
Dad : okay. Enjoy yourself.
Me : and you too dad. My regards to mom.
Dad : I will bye bye.
I ended the call then I quickly storm through my contacts, the liquor is already affecting my sight, so I just send some female contact to him. Anyway I didn’t see their name clearly but I’m sure that they are ladies.
” oko Adesewa take me home, I think I’m too drunk to walk home alone ” mercy said then I helped her up. I’m also drunk but I need to stand my ground as a guy.
I took her to her father house, then I laid her down in her room. Her dad wasn’t at home it was only the maid that I met, so she helped in directing me to her room.
After I’ve settle her down, I made to go back but she hold my hand and requested me to stay with her a little.
I lied down on the bed beside her but sleep took the better part of me after a while, I woke up 8 am the following day to see mercy staring at me.
” what happened yesterday? ” she asked immediately she saw my eye open.
“nothing, why asking?” I threw back.
“you didn’t touch me or… ”
” hell no ” I cut in. ” I will never do that. Taking advantage of you? I don’t do such ” I said firmly.
” OK… Go wash your teeth and let eat something ” she said then she give me a tooth brush .
Our friendship continues and so was my exams. Towards the ending of my exams I received an unexpected call from jummy.
I was very surprise to see her call, but I have to pick it to hear what she got.
Me : hello
Jummy : hi. How are you?
Me : very well.
Jummy : how are your girlfriends?
Me : they are okay. Thank you.
Jummy : well I call to check on you.
Me : thanks for calling.
Jummy : and to also tell you that I’ve found a better person.
Me : Eheenn
Jummy : yes a real man and not a kid like you.
Me : wait a minute, is that suppose to make me feel sad?
Jummy : probably
Me : really? You got it totally wrong. What makes you think I care?
Jummy : whatever I just want to let you know that I’ve moved on and you thinking that I can’t do without you is a lie. I’ve actually move on.
Me : congratulations on that. If you have no other reasonable thing to say, I guess you should hang up.
Jummy : mtcheeew
Me: whatever
I ended the call then I fetch for my mini dairy to update my enemy progress.
A week after, I was passing through the federal road when I saw my dad car. I wondered what my dad is doing in my school cos he didn’t tell me that he’s coming to Akungba.
The car packed, and my dad came out of the car, I was about prostrating to greet him when I saw jummy coming out of the car.
” what the f--k ” I muttered voicelessly.
My dad was about doing the introduction when jummy quickly jump at it.
” hello honey, you remember the guy I told you about. Yea that’s him. Ay meet my man ” she said with some annoying look.
I looked at her for a while, then I returned the look back to my dad. I knew I have to act as if I didn’t know him, it’s not our first time doing such a package so I know how the game goes.
I walked up to him then I look at him in the eye.
” what’s up dude ” I said.

To be continued…

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