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Aduke-Episode 12


Aduke-Episode 12

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

I hate snakes…
Sade kept screaming like someone being electrocuted. She jumped out of the bed and speed outside like Barry Allen.
I was left in the room with this big cobra, the snake body was on me and it kept moving slowly around me.
I love to kill snake, but being entwine by a snake is something I’ve never experience before in my life.
The snake move slowly away from me then lie peacefully on the bed beside me.
I wondered the kind of snake that does that, sleeping on the bed.
I got up slowly then I began searching for weapon which I can use to kill the snake.
The snake feels less concerned and confident, then I began thinking again.
“What kind of snake is this, For my area if I come across any snake, the snake will be the one to pick race, but this snake didn’t.
I saw a flower vase on a stool so I pick the two of them up, both the vase and the stool. I planned trowing the vase at the snake and if it attack me, I’ll use the stool to defend myself.
I knew the impact will only be strong on the floor and not the bed, so I lifted the bed up and the snake fell on the floor.
Before the snake could climb back on the bed, I pieces the vase on it head.
The snake seems to be very strong as the vase seems to have no effect on it.
“bloody Togolese! ” I muttered as I made to attack it with the stool I’m holding When some people banged in which includes the bride father and some middle age men.
” is it a cobra snake? ” the bride father asked.
“oh yeah and I’m about to hit it with this aba stool ” I replied swiftly.
” don’t kill it ooo” he screamed back.
“what? Don’t kill what? Maybe you don’t understand, I have the best shot right over here, it not gonna survive this…”
” it’s custom, we don’t kill that kind of snake in this area ” the bride father cut in.
” what? ” I asked perplexed. ” you got to be kidding me, this snake is big, this is… Meat!!! ” I let out loudly.
” it’s a taboo for us to kill that kind of snake, and beside it came to you because this room used to be it room ” the bride father said and I was like
” what the f--k? A snake got a sleeping room ?” I threw out.
” yes, you can even see that it’s friendly, it won’t harm anyone,you guys can just sleep together ” he replied.
” Sleep to-what? I rather spend the night in the living room ” I said then I carry my make up kit and my luggage to living room. I met the bride and Sade on the way. I’m certain it’s her that went to wake up the whole house.
I positioned myself on one of the long chair and then use my bag as a pillow. Sade spent the night with the bride mother, and after what happened I couldn’t sleep, I kept opening my eyes at intervals to be sure that I’m not lying with snake again.
The dawn took forever to arrive, my eyes were opened through out the night and then I began to feel sleepy when the morning arrived.
I had to force myself to stand up since I’m not there to sleep. The day happened to be the engagement day so I’m doing traditional make up on the bride face.
It was as if all the food in my stomach was transferred away cos I wake up feeling hungry like a chicken.
I couldn’t wait for the breakfast to done so I went out to buy bread.
After getting the bread, I went to the living room to have it devour but what I saw make me open my mouth in agape.
On top of my make up box layed this cobra snake. My head went offline after seeing It.
” this snake is trying me ooo. Which kind rubbish is this na ” I screamed out but it seems no one hear me. Everyone is busy doing some sort of preparation so I was left talking to a snake.
” will you get up from my box, before I break your head for you ” I said to the snake hoping it will leave but it didn’t.
” See I’m telling you now ooo. Leave my box alone ooo” I let out again. But I got an answer this time around.
” you are so funny, you are talking to a snake. ” that came from the bride sister. Her name is nkechi, so I heard.
” it’s not funny, this snake is sitting on my box and it making me feel uncomfortable ” I let out.
” well I also don’t like the snake but the snake seems harmless, so just carry your box or should I help you ?” she asked.
” of cos you should” I replied swiftly. She chase the snake away then she helped me with the box.
“thank you ” I appreciated.
” well I came to tell you that it’s time for you to do your work. The bride is waiting ” she said then she lead the way while I follow behind.
She took me to the bride home and I entered. I almost turn back when I met some set of ladies half naked and walking around the room. Some are even braless.
My presence seems not to bother them, so I restrained myself from turning.
Sade has already dress for the bride in a traditional attire and the remaining work is just the facial make up.
I signalled to Sade about what I’m seeing, and she wink back in a way of go ahead they don’t care.
” I thought we are expecting a female make up artist ” one of the ladies let out.
” Actually it happens to be a guy, I think you guys should bracket those boob’s ” I let out with a hand demonstration.
They are laughed at me as if I’m a comedian.
” young man, you should have consider that before choosing a lady job. Are the boob’s affecting you ” another one said as she bounce up her breast.
” hell No, I’m… I’m not new to seeing boobs. If you will excuse me, I got a work to do ” I said then I head straight to the bride.
” hello beautiful what’s your name ” I said as I laid down my box in front of the bride.
“Angelina ” she replied shyly.
” sweet name you got, I need you to do whatever I say… and I’ll be done soon ” I said and then she nodded.
I mentioned Sade closer and then I began the make up.
Nkechi was the first to come, then followed by a lady with only bra and wrapper. Before I knew it, they’ve all gather to watch me as I do the make up.
They kept sounding like police siren behind me and when I finished up the make up, they all rush at me begging me to help Make up their face.
That wasn’t in the agreement so I didn’t answer them.
They called on the bride’s mother, then she made another agreement with me, after the agreement, I set my tools down then I begin work on their face.
They exhaust me, cos they were totally annoying they kept requesting for the same make up I did for the bride which is not possible. They’ve forgotten that the bride have to be outstanding.
I finished up their make up then I head out to receive fresh air.
I was given a plate of jollof rice but I resquted for one more plate.
A plate of jollof rice can’t cure my hunger, but two will do.
I was on the second plate when nkechi came to me. She knelt down on her knees and I knew she want something.
” call shade to help you make up your face, I’m tired ” I muttered to her. She seems surprised by what I said and she might even think that I’m a wizard.
“Emm… I’ve went to her, she’s also tired. She ask me to come to you ” she said like a little child. Well doing make up for her wasn’t part of the deal, but since she came to me assertively. I decided to do it for her.
I spent extra time on her face and when I finished up the make up, she was looking elegant, I even got myself wowed with her beauty.
I couldn’t attend the engagement, that’s why I have Sade, she went with the bride and to also ensure that nothing happens to the bride make.
I was alone at home with some few people, most of them are men and they seems not to care about each other.
Just as I finished having my bath, I was searching for the clothe to wear, when I saw the cobra snake moving in to the room which I am.
I acted as if I didn’t see the snake as I continue searching for the clothe to wear. My body towel was on the bed while I was searching my bag for clothe to wear on the floor.
After I’ve gotten the clothe, I raised my head up only to see the cobra sleeping on my towel.
“Aye MI!!! Na me go kill you las last ” I muttered as head out of the room angrily.
I saw a cutlass in the garden, so I picked it up and head back inside to meet the snake.
“ogun kill you today ” I said just as I enter the room. The snake was still lying on my towel and that annoyed me the more. Out of anger I pull out my towel which came as a surprise to the snake. The snake raise it head up to see what’s happening and without evening thinking, I aim straight for the snake head, and the cutlass did an excellent job by cutting it head away.
” extend my regards to Lucifer ” I spatted.
After killing the snake, I began wondering what to do with it. At first I was scared since they told me that it’s a taboo to kill the snake, but where I came from, we can kill any f-----g snake.
Since nothing happen to me after killing the snake I decided it will be foolish of me to trow away the snake. So I planned to eat it, but getting it done for consumption seems to be a difficult task. But I’ll have to risk it.
I have an hour before the arrival of everyone so I planned to cook the snake within the given time.
I quickly head to the kitchen to boil a water. After the water is boiled, I deep the snake into the water then peel off the outer skin. I biset it into two, then after I’ve removed the unwanted, I cut it into pieces then I set it on fire.
By the time the snake was done cooking, I still have extra time so I vote for frying. I fried the snake meat then I pack it Into a nylon bag. The snake was a big one so the meat was much.
” ma je para mi loni ( I will eat like mad today) ” I muttered in Yoruba to myself. Just as I was about to leave the kitchen, I came in contact with nkechi and my heart almost pop out of it shield.
“Hi what are you doing in the kitchen? ” she asked looking directly at the nylon bag that I’m holding.
” Yea… I’m…just here to drink water ” I replied.
“something smell nice, what’s in the nylon bag ” she asked pointing at the nylon bag.
“oh you mean this ” I said raising up the nylon. “this is… a sacrificial amala and pupuru imported from ekiti land and Ondo town respectively. don’t stress yourself, you can’t understand only we the Yoruba can. So just forget it ” I said in a cover up. She was perplexed at first, then she smiled. So I guessed it worked.
“are the others back? ” I asked.
” not really, but they will soon be back ” she replied.
“very well then ” I said then I made to move.
“emmm… Ay thanks for the Make up…and if you need anything, just let me know ” she said.
“Yea thank you ” I said then I quickly move to the room given for me to stay.
I remembered I bought a bread in the morning, so I helped myself with bread and snake meat. Yea… It was delicious.
I could only eat few out of the meat before everyone arrived, so I postponed the eating. I thought of telling Sade about what I did but she seems to be busy talking with the ladies.
Nkechi kept smiling at me whenever she see me and I also return the smile, I’m the only one that understand what I did.
Tomorrow happens to be the wedding day, and it arrived sooner than I expected. I couldn’t return to my snake meat due to some exploring I had with their parroted gate man. So I came back late and I slept late.
On the wedding day, after the bride has put on her wedding gown, I came in to do the bridal make up.
I was almost done with the make up when the bride received a call, I wasn’t really listening to her conversation but I noticed that her smiling face suddenly changed.
I knew something was wrong, but I kept doing my job. When she was done calling, I saw her pressing her phone and the next thing I heard was a female sex tune.
“is the bride watching p--n?” I thought out loudly but the look on her face doesn’t seems like she’s enjoying what she’s seeing.
I knew there is a problem when I saw tears rolling down her eyes.
” you gonna spoil the make up, why are you crying ?” I questioned blindly.
” I’m not going to that wedding! Everything ends here!! It’s all over!!! ” she screamed out with tears which attracted the attention of everyone present in the room. Her phone fell down, so I quickly pick it up to know why she suddenly change her mind.
On picking the phone, I saw a sex video of the groom with another lady.
” holy shit! What the f--k? ” I muttered voicelessly to the air.
While I was still watching the video, the bride ran out of the room and no one could catch up with her.
Nkechi came to me asking for what happened, I gave her the phone and she also saw the video.
“oh my God ” she muttered as she ran out of the room.
Within a seconds everywhere turned to something else. The bride was no where to be found, we asked the gate man if he saw her going out, but he said the opposite.
We searched the whole compound for her but we didn’t see her.
We all sat down in the living room trying her phone but she has already switch it off.
We wondered where she could be since they’ve ransacked every spot and room in the building, but she’s still not found.
We can’t find the bride….
Half an hour after the disappearance of the bride, I went to the bride’s room to pack my make up tools then I head to the room given to me with the aim of arranging my stuffs since everything has turn bad.
Just as I entered my room, I saw the bride sitting on the bed crying. It was like a magic to me then I remembered that my room was the only room they didn’t check and that’s because of privacy, no one could have imagine that the bride will be there.
She wasn’t surprise to see me, but I was to see her.
” don’t tell anyone that I’m here, I just want to be alone ” she said as more tears flow down her eyes.
At first I was confused on what to do, I thought of going back outside, but it doesn’t feels right.
All she needs is someone to talk to, I reasoned that I can save a marriage, but I didn’t know if I have the strength to proceed.
I stood there battling with my thought when I heard her saying something.
” I trusted him, I gave him all my heart, I love him completely… He just trashed everything away ” she said slowly.
I sat down on the bed beside her but not too close to her then I told a story.
” The most beautiful thing in this world is getting married to someone you love.
I wrote a poem some months ago, I was never in the shoe, but it came to me.
I watched him crying
Through a distant Yelling
I could hear her rumbling
So soft with painful moaning
She never want it that way
He thought he had the right way
Does it call for an over?
She’s been strong, slept in the cold without cover
And he’s nowhere to be found
But There laid him in the snow, trying to make ends meet.
When She needs him
He’s out and gone
Does it call for a done?
He fails to realize her want
She falls to understand his goals
Perhaps she should have walk his shoes
Love always come with challenges
Love killed the great Achilles
Love led to the fall of Troy
Think before you say over
You might not be able to get over
When you let him or her go
You’ve let yourself go
That was just a poem that have nothing to do with you, but some lines speaks of you.
A woman came to me one day, she will be in her late 40s. You seems to have a similar issues, when she was in her 20s, she was to be married to someone who betrayed her trust on her wedding day. So she called off the marriage.
Trust they say is like sheet of paper, when squeeze, is when lost, no matter how hard will try to straight it up, it will never be thesame. That quote has been years before I was born.
But that was a bad illustration of trust. sometimes people got misleded by what we lived to see and hear. Our life ain’t meant to be guided by a quote from someone. It’s just like a car with a driving manual. The driving manual won’t drive the car, but we ourself will. Our life is in our hands. We design how we want to live it by ourselves. We have the right to make both the right and the wrong choice.
When are making the right choice, we know. And when we are also making the wrong choice. We certainly know.
The woman knows that leaving the marriage was a wrong choice, but just because of the trust illustration she had. She choose the wrong choice.
Environmental determinism says the environment determines the way of life of human being, but when the possibilist came, they said man has the right to choose in the given environment, which means if an environment is not good for him, he have the right to adjust.
It was after she walk away from the marriage that she discovered that she have the power to build up another trust. When a trust is lost to someone, the real problem becomes you. You will say I can’t trust him again, then you are having a trust problem cos that person might still trust you, and that person might turn a new leaf. You’ll be left with the problem, the question will be for how long?
Sometimes we need to give it one more thought, decisions made out of anger are always not right. If you are letting him go, think of when you’ve started. Ask yourself the question, does it worth it?
We all have the heart to forgive, Paul was once a slayer.
It was late before the woman realized her mistake. Do not make thesame mistake she made, you can still make things right. The decision you make right now will determine the rest of your life. ”
And when I ended my speech, she hugged me.
“thank you so much…this really mean alot to me, can I tell you a secret .” she asked.
” sure you can” I replied.
” I really love him, and I want to get married to him. ” she let out with a smile.
” Wao… Can you also keep a secret, I have something to tell you ” I said in a whisper.
” what is it? That you like my sister nkechi, probably you guys have… You know f--k each other… ”
” hell No! That’s not it ” I cut in.
“so what’s it, cos she already told me that she love you, and I can see it in her eyes ” she said with another smile.
“emmm… That’s not it. Emmm… You know that snake. I killed it ” I let out slowly.
” oh really? That’s awesome, I never like the snake ” she said and that came as a total surprise to me.
” Incredible. I even cook the meat, and I also fried it… ”
The door opened and the ladies came in while nkechi leads the way.
” of cos I know, and I covered for you. So you think I don’t know the meaning of pupuru and amala ” that came from nkechi. And that got me surprised again.
” have you guys been listening to us ?” I asked and they all laughed in response.
“well this is call for celebration, I have fried snake meat, who cares for one ” I haven’t finish it when they rush at me for it.
We were all eating the meat with a bottle of champagne when the bride mother came in with some people.
“it’s so good to see the bride smiling again,but what are you guys doing, the groom is waiting at the church ” that came from the bride mother.
We all paused and look at each other for a while, then we are screamed together.
“we are coming!!! ”
” iyawo, your make up is messed. I’ll will have to do another make up for you. But this one will gonna look more great on you ” I said then I quickly begin the beautifying.
The wedding went beautifully, the groom came to the bride and apologize for what he did. The bride accepted his apology and everything went well.
Nkechi was expecting me to make the move, she was expecting me to do talking just as a normal guy should, she believed that with the way she’s showing me green light that I will approach her and talk to her about love. She didn’t know that I’m oko Adesewa, I’m done talking that shit to ladies.
Well if the mountain can’t go to Mohamed, Mohamed will definitely go to the mountain.
A day before our departure, she came to me and said some things. After she was done, I decided to reply her.
“we can be best of friends, but speaking about more than friends. I don’t think that will work cos you definitely know nothing about me ” I said to her.
” Yea, I definitely don’t know anything about you but I do know something about you. You are kind, you are generous, you are lovely and you are such a gentleman. I don’t care if you reject me now or worst but you will always be a guy I fell in love with. I don’t mind crossing the bridges just to be with you, the distance won’t change anything. I’ll still love you ” she said. I searched for words to reply her but non came to me, so I left her without saying a word.
I returned back to akungba the following day with Sade.
Sade decided to wait and spend some days with me before going back to Akure, just to catch some little fun.
We were gisting together in my room one evening about the wedding party when a call from mercy came in. I ignored the call and that attract the attention of Sade.
” why ain’t you picking the call ” she asked.
” don’t mind that girl jare ” I replied with a wave.
“Hmmm… After you Don f--k her, she’s now looking like a shit to you Abi ” she said inquisitively.
” No I didn’t f--k her, the girl just made a fool of me because I like her ” I mumbled.
“Ehen? Tell me more Abeg. Give me details ” she said showing more interest.
Let me quickly introduce you more to Sade. Sade happens to be a lady that enjoy doing crazy things, she’s good at handling any kind of nasty situation, she can act and pretend as whoever you want her to be. And there’s no one too big for her to insult, she always have the ready answer for whoever deserve it.
” she played me with her boyfriend like a fool, she let me do some works for her while her boyfriend was chilling around with some absurd stuff. And the idiot even embarrassed me with some irrelevant talks by saying I should wear his used trouser because they are original and the one I’m buying are all fake. Imagine that shit ” I said and she smile in a mischievous way.
” should we deal with them? ” she questioned. I didn’t have it in mind to deal with them. So I replied saying no.
” well if you say so, no problem then. But let go club na please ” she pleaded .
” my exam is coming, I’m not suppose to be clubbing ” I defended, but she seems determined. After alot of begging I decided to let her have it.
We changed our clothes then we head out to drink some alcohol at a popular pepper soup joint.
Sade and I were busy gisting with a plate of pepper soup when Rose suddenly appear from nowhere. Her face were burning like that of an alpha wolf.
“Ay so this is the slot you are now f-----g Abi!!! ” she shouted and that attract the attention of the people around us.
“Rose calm down, it’s not what you are thinking ” I said in a low voice but the fire burning inside her seems too hot to be extinguish.
” don’t tell me to calm down, I will deal with this b---h and then…” out of anger she poured a plate of pepper soup on Sade.
“ha! You are finished ”

To be continued….

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