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Aduke-Episode 10


Aduke-Episode 10

©Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa)

Notice: This is my real life story and not a fictional one.
Rated 20+ contains foul languages and sex in writing.

What looks to be nothing, finally becomes everything, and what is everything finally changes into nothing.. that’s life.
All day long and I can still hear the whispers of love from all coordinate, the message from lust doesn’t need a whisper, they came directly to me sound and clear.
So far there’s a breath within…life continues. I set my problems aside and continue living my life since problem are tends to happen, it’s just like getting sick, you can’t promise anyone you won’t get sick again. The sickness will just come uninvited, so is what we call problem. Knowing what to do and overcoming it is what matters. Well in my own case, I don’t know what to do, so I choose to do nothing.
I won’t stop opening up a book just because a chapter annoyed me, just because Daenerys mother of dragons destroy kings landing doesn’t mean I should stop watching Game of thrones, just because I have a complicated life doesn’t mean I should stop living.
Once in a while I felt like enjoying the sweetness of life, at least just to make myself happy.
I felt like going to chicken republic to have some expensive dish and drinks but the money I have with me wasn’t enough, so I head to the ATM post around the evening time to withdraw some cash.
It was quiet a long queue at the ATM post and also very annoying. Some stupid folks kept pushing themselves ignorantly and some baboons kept arguing on whom to use the ATM machine first. All this mixed together makes me wanna leave the ATM for a POS (point of sale).
While I’m still deciding whether to leave or not, the person infront of me was pushed backward which affected my equilibrium. I noticed I step on something but I didn’t know it was someone not until the person tap my shoulder lightly.
” hey you are standing on my toes ” that came from a sweet feminine voice.
I stood there looking at her beauty, speechless, static and maybe dumb at that moment. I never thought I’ve seen someone has beautiful as her ever since I came to Akungba.
One thing that caught me staring at her motionless was the fact that she isn’t on make up and yet her beauty radiate the atmosphere.
” hello can you hear me? I said you are standing on my toes, you are hurting me ” she let out like a kid who is about to cry.
When I heard this, my brain came back to normal.
“I’m…i.. I’m really sorry ” I apologized then I bend low to dust off the little sands off her sandal.
” No that’s not neccesary ” she said as she drew back her leg.
” no let me do it ” I said trying to dust off the sand but she didn’t let me.
” you don’t have to do that I’m fine, leave it ” she said. I stood up and look back at her, I guessed she has noticed the way I’m looking at her so she look shyly away. I searched for words to say to her, but I don’t know where went my vocabulary. So I turned back without saying anything to her, but I still feel like talking to her but I just don’t know how to start. And that’s very wired and strange for Aweedy.
I kept looking back occasionaly at her and sometimes I intermittently took longer before taking off my eyes. I think she got irritated with the way I’m doing so she went to sit on some demarcation blocks not too far from where I’m standing.
Blessed are the beautiful’s for they shall be disturbed and also, blessed are the ugly’s for they shall not be disturbed.
Where she sat down, a guy came to her and beginning to talk to her. I know his intentions, but I’m feeling jealous where I stood. That could be me, but no it’s not me. I just stood there burning with jealousy.
I observed her for a while (PSY 401) then I noticed that she didn’t feel like talking to the guy, her looks, her mode of response everything shows that she didn’t want the guy attention. But the he-goat never stop, instead he kept throwing her several questions.
She seems like a bird in need of a rescue, so I took up the rescuing mission.
She saw me approaching her and she gave some kind of tired looks which I interpreted as “here comes another one ” (PSY 302).
I approached her, look at the guy first as if I have a quarrel with him then I return my gaze back to her.
“emmm… Aduke why don’t you go and use the ATM now, I’m the next on the queue ” I said. I didn’t know her name so I just use the name that came right into my head that moment which was Aduke.
She smiled at me for the first time and… I can’t help but to smile back.
“thank you ” she said as she head for the ATM machine.
” I’ll wait for you here… ” that came from the guy that was talking to her before. But I quickly cut in, he got me to deal with now.
” What for? ” I cut in with a question.
“And how’s that your business ” he threw back with a frowned face.
” oh…Actually my business is to enlighten a fool” I replied calmly.
“And who’s the fool here ?” he questioned.
“wrong question, the right question should be how may I help you to stop being foolish ” I threw back.
” you don craze na your mama be fool ” he fired back.
” well you won, cos it only a fool that will insult someone else mother, you are more than a fool at 40″ I said defected then I turned to leave. I found out that the girl has gone, well I can’t be too dissapointed. I smile back to myself as I rejoin the queue. At least I got him Occupied not to notice her departure. So if I’m not going to have her, neither will he.
I withdrawed the cash then I head for a wine store to get a good wine, I’m sure that they won’t have the brand of wine that I want at the chicken republic so I get it on the way myself before going to the chicken republic.
I got to the chicken republic and ordered for a pounded yam with some crazy encouragement which includes polo, dried fish, and so on.
I was told to wait for a while, so I sat myself down. One of the attendant saw me with a wine so she brought two glasses of cups.
I wondered why she brought two cups whereas I’m the only one present at the table to drink the wine. Maybe she also want to drink. I put the wine on the table expecting her to come over for a glass of wine but she didn’t, it was as if she didn’t remember giving me two cups.
While I was still waiting for my food to be done, I saw a tray of meat pie and ice cream drag on the table I’m on.
I was about flaming up to shout ” is this what I ordered for ” when I saw the smile. Immediately I swallowed back the words. Sitting in front of me with a tray of ice cream and meat pie is the girl I met at the ATM machine.
She saw the cups and wine on the table and she put on a questioning face.
“am I interrupting something? ” she asked. I put on a puzzled face cos she didn’t seems to interrupt anything.
“No… No you ain’t, you can have your snacks here ” I said then she gave out this smile again that always got me crazy whenever I look at her.
“what happened? The bride didn’t show up or dating goes wrong? ” she asked as she swallow a spoon of ice-cream. I smiled a little cos what she said got me laughing but I manage to hold back myself.
” I’m not expecting any bride and I’m not here for a date ” I replied in the best way I can.
“This is a good wine, so what’s with the two toast cups ” she said pointing at the cups on the table.
” oh the waitress must have thought the same, I brought the wine and she came with cups ” I said and she show out her teeth.
” I never thought I will see you again… ”
“Me neither ” I cut in.
“thanks for what you did at the ATM, I… I so much appreciate it ” she said with a smile.
” it’s nothing so what’s your name? ” I asked as I stared into her beautiful eye.
“I’m beginning to wonder if you are a wizard or something cos you actually got me. Anyway my name is Mercy. Aduke is also my name but people don’t call me that name I guess it too ancient ” she said in a funny way and we both laugh together.
“I love Ancient !” I said and we both laugh to it again. After that she didn’t ask for my name so I decided I should introduce myself to her.
“Anyway I’m Ayo by name, I don’t have any ancient name like Alao or Adigun but I have oko Adesewa ” I said and she almost spit out the ice cream in her mouth when she heard me saying oko Adesewa.
“what kind of mad man goes by the name oko Adesewa ” she said and I was like ‘Aye MI ‘
” the one sitting infront of you is ” I replied with a little bit hurt.
“I’m sorry…just that every guy I’ve met are always single and searching or they are heart broken I never met one that is devoted to his girlfriend or wife cos someone that isn’t like others isn’t just weird but mad ” She said. I took a while before replying her cos I didn’t know how to lay it down to her.
“there was Adesewa and I’m not single ” I said calmly.
“Ehen? So how’s your girlfriend? ” she asked and I smiled before answering her.
“it’s not girlfriend, it’s girlfriends ” I muttered and she let out a surprise face.
” what the f--k… Well so much for your good face, you got the pink lips to drive ladies crazy I’m sure you will have the sweet mouth to rainstorm pretty ladies over ” she said drastically.
” you never see me do that so let move away from that. What department are you? ” I questioned.
” I’m a medicine student ” she replied. I put on a puzzled face as I flinch backward. There was a guy sitting at the next table so I quickly call his attention.
” bros Abeg, Adekunle don dey offer medicine ?” I asked and the response I received was more like an absurd answer.
“mumu you hear say mango dey coconut tree before? Abi na you wan accredit medicine for Adekunle ” he replied.
“ofonu you no get sense at all, do head like Toronto wall gecko dey reason like sokoto rat…”
” Ay that’s okay ” she cut in before I could finish my statement.
I shrugged my shoulders as I let go of the bastard.

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“although he started it but you are taking it too far, are you that pugnacious or you just have this gift of abusing someone? ” she asked.
“neither of the two, I just know how to give replies ” I said then I rest myself back on the chair. I wondered what is taking my pounded yam to be ready. Just as I was about complaining, I saw it coming. I smiled to myself and I saw Mercy smiling too.
“yummy yummy ” she muttered.
I was expecting the dish to be served on my table but they fly it over my head to the next table Which happens to be the table the guy I abused sat on.
Immediately the guy saw the pounded yam, he wash his hands and began eating.
I stopped the waitress while returning back cos the whole thing as began to mystify me.
” that’s my delicacy. I ordered for pounded yam and that specific type of soup hope you guys have not mistaken… ” I never finish it when the waitress cut in.
” oh my God!!! ” she exclaimed. I quickly process her reaction then I realized that she as mistakenly give the wrong person my food.
“oh your what? You mean that lunatic of a rodent is eating my meal? Thunder fire him today, go call ambulance, Cos We will die here ni ooo ” I fired.

********* ******** ************ ****************


Somewhere in Adekunle Ajasin, I sat down to relax my brain after a long time reading. I decided to have some chat on whatsapp just to fun out my brain.
After chatting randomly for about 20 minutes, I got bored and I decided to log out. I was at edge of turning off my data when a video call from Aduke came in.
Aduke : oko grace
Me : big head, I told you it’s oko Adesewa
Aduke :how are you?
Me : I’m fine and you?
Aduke: I’m okay jare you that have forgotten someone.
Me: Ai tete mu ole, ole mu oloko. Abi you that forgot oko Adesewa.
Aduke : Hmmm that’s a lie, I didn’t forget you, I have you in heart.
Me : for your mind. Awe Lo
Aduke : how’s mama and Papa ayo?
Me : they are both fine jare
Aduke : OK. Anything for me?
Me : sure
Aduke : okay what is it?
I was typing to reply her when I saw baba dudu approaching me with his cross bag.
“Ay how far? ” he greeted.
“I dey alright wetin dey sup ” I replied.
“you no say Samson dey craze ” he said as he demonstrated with his hands.
” you mean school son…”
“no school grandfather, ode ” he cut in.
” wetin happen ” I questioned calmly.
” naso we gather cook 5 cups of rice ooo, na concoction we use am do. After the two of us don take our equal share, the remaining rice wey dey inside pot I Don dey target am say I go chop am after some time. I don’t know the devil that make me fall asleep, by the time I woke up like this, Samson Don finish the rice. He don wash pot self ,he’s lucky I didn’t meet him when I wake up, if not I go beat him tire ” he narrated.
I made a loud hiss before speaking out.
“Awe get lost, I think say na one better stuff you wan follow me talk ” I said, knowing fully well that baba dudu will retaliate. Just as he’s about to give me my size a call came in form marvelous.
Me : hello marvelous.
Marvelous : hello Ay where are you.
Me :somewhere cool. What’s up.
Marvelous : Ay I’m sick, I need you to take me to the health center.
Me : oh my God, when did it started?
Marvelous : last night and it’s getting worst.
Me : okay just hold tight I’m coming.
I ended the call then I drag baba dudu with me.
“Ogbeni where are you taking me to? ” he questioned.
“to help me help someone ” I replied as I stopped a bike which conveyed us to marvelous place.
I met her lying on the bed with her cover cloth all over her body, she was shaking then I knew she’s having a fever. I searched for her health center card then we took her to the center.
While the doctor was attending to her, I sat down with baba dudu at the waiting room, when baba dudu direct my attention towards someone.
“see that babe wey dey come, that girl fine die. Abeg help me collect her number na” he muttered silently to me.
I looked at the girl and I found out that she’s mercy.
“seriously I know the girl she is… ”
“I know you will know her. Just help me collect her number ” baba dudu cut in.
I waited for mercy to look at my direction then I waved at her. She saw me waving then she smile and approach my direction. There’s also a lady coming with her and I guess that the lady will be her friend.
” hi Aduke ” I greeted.
” I’m known as mercy no one call me Aduke, hello oko Adesewa ” she replied hoping that by calling me oko Adesewa will sound wired to everyone.
“mercy, is this the guy you told me about? ” that came from the lady standing beside her.
“yes that’s him, Ay meet my friend Shukurah ” mercy introduced.
“hello Shukurah it’s nice meeting you ” I said as a gentleman.
“the pleasure is mine, mercy told me about you and I’m really looking forward to confirm what she said ” she replied back with a smile.
“oh… Anyway I’m also with a friend here, Aduke, Shukurah meet my friend baba…eemmm…”
” hello ladies my name is segun but you can call me segzy ” baba dudu cut in. Well I’ve almost introduce him as baba dudu to them.
” oko Adesewa, my friend told me that you can insult someone gan ooo ” Shukurah said. Baba dudu looked at me with a puzzled face cos he knows that the only person that Know how to abuse someone very well is him and not me.
” don’t mind her she’s just kidding… ”
” oko Adesewa, Shukurah is an Ibadan girl and she’s as talented as you are in abusing people, I will love to see who’s best ” mercy cut in.
“hell no, I wouldn’t want to take up that challenge ” I let out.
” I will ” baba dudu said which drew all our attention to him.
“baba dudu maybe you should rethink this, Awon Omo Ibadan are chronic abuser” I mumbled silently to him.
” awe I wan use am enter her package ni jor ” he whispered back.
” bros are you scared ni ” Shukurah said which cut us out of our conversation.
” Fara bale, iwo Kini buruku ikeji elede yi” (take it easy, daughter of a prodigal pig) baba dudu let out.
“eheeeeen. Owa da bayi. Se oju re fo ni? Ose enu roboto bi furo aparo, Atari re dan bi igba emu. Imu re koja bi ti asinko, elegbede rewa ju e Lo.. Ko to Dudu bi ti Ikoko idana.
***Insult***( really. Very well then, are you that blind? With your mouth round like a guinea fowl anus, Your forehead is like that Of a Palm wine calabash, And your nose burnt like that of a farm rodent, Black like cooking pot, Even gorilla is far more handsome than you. ) ” Shukurah said.
” Aye Mi ,baba dudu afigba to te!!! ” I exclaimed out. We all echoed some laughs together and when the laughing is going down I quickly whisper to Baba dudu.
” here is your chance go talk to her, I will drag mercy away from here ” I whispered and he nodded in response.
“Aduke can I see you for a minute ” I said then she smiled in response.
I took her to a corner leaving Shukurah and baba dudu together to have a chat.
” Aduke, can I have your contact ” I resquted and she laugh uncontrollably before replying me.
“hell No ! No way I’m giving you my digit ” she let out.
“oh No… Is it anything I said or what? ” I said slowly.
“No. Why do you want to collect my number? ” she questioned.
“so that I can call and talk to you or why do you think I want to collect your number? ” I asked.
“probably to have more view on your whatsapp status ” she replied swiftly. And that got me laughing really hard.
“I don’t need views on my whatsapp status, I have more than 300 views per post so why would I? I know you will give me your number ” I said then I give her my phone. She put in her number then she return my phone back to me.
” what are you doing here in the first place ” she asked.
” my friend is sick so I brought her here ” I replied then I saw Marvelous coming out of the doctor office.
“there she is, I gotta go, I’ll give you a call ” I said then I move away from her view.
I rushed forward to meet marvelous which was walking like a drunker. She’s weak and she needs assistance so I helped her walk.
She was given injection and some list of drugs to buy which I bought while taking her back home, I couldn’t go to my place that day so I spent the night at her place.
She woke up the following day feeling much better and strong. She’s type of person that doesn’t like using drugs but I force her to use the drugs since it’s the only key for her to get better.
I decided to call mercy after 3 days of collecting her number.
Me: hello Aduke.
Mercy : there are only two people in this world that call me that name, my grandma and oko Adesewa.
Me : Hmmm, how is your grandma.
Mercy : she’s fine how is your’s
Me : last time I called, she’s just returning from the gym.
Mercy : funny you. How are you jare oko Adesewa
Me : I’m fine and you Aduke.
Mercy : I’m okay, it took a while before you call.
Me : are you expecting my call?
Mercy :hell No. I never did.
Me : oh,I guess you are too busy to expect a call from someone like me.
Mercy : maybe.
Me : well anyway, you told me that you are studying medicine.
Mercy : yes what about it?
Me : here in Adekunle?
Mercy : don’t be daft, I’m not a student of this school.
Me : oh…
Mercy : Yea, I’m a student of UI
Me: what the hell are you doing here in Akungba?
Mercy : my dad work here. He’s a professor, he have a house here but our main house is at Lagos where my mom stay.
Me : oh…
Mercy : Yea and also, my boyfriend is here.
Me :oh…
Mercy : Yea.
Me : that explains why you don’t wanna stay with your mom.
Mercy : big head
Me : no one calls me that, I only call people that.
Mercy : I’m saying it again big head!!!
Me : whatever, I hope you will save my number now.
Mercy : that’s my choice to decide.
Me :oh that’s strange.
Mercy :you scared already.
Me :not at all bye bye.
I was turning semo vital for dinner when Samson my school son came in lamenting loudy.
” Egbon I suffer today ooo, I follow one girl talk today if you see the way she wash me” he threw up.
” Hanhan wetin happen? ” I asked.
” she said she can’t date 100 level guy” he replied.
” na which level she dey? ” I asked again.
” she be 100 level students too oo. For Guidance and counseling , imagine all those Radarada course ” He answered.
“Thunder fire her p---y for where ever she dey, I don’t know wetin dey do all this small small girls for hundred level. Na 400 level student dey will want to date. Some of them are just so stupid, anyway forget am. Any disappointment is a blessing, you can’t have me as school father and still be suffering from ladies. I will introduce two girls to you tonight. ” I said.
” thank you Egbon. Na semo we wan chop tonight? ” he asked.
” No na cocoyam. You see me preparing semo and you are still asking me stupid question. Ehen how is your babe na. Elizabeth? ” I asked.
” she’s fine, let me go and change my clothes inside I’m coming ” he said and excuse himself inside.
While cooking, I got a love message from dories. I wanted to call her back but I later change my mind and postpone the call.
The following day happens to be Saturday, I went to visit marvelous which just recover from an illness.
She said she wanted to cook a soup so I followed her to the market to buy the ingredients.
While we are doing the shopping, a guy accidentally pour grind fresh pepper on my trouser. I was pissed at the nasty sight of the pepper on my trouser so I flamed up.
” hey bro, you just pour pepper on my trouser ” I said with a frowned face.
” I’m sorry, it was an accident ” he apologized.
” keep the sorry, I don’t need it. You should be more careful next time ” I said then I made to turn.
” I said I’m sorry what other thing do you want? ” he threw after me. Immediately I turned back to face him.
” I said I don’t need your sorry, am I speaking Arabic? ” I retorted.
“you are talking as if I did it intentionally. It was an accident ” he threw back.
“oooh so you want me to congratulate you for a job well done or what. You got me messed up and you are expecting to be smiling back at you? ” I fired back with anger.
Marvelous quickly hold me back as she tries to calm me down, during this period mercy showed up beside the guy.
” oko Adesewa what’s up, why are you in pepp… What is happening? ” she asked facing the guy beside him.
” I accidentally pour the pepper on his trouser” he replied calmly.
“oh oko Adesewa I’m so sorry. Please forgive us. Emmm… meet my boyfriend Thompson ” she said as she introduced him to me.
“you know him? ” he asked confusedly at Mercy.
“Yea I know him ” she replied. I melt down the anger in me since it’s no more neccesary.
” meet marvelous, my girlfriend ” I said as I introduce marvelous to her. They both exchange pleasantries but we the guys never did, I just kept imagining how I will break his head and I’m sure he’s thinking thesame.
We left the market after buying the needed stuffs then we head home to cook the soup.
Sunday afternoon I was in my room playing dream league soccer on my phone when I heard a knock on the door.
” come in the door is open ” I said after the second knock.
The door opened, then I saw jummy along side with a woman who I’m sure will be her mom.
“mummy that’s my Ayomi that’s the guy I love ” she said pointing at me. Then her mom face me slowly.
“I got to be dreaming ” I muttered slowly.

To be continued…

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