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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 9


So my plan was simple. I didn't want to get my hands dirty so I
had to find a way to disappear without Caleb ever tracing me.

The resignantion from work happened as per his instructions
and he made sure that I became a housewife. He had
someone keeping an eye on me although I never got to see
who it was I was very aware of the presence of that person.

Caleb wanted to have total control over me and I felt nothing
more than a prisoner in my own home. I was allowed to shop
and visit my family and friends but I was forbidden from ever
working and I had to be home before Eighteen hours.

Diane had been coming to see me and she always brought me
prenatal vitamins which I was thankful for. Caleb had dragged
me to hilltop clinic to have an ultrasound done to determine
how far along the pregnancy was and at the time I was six
weeks pregnant. I did my calculations and I knew without a
doubt who the father was.It was then I decided that I needed
to act as soon as possible. There was no way that I would ever
let Caleb raise my child. Abortion was also not an option since
Caleb seemed to know and monitor all my movements. I could
easily have asked Diane to come with the pills but knowing
Caleb he would order blood work to be done and the pills
would be traced in my system.

So I started researching on how best to disappear. I was happy
that we had wifi in the house so most days I would sit on the
patio with my laptop and gaze at the gardens whilst planning
on my next move. I always made sure to delete on of my
research as I had no idea who was watching. I had been
researching my escape for days and had settled on faking my
own death. I remembered Dawson telling me that it would only
be in death that Caleb would ever let me go.

On this particular day I sat outside wearing a black off the
shoulder loose casual long dress and my mission was to find
a drug that I could use to fake my death. My plan was to take
the meds then pay the funeral attendants at the parlor to then
inject me with another injection that would bring me to life.
Then once that was done I was going to ask them to hide me
and then cremate someone else. I had made up my mind to
see a lawyer and ensure that the will I had written would
indicate that I wanted to be cremated.

I looked up when the door to the house opened and out
stepped Dawson. He had been scarce from the time my dear
husband announced the Pregnancy. I smiled at him.

"Hallo stranger. Fancy seeing you here,"I said as he walked
towards the seat opposite mine.
He sat down and placed the glass of juice he was holding on
the table in the centre.

"I had no idea you were home till ba Fiona told me so," he
said. "So I had to come and say hi."
"Thanks for remembering us. You really have been scarce."

He shrugged. "I wanted to move out especially with things
being serious wirh Thandi now but your husband won't hear of
it. He insists that I should stay home and keep an eye on you
especially with his constant movements."

"I see,"I said and dropped my gaze to the screen.

"How are you coping?"

"Pardon?" I asked looking up.

"How are you coping with the pregnancy and staying home?"
I looked at him momentarily before deciding on whether to
speak freely or not.

"We are friends Kassie. Trust me I have no ulterior motives
towards you. I have seen the pain you go through. I wouldn't
want to be the cause of more pain. You are not happy and
despjte Caleb being my friend I think you deserve better."

I smiled sadly. "I hate my Life. I hate being kept at home like a
prisoner. I am expected to play happy wife when am
miserable." I sighed as I looked out to the garden." I don't want
to raise this child in a home like this. A home where there is
no love but is full of violence."

"Then kill him."

I looked up at him in shock as the words escaped his mouth.

He smiled and shrugged.

"Kassie am kidding....but you really need to find a way out."
I dropped my gaze. How could I tell him of my plan to escape.

Could I trust him. Suddenly he stood up and came to stand by
me. His eyes were plastered on my laptop screen.

"How do you plan to achieve playibg dead?" He asked quietly
after a few minutes.

I swallowed. Could he be trusted?
"I won't tell Caleb. You deserve to be free. He wants you
caged like an animal and he treats you worse. I wish I could
help but Caleb is now so powerful...." he trailed off.

"I am looking for an injection that could stop my breathing and
have the doctors pronounce me dead."

He walked back to his seat. "And this will happen after birth?"

I shook my head.

"That is dangerous especially for your unborn child. Find other
ways to disappear. Fake an accident or something. If you take
the route you want to take now the child may just be deprived
of oxygen."

I was miserable without Kasamba. I watched as she packed up
the stuff in her office on her last day. My heart went out to
her. She had this sad look on her face and I guessed this
move wasn't her idea. I looked up as the new finance boss
walked in. He was a far cry from Kasamba. He was cocky and
spent so much time trying to discredit Kasamba by picking
things that he thought were not correct only for his junior to
point them out as correct.
Over Lunch I took a walk outside where I met the Human
resources director. She seemed to have just returned from

"I met Kasamba in pick and pay," she informed me after some
chit chat.

"Oh really?" I asked making sure to not sound to excited. Any
word about Kasamba was welcome.

She had blocked me on social media and on her phone. "How
is she?" I asked.

"She looks ok and well from what I can tell she is pregnant."


The woman nodded. I quickly changed the subject but my
heart was crushed. After she went I took a walk. I felt
demoralised. My love was pregnant. Then I stopped. What if I
was the father? I had to find out, one way or another.

To Be Continued


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