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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 8

I went to see Diane a few days later. I honestly had not been
feeling well and I had been sleeping poorly. It must have been
the toll of the break up with Oscar. It was hard seeing him
each day and not being close to him at all. The only thing now
that was actually going well in my life was my friendship with
Dawson. After the night he helped me out I had a new found
respect for him.

I slowly locked the car and walked to Diane's little shop in
Kabwata. She had opened up a pharmacy and usually worked
there when she had a day off. Most times her young brother
ran the place. I too had called in sick. Technically it wasn't a
lie and if anyone were to see me they would see that I was
heading to a pharmacy. I found Diane attending to a client so I
looked around the little shop. When she was done I walked
over to her. She hugged me then with her hands on my
shoulders took a step back as though to examine me.

"You look pale," She said.

"I haven't been sleeping well."

"How is your appetite?" She asked as she put a hand over my

"I don't have a temperature. As for my appetite it has been



"You could be coming down with a bug or you could be

I laughed. "Pregnant? I have been taking the pill religiously. I
mean I really don't want a child with Caleb."

Diane shrugged. "Pills also fail at times...anyway we will only
know when we check. How is that monster husband of yours
by the way?"Diane asked as she walked behind the counter.

"Fine. Busy with his new role. He is already talking being a
minister. He seems to be quite close to eagle one."

Diane shook her head. "Lord help us should that man become
a minister....any
way I have found what I am looking for."

I watched as she waved a pink wrapped pregnancy kit.

"I want to test for pregnancy first," she announced. "So I need
you to pee on the stick."

I rolled my eyes as she pushed me to the back where there
was a toilet and another small room where you could rest.

She handed me the kit and before I could protest she closed
the door in my face. I stood there momentarily not sure what
to do then decided to read the instructions. The tester was the
expensive type. I needed to just pee on the stick and wait for
the results. I opened the packaging then did my business on it.

I washed my hands afterwards then carried the tester out with
me. Diane was seated on the little bed in the room.

"Well?" She asked.

I looked at her and then at the tester. I couldn't believe that
there were two lines. Two lines! How? It wasn't possible that I
was pregnant. She stood and peered at the stick then looked
at me.

"When was your last period?"

I shook my head. I couldn't remember. My periods had been
irregular for some time especially when I was stressed

"I can't be pregnant,"I said in a whisper.

I could feel the tears and then I felt Diane engulf me. I
couldn't be pregnant. The owrst part was I had no idea who
the father was. It could be Oscar or Caleb.

I went home feeling really weary. I had been driving around for
hours trying to process my thoughts on the new development
in my life. Diane had promised to arrange for a sick not for me
to send to work as I really couldn't handle going there. I was
scared. More scared for the child in my womb than for myself.

I wouldn't want anyone to be subjected to having Caleb as a
father. But if Oscar was the dad there was no way that I could
tell him. He was better off not knowing but then again if this
child was his then I felt blessed that such a gift had been
bestowed upon me. I hadn't told Diane about my affair
because I didn't want her judging me and reminding me of the
repurcussions of such.

I drove into the yard and parked the car. Seeing the
Government Pajero parked there made my heart sink. I had
hoped that he would be home late as had been his habit of
late. Sighing I picked up my bag and headed into the house.
There was no sign of him in the living room so I figured he
could be in the study. I decided to head straight to the
bedroom to freshen up before actually thinking of fixing him a
snack. He always expected me to make him snacks when he
got home early.

I stripped off the blue jumpsuit I wore and then stepped into
the shower. The warm water felt good against my skin.

Suddenly I felt arms round me. I stiffened.

"Relax, it is me babe."

My heart sank. What was he doing in the shower with me?

"I came to sponge my lovely wife. Afterall she deserves it," he
said spinning me round.

I forced a smile as a thousand thoughts ran through my mind.

He picked up the sponge and squeezed some shower gel onto
it before he slowly started lathering my body. If anyone was
watching they would have thought we were the perfect couple
but hey looks were deceiving. I thought of all the women who
envied me and wishe they had my life. I wished one of them
would step and walk in my shoes just for a day then maybe
just maybe we would stop wishing for things that others had.

He asked me to turn so that he could sponge my back. I did
as instructed. In the early days of marriage we had bathed
together several times. We had made love in the shower. Oh
how we had been so in love but then those years had
gone;like sand slipping through my hands. After he was done
he gently pushed me under the spray of water then wrapped
his hands round me. I felt repulsed but what could I do? Any
wrong reaction would earn me a beating. I let him have his
way with me as my mind wondered away. I thought of Oscar. I
had fallen in love with him. Breaking up with him was my way
of protecting him. Dawson's warning had sat heavy on my
heart. After Caleb was done he cleaned us both then he
surprised me by carrying me out of the bathroom after
wrapping me in a towel and then he lay me on the bed.

"You have made me the happiest man today," he said.

I looked at him questioningly and he laughed.

"I know about the baby."

How was my first question. Had Diane rattled me out? I
doubted it. As though reading my mind he told me that he had
someone following me and they had followed Diane to UTH
with the blood sample that she had taken. My heart sank. I
had opted for a second opinion after the pee test. She had
said the blood test would determine it all. I forced a smile as
Caleb patted himself on the back.
"I am finally going to be a father. Thank you," he said as he
leaned forward and kissed my forehead.

I now understood why he had come home early. As for the
guy spying on me;how long had he been tailing me? Had he
seen me with Oscar? I was now dead scared. I needed
Dawson to tell me the truth. I looked at Caleb who was
speaking rapidly about the plans for the baby.

"You have to stop work."

I looked at him in shock." Work is my life,"I said in a tiny

He stood up abruptly. "I will not have you working and putting
stress in yourself that may cause you to lose that child!"he
snapped. "That is my heir you are carrying!"

The aggressive Caleb was back and if I continued arguing he
would pounce in me; baby or no baby. I bowed my head and
let him talk. He told me I would give my employers one month
notice then stay home and wait for the baby to be born. I just
nodded. He called me a good girl then he asked me to make
special supper. So I got dressed and head to the kitchen. I
marinated some chicken pieces and threw them in the grill
then made make and cheese, a potato salad and some
greens. For dessert I made a quick cheese cake which I left to
cool in the fridge. Dawson and Thandi joined us for dinner as
per Caleb's request and he announced my pregnancy. I
wondered if it wasn't against african culture to announce a
pregnancy so early. Dawson kept watching my eyes for a
reaction so I kept my head bowed most of the time. Thandi
complimented the food and even helped me clean up. After
dinner Caleb led me to the bedroom for another love making
session. As he lay sleeping I sat up and watched him.

It would be so easy to just grab a pillow and suffocate him
with it but then again I would easily be discoveres for murder
once autopsy was done. I was shocked that I was having such
thoughts but then again there was no way I was going to let
him raise my child. My child deserved the best in lofe and that
would only happen without Caleb in it. I had to find a way to
either get rid of him without being caught or me disappearing
off the face of the earth. It was either of the two and I had
about six months to plan it all.
To Be Continued...


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