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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 6


#Luckily his mum had come to
visit and when I presented the issue she
encouraged him to let me go.

"Your wife works hard and if the boss feels
she can represent the company then let her

He had eyed me with his usual threatening
look but I knew as long as his mother was
around he wouldn't dare lay a finger on me.
She somehow was the only female he
actually respected. So here I was flying to
cape town with Oscar. I stole a glance at him
but he was engrossed with whatever he
was working on, on his laptop. I shifted
back to my novel and prayed that this trip
wouldn't be awkward. Oscar had been
avoiding me since my car trouble day and
now here we were.

We landed in Cape town an hour later and
we were met by a gentleman with a placard
of Oscar's name. He was apparently the
company driver and he was taking us to the
family home in Cape town. The drive there
was silent. The house was beautiful and was
situated right where I had a view of the
table mountain. I was taken to my room
where ai freshened up and decided to nap
as I felt jet lagged. I must have slept for
hours because by the time I was waking up
it was dusk. I felt embarrassed as I walked
out of my room to the kitchen that I had
been shown earlier.

I found the housekeeper I had met earlier in
there and she told me she had kept some
food for me. I smiled at her gratefully.

"Shall I set up the dining area for you?"
I shook my head. "Can I eat on the deck. I
want to stare at the sea," I said feeling like a

She nodded and told me to go ahead and
she would send someone with the food. As I
walked to the deck I couldn't help but
wonder where Oscar was. I sat on one of
the seats and stared at the waves roll. I
loved the sea and always wished I could be
as free as it was. A few minutes later a
young woman in a uniform came with a tray
laden with food. There was a prawn salad,
sticky wings and fries. My mouth was
salivating as the aroma hit my nostrils. I dug
into my food and savoured every bite. The
lady also brought me some wine which I
took with my food. I couldn't help but love
the solitude and the peace that came with
not having to worry about Caleb being close.

After my meal I sat staring at the sea before
deciding to actually head there. I went
inside and changed into a short and vest
and flip flops. I then told the housekeeper I
was going for a walk. I loved that the moon
was out and everything was illuminated. I
ran to the beach feeling like a child.

I ran into the water and laughed as a wave
hit me. I went under and then the wave
rolled back. I lay on my back in the sand and
waited for the next wave. Now this was
freedom. I must have lain there for a while
before realising that someone was
watching me. I sat up and there he was. His
chest was bare and he was in black shorts
and his feet were bare.

"You seem to love water," he commented

I giggled like a girl. "I love the freedom I feel
when near the sea."

He eyed me questioningly. I shrugged. I
owed him no explanations. Suddenly he sat
next to me. I looked at him in shock.

"I want to know what freedom feels like."

I laughed and stared at my feet as the water
came in again. We must have sat there for a
while each lost in our own thoughts when
he finally cleared his throat and sais we
should head out. I nodded sadly and started
to stand but a big wave camr and hit
causing me to slip. I thought I was going
under again when I felt his hands round me.

I looked into his eyes and he had this look. I
swallowed hard.

"Thanks,"I stammered and hoped he would
let me go but he didn't. He kept his gaze on
me and I started to feel flushed.
The next thing I knew was his lips on mine.

The heat that rushed through me was
intense. I parted my lips and that gave him
access to my mouth. I loved how his tongue
explored my mouth. He deepened the kiss
and I heard myself moan.

"I think we should stop," he said pulling
I nodded but he didn't let me go. Our eyes
held each other's. I had to confess he made
me feel wild and beautiful. His eyes shifted
to my lips again and before I knew it his lips
were on mine again. I told myself this was
wrong but did nothing to stop him. It
seemed as though my body had a mind of
its own as my hands wrapped around his
neck. I didn't even protest as he lowered me
onto the sand. All I wanted was to be lost in
his kiss forever.
To Be Continued


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