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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 5

Dawson's attitude towards me suddenly changed after that
encounter. He seemed to have appointed himself my
protector. He was careful not to let Caleb know that he was
aware of the abuse and that suited me well as I was terrified
of the consequences. I still couldn't help but wonder as to
how I missed the signs. We were once so in love, so perfect
and the envy of everyone.

Each time I saw a post of someone being abused I felt sick to
my stomach and the comments from people on social media
just made it worse. Most did not understand the struggles we
would go through;the guilt of wondering if only you as a
woman had done things differently then maybe just maybe I
wouldn't get abused. The other thing people didn't understand
was the shame that came with being abused. Some would
sympathise with you but others would actually tell you to hold
on;that all women got beaten in marriage.

I sighed as I packed my stuff. I had been subjected to a long
day. Oscar had insisted on working with me and at one point
had dragged me to a seminar on financial strategies in
organisations. I couldn't help but wonder why he was insisting
on spending much of his time familiarising himself with my
department when we had other departments. It had actually
not escaped people's attention. My assistant had actually told
me that people were convinced that we were more than we
were letting on. That had actually made me even more aware
of my surroundings and whatever little fantasies I had about
Oscar had been pushed to the back of my mind because he
was not only my boss but a colleague and business was never
to be mixed wit pleasure.
I locked my office and headed to the car. I needed to get
home before Caleb. Lately I dreaded going home because ever
since he was elected permanent secretary he had been
pushing for me to quit my job. I was not willing to do that as
the job I had was the one thing that I had for my own. I
unclocked the car and turned the key but the car wouldn't
start. I tried and tried again but to no avail. Frustrated I got my
phonr and steppes out of the car.
Mine was the only car in the parking lot as most people
usually left by five on the dot. I dialed Caleb's number and
after a few tries he finally picked up.

"My car is failing to start," I told him.

"I see. Well I am not around. I flew out to Livingstone this
afternoon," he said dismissively.
In the background I swear I heard a girl giggle. I wouldn't have
put it last him to be with another woman wherever he was as
he was the type of man who believed that he was allowed to
have as many women as he wanted.

"I had no idea,"I said quickly.

"It was an emergency trip. I got busy and forgot to inform you.

However I will call Dawson to come and pick you. I will not
have any other man drive you around."

Emergency my foot. He was probably rushing for his latest
rendezvous with whoever he was with in the room. I told him
to take care and that I would wait for Dawson. I had just hang
up when I felt a presence behind me. I turned and there he
was. His jacket was placed on one arm and the first three
buttons of his white shirt were unbuttoned. I could make out
his torso. I swallowed. He smiled lazily as though knowing the
effect that he had on me.

He stepped towards me. Taking a step back would mean I was
a coward and honestly I didn't want hom to think that his
presence affected me in anyway.
"You are still around,"he stated in his deep husky voice.

"Car trouble," I said as I told my racing heart to calm down.

"Can I take a look?"

"By all means?" I said as I pointed to the car.

I watched him as he took long strides to the car. He tried the
bonnet but it wouldn't budge so he opened the driver's side
and flicked open the bonnet lever. He then placed his jacket
on the seat and rolled up his sleeves. He then opened the
bonnet and hovered over the engine. As he bent over I
couldn't help but notice how good his behind looked. He must
have felt my eyes on him as he looked over his shoulder with
a mischievious smile. I quickly looked away.

"I think it is the timing belt. Was it recently replaced?"he said
turning back to the engine.

I shook my head and answered in the negative. I had no idea
what he was talking about. Caleb normally took care of the
vehicles' maintainance. He stood straight.

"You need to call a mechanic to look at the car."

"I will inform my husband," I said quickly.

He raised a questioning eyebrow. It was my first time ever
mentioning a husband. Before I could say more the sound of a
car approaching us made me turn. It was Dawson. Oscar
looked at me then Dawson.


"Friend. Apparently he has travelled."

He walked to my car and picked his jacket and as he did
Dawson got out of the car.

"Kassie what happened?" Dawson asked as he eyed Oscar

"Timing belt," Oscar answered. "That is why the car won't

"Thank you for helping Kassie out. I will take it from here. Get
your things," he said pointedly looking at me.

I nodded and opened the door as the two men sized each
other up. I then locked the car and walked to where the two
stood. Both were giving each other nasty looks.

"I am ready to go,"I said clearing my throat. I then looked at
Oscar. "Thank you."

He nodded. He then bid us good night and walked away. I
then followed Dawson to his car quietly. I jumped into the
passenger seat and strapped on my seat belt.

"That guy likes you," Dawson said causing me to look up in

"I doubt it," I answered quickly.

If I had to say I was disappointed it would be an under
statement. I felt cheated. I had no idea that Kasamba was
married. She wore no ring on her hands and she had this
innocence about her and if that wasn't bad enough the way the
"friend" looked at her showed me that he was interestes in her.

I went home and poured myself some scotch before I went to
the home gym to punch away on the punching bag. I needed
to blow off steam.

That night my dreams were hauntes by Kassie's face. In my
dreams she kissed me and it was as real as the day that ai
kissed her at the party. I had kissed a total stranger at the
party just to get rid of the girl my aunt had thrown at me. She
had been a pest and had been following me around for days
till I saw her;she was seated on the patio alone. She looked
radiant and totally breathtaking. The kiss was never plannes
and the minute our lips met there was this electricity.I had
been so taken with the kiss and seeing her at work just made
me happier.

Now my hopes of wooing her were crushed but something just
wouldn't let me be. I woke up early the next morning and left
before anyone else was up. I drove for work and just as I was
driving in I spotted the Human Resource Director's car. An
idea came into my head. I walked over to her after we parked
and I asked her to send me Kassie's file.

I then locked myself in my office and studied her file. I
googled her husband's name and discovered that he had
recently been elected Permanent secretary. I studied pics of
him and Kasamba. There was somethinf about her smile in all
the pics. It seemed forced or sad. I leaned back in my seat
and wondered what sort of a man she was married to. Was
she happy? Did he make her heart flutter? I closed the laptop
as I looked away. I had to tell my heart to forget her one way
or the other.

To Be Continued


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