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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 4

I waited until I was certain he had gone before I stood from
my hiding spot. I leaned against the counter for a few minutes
before I decided to head to the bedroom. I was sore all over
and prayed that by morning I would be okay. I couldn't miss
work especially with Oscae wanting to get the hang of the
finances. I had just gotten into the passage way when the
lights came on. I stood frozen.

My heart started beating wildly as he neared me; his eyes
clearly angry. He took one look at me and his emotions
seemed to have changed.

"How long?"

I looked at him in confusion. "How long what?"

"How long have you been Caleb's punching bag."

I shook my head. "I fell. He never laid a hand on me."

He laughed bitterly. "If this is due to falling then I am the
queen of England. I know what a beating looks like."

I shifted uncomfortably. I didn't like how he was looking at me
and whatever was going through his mind was not to be

"Forget that you saw anything...."
"I can't!" He said sharply. "Men who beat women are cowards!
They deserve a fierce punishment."

My heart fell. "If you care at all about me then don't get

He stepped closer to me. I wanted to move back but found
myself rooted to the spot. He held out his hand and gently
touched my jaw. It was sore. I didn't move nor breath.

"I watched my mother get beaten by a man for years. A man
whose name I carry but she never left him. She said she
stayed because of us but even when we were grown she
stayed. I grew up hating my father and even when he died I
felt nothing. He killed my mother each day he hit her but she
loved him and said he would change some day. Don't let that
be you. There is nothing to stay for; no children. You make
your own money...."

I pulled away. He had no idea my pain. I turned my back on
him as the fresh tears spilled.

"I tried leaving. I managed for a month but he tracked me
down and I got such a beating. I have tried going to the cops
but he has friends in high olaces and with his new political
appointment I am stuck."

I felt his hands on my shoulder. I stiffened.

"I won't hurt you. A woman like you deserves better."

I looked up and prayed that Caleb wouldn't wake up.

"I pray and pray for a solution."
"I will help you," He said with so much conviction.

I turned to face him. He was so close. I could smell the
listerine he had used.

"How?" I asked in a whisper.
"I will find a way. Trust me."

I dropped my head. He tiltled my chin upwards.

"I am sorry I misjudged you. I now see why at times your eyes
are filled with sadness."

Before I knew it he engulfed me in a hug. I lay my head on his
head and sobbed. I had never ever had someone try to
understand my situation nor want to fight for me. I pulled away
after a while and wiped my face with hands.

"Let me get back to bed before he awakens and finds my side
empty. He hates that," I said Quickly.

Dawson nodded and gave way for me to pass. I was sure he
stood in the passage watching me walk away. I wished he
could help me but I knew my situation was useless. I opened
the door quietly and got into the room. Caleb was snoring
away. I guess he hadn't stirred one bit. I tip toed to the
bathroom and washed my face then slowly walked back to the
bedroom. I slid into the covers before giving Caleb my back. I
prayed that Dawson wouldn't do anything reckless and
endanger himself and I.

Watching her walk away tore at my heart. I had been angry at
her and had actually called her names not really knowing her
situation. Sighing I walked back to my room. I had heard her
whimper as he hit her. It wasn't anything new. I had wanted to
go check on what was hapoening but then again what if I was
wrong and embarrassed myself? I didn't want to hurt my
friendship with Caleb. He had been a good friend and well he
was a brother. I walked into the adjoning bathroom and
stripped. I was so angry and needed the cold water to calm
me down.

I had almost spilled thd beans about the kiss I had witnessed
between Kassie and the stranger. I had been really angry about
it. And when I had mentioned to Caleb about whether she
would ever cheat in him he had laughed.

"She wouldn't she knows what is good for her and she is my
property. No other man will ever lay claim on her whilst I am

His answer had puzzled me but now I understood. He believed
he owned Kassie. How had I not seen the signs? The heavy
make up and her emotional detachment. If one didn't look
closely they wouldn't see that everything about Kassie was
forced around Caleb. I wondered if he ever forced himself on
her. Thst thought just made me angrier and I hit into the
bathroom wall.

I must have been under the spray of water for ages before I
told myself I needed to catch some sleep. I was worried about
Kassie and I needed a way to help her. I could now see how
unhappy she was. My mind immediately went to my mother. I
hadn't seen her in years. I had lost contact with her after Dad
died. I owed her a visit I thought as I lay on top of the covers.
I would sleep nude. My mind went back to Kassie and her plea
not to get involved. I quickly recalled Caleb boasting about his
new political appoinment. He had been appointed as the new
Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Justice. The
announcement would be made the following day. I knew
Kassie was right about fighting him at that laboured.

I had no idea how I slept with so much frustration. The rays of
sunlight coming through the curtains are what woke me. I
lazily gazed at my watch. It wa almost seven. I had a quick
bath then dressed up. I decided to be in smart casual. I wore
a black jean and light blue shirt. I then grabbed my car keys.
Something smelt good as I made my way to the dining area.
Something told me to turn into the kitchen and there she was.

She was just removing the apron she wore when I entered.

Our eyes met momentarily before she dropped her gaze. I
could see that she was wearing heavy make up again.

Probably to cover her bruised eye and jaw. I allowed my eyes
to trail down to what she wore. She had settled for a long
sleeved body con maxi dress. She looked impecaable as

"I made pancakes, freshly squeezed orange juice then we have
baked beans and fried sausages,"she said breaking the

"Thanks," I said with a smile. "How did you sleep?"

She looked up from the tray she was setting up nicely. She
poured coffee into a cup before she looked up.

"Please don't do anything that will get me into trouble."

I could see the fear in her eyes. I walked to her quickly and
touched her shoulder. she flinched then her eyes quickly went
to the kitchen door. I dropped my hand and then looked her
deep in the eyes.

"I promise I won't....."

"Babe,where is my food!"

She looked at me one last time as if to say thank you before
carrying the tray out. I gave her some time to be in the dining
area before following her. Caleb was seated at the head of the
table as usual. She quickly left before I sat.

"She doesn't eat?"I remarked.
He shrugged. "She has probably packed something for herself.
She always wants to beat traffic and be at work on time. I
don't understand why she should work when I give her

"Some one want that sense of independence," I said as I
watched his facial expression.
He seemed totally unfazed. "Maybe with my new appointment I
can convince her to quit and concentrate on having babies."

"Will she agree?"

"I have my ways," he said proudly as he poured syrup on the

I swallowed hard as I studied him. What sort of man took
pleasure in tormenting a defenceless woman. I now realised
that I didn't really know Caleb. Had he really changed that
much whilst I was away? My thoughts were disrupted by the
makd coming in carrying my tray of food. It smelled great. I
didn't have an appetite but thinking about Kassie slaving away
for us made me eat.

"So what are your plans for today?"

"I want to go and see mum,"I answered honestly.

"Oh really? What has happened?" He asked curiously.

I shrugged. "Nothing. I just miss her and it just time we
reconciled,"I said picking up my jjice glass.

He nodded then started talking about his day and the
upcoming announcement of his new position. After an hour we
both left. As I drove to Kafue to see mum my mind went to
Kassie. I had to find a way to help her minus Caleb knowing.

To be continued...


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