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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 3

After the warning from Dawson I steered clear of him. I
practically kept out of his and Thandi's way and just did my
own thing although most of the time my mind wandered to my
dark skinned stranger. I could still feel the heat of his lips on
mine and this was what I was fantasizing about as I sat on my
dressing mirror. I was supposed to be preparing for work bug
couldn't help but fantasize about the man and how just one
kiss from him made me feel alive.

It had been ages since I felt beautiful and alive. Caleb literally
made me feel worthless and ugly most times. The knock on
my door is what pulled me out of my reverie. I stood up slowly
knowing that Dawson was the one at the door. I opened the
door slowly then stood there between the slightly ajar door.

Dawson stood there staring at me. On any other day I would
have taken time to admire how he was dressed but at that
moment I just wanted him gone.

"Caleb called. He says he will be landing around lunch time
and he needs someone to pick him."

"I see. Unfortunately today is impossible for me. The major
shareholder at work is bringing in his nephew who is expected
to take over the running of the company. I am unable to
excuse myself," I said as I folded my hands.

Dawson ran a hand through his head. "Then I will make a plan
and see how best to pick him up."

I plastered a fake smile on my face. I wasn't looking forward
to having Caleb home. Him being away was always a relief for
me. I didn't have to walk around egg shells. I had grown to
hate him so much that I had reached an extent of wishing
death upon him.

"Thanks. I will try to be home early so that I can prepare
dinner," I said.

Dawson nodded. He spared me a glance and was about to say
something but I took a quick glance at my wrist watch.

"I will be late. Let me finish getting ready."

He nodded then wished me a good day and he walked away. I
quickly returned to the dressing mirror and finished with my
make up and styled my hair. In my heart I said a silent prayer
asking God to not allow Dawson to tell Caleb about my kiss
with the stranger. I feared what he would do. I then grabbed
the jacket I had lain on my bed and pulled it on. I had decided
to wear my read pants suit with a black top. I then slipped on
black heels and grabbed my bags. I met the maid as she was
just walking into the house. I told her to remove mince meat
for dinner and pluck some sweet potato leaves from the
garden. I then hurried to the car.

I was at work after an hour of being on the road. I quickly
turned on my laptop and went through my emails before the
morning meeting which was to be held at 8:30. I spoke to a
few of my surbodinates before the meeting making sure that
all their assignments were met. I then headed for the meeting.

The boss wasn't there yet so I sat chatting with the Human
resource Manager. She was a jovial middle aged woman. In
different circumstances I would have shared my problems with
her but I always feared getting people into trouble especially
with the influence that he was generating with his new

The door opened and there was silence in the conference
room as the CEO walked it. As major share holder he had
opted to run the company himself. It was a family business
even though 20% shares belonged to a certain Indian
gentleman who lived in Ndola. The cologne hit me first and my
head immediately went up. I would never forget the scent of
that specific cologne. My heart stopped beating momentarily
as I took in the stranger who had been haunting my dreams.
Damn he looked better during the day. His face was clean
shaven and he looked as though he just had his hair cut
recently. He was in a black suit and white shirt. A certain
arrogance about him oozed off as he stuffed his hands inside
his pockets. Well the expression of saying God took time to
create certain people was true. The CEO cleared his throat
making me trurn my eyes to hom instantly.

"Good morning Ladies and gents. I am so glad you could all
make it this morning. I will not take too much of your time. I
know we need to plan for the day and give out departmental
reports but before we start allow me to introduce Oscar my
nephew. He just came into the country a few days ago and is
here to learn the ropes. Aftet the meeting I will take him round
so that he can meet each and everyone of you individually and
as days go he will sit with each of you and get to knowq what
you do on a daily basis.

"Please welcome him and make him feel as part if the team."

We all murmures our hallos and welcomes and I watched as
he sat down. He didn't spare me a glance and I felt quite
disappointed. Had he forgotten me? Was he used to just
kissing random ladies at will? I stared at him again hoping
there was some sign of recognition in hos eyes but there was
none. I felt cheated. I told myself to remain calm and quashed
my hurt ego.

The meeting went on for forty minutes and I told myself to be
the professional that I was and to forget someone who clearly
had no recollection of me. I couldn't even believe that I had
spent time fantasizing over him,mtcheww.

After the meeting I hurried away not wanting to be around him
and appear to be happy when in actual fact I was boiling mad.
I rushed to myswlf and burried myself in work. I only looked up
when Tendai the tea lady brought me my coffee and a
sandwich. She normally sold scones and sandwiches just to
make extra income and we supported her as much as I could.
I wa busy reviewing a file on my laptop when I smelt the
cologne. I looked up to see Oscar and his uncle walk into my

"Son,this is Kasamba. She is our finance manager. She is very
smart. When she took ovr everything was a mess but she
cleaned up and put everything in place. She is an asset."

I stood up and extended my hand. I was good with poker
faces so I told myself to be nice. Immediately our hands
touched I felt this surge of electricity which caused me to
gasp. Oscar narrowed his eyebrows as he stared me in the
eyes. I pulled my hand hastily away. He smiled in amusement.
I turned away from him and cleared my throat and smiled.

"Thank you sir but I can't take all the credit. My team has been
exceptional. I couldn't have asked for better people to work

"She is also modest," our CEO Mr. Sikazwe said.

Oscar nodded then turned to his uncle. "Do you mind if I spend
some time with our Finance guru and get an idea of our
standing financially?"

"Not at all son..Kasamba Oscar here has an MBA and before
that he majored in statistics and economics. He is very good
with numbers so please make good use of him."

I promised to do just that and waited for Mr. Sikazwe to leave
before settling into my seat and pointing at the seat opposite
me. Oscar unbuttoned his jacket before he sat. I watched as
he crossed his long legs. For a moment I lost myself in
admiring the god who sat before me.

"Like what you see?"

His question made me drop my gaze. I was embarrassed to
have been caught out. I heard him chuckle and I could feel my
cheeks burn with embarrassment. I cleared my throat.

"What would you like to look at?"I asked quickly.

"The management accounts. I want to know where we stand
financially. If I am to take over I need to know how profitable
we are."

"I see. Do you want soft copies or...."

"Run me through everything on your laptop and what we won't
touch I can go through this evening. It isn't like I have any

I nodded and told myself to just be professional. I started
running him through last year's audit report and the signed
financials. He asked really intelligent questions and pointed
out areas that needed to be worked on.

"There is always room for improvement,"he said as he leaned
back in his seat. He then glanced at his watch.

"Wow! No wonder I am starving. Is that the time?"

I looked at my own watch;it was 13:30.

"I am sure you would like to join your uncle for lunch. He
normally goes home for lunch."

"Aunt Sarah is a great cook. I don't blame uncle but I was
thinking something meaty. I hear the steakhouse has excellent
steaks. Want to join me? We can turn it into a working lunch."

I wanted to refuse but he wouldn't take no for an answer. So I
gathered my bag and laptop and told my second in charge that
I was off and to handle whatever came. Oscar suggested we
use one of the company cars and he optes ro drive. The drive
to the restaurant was quiet with me wondering what the hell
was wrong with me and drooling over a man who obviously
would never notice me.

We finally got to the restarant. I ordered steak drapped in
mushroom and pepper sauce with chips and a side salad
while Oscar ordered the sizzling rump steak,the special for the
day. I had to say the meat was very delicious. It practically
melted in my mouth.

"That look. It is the same look that you had the night I kissed

I looked up sharply as he said that. "Pardon?"

"A lady like you doesn't suit to have their mouths gaped open
in wonder. Now eat up. We have work to do."

Again the disappointment. I guess my brain was playing tricks
on me again.

I got home a bit after nineteen and I prayed I wouldn't oay for
my tardiness. Maybe with Dawsin around Caleb wouldn't dare
hit me. I walked into the house and found them seated at the
bar area having drinks.

"Ahhhh,my wife finally gets home," Caleb said as he walked
towards me and kissed me roughly.

His eyes were cold and that sent shivers down my back. He
wasn't pleased.

"Welcome back darling. Let me just change and prepare
supper then we can discuss your trip,"I said sweetly.

He nodded and I hurried away. I knew Dawson had watched
the exchange in interest. I took off my clothes and pulled on a
vest and chitenge. I would shower later. I then hurried to the
kktchen. I made meatballs with gravy and then cooked the
sweet potato leaves and then the nshima. I set the table and
then called out to the men. Both ate heartily while I played
with my food.

"Not hungry?" Caleb asked as he sipped his juice.

His eyes had a dangerous glint that put me on edge.

"My tummy fees a bit bloated," I said quietly.

He smiled then turned to Dawson. I waited for them to finish
eating before clearing the table and went to clean up the
kitchen. I then went to bath. As I got out of the bathroom I
found Caleb seated on the bed sipping what looked like
"So you failed to pick me up because you were whoring around
in town?" He said angrily.

I knew that tone well. "I had a working lunch with my boss."
"Boss my foot. You seemed too cosy!"he snapped as he
jumped up.

I took a step back but he was too quick for me. His hand was
suddenly round my throat. I felt my eyes burn as he squeezed
hard. I could feel the air leave my airways.
"It is true,"I saidwith some struggle.

He pushed me hard and I hit myself hard against the wall. The
pain was bad but I took that opportunity to gulp in some air.

"I will not tolerate my wife whoring around. Is that why you
work? I have no qualms about forcing you to stop!"

I wanted to answer but his back hand found its place on my
face. "I will kill you before any other man can have you do you
hear?"he said angrily as I slid to the floor.

Tears stung my eyes as another slap landed on my face. "You
even came home.alte because of whoring around! I will not
tolerate that. Your contract says you knock off at seventeen
and I expect you home by eighteen."

"I swear I am not sleeping with Mr. Sikazwe's nephew. It was a
working lunch!"I cried out.

"Wrong answer!"he hissed as he kicked me hard in my ribs
causing me to curl into a foetal position.

"I will kill you! Do you hear me," he said as he kicked me again
and again.

"Yes,"I said as I cried out in pain.
"Good. Now let us get one thing clear. I alone will have access
to your body. I paid for you making you my property. I bought
and own you! Get that into your thick skull," he said as he
poked my Head hard.

I heard he walk out of the room and I lay on the cold floor
crying. Why Lord,why? Why did I have to put up with that
abuse? I slowly picked myself up and dragged myself to the
bathroom. I filled the tub with hot water to ease my aches and
then applied some pain lather. When I was done I drank some
pain killers then slowly made my way to the bedroom. Caleb
was snoring away still clad in his clothes and shoes. I quietly
walked out of the room and into the kitchen. I removed a
pack of ice and placed it on my face. I needed the swelling to
go down. I let the tears spill as the ice worked on my face. No
one ever got used to the abuse. Each time he hit me a part of
me died. I had once had dreams but all those had gone down
the drain. I had married a monster and there was nothing I
could do to change that. I cried for my myself and for the
future. I feared him forcing me to stop work. It was my only
escape. I heard footsteps and that made me jump up. I
couldn't let Dawson see me this way if it was him. I quickly
placed the ice pack back into the fridge and then ducked
under the kitchen table.


To Be Continued


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