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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 21

"So there is no antidote for the poison?" I
asked as the professor on the screen shook
his head.
I had done my research in Hemlock and
what I found sickened me. It looked like it
had been administered in intervals hence
the devastating effects. Diane had really
gone far and beyond.
"It is too late. From the info you sent me his
organs are too damaged. Had it been caught
earlier then the antidote would have been
administered and from what I can tell from
the Doctor's report it seems whoever is
responsible for the poison was clever
enough to get the patient to drink milk
which acts as a neutraliser and hides all
traces of the poison."

I nodded my head but couldn't believe what
I was hearing. After Kassie had sent me the
information I had gone into research mode
and had managed to contact professor Von
Hildeberg who was a an expert in poisons
in Switzerland. We normally communicated
via skype.

"Thank you Professor," I said wearily.

He acknowledged and we said our
goodbyes. I was just shutting down the
laptop when my bedroom door swung open
and in walked an angry looking Thandi. She
was in a button down jean dress and
brown ankle length boots. She glared at me
as I put my laptop on the bedside table.
"Chatting to your girlfriend?" She hissed.
I looked at her in Confusion. She laughed
"Don't give me that confused look. We both
know ever since that she-devil returned to
town all you do is shadow her!"
"Kasamba?" I asked already feeling tired
with the topic.
"Yes. It is always about her!"
I looked at her sadly and shook my head.
"It is about Caleb. Both of us are concerned
about him."
"Save the excuses for someone who cares.
You have drooled over her long enough and
now that lover boy is married what can stop
you from getting with her?"
I closed my eyes and counted to ten. I
needed to keep calm.
"Thandi, Kasamba has done absolutely
nothing. If am distant it is my own
choosing," I said calmly.
She glared at me. "Meaning?"
"We are not on the same page," I said
running a hand through my hair.
I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at
her calculating my next words carefully.
"We want different things. I want someone I
will grow old with. Someone who will
respect me and not want to spend all their
time Partying. I have said to you time and
time again that you need to slow down but
my words seem to go through one ear and
out the other. And as for accusing Kasamba
the poor woman left yesterday. She has a life
away from us and Zambia."
I saw Thandi leaning against my chest of
drawers. She was dramatic like that.
"You can't dump me just like that! After
using me you toss me aside...."
"We ised each other. You forget that I was
the one funding your lifestyle. Tell me what
job do you have? You live off me!" I said
suddenly getting irritated.
"That isn't true. You know how hard I have
been job hunting!"
"I gave you capital to start a business but
what did you do...it showed me that even in
a home you cannot be trusted with
finances!" I paused as I looked at her. "This
is the best course we can take. I need to be
alone. I want to re-focus on my future and
there is a project that I need to work on that
needs my urgent attention.
I slid off the bed and looked at her. She was
shedding tears. I wasn't sure if the tears
were genuine as she was good with pulling
out the water works.
"Better a broken relationship than a broken
marriage," I uttered.
She glared at mw. False tears I thought. She
grabbed her bag and started walking away.
"You will regret this. No one uses and
dumps me!" She said through clenched
She left; banging the door behind her. I
shook my head and slowly walkes back to
the bed. A few years ago I had the privilege
of getting someone directly linked to the
president call me. I hoped that this time
round the person would be forth coming. I
scrolled through my contact list and came
across the name Edward. I had saved it as
Edward OP. I dialled the number and

I had to leave Zambia according to Dawson's
wishes. He had gotten worried with my
being in the same house as Diane especially
after the plant was examined and showed
that it was deadly. I hugged the throw
round me tightly as the cool breeze from the
sea swept. I loved my evening walks. I
usually came here for a breather and to
reflect. My mind quickly replayed my
encounter with my mother. She had given
me a tongue lashing. She had told me how
disappointed she was in me.
"I raised you better than this but you go and
disgrace me by running awag from your
matrimonial home! I became a laughing
stock and now you come back because you
heard that Caleb is dying. People were right
about you. You are just a gold digger!"
She had practically slammed the door in my
face. Her words had hurt me immensely.
What sort of mother would honestly not
want to hear my side? How many times had
I gone to her crying over the abuse? How
many times had she ignored the bruises on
my body. She called me an adulterer. Yes I
had cheated but I had my reasons. I had
tried to explain that the reason I had
cheated was because I found love. A woman
cheats not for vengeance but because she
has connected with someone emotionally
and has fallen in love. A woman cheats
when she has closed the door to her heart
for her other partner. I wanted her to
understand but she had shut me out.
I realised that for my mother I was just a
means to a good life;an investment and it
was my prayer I never became that to Alex. I
knew my father was probably turning in his
grave knowing that his wife had turned her
back on her only child. I turned to head back
to the house and then stopped. There he
was standing there. He had this look. A look
I had seen once. A look that had made me
feel a bit of attraction to me. He moved
He was in cargo shorts and a white tight t-
shirt. His feet were clad in flip flops making
me look at my bare feet. I loved the feel of
the ocean under my bare Feet. He reached
me and then reached out his hand. A stray
strand of the peruvian that I had plaited was
in my eye. He psuhed it back.
"New look?" He said.
I smiled. "I wanted something different," I
said suddenly feeling shy.
He grinned. "You look good."
"Your wonderful second in charge told me
where to find you."
I laughed at his description of Rosy. She
could be quite protective.
"How long did it take you to get her to
reveal my location?"
"Long enough. I had to convince her am not
here to kill you."
I laughed. He smiled then looked over my
"The sunset is beautiful...it is worth it."
I looked over my shoulder as the sun dipped
into the ocean. "It surely is."
I turned back to him. He got my hand and
pulled me closer. Without warning he
plantes his lips on mine. I didn't resist. Part
of me had expected it. It wasn't explosive
like Oscar's kisses but it was sweet and calm
but full of emotion; unspoken emotions.
He pulled back and looked searchingly into
my eyes. "I have wanted to do that for years
but I owed my loyalty to Caleb. Despite all he
did and was he was good to me once."
I nodded but didn't take my eyes off him.
"Caleb is dead," he said after some silence. "I
came to get you for his funeral and to
prepare you for the backlash."
"She is behind bars. Thanks to some well
connected people. She was caught as she
was trying to forge Caleb's signature on a
false will that she and Bupe wrote."
He nodded. "He was her accomplice when it
came to dealing with Caleb. She promised
him a cut of Caleb's wealth."
I looked at him in confusion.
"Bupe helped Diane get juice extractes from
them and stored it somewhere far and well
on days that Diane wasn't home to
administer the poison he would add it to
Caleb's water or drinks."
My heart sank. I felt a shiver pass through
me. I would have been dealt with realisation
hitting me had I not left as per instruction.
Diane was ruthless and I had no idea that I
had never seen that."
"Bupe sang like a canary when the experts
lied to him that Diane had confessed that he
wa behind the whole thing."
"How did you connect him to it all?" I asked
"The housekeeper mentioned to me that she
had seen Bupe sneaking around to see
Diane on a few occassions which raised my
suspicions so I told Edward....he is an old
aquaintance. He helped organise the right
"Poor Caleb," I thought.
"Yes, poor Caleb.Now let us head back. We
have an early flight tomorrow. As the widow
 the late Caleb Chibuye your presence is expected."


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