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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 20

"Don't worry we are leaving soon. I just had
scores to settle with Caleb. You can have all
his wealth. He doesn't have an heir and I
really don't want his money. I am
comfortable. You just need to remember
that riches are nothing. If great men like
Alexander the great,Solomon and Steve Jobs
said riches are meaningless. We go to the
grave as bare as we came. The most
important thing we need is love. It is
something we should strive to have. Do you
have it or have you made your life all about
gathering wealth that will soon blow away
with the wind?"

Much to my annoyance she looked at me
from head to toe before turning to walk
away. She stopped at the door.
"I will be praying for your soul So that you
don't lose out on the actual things that
make people rich. People can be poor but if
they have love and each other then they are

I parked the car outaide the gate and said a
silent prayer before gathering the courage
to sound the horn. I had heard my husband
on the phone with Dawson and a child had
been mentioned. It seemed Kasamba was in
town to see her terminally ill husband and
had returned with an almost three year old
who resembled Oscar tremendously. I had
hoped Oscar would mention the whole
thing to me but he never did. In fact from
the time we went on honeymoon he had
been distant. I had seen it and decided to
exercise patience. I knew it had to be
Kasamba. Something had happened but I
had no idea what. The gate opened and a
uniformed man walked towards me.

"I would like to see Mrs. Kasamba."

He nodded then went back into the yard
and a few moments later the gate opened. I
drove in and noted a drive way. I parked the
car and took time to look at my reflection. I
had carefully selected my outfit which was a
blue body con short sleeved dress paired
with black heels. My hair was pulled back in
a neat pony tail and on my ears were gold
studs. I didn't want her seeing Oscar's wife
as some dirty unkempt woman. I stepped
out of the car and the guard informed me
that Kasamba was out in the garden tending
to the roses. He directed me to where she
was and I walked over there.
I saw her from the back as she stood arms
akimbo staring at the roses. The jeans she
wore were folded at the bottom and the
black t-shirt she wore was tied at the back
to make it fit. I swallowed hard and stepped
forward. She must have heard me approach
because she turned and I caught my breath.
She was a beautiful woman. She had no
make up on but she still looked dazzling and
even in her simple attire she still managed to
make me feel she was on another level.

She looked at me in wonder and I edged
closer slowly. Her fragrance hit me first.
Jsmine and a hint of something I couldn't

"Sorry to disturb but I had to see you. My
name is Beatrice, Oscar's wife."

She seemed surprised but she quickly
concealed the emotion. She raised her

"Sorry I can't shake hands. I went all hands
into the soil without gloves. Sometimes the
feel of dirt on your hands is refreshing," she
said with a chuckle.

I smiled. She then pointed at an outside
sitting area. "Please take a seat while I wash
my hands."

I walked towards where she pointed and
she went indoors. Alice had been the one to
give me the directions to the address and
she had told me how much Kasamba was
into DIYs and decor. The sitting area was
refreshing. She returned a few minutes later
with a tray ladden with glasses, a jug of
what looled like cranberry juice and freshly
baked scones. The scent of the scones hit
me first. They seemed to be made from
lemons. She set the table and I watched as
she poured the juice. Her fingers were
devoid of any wedding band making me
believe she had gotten rid of it. She served
me then settled.

"How are you?" She asked with a smile.

"I am well....," I responded suddenly feeling
foolish for coming here. Just seeing her
made me feel intimidated. No wonder Oscar
loved her.

Silence as each of us sipped our drinks.

"You don't have to worry about me. I am not
here for Oscar," she said looking at me

I felt my tongue stick to the roof of my

"I cheated once with a man who I Loved but
it wasn't right. I left and trust me I don't
blame him for moving on. You are a
beautiful woman. I on the other hand am
happy with how things turned out. I broke
my vows and looking at Alex will always
remind me of that. He is a product of my
love for Man I could never have."

I registered shock. She had just told me
about Oscar's child. She smiled sadly as
though reading my mind.
"Oscar doesn't know about Alex...or I may be
wrong. I preferred to keep him away to
avoid any drama," she said looking at me

I had hardly gotten a word in. She seemed
to know my agenda.

"Oscar is yours. We only share a child and
that is all we will ever share again.
You are his wife. Own that role. Stop feeling
intimidated by a woman who doesn't even
think of going down the adulterous route
again. I learnt my lesson and it came with a
heavy price no wonder God is against it."

She picked a scone and then bit into it. "Go
now and work on your marriage. Win your
husband's heart. Let him have eyes only for

I looked at what the app I was using to
identify the foreign plant in my roses was
and I felt my tummy churn. Its effects when
ingested on the human body were what
Caleb was suffering from. When I asked the
Gardener about it he told me that Diane was
the one who had come with it ans asked
him to plant it in the roses. Had she
poisoned him? If she had then it would
explain the sudden illness. I shook my head
in disbelief. I had thought of poisoning
Caleb once but had grown cold feet. I looked
up as heels clicked on the pavers. The lady in
question herself was walking away from her
red range rover. She was in a white three
quarters slack and white shirt. The slack had
a tiny black belt round it and on her feet
were black heels. She carried a black
handbag. She walked towards me and made
a face.

"You are still here. I thought you said you
were leaving?" She said sarcastically.
"Something came up," I said staring hard at
I was trying to understand when she had
changed into this person that she was now.
She was rutheless and had no qualms about
her actions. She scared me a bit.
"If you know what is goos for you then you
had better retreat into your little corner and
stay out of my way!"

"Are you threatening me Diane?"

She laughed. "No, just giving a friendly

I sighed. "What happened to you?"
"Life. I realised being or sweet and innocent
doesn't pay. Look at the cars am now
driving and the house I live in."

I shrugged and took my attention back to
my phone. I needed to inform Dawson
about my findings. I had postponed my trip
back because of this. I clicked send then
looked at Diane who was still staring at me.

"Careful Diane with all that you are striving
for. Money gotten by dubious means doesn't

She laughed then clicked her tongue and
catwalked away. I stood up wearily then
decided to go see Caleb. Beatrice and Oscar
had come to pick Alex earlier. Dawson had
confessed to having told Oscar and well
Beatrice told her husband and the two had
come to ask for permission to get him for
the day. Letting him go had been hard but I
had no choice.

I found myself walking to Caleb's room. He
was fast asleep when I walked in. My heart
went out to him. Knowing he might have
been poisoned made it harder for me to
look away. He had made his mistakes but no
one needed to be killed off like an animal.
God was the only who was supposed to
exact vengeance. I stood staring at him. His
breathing was laboured. The doctor had
said that his time was nearing and all we
could do was pray. Caleb had asked for a
Pastor to be brought so Dawson had gone
to get one.

I pulled up a chair and sat in it. I took out
the phone and read more on the poison.
Diane had access to Caleb's food so it was
easy to plant the poison. She being in the
medical fraternity must have done her
research and found a way to make the
poison untraceable. The plan must have
taken lots of planning. It showed that she
was willing to go any lengths to get what
she wanted. And I had to ensure justice was
served no matter what.

To Be Continued


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