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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 19

I watched as Oscar nursed his beer. He had been looking quite
thoughtful as from the time we got to the bar.
"You should have told me that you wanted a hot beer and then
I would have ordered one," I said.
He looked up at me in shock. "Pardon?"
I grinned. "You have been nursing that beer from the time we
came. I mean if you planned on mopping around you should
have told me instead of bringing me out here."
He sighed. "Sorry man. Loads on my mind."
I looked at the screen and pary of me regretted not having
enjoyed the game. I was a big Man United fan and Oscar's call
had saved me from Thandi's nagging. She was on the warpath
again. She wanted me to commit to her but honestly I didn't
see that happening. She wasn't wifey material or was it I was
still hang up on another woman?
"Spill,"I said lifting my bottle to my lips.
He looked at me thoughtfully as though deciding whether to
tell me what was on his mind or not.
"For a newly married man you seem miserable," I teased.
He chuckled. "Beatrice wouldn't be impressed to hear that."
"Speaking of Beatrice,how is she?"
He frowned. "She is ok although is complaining that eversince
Zanzibar I have been distant."
"Have you?"
He looked at his bottle thoughtfully. "I saw her."
My heart skipped a beat. "When you say you saw her who do
you mean?"
He smiled sadly "I saw Kassie."
The last time I heard about her had been over two years ago.
Three years ago since she had disappeared on us.
"She has grown, changed....." I saw a smile cross his face.
"She has curves now, her body is to die for and she keeps
short hair. A golden color. She looks amazing."
I held my breath as he spoke; afraid to utter anything that may
cause him not to say more. He paused as he looked at me.
"I know you loved her."
I looked at him in shock. He smiled sadly. "I saw how you
looked at her but then again you being the man that you are
you allowed me to be with her because her heart was with
I swallowed. "I didn't think I was so obvious."
"You weren't but when someone studied you looking at her
then they would have seen the love in your eyes." He sipped
his beer. "She rejected me in Zanzibar. She reminded me that I
was a married man....I really wanted to make love to her on
the beach like before. She kissed me back but then she turned
and left." He looked around the bar. "She said things that
made me feel like I rushed into the marriage."
"Sometimes we have to move on. We can't stand still and
hope people who left us will return."
"Like you have moved on?"
I shrugged. "Thandi is......I was ready to pop the question. Hell
I had even gathered the courage but then her ways put me off.
She is possessive and she drinks like a fish."
Oscar laughed. "Beatrice is none kf those things. She is so
patient and caring. She listens and never raises her voice. The
guilt of pinning over Kassie is killing me."
"Then stop. If she rejected you then focus on Beatrice. She
has done you no wrong and she was there when you were
He looked thoughtful then nodded. "You are right. But it is so
hard to forget her."
"She left because I think it all became too much for her. And
well Caleb is rutheless."
"How is that rutheless Bastard?"
I shrugged. I had not seen him in ages. He become cold and
absolutely brutal when his political career ended. Akende had
told him something about wanting to surround himself with the
right people and Caleb wasn't one of those people. He had
then gone into business head on,becoming more rutheless
with each business deal.
I waited for Oscar to mention anything about the baby she had
been carrying but he was silent making me believe that he
hadn't gotten a chance to see the child.
"She has set herself up quite nicely. She changed her name.
She now goes by Mubanga. She owns this cosy little
restaurant and the locals love it. They recommend it to
"She was very good at cooking,"I mused.
"She still is. I sent someone to order us food from there on our
last night and each bite felt like heaven. Batrice loved it. She
made me promise that next time we go there we will dine from
the same place."
"Will you go back there?"
He shook his head and looked at me sadly. "There is nothing
there for me and she made it clear that I made vows that
need to be kept...I think the guilt of cheating eats her up. She
said she didn't want that again." He drank the last of his beer.
"Maybe she is right. Let me concentrate on my wife. She has
done me no wrong. Kasamba is a dream. Always has been. We
loved each other but our love was doomed from the very
beginning. I have now come to believe that we never marry
our true loves but instead we settle and learn to love those
that fate brings into our lives. We start from zero with these
new people and end at hundred."

I flipped the leaves of the Hemlock plant as I stared at it. It
was starting to flower and part of me was excited. I had
gotten the plant from south africa on my last trip there. I
looked up as I exhaled the smoke from the cigarette. I had
been smoking so much of late. I wiped a stray tear as I
thought of my life with Caleb. He was mean and full of spite. I
had suffered at his hand. The pain of the four miscarriages
suddenly engulfing me. The beatings. I thought of Kasamba.
wherever she was ,whether dead or alive she had escaped his
brutal handling. I dropped the cigarette but and crushed it
underneath my boots. I looked at the roses;Kasamba's roses
where amongst them I had hidden my plant. The gardener was
adamant about keeping the roses the way Kasamba had done.
I had hated him for that. But then his work was coming in
I mived away from the roses and walked to the pool area. I
gazed at my refelction in the water. Years ago I was this
woman who had ambition. One who was a go getter but all
that had gonre down the drain when I moved in with Caleb.
He kept track of all my movements and he dictated what I
wore. Society hated me as they called me an opportunist. I
had heard women say I was reaping where I never sowed. I
sighed. I ahd envied actually hated Kasamba for the supposed
good life she had led. I had wantes that. Wanted it more than
she did. Even when she complained I hated her secretly.
I watched as the black jeep drove into the yard. The devil was
home. I smiled inwardly. Hos days were numbered. I was
going to finish him off with the help of my little plant. It would
cause him paralysis first then all his other organs would fail
while he watched. His mind would be theast to go. I wanted
him to suffer the same way he had made me suffer. Slow
poison. It would kill him but not till I told him how much I
loathed him. I wanted him to feel as worthless as he always
made me feel each time he insulted or hit me. I wanted him to
beg for mercy the same way my eyes begged him when he
kicked me brutally. I wanted him to know that no one would
come to his rescue just like no one ever did.
Just eight small leaves would do the trick for me. I squatted
down and scooped some water in my hands. I watched as it
slipped through my hands. There was no way I was going to all
his wealth slip through my hands after all I had been through.
The worth would be payment for the years of torture suffered.
I stood straight and fixed the army green jumpsuit I wore then
catwalked towards Caleb. He had a visitor and he loved me to
always look impressive and flawless. I forced a smile.
"Darling,you are home. Welcome,"I said holding out my hands.
He pulled me into his arms and planted a kiss on my cheek
before handing me his case.
"Mr. Singh, this is Diane, the woman who has my back," he
said smiling.
I didn't have to guess that the smile didn't reach his eyes.
These days he was cold. Mr. Singh stepped forward and
extended his hand.
"It is always a pleasure to meet such a beautiful woman."
I smiled but not too much lest I be accused of trying to
seduce the man. They started walking and I made sure to stay
a step back. I shot daggers at Caleb's back but each time he
would turn to see if I was following I would force a smile. I
had a month before I acted. He would then leave this earth
and I would be one rich woman. I just needed him to sign over
everything into my name.
I wasn't shocked to see him standing there. It was as though
my heart had prepped itself for this. I folded my arms as he
took my new appearance in.
"Like what you see?" I asked dryly.
"You look better with age and curves in all the right places," he
I smirked. He hadn't really changed. I stepped away from the
door and indicated for him to get in. He stepped inside my
little house. I had let him in knowing that Alex was asleep and
well this was Dawson. He wasn't Oscar. Oscar had moved on
and it was a blow for me. I still loved him but if he had taken
the vows to be someone's husband for the rest of his life who
was I to disrupt what he was trying to build?
"He just couldn't keep the news of my whereabouts to
himself?" I commented as I closed the door behind me.
He smiled. "He had to share. He was haunted."
I shook my head and then led him to the kitchen. I pointed at
a seat while I filled the kettle. I plugged it in then opened the
fridge and removed some milk. I placed two mugs on the
table and got placed tea bags in each. I then got the cake tin
and placed it on the table. I had made fruit cake earlier. The
raspberries were suspended on top of the crust by the gelatin.
"Smells good. Isee you haven't lost your touch."
"I am certain you saw the restaurant," I said evenly.
"Nice and homely. I see why people love it. I had a drink at the
bar. Your barman Jumbo is delightful."
"He is the best....." I stood as the kettle whistled.
I unplugged it and then poured water into each mug. I let the
tea brew before handing Dawskn his mug. He declined milk
while I poured some for myself. I then cut a slice of cake for
him and placed it on a plate with a fork.
"Didn't make cream," I said.
"It is fine. It tastes delicious," he said as he placed a piece in
his mouth.
"So what brings you here?"
I looked at him quizzically. He put his fork down and looked at
"You need to come home."
I shook my head. "There is no way am coming back there. I
have a life here that I love. There is no drama and there are no
He picked his mug and drank from it.
"Caleb is dying."
My hand shook slightly as the news hit me. I looked at him
hoping he was joking.
"How? What happened?"
"Paralysis....he is bedridden now. His organs are failing. His
brain is the only organ functioning properly."
"What caused the paralysis?"
He shook his head sadly. "I wish I knew. Not even the doctor
knows. He needs you. Diane is not taking good care of him."
I shook my head. "That is not possible. Caleb mistreated me
for years. There is no way am coming back just to make his
passage into the next kife easier."
Dawson sighed. "I know how you feel. Trust me I do. Caleb
and I had a falling out after you left. We hadn't spoken till the
day that he got sick. Bupe called me. Caleb asked him to call
me. This experience has humbled him."
I shook my head. "I am sorry I can't come."
He nodded. "I will not judge nor force you. You alone know
how badly you were treates but if I remember correctly the
Kasamba I knew was compassionate. She also used to pray.
Pray that you may find forgiveness in your heart . He wasn't a
good human being but looking at how helpless he is and how
Diane is treating him.....two wrongs don't make a right."
"There is nothing there for me. It is really sad about Caleb but
there is nothing that I can do."
He nodded and sipped his tea. We sat in silence as each
drank their tea and let their thoughts wonder. I did feel for
Caleb. I knew he no one but if Dawson was there then it was
enough. As for Diane. I had no desire to see her at all. She
was a snake that I wished to never ever lay my eyes on again.

I had travelled to Zanzibar hoping to get Kasamba to travel
back with me. I know Caleb was evil but seeing him lying
there;looking so frail in that bed with no hope tore at my heart.
He once was a good person but money and power got to him.
He allowed his thirst for control and to succeed to
overshadow all the good. I opened the door and anger seeped
through me.
Diane was leaning against the bed mocking Caleb. Earlier she
had spilled the light porridge the maid had made for Caleb in
the bin citing that he didn't deserve to eat.
"What are you doing here? I thought I told you that you are no
longer welcome in this room!" I Said angrily.
She looked up and laughed. "Oh quit the I am a good boy
behaviour. We both know that you are secretly happy that the
bastard is finally kicking the bucket," she said straightening up.
I edged closer. "Unlike you I have a heart and it isn't stone."
She laughed. "Save the preaching for someone who actually
cares. Let him die already and ai will be free from him. He
caused me enough pain. Four miscarriages and endless
I felt sorry for her but then again her behaviour was no excuse
for her to treat Caleb the she was treating him.
She turned. "You want water sweetheart?"
I looked at Caleb who was struggling to ger his words out. His
speech was slowly deteriorating. Soon he wouldn't even be
able to utter any words. I saw Diane get the pitcher of water
and pour into a glass. She then walked back to where Caleb
lay as her heels clicked on the tiled floor. She lifted his
head,making a show of wanting to help him drink. Then
suddenly she dropped his head and then poured the contents
of the glass on him. I heard her laugh as I rushed to her side. I
grabbed her hand roughly.
"What will you do? Hit me? I have been hit so many times
another blow will mean nothing to me. This body is now used
to the beatings," she said daring me.
I raised my hand in anger then dropped it. I roughly shoved
her off before walking to the closet and pulling out a towel. I
needed to change Caleb's shirt. His eyes were darting all over.
He was struggling to say anything but the sadness in his eyes
was evident. I picked the remote for the bed and pressed it so
that he could be in a sitting position. It would make undressing
him easier. I normally helped him dress and go to the toilet.
I heard Diane chuckle as she regained her composure. "He
needs to suffer more for all his heartlessness."
She pulled her black pencil skirt down and started stalking off.
Just as she reached the door it swung open and in walked
Maina, the housekeeper.
"Sorry sir, there is a lady at the door saying she is Mr.
Chibuye's relative."
I looked at her in surprise as Diane glares at her.
"Maina, I am the lady of the house and this gentleman has got
no more control of this house than the roaches around."
Maina bowed her head. "I am sorry. I am basically following
"Whose orders?" She demanded.
"Mr. Chibuye's. He said to listen to Mr. Dawson."
Diane clicked her tongue. "That cabbage doesn't know what he
is talking about. I am the woman of this house. I run the show
and as such everyone should listen to me...."
Hearing Diane rant gave me a headache. I quickly discarded of
the wet shirt and buttoned the new one before turning to
"Where is this relative?" I asked.
"In the lounge."
I nodded and started heading there.
"You have got to be joking. We all know Caleb has no one.
They have all disappeared or died. This woman could be a
con!" Diane said running after me.
I ignored her and walked into the lounge. The golden head
made me stop in my tracks. She turned and my heart stopped.
She placed the little boy on her laps on the seat and then
Stood to face Diane and I.
"I have come to tend to my dying husband."
A smile spread on my lips as Diane stamped her feet in anger
and stormed off. I watched her walk away as she screamed in
frustration. I turned back to Kasamba who was also watching
Diane storm.off. I walked towards her; arms spread. I pulled
her into a hug.
"Welcome home. You have made the right choice."
"Have I?"
"Don't doubt that. You are doing something that most people
wouldn't do but then that makes you special.

To be continued...


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