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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 18

I dropped the basket of vegetables on the
counter and smiled at Tino. He was my
assistant. After working for someone for
over two years I had opted to open my own
little place. It was nice and cosy with the
African touch. I incorporated a lot of African
dishes in my menu but at the same time did
western dishes. The tourists loved to come
here when they wanted some peace and

I spotted Rosy and Alex heading towards us
as I started unpacking. Alex ran straight to
me and I opened up my arms. He jumped
into them and I swung him round causing
him to laugh. I loved his babyish laughter. I
tickled him and he squealed with delight. I
stopped and pulled him closer for a kiss. He
kissed my cheek back. I sighed in content.

He was my blessing. My reason for living. He
had come early just as Rosy had predicted.

"How was your shopping?" Asked Rosy.

She waved the plastics at me. "We managed
to get a lot."

I nodded. Alexwas growing so fast and was
tall for his age. His clothes had gotten too
small for him so I had asked Rosy to take
him to go and buy new ones.

"Mr. Carl gave us a lift back."

I groaned. Carl Steinberg had been after me
for about a year. The guy just didn't get the
fact through his thick head that I didn't
want a relationship. Technically I was still
married despite having changed my name. I
had decided cheating was not for me. If I
were to be with another man then Caleb
needed to release me first but I knew that
was a far fetched dream. I had been stalking
Diane on social media and it seemed she
and Caleb were a couple although they were
not married. She seemed to have lost a bit of
some weight but that wasn't my concern.

"Mubanga,he is a goos man. Give him a
chance," Tino said causing me to glare at

"Don't you have a vegetable stew to make?"

He raised his hands in surrender. I looked at
Rosy who was grinning.

"Don't you dare," I said as I put Alex on the
ground and then unwrapped the foil paper
around a tray of chocolate chip cookies.

I got two and handed them to Alex who
Rosy helped settle on a stool while I poured
him some milk.

"Tino is right. Sometimes a man is necessary
to remove some of the kinks..."

I raised my hand and shook my head. "I am
not having this conversation with you...."

Before I could finish the kitchen door
swung open and in walked Aina one of my

"There is a gentleman sitting at the bar
wanting to speak to the chef."
I nodded then looked at Rosy who was still
smiling. I knew the conversation wasn't
over. They just didn't getvit. Sighing I pulled
off my apron and only remained with my
chef's jacket and black jeans. I walked out of
the kitchen towards the bar area. As I
walked I greeted some of the customers
and chatted with a few regulars. Lunch and
supper were usually busy. We had earned
ourselves a good reputation. Aina pointed
out the gentleman for me and I walked
straight to him. He was in a white tshirt and
White shorts.

"Good afternoon sir," I said.
He turned and for a moment I thought I was
having a nightmare. His smile dropped as he
recognised me. I wanted to flee but my legs
felt stuck to the ground.

"Kassie?" He asked in disbelief.
I stared at him in disbelief. What the hell was
Oscar doing here? Life surely couldn't be
playing such a cruel joke on me. I allowed
my eyes to rove over him as he also stared
at me in belief. The first thing I noticed was
the wedding band on his hand. I lifted my
eyes up to his face again.

"My name is Mubanga Musonda. What may I
help you with?" My voice was steely.

He looked at me and I felt as though he was
looking into my soul. It hurt knowing that
the had moved on when I could hardly do
that. Was I so easy to forget that within
three years he was married? He cleared his

"Errr....It is my wife's birthday and I wanted
to order her cake. The barman here tells me
you make the best red velvet cake this side
of the island."

I forced a smile; pushing away the hurt.

"Yes. What would you like written on the

He unrolled a piece of paper and the
message almost made me weep. "To the
most amazing woman. My saviour and love."

I looked up at him and then back at the
paper. He seemed embarrassed.

"We shall do our best. Leave all the details
with Jambo here,"I said and then hurried

I didn't rush back into the kitchen but
instead headed to the bathroom and locked
myself in as tears engulfed me.

"Why? Why did he have to come? I was
doing just fine and now....." I cried out.

He hadn't changed in the least. He still
looked at good as always. The way his eyes
had looked at me....Alex's eyes. Alex! I quickly
turned the taps on and washed my face. I
needed to get Rosy to leave immediately
with Alex. There was no way Oscar would
know my son. After all he was married and I
was certain he would have more children
with wifey.

I watched Kasamba or Mubanga as she
called herself hurry away. She had put on
some weight. Not too much but she was
now curvy and I had to say she looked
great. Her hair was cut short and died gold.

Her face had very little make up but I
guessed it came with the territory. Wearily I
slipped back onto my stool at the bar and
stared at my drink.

Who would have thought I would see her in
Zanzibar and on my honeymoon? I shook
my head in disbelief. Beatrice was a good
woman. She had come at a time when my
life didn't make sense. After the beating
from Caleb I had gone into major
depression. I missed Kassie. She had thrown
away our love. Beatrice had come in at the
right time. She was a counsellor at one of
the clinics and happened to be a friend to
Alice. Alice had dragged me to see her and I
resisted at first till Dawson insisted I go.
Dawson and I had become really close.

Almost like brothers.

I pushed away my whiskey and stared at the
message from Beatrice. She was done with
her massage. She wanted to know where I
was. We were to have lunch at the hotel
then dinner I had planned to bring her here
as per recommendation by one of the hotel
staff. I looked at the barman and signalled
for the bill. I couldn't bring Beatrice here.

She deserved better. She needed my
attention. I wouldn't allow myself to be
conflicted by being in a place where Kassie
was. Kassie was my past and Beatrice was
my future. The barman came.

"The order made,please cancel it. My wife
has made other plans. Please tell the chef."

He nodded and then I removed some bills
from my wallet. "For my drink. Keep the

I left the restaurant as though I was being
chased. Being so near Kassie yet so far was
already affecting me. It was bringing up so
many emotions. Emotions that should have
long been buried. How cruel was this life? I
ran all the way to our room and the minute I
spotted Beatirce I pulled her into a hug.

"I love you,"I whispered. It was more of me
trying to convince myself of that fact.

She pulled back laughing. "What has come
over you?"

I grinned. "Nothing. I just missed you and
being here made me appreciate you more.

You are a jewel. One I don't ever want to

I pulled her into my arms and kissed her
passionately. But as we kissed it was
Kassie's face that popped into my mind. I
groaned. Beatrice deepened the kiss. I
slowly but firmly pushed her away.

"We need to make plans to celebrate your
birthday," I said trying to distract her.

She smiled. "I thought you had forgotten."

"Never," I said pulling her closer.
Later that night I could hardly sleep. I
glanced at Beatrice who was sleeping
peacefully next to me. We had gone out for
dinner at a different place and then went
dancing. I could see how excited she had
been. I pushed back the covers and slipped
on my short and vest. I then slipped flip
flops onto my feet. I quietly left the room
and headed out of the hotel. A walk on the
beach would do me some good.
I hardly noticed where I was going as my
mind was full of wild thoughts. I stopped
when I spotted her. It was as though my
mind her conjured her up. She was standing
staring out to the sea. Her arms were folded.

I didn't have to be a genius to guess she
was the one. The moonlight was
illuminating on her; casting her to look Like
a goddess.She was in a white see through
top and underneath I could make out a
short and a bikini top. She turned and didn't
seem surprised to see me.

I edged closer. She didn't move. The closer I
got to her the more her scent hit me. She
smelled of jasmine and something else I
couldn't put my finger on. She kept looking
out to sea until I stood just next to her. I
could feel her warmth.

"What are you doing here?" She asked after
a while.

"Couldn't sleep."

She turned and looked at me. Her eyes
lingering on my face.

"Go back to your wife there is nothing for
you here."

She turned to keave but I caught her wrist.

She looked at me with pain.

"Oscar. Your being here only brings
pain....Complicates my life."

"Why did you leave? Why did you throw
away our love."

She pulled her hand away and looked at me

"I never threw our love away. I saved you
from a life time of pain and torture. Caleb is
a cruel man."

I laughed bitterly as I lifted my shirt and
showed her the scar on my torso where
Caleb had used a knife before hitting me

"You didn't save me...I wasn't spared."

She looked at the scar then back at me. Her
facial expression full of empathy.

"I am sorry...."

"Sorry won't change anything! The woman
lying in bed in that hotel room saved me. I
was on the verge of killing myself. You left a
broken man behind and Caleb just killed the
last ounce kf hope left with his torture."

"I am so sorry. I didn't.....I thought leaving
was for the best. Caleb would have killed me.

He was adamant on finding out about you.

Disappearing was the only way."

"But you are still married to him!"

She bowed her head as tears streamed
down her face. I felt bad for causing her to
cry so I pulled her into my arms and she
cried her heart out. When I was certain she
was all cried out I edged away slowly but
then I made a mistskr of looking at her lips.

Her beautiful luscious lips. My mind suddenly
remembered how soft and tender thosevlips
were. How she always moaned when I
kissed her. Slowly I lowered my head. She
didn't move. In fact she caught her breath. I
crushed my lips on her and it was like
releasing fireworks. Her lips were parted for
me. She moaned as I pulled her closer. She
kissed me back with the same passion I had
dreamy of for years.

I deepened the kiss. She reciprocated. My
arms went round her waist. I knew what I
wanted. I wanted morr than the kiss. I
wanted to entertwine my body with hers. I
wanted us to become one. I wanted to feel
like I was. Shr had been the only woman to
make me feel that way. Suddenly she becamr
rigid. She stopped kissing me back. I pulled
away in wonder. Her eyes met mine.

"Go back to your wife."


She shook her head. "No matter how much I
want to I will not let you cheat on a woman
who loves you and has done you no

She kissed my lips gently then turned on her
heel and ran off. I didn't run after her. I
stood rooted to the spot as the water swish
swayed around my ankles. She had gone
without looking back just like she did three
years ago. Feeling defeated I turned and
walked back.

To Be Continued.


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