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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 17

My phone rang just as the useless man fell to
the ground. I looked at the caller ID and
frowned. Why would he be calling at such a


I listened for a few moments to what the
caller was saying.
"How did he find out?" I demanded.

"He has his ways. Just stop whatever it is
you are doing or all hell will break loose and
trust me you don't want your political career
to go down the drain."

The line cut and I cursed. How did Akende
find out about Oscar? I stared at the lifeless
body on the ground and cursed. I so
wanted him dead. He had defiled my wife
with his filthy hands. But just knowing the
most powerful man in Zambia knew that I
had him sent shivers down my spine. I
looked at Justin.

"This one has been preserved. Get him and
toss him along the road."

Justin nodded while I turned and headed
towards Bupe who held out my trench coat.
I slipped into it and hurried out of yhe
building. I jumped into the back of the car
and waited for the driver to head out. I
couldn't get the nagging feeling of me being
in trouble with the current head of state. But
then again he needed to understand that as
a man there are just certain things that one
couldn't let go Of. One was having his wife
being ravaged by another man.
Speaking of wife, there was completely no
trace of her and each day that passed I was
angrier. I thought of going to see Dawson
but then we had a falling out after Kasamba
left. I accused him of being a weakling and
not treasuring our friendship. I had blamed
him for Kassie leaving. How many things had
I done for him and yet he failed to just
ensure that Kassie stay? I decided to go and
see Diane instead. I wondered if she was
still sulking about the slap. It was just a slap
and well she had deserved it for
disrespecting my wife. I ordered the driver
to take me to Kabwata. I knew she was at
her pharmacy.

Our eyes met as I walked into the place. She
looked at me momentarily before turning
back to the clients. I stood rooted to the
spot till the clients left and she made herself
busy behind the counter.

"What do you want?" She hissed.
Yes she was still mad.

"I missed you so I came to see you."

She snorted. "Please. Aren't you supposed to
be looking for your little lost wife?"

She was really angry. In a few strides I was
beside her. I reached out to touch her face
and she flinched.

"I won't hurt you. I promise...."

She looked at me momentarily then looked
away. She took a step back then started
organising packets on the counter. I
reached out again and touched her face.
This time she let me.

"Babe, I am sorry," I said in what I hoped
was my most sincere tone.

She looked at me with tears. "Why did you
hit me? I am not Kassie...."

"Shhhh..." I said touching her lips with my
finger. "I know. I am sorry. It was a moment
of anger and weakness. Please forgive
foolish old me."

She looked at me again. Her eyes filled with
tears. I stepped forwars then lowered my
head and kissed her deeply.

"I am sorry,"I said against her lips as need
filled me.
I needed her body. I needed her to distract
mw from the anger and disappointment of
not having a chance to finish off the Oscar
chap but I knew with rhe beating that he
had just received he would never cross me
neither would he ever consider going after
a married woman again.

As though sensing my need Diane moved
closer and wrapped her arms round my
neck. She tasted like mint. She had been
chewing on her mint gums again. I pulled
her closer so she could feel how hard I was.

She smiled.

"There is a bed in the back."

"Don't you think you should put up the
closed sign?"

She nodded and I watched her walk away. I
removed the trench coat and walked into
the back. The bed was small but it would
suffice. I needed to empty my loins and this
would be where it would happen.
The call from Edward, Akende's assistant
spooked me. He had been brief and to the

"Head towards the old abandoned
warehouse behind Naik's processing plant
along Mumbwa road. Your associate Oscar
has been badly beaten. He may not make if
you delay. He needs medical help asap."

He cut the line as soon as possible. I had
jumped out of bed much to Thandi's
surprise. She demanded to know where I
was headed and I told her I was going to
help out a friend. She frowned but didn't say
much. I pulled on my jeans and t-shirt that
lay on the floor and ran out of the house like
a mad man. For the president to ask his
assistant to call me then obviously Caleb was
behind the attack and they didn't want
people knowing that a government official
was involved in such.
I drove out of the yard like a madman. I had
kept in touch with Oscar even after Kassie
left. He had been broken. He called her
selfish and inconsiderate. I felt his pain but I
kind of understood where she was coming
from. She thought her leaving was best for
everyone. Even for me with my secret love
for her. She had been the breeze that kept
us cool. Thandi had actually felt relieved that
she was gone. She had told me point blank
that she could see how I looked at Kassie.
True to Edward's directions I found Oscar
lying in the bushes after a wuick search. He
was unconscious and his white shirt was
drenched in blood. They really had done a
number on him. I touched his neck to feel
for a pulse. It was there but quite weak. I
heaved him onto my soldiers then walked to
the car. I placed him in the back seat and
then drove like a madman to pearl of health
where a friend of mine was a doctor. I had
called him on the drive over. He met me at
reception and Oscar was rushed to the
emergency room. I slumped into a seat and
buries my head in my hands.
"Oh Caleb, I hope you haven't killed him."

My hands shook as I lit the cigarette. I had
just picked myself up from the floor after the
beating Caleb had done on me. Two years.
Two years of giving myself to him. Two
years of no Kassie and I was now his
punching bag. The mistake I had made was
to move in with him. I thought that the
moved marked a positive step in our future.

I was finally going to be Mrs.

Chibuye;something ai had dreamt of for
years but no,Caleb just wanted to keep me
as his mistress. I was the one to warm his
bed and fill his tummy.

The first inhalation of the smoke calmed me
down. I painfully walked into the bathroom
and stood staring at my reflection in the
mirror. My face had cuts. My beautiful face. I
leaned against the sink and let the tears
flow. This wasn't how my life should have
been. Kassie's mother had accused me of
being behind her daughter's disappearance.
She had called me a snake and wished the
worst in life.

I laughed bitterly. I was living in hell.
Anything ticked Caleb off. I always had to be
careful. Was this what Kassie had faced?
Was this the pain she endured? How many
times had I celebratedbher demise. In my
heart I was certain she deserved it. I turned
on the hot water tap as I pulled on the
cigarette. I had started smoking as a way to
keep calm. I finished off the cigarette then I
threw the butt into the toilet. I then picked a
face towel and dipped it in the hot water. I
yelped a bit as the hot water burnt me. I
then decided to quit being a sissy and take
the heat. I took the towel and wrung out the
water before placing it on my face. I did this
several time wand when I was satisfied with
the results I opened the medicine cabinet. I
took out some valium and lofnac and drank

I was about to replace them when an idea
struck. No matter how much I loved Caleb he
had to be dealt with. I was afterall a
pharmacist and I had the expertise to find
the perfect way to sort Caleb out. After all
the years of pain I would get myself an
isurance policy and Caleb would be it one
way or the other.
To Be Continued


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