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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 16

I flung the glass agains the wall. I was so
frustrated. Kasamba had disappeared into
thin air. Despite all our efforts to find her it
was hard. Her car had been found
abandoned at the hospital and after trying
to find out where she might have
disappeared to it proved futile we had gone
to airtel. Dawson had accompanied me. We
went through the last number she had text
but airtel couldn't trace it. It seemed
whoever ownd the number was clever
enough to keep his number off the radar.

We tried to call it but we couldn't get
through. Feeling frustrated I asked them to
trace the phone serial number and we
found some guy at Katondo street trying to
sell it.

My guys had beaten him black and blue but
still his story didn't change. He mainted that
a woman in a black wig and blue dress had
sold the phone to him for K1000. Diane was
the one to suggest we trace her bank
accounts. I found she had transferred about
all her money and an additional K 60,000
which seemed to stem from my account into
an account under her Grandmother's
maiden name. We tried to trace the
account's activity only to discover she had
withdrawn all the money from Levy junction
investrust bank. The cameras showed her in
a blue dress and black wig. The cameras
showed her leaving with the bag full of cash
and the mall's CCTV showed her going into
the ladies and she never came out. I wonder
how she did it.After that she seemed to have

I had all planes and buses checked for
someone with her description as per
camera printout but no one had seen her.
"It is likely she changed her appearance and
used another means of transport.
So we changed our tactics. We searched the
small minibuses,trucks and whatever came
up but nothing. It had been a week. A whole
week. How could she outsmart me? Last
time it had been easy to find her. This time
she didn't even contact her mother. Her
mother would immediately have told me
after all my money kept her well.
I spun round when Diane walked in. She
stood by the door;arms akimbo.
"Drinking yourself into a stupor won't bring
Kassie back. For once forget her and move
I glared at her. "I will not forget her. I want
her found, flogged then made to pay for
making me look like a fool!"I roared.

I was angry. Really angry. I knew if I found
her I would wring her neck. How dare she
do this to me. Wasn't I enough?
"Have you found the guy she was cheating
with?" I asked Bupe who stood behind

"The suspected guy is still around and he
seemed equally shocked when he learnt of
Your wife's disappearance. We followed him
after work and there was no sign of him
meeting her anywhere. This morning we
searched his palce but there was
nothing...Michael is still on his tail."

I waved him off as I poured myself some
more brandy. Her lover would lead me to
her. Airtel had revealed his identity and it
seemed they had planned on something
together but she had disappeared on her
own. My men would keep tracking him. I felt
arms wrap my torso.
"Forget her. She doesn't appreciate a man
like you. Now me..."

"Diane if you have nothing better to say or
do best you leave. I am not in the mood!"I

She dropped her hold on me as though she
had been burnt.

"What is it you want? Kassie has cheated!
She amde a fool out of you whereas I have
been faithful, I stood by you! I have loved
you unconditionally yet here you are
mopping over a bitc...."

I slapped her before she could finish her
sentence. She looked at me with tears. The
slap took her by surprise. I had never ever
laid a hand on her but this time I wouldn't

"No one insults my wife and gets away with
it. Remember your place. You are just a
girlfriend who can easily be replaced!" I said
I saw the tears in her eyes but I ignored
them. "Get out! Get out before I do worse!"

The little cottage suited me just fine. I loved
its coziness. It was two bedroomed and had
a sitting room and kitchen. It was perfect
for me. I folded the laundry that I had just
removed from the line and smelt it. It
smelled so good. The fabric softener was
pleasant to my nose. I smiled as a fresh
breeze from the sea crept in.
This was heaven and I loved it. I had been
there for almost three months and I was
enjoying my freedom. I was due any day but
that didn't stop me from taking walks on
the beach and doing my chores despite
having a maid. I had found myself in
Zanzibar after leaving Tanzania. I had
planned on it being a short stay but I fell in
love with the place. I decided to job hunt
and a local businessman hired me to be a
chef at his restaurant. He had been skeptical
about my working as pregnant as I was but
I proved him wrong. My cooking was
impeccable and we earned ourselves a
steady range of new customers.
The kitchen door opened and in walked
Rosy my maid.

She was carrying flour in the
basket. She was going to make chappatis. I
had fallen in love with the traditional meals
and she regularly prepared them for me. She
was a lovely woman and had proved to be
motherly to me. I really wished my own
mother was that way but she was more
interested in money. She glanced at me and
shook her head.

"You really need to slow down," she said in
I had gotten hang of the language and I
was able to communicate with the locals.

"I love keeping busy."

"The restaurant keeps you busy and besides
that boy is too big for you to be pushing
yourself that hard."

My hand automatically went to my rounded
belly. I couldn't wait to hold the baby. I
normally sang and spoke to him. I told him
of his father and how much we loved each

"I will slow down when I give birth."
She shrugged and placed her basket on the
table. I sat down and watched as she
washed her hands then started preparing
the dough for the chappati. When it was
ready she covered it then made some spicy
chicken stew and potatoes to have with the
chappati. As she worked she told me about
her kids. She had four. One was a tourguide
on the island and I had met him several
times. Another sold fruit at the market. She
was also married to a craftsman. The last
two were twins and worked on a ship
offshore. She lived alone so she opted to
move in with me when I hired her.

Supper wws delicious and after that I sat
down to read. I was reading Jane Austen's
sense and sensibility. Rosy was busy knitting
socks and little jerseys. I shifted
uncomfortably in my seat. My back hurt.

"That baby is coming tonight," Rosy said.
I shook my head. "The doctor said three
more weeks."

Rosy smiled. "I am old and I have seen a lot."

I had given up on crying out as blow upon
blow landed on me. I had made peace with
the fact that I was going to die. Caleb had
his men kidnap me and I was taken to a
secluded place where I was beaten

"No one sleeps with my wife and gets away
with it!
After a few blows the question had changed
to where she was. I had no idea. She had
been gone three months and still no word. I
still had no idea who the father to the child
she was carrying was. In fact a part of me
had started loathing her. She had promised
to always be there. To never let go of our
love. To stick around to the end.....
I felt the blow land on my jaw and I winced.

Let death come already. After all I had
nothing to live for. My lover had left me and I
felt lost. Another blow rammed into my
stomach and I fell. The pain was intense.

Maybe death had finally come. That was my
last thought as everything went black.
To Be Continued


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