When A Woman Cheats - Episode 15b

I then walked to the
reception and requested to see Doctor
Chibale our family doctor. I saw him ten
minutes later. He checked my blood pressure
and other vitals before asking about my
appetite and sleeping pattern. I told him
sleeping was a problem and he told me it
was to be expected. He asked if ai was
taking my folic acid and ferous which I
admitted to. He then asked me to take it
easy and reduce my salt intake as my BP was
a bit high.

After the meeting I hurried to the bathroom
and locked myself in. I then pulled off the
afghan top and slipped on a blue maxi dress
and then placed the wig on my head. I
shoved the top into my bag and changed my
shoes and slipped on sandals. I hurried out
of the bathroom.whilst praying that no one
would recognise me. I hurried outside and
without glancing at my car I hurried to the
entrance and hoped I would find a cab. I
was in luck and I jumped in. I gave the drive
directions to the person I was going to see
in Matero. I dropped off and hurried into the
house without glancing behind. I had text
the man earlier and he met me at the door.

He quietly handed me the fake documents
and ai transferred the money to his account.

No word was spoken. I walked out and then
hurried out into the streets where I found
another taxi.I jumped into the back and
removed my sim card from the phone and
chewed it. I then reset the phone and asked
to be dropped at Katondo street. I managed
to find someone to buy the phone at a
thousand. Using that money I went into a
salon/barbershop and asked the barberman
to cut my hair.

I had to look.like the woman on the
passport photo. He then dyed the hair
maroon and I had to say the results were
amazing. I loved the new look. I then
headed to pep and bought myself a suitcase
and some warm clothes. I paid cash then
hurried to the atm to get some cash. After
that I went to the train station. I knew if
Caleb were to search for me after finding my
car he would start with planes and buses.

He would never dream of checking on the
train. My new name was Mubanga Musonda.

I paid for a ticket on the sleeper couch and
then hurried to levy mall for some food to
eat. I had thirty minutes before the train left.

I was heading to Tanzania. I had no idea
what I would do there but I knew once out
of Zambia I would be safe.
I looked out the window as we left Lusaka
behind. My heart wept and I touched my
tummy; hoping and praying that my child
would forgive me and most importantly
Oscar. I hoped he would understand I was
just doing this to protect him and everyone
else. I had already sinned and putting more
people's lives in danger because of my
infidelity was not right. I prayed that I would
be safe and that my life would pan out. I
closed my eyes and allowed my mind to
replay the passionate moments that I had
spent with Oscar. Under different
circumstances I would have loved to be his
wife but that wouldn't be. I was married to
Caleb. I had gone against all my teachings. I
was reaping the results but no one else
deserved to suffer with me. Even though it
hurt I prayed Oscar would find someone
and he would fall in love and eventually
forget me.
To Be Continued


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