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When A Woman Cheats - Episode 15a

If only I had never had an affair with
him then he would still be alive. If only I had
resisted him then his mother wouldn't be
childless. If only.....

I missed him terribly and I doubted if I
would ever love again. The life I now led
was enough for me. I was content and the
small town we lived in was a perfect
hideout. I clasped my hands and said a silent
prayer like I always did.

I woke up from the dream and looked
around wildly. I heard a soft snore and there
lay Caleb. I couldn't believe that the whole
thing was a damn dream. I touched my
tummy slowly and breathed a sigh of relief
when the baby moved within. I pushed back
the covers when I realised that my throat
was dry. Quietly I tip toed out of the room
and headed to the kitchen.
In the dream Oscar was dead. His death had
pained me so much. I couldn't comprehend
the pain I would feel of he actually did die. I
opened the fridge and removed the jug of
lemon water that I had taken to drinking of
late. I poured the water into a glass and
then slid into a chair. I needed to clear my
mind and shake off the bad dream. In my
dream Thandi was the traitor. She was
jealous of me and Dawson. Dawson had
confessed his love for me. Did he love me or
was it wishful thinking on my part?

I sipped the water and allowed my mind to
get used to the sounds of the night. The
dream had been a warning and I realised
that I needed to act fast or Caleb would be
the death of me. I didn't have to involve
anyone in my plans. It seemed that the
dream was telling me to leave everyone out
and fight this war on my own. I needed to
come up with a plan that worked only for
me. I finished the water then rinsed my cup.
Slowly I walked back to the bedroom. I
hardly slept a wink that night. I tossed and
turned and by the time it was morning my
body was sore and I was tired.Caleb eyed
me as I dragged myself out of bed to make
him breakfast.

"Are you ok?" He asked and I forced a smile.

"Pregnancy issues," I answered.

"You should visit the doctor. You don't look
too good."

It had been a while since Caleb had shown
me any genuine concern and for a moment
it felt like the good old days.

"If I don't feel any better I will go. Now let
me get your food ready."

I walked out of the bedroom and almost
bumped into Thandi. She had spent the
night. I greeted her,mustering the warmth I
could find as I recalled the part she had
played in my dream. I walked into the
kitchen and pulled out eggs and milk. I then
got flour and other ingredients for my
waffles. As the waffle maker did its magic I
fried some bacon and eggs. I then chopped
some cucumber and tomato which I made
into a salad. I put everything on a tray and
covered it before setting it on the dinning
table. I then squeezed myself some
grapefruit juice mixed with kiwi and drank
it as I fried myself some sausage and
scrambled eggs. I heard Caleb walk into the
Dining room so I followed him.
"I will visit the doctor," I informed him as the
he ate.

"Good girl. Tell me what he says.....mmm this
is delicious. You outdid yourself," he said as
he bit into a waffle.

I smiled. Dawson and Thandi walked in. I
stood and went to bring the extra food I
had made. I served them then slid into my
seat. Small talk was made but I didn't
contribute much. After breakfast Caleb left
and I went to bath. As I moisturised my
body I let my mknd work. Caleb had given
me the go ahead to go out. Did that mean
he was going to ask his people to be leniet
on me for the day? If so then it was time to
escape. Without thinking about it I grabbed
my laptop and logged into my bank acount. I
transferred the money I had been helping
myself to into the account I had created
using my Grandmother's maiden name.

When that was done succefully I packed the
laptop into my bag and grabbed a few items
from my closet and a wig. As I packed my
heart beat really fast. I was scared. Would
my plan work?

I then pulled on leggings and a black afghan
shirt then got the bag I haf packed. It was a
regukar handbag so no one would suspect
me. I called out to the maid that I was
heading out to the hospital. Dawson and
Thandi were in the lounge watching TV. I
walked out to the car and jumped it.

My palms were sweaty as I held the stirring.
I kept praying to the Lord that my plan
would work out. I parked my car in the

To Be Continued


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